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Spring Full Pink Moon + Theme of April is Intensity

2017-04-12 11:24:26 bagmin


Happy Full Pink Moon! 

The theme of this month is INTENSITY. I started off April like, nah, that is not accurate. Life is gooooood, right? Well, for me things really ramped up and life threw me a freaking curve ball from left field. DID NOT SEE THAT ONE COMING! DANG! I am now so thankful for the scheduled training I had planned, I almost backed out. 

When life throws you a curve ball, what do you do? What do you WANT to do? What is the best thing to do for your Highest Good?

The energy workers in my sister Shamanic Practitioner group were discussing a really important topic at our shamanic training this past weekend.

What is power? How do you retrieve it? Where did we first give it away? How can we get it back?

Searching… Let me know what YOU feel.

So many fun things to do with health, wellness and yoga for this spring! Take a peek and we will see you online or on the mat soon! Namaste. 

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Newsletter gone wild! Happy Spring!

2017-04-04 16:22:04 lware2016

Hey everyone! Happy Spring!
Today I was updating my newsletter with the tech support and it accidentally resent to everyone tons of times!! I apologize! Please unsubscribe if that really annoyed you, however IT WILL NOT happen again!

Updates to come asap for Spring!!!

Peace, Love + Light~




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Why Practice Daily Sadhana? by Lisa Ware

2017-03-14 18:11:02 lware2016

Please read Lisa’s article on Sādhana in the April 2017 edition of Dallas Yoga Magazine, too! This is an edited, condensed version of below. 


Why Practice Daily Sadhana?

 (Sanskrit: sādhana)… literally “a means of accomplishing something”, is an ego-transcending spiritual practice.[2] It includes a variety of disciplines … that are followed [in] order to achieve various spiritual or ritual objectives.

In particular, sādhana can refer to a tantric liturgy or liturgical manual, that is, the instructions to carry out a ritual.

The historian N. Bhattacharyya provides a working definition of the benefits of sādhana as follows:

Religious sādhana, which both prevents an excess of worldliness and molds the mind and disposition (bhāva) into a form which develops the knowledge of dispassion and non-attachment. Sādhana is a means whereby bondage becomes liberation.[6]

Iyengar (1993: p. 22) in his English translation of and commentary to the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali defines sādhana in relation to abhyāsa and kriyā:

Sādhana is a discipline undertaken in the pursuit of a goal. Abhyāsa is repeated practice performed with observation and reflection. Kriyā, or action, also implies perfect execution with study and investigation. Therefore, sādhanā, abhyāsa, and kriyā all mean one and the same thing. A sādhaka, or practitioner, is one who skillfully applies…mind and intelligence in practice towards a spiritual goal.


Kriyā (in Sanskrit “action, deed, effort”)… most commonly refers to a “completed action”, technique or practice within a yoga discipline meant to achieve a specific result. Another meaning of Kriya is an outward physical manifestation of awakened kundalini, such as a spontaneous body movement related to Kundalini energy flow. O Kriya Shakti is “a power of thought” said to be greatly studied by yogis.


I want to share with you why Sadhana is a significant part of your daily practice in your development as a yogi and as a human being, living your 100 or so years on this planet. This practice is not something to check off a list, and it is very different than asana or meditation. Sadhana is done with specific intention to grow and awaken to the Flow.

There is a common saying, “You are what you eat.” In yoga, there is another saying. “Your habits define you.”

Kundalini Yoga recognizes every soul as perfect, pure and Divine. There is nothing to redeem or purify at the soul-level, isn’t this great news!? The soul is complete and beautiful as it is. But this reality “life” is based on our habits. Our habits define us to ourselves and to other people. By our habits, we live in peace, joy and happiness. By our habits, we create suffering and pain.  When we change our habits, everything around us can change.

For many years I held a forty day spiritual practice  over Lent (a sadhana, as I now know). The first thing I ever did for a spiritual practice was simply to give up sugar for 40 days. The depth of my practices have definitely deepened, but the intention is always to do the Sadhana as an intention to connect to something greater than ourselves. Read on to learn more.

In this article I have listed some ideas for you and many important details on this topic to get you started on your daily practice. My hope is that you begin this journey, or deepen one you already have and continue to develop this practice daily until your life in this Earth realm is complete!

~ Lisa Ware


Sadhana FAQ’s:

What is this sadhana thing anyway?

  • A sadhana is simply a daily spiritual practice designed to allow oneself to turn inward and perceive life as it truly is.

But I’m not religious at all, why would I want to do a spiritual practice?

  • Being spiritual is not about religion at all – although it might mean you have a personal relationship to God, the Divine, the Universe, the Infinite, Consciousness, Allah, the Divine, Source, The Great Mystery, Goddess, Shiva, Shakti… whatever word you like to use to describe something that is omniscient.
  • Many people find connecting with nature is an innately spiritual experience, it makes them feel more in tune with life, and with themselves.
  • A spiritual practice is simply a practice that connects you to your Highest Self. That is – your ego self, which is small, limited and separate from everything else, to your Higher Self, which is infinite and connected to the great I AM.

Ideas for a daily of 40 day Sadhana:

  • A mantra
  • A chant
  • A specific daily meditation
  • A specific yogic asana practice like surya namaskar (sun salutation)
  • A particular kriya (set yoga practice which can include asana, pranayama, meditation, asana, mantra, mudra…)
  • Creative visualization
  • Affirmations, said with intention
  • Reading a spiritual text
  • A daily walk in nature

Why do we practice a sadhana for forty days?

  • A sadhana doesn’t have to be for forty days, it may be just every single day for an indeterminate length of time, or it may be a set time that you decide.
  • Forty days is usually the minimum, it’s a number with significance in many spiritual texts, including the Bible, as Lent is for forty days.
  • One reason for this is when you do something every single day for forty days, it ingrains the new discipline into our brains; this is the study of neuroplasticity! The grooves in the brain get re-grooved or REALLY GROOVY! These new grooves (sadhana) can replace old bad ones (samskaras) and this literally now becomes part of who you are!

What are the benefits of practicing a sadhana for forty days?

  • SELF LOVE ~ Love your self. LOVE YOUR SELF. No one can ever love you more than you. This is the calibration for all other love to come in. Ebb and Flow, baby!, this is the cycle of giving and receiving.
  • Commitment ~ a sadhana may only be three, five or ten minutes a day, but just doing it every single day no matter what says that you care about your spiritual evolution. Put yourself first. Do not cancel on you, do this regularly and you are growing and evolvoing.
  • Discipline ~ the ego is shrewd, clever and tricky. It and will use all kinds of excuses to try and keep you from doing your sadhana. Doing it every single day builds discipline as we learn not to listen to the mind and the ego, and to just DO what feels good because we know we truly want it. Every thought that feels good is bringing us closer to our Inner Guidance System and attracting more feeling good thoughts!
  • Evolution ~ you’re either changing and growing as a person, or you’re stagnating. “When you rest you rust”, said the women’s movement entrepreneur, Mary Kay Ash. Do you want life to imporve? Doing a daily sadhana is one small way to make sure that every single day is just a little bit better than the last one, no matter what else is going on in your life.
  • Foundation ~ just 10 minutes. A sadhana is like planting a tiny little seed in the garden. Every day you practice you water it and it grows… and as you get used to dedicating ten minutes a day to your evolution and growth, you’ll naturally discover you want to create more and more time for yourself! That tiny seed blossoms, grows and bears fruit and one day you turn around and discover your whole life has become a sadhana. (read more about Sadhana in the book BE HERE NOW, by Ram Dass)

I want to start my own sadhana. How do I start?

  • Set an intention based on one aspect of yourself you want to evolve, or what aspect you’d like to let go of.
  • Find a practice that supports that, ideas below.

Examples of Sadhanas:

  • Want to open your heart and increase the amount of compassion you feel for other people? Try a heart opening practice.
  • Want to find greater mental clarity, increase your intuition and open your third eye? Try a simple Om meditation.
  • Want to get rid of old mental and emotional behaviour patterns? Try a chakra cleansing practice.
  • Want to build a daily yoga asana practice? Practice surya namaskar (sun saluations) every single day, starting with five a day and building up to 30 a day. Or more.
  • Want to be a part of something greater? Train for the Global Mala, which is happening September 20th and 21st around the world. http://www.globalmala.com/
  • As a yoga teacher you may also host a Global Mala!

For those who want to seriously practice kriyas, it is time to formulate a specific sadhana. The result is accelerated spiritual evolution. Sadhana becomes a powerful method to achieve this result.

There are three important aspects of sadhana:

  1. Choice
  2. Commitment
  3. Aspiration

The first stage of sadhana is to choose a practice. Even the most simple sadhana will be challenging to the newcomer. Consider the sadhana of lighting a candle every night, then immediately blowing it out.  Nothing more or nothing less. Do this for ninety days. You will observe the mind coming up with every reason why you shouldn’t do it and every excuse why you missed a few (or many) nights. Yet by accepting it as a sadhana, you make a choice to do it and it becomes a spiritual practice.


The second aspect of sadhana relates to regularity, doing something at periodic,  planned intervals. This typically would be at the same time in the same place everyday. Yet it doesn’t have to be everyday. This sadhana practice could be every other day or every Tuesday and Thursday, as long as it is regular. Doing practice irregularly is not sadhana. Once the schedule is selected, the challenge of sadhana is to stick with it and not to miss your own appointed time. This is the first measure of commitment, commitment to your Self time. This creates a strong sense of Self Worth.

The third measure is to make a commitment for a specific period of time; that is, choose do the practice for thirty days, sixty days, ninety days, 108 days or even 1000 days. Notice the level of your success, then take a break. Decide upon another practice (or the same one) and make another commitment, or add onto your already established practice.

Choice and regularity are not the only aspects of sadhana. If they were, getting dressed every day would be a sadhana. We choose what clothes to wear and we do it.  Dressing could be a sadhana, yet it is just a mechanical action done every day. The final key to a successful sadhana is conscious intention. This is where the power of the UNIVERSAL SOURCE is generated and this moment is when the intention becomes an aspiration.


Many yogis chose a simple action, the practice of “neti”, the washing of the nostrils with distilled saline water. For this to be a sadhana, however, rather than just another cleansing action like washing the body in the shower, your intention is necessary.

With these words not only is an intention created around the practice, but an aspiration for each day. You will gradually become more consciously aware of having a spiritual goal. Perhaps that ultimate goal is samadhi, of being a spiritually enlightened being.


Simple statements to set intention:

  • This is all I have to do to evolve spiritually.
  • This is the only practice I must do to spiritually grow.
  • This is the only act that I need to do to develop as a spiritual being.
  • This is all I have to do for the benefit of self, other, and the world.


Initially, it will challenge the mind and the ego. The spiritual “you” may even win the battle, but to keep it from becoming mechanical, or something that you “check off the list” setting an intention is required. Pick an intention from above.


Candle Sadhana Exercise:

  1. Choose a practice (candle exercise or another)
  2. Pick regular time or set a specific period/interval to do the sadhana.
  3. Make a commitment.


THEN daily:

  1. Set an intention.
  2. Light your Sadhana candle.
  3. Blow out the candle. Immediately.
  4. Doing no other practice than this will, you begin a transformation process that will alter your life.

One immediate result of sadhana is the remembrance of who we are rather than “what we are” during the brief moments the sadhana takes. Repetitively remembering our inner essence nature is at the heart of all spiritual growth. One day we will remember our spiritual essence in every moment. That is the realized state, Samadhi.

Start with a simple sadhana to build your confidence and commitment. Add another sadhana in addition to this one. Expand your sadhana time to include many practices that bring you joy like yoga asana or other organic movement/dance, chanting or japa mala (inner mantra), cleansing Ayurvedic actions and kriya practices.


Talk to a spiritual leader, Ayurvedic doctor or advanced yogic practitioner to help you choose an appropriate kriya, chant/mantra or pranayama.


Practicing a particular kriya, chant or mantra every single day for the same amount of time. Based on the number of days you do this, here is how it will affect your habits:

40 Days: Practice every day for 40 days straight. This will break any negative habits that block you from the expansion possible through the kriya or mantra.

90 Days: Practice every day for 90 days straight. This will establish a new habit in your conscious and subconscious minds based on the effect of the kriya or mantra. It will change you in a very deep way.

120 Days: Practice every day for 120 days straight. This will confirm the new habit of consciousness created by the kriya or mantra. The positive benefits of the kriya get integrated permanently into your psyche.

1000 Days: Practice every day for 1000 days straight. This will allow you to master the new habit of consciousness that the kriya or mantra has promised. No matter what the challenge, you can call on this new habit to serve you.


Remember, a re-creating a new samakara is creating a habit. It is an unconscious re-grooving of the mind, the glandular system and the nervous system. We develop habits at a very young age. Some of them serve our Highest Good. Some of them do not. By doing a 40, 90, 120 or 1000 day special sadhana, you can rewire the brain and increase neuroplasticity. You CAN develop new, deeply ingrained habits that serve your Highest Good!


“One part of sadhana should stay constant long enough for you to master, or at least experience, the changes evoked by a single technique. Each kriya and mantra has its individual effects, although they all elevate you toward a cosmic consciousness. Learn to value the pricelessness of one kriya, and all others will be understood in a clearer light.”

~Yogi Bhajan




Alan Verdegraal, “Tantra: The Magazine”, Issue #8, p22-23 Transcribed with permission of the author. Copyright 1994



The Law of Attraction

Yogi Bhajan, from The Aquarian Teacher, Level One Instructor. Page 150.


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Full Moon Expansion in The Year of the Rooster with Full Lunar Eclipse

2017-02-10 18:08:11 lware2016

I love the full moon, I am a Moon Goddess for sure. The dreams you have around a full moon seem more meaningful, Keep a journal by your bed.

This full moon think about how you can be expansive in your dreaming, changing and choosing.  Eclipses always intensify any experience as well as support change, so look for some intensity during this time and turn that experience into something positive for yourself. We suggest that you are careful who you spend time with around these eclipses as you can be influenced by negative energy as well as positive inspiration.

It is a good day to do something that expands you. Take a hike to a mountain top where you can see a big landscape. Look at the heavens through a telescope. Go out into the vast ocean on a boat. Breathe deeply and expand your lung capacity. Take something you already do and do it longer and more energetically and with more enthusiasm. This informs the universe that you are ready for MORE.

The energy around this full moon is fiery and aggressive. Use this in a good way to propel and penetrate your bigger more creative dreams and desires into  reality. Stay focused on what YOU want and don’t get derailed by the cynicism of others. Be creative, inspired, and take action.

For a short, mysterious darkening time, the Moon that governs our emotional needs, our security, our nourishing energies, our urge to protect and our intuition will be disengaged from solar rays, solar polarity and will empty and free itself of all that has gone before. A closing and a reopening. What can you offer up to the dark time that will free your inner royal self? Or that inner, open-hearted child self that Leo represents? It’s a moon to align with your power and open up to the joy of the innocence in you.

Leo is that regal part of yourself that likes attention, recognition, to be admired, surrounding oneself with pleasure and luxury, maintaining excellence. Leos are ruled by the Sun after all and are the rulers of our hearts-the center of our bodies just like the Sun is the center of our solar system. Courage and flamboyance, much like the rooster, as well as strong will and pride are Leo’s gifts wherever it rules in your chart. Let this Full Moon release all that stands in the way of your creativity, playfulness and romantic expression as the Moon rolls through warm, big-hearted Leo. Tune into the confidence and radiance inherent in your true essence.

Sources: The Power Path

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New Moon Check, Abundance and Manifestation Principles and Intention Setting

2017-01-27 23:07:13 lware2016

Dear lovely readers~

I am so feeling this energy of total manifestation and abundance. Are you? What have you been creating in your life? What is about to come through for you? Harvesting time from all of your seeds is here!

Feel the resistance and do it anyway, one of my mentors teaches! Everyone has resistance! But those that manifest PUSH THROUGH! Let’s be bold! Time to accept the blessings and live out loud! Time for us to open up the back of the heart chakra and bring it in! <3

We all feel the same every day, our brain wants to feel the same! It is programmed that way. Safety, comfort, the primal brain, the one without the frontal lobe. But good news! As my ol pops used to say about dogs, especially when our dogs did something really dumb, “no frontal lobe.” We have the ability to do so much, as long as we do the work! Manifestation is NOT sitting around waiting from ‘Manna from Heaven’ like my mom used to say! We do the action and let the Universe pour into those actions!

That is how ya do it! Yin and Yang, baby! Everything in perfect balance. Bring on the huge day dreams! Keep them! They were ALREADY GIVEN TO YOU! When Spirit gives you a Vision it is already so. It is. Done. All you have to do is FINISH THE PROCESS, bring it in to this realm. The thought realm is the first realm into this reality that is manifest, as part of the chakra system, in our own bodies thoughts manifest in the third eye, the ajna chakra, the space between the bridge of he nose and the brow, between the eye and the ears. There.

Focus. See it. FEEEEEEL IT! It is already happened! See it! Hold it! Bring in more detail!

67 sec?

Now, let it go!


Let go of any outcomes, simply focus on bringing yourself and your actions, your karmic actions and your thoughts to the Highest Vibration possible.



Want to write out your New Moon Check? Simply make a blnk check on some paper, address it to yourself, write in your dream, sign it from the UNIVERSE or SPIRIT or GOD or MAHANTA or whatever you see as something greater than yourself.

Leave it.

Let go and Let God. (but do the work, you got that part, right?)


Peace, Love + Light~



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Top Mind Body Spirit Activities To Implement This Year

2017-01-24 12:01:55 lware2016


By Lisa Ware

Let’s admit it, we all love a top 10 list, we take quizzes, BFF tests, boyfriend/hubby questionnaires, so why not have one that is really meaningful? Here we go!

For the Mind:

  • Make a place on your daily schedule to be still. Every single day. Whether you choose to add any other practices to your sitting time, that is up to you. Start with a 1 minute timer and work up to 5 minutes.
  • Pick a regular time each day to sit.
  • Hold yourself accountable and do not cancel on yourself. We sometimes, especially with women, do not add value to the Self time we place on our calendar, and we le others run into that time. Make your Self time as important as a day with your BFF.

For the Body:

  • Start with one simple change at at time. Implement this one thing this month! Stick to this one thing until it is a part of your life.
  • Whether this is regarding working out, yoga practice, eating clean, making dinner at home or whatever it is, stay with it and do not overwhelm yourself with trying to do too many things at once.
  • Choose your movement activity and aim to get moving at least 3-4 times a week for 20 minutes to begin. Most importantly find a buddy!

For the Spirit:

  • Find, remember or create some practices that make you feel connected to something greater than yourself.
  • Reading a spiritual text, listening to inspiring music, chanting mantra, using your mala beads, utilizing crystals and more.
  • Set up a small altar space so you have a place to be. This can be as little as a teacup or as large as you would like it to be!
  • Collect items that make bring you true Joy!

For the Home:

  • Let go of every item that is not immediately serving you or that you do not have immediate plans to use. Donating to charity is a great way to feel good about letting go!
  • Hire an organizational specialist to help you with clutter and efficiency.
  • Look at some design concepts that bring you happiness and begin to implement these ideas, cutting out the things that do not flow with your ideal space. See if some of the ideals of Feng Shui resonate with you.
  • Hire someone bless your home, or clear it yourself with sage, anointed oils and/or Reiki.
  • Give yourself permission to not have to save the items that you were handed down or that were given to you. Sentiment is not an ideal reason to hang onto things that simply gather dust or stay in your attic or garage.


There are many people that are in your circle that may be willing to partner with you or hold you accountable to these ideals. If you want someone to help with these processes consider hiring a life, business or nutrition coach or join an accountability group on social media.

With these simple living tips you can take just a few and begin there! Remember to start somewhere, not all at once. To make just one change you must simply just start!

Lisa Earth Day Photo Shoot closeup

Lisa Ware is an E-RYT500 (experienced yoga teacher with at least 500 hours of training), Life, business and nutrition coach, a Reiki Master Teacher and the founder and Executive Director of Yoga 4 Love Advanced Training Programs Online. She is passionate about inspiring healthy living. In 2008 she founded Yoga 4 Love.com in honor of her mom’s journey with breast cancer.
Lisa is passionate about helping people gain optimal health and wellness with a holistic approach. She is a seasoned national yoga conference presenter, a writer, mom of two, her son, 18, is about to be shipped off into the NAVY as a Nuclear Engineer, and her daughter, 13, is a fun-loving, strong athlete. LIsa is a happy wife married to Richard since 1992. Her deep burning desire is to impact the globe with wellness, to positively transform and ultimately empower the lives of others.

Her motto is “Expanding Horizons, Inspiring Positive Change.”




Connect with Lisa:


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Virtual Goal Setting + Affirmation Creation and Vision Board Workshop

2017-01-07 10:44:20 lware2016

vision board workshop

The worksheets and handouts are also free as a download to use for you and your team.

This is a Video Webinar with Lisa Ware. Thank you for joining us! Namaste.

Here are the recordings:

Virtual Goal Setting + Affirmation Creation and Vision Board Webinar Video

Virtual Goal Setting + Affirmation Creation and Vision Board Workshop Webinar Audio

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Self Care and Life Hacks for the New Moon and Beyond!

2016-10-28 23:40:41 lware2016

It’s the New Moon! What are you beginning?
Did you write your New Moon Check yet? This is a fun and playful practice of manifesting abundance! This is a good moon to get clear on new intentions and to set your priorities so that you can maintain the balance in your life. Now would be a good time to anchor whatever new situations that change has brought into your life.

Take some time for self care, self love and integration, especially if you have experienced any big changes or begun a project.  Cleaning and de-cluttering feels really good right now. This is a good week to pamper and nurture yourself.
See my new Self Care and Life Hacks Detox video:

Self Care and Life Hacks


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2016-09-24 16:26:56

Transforming Tribe

STARTS 10/1/16


EMAIL US! This is a FREE group!!!

Are you ready to start this One Simple Change Lifestyle?

Learn how to achieve your health goals for yourself, and apply what you learn to get transformational results. 30 days,  6 weeks or 90 days, you choose what fits into your life.

Week 1

Learning to Eat More Whole Foods


Transform 30, or 90 day program, whole foood shopping guide and costs incurred.

Week 1: Healthy whole food eating overview

Importance of Water, Sleep, Breath and Movement. Grocery store shoppng! Let’s look at healthy options!

Week 2: Recipes, how to plan ahead

Pre meal prep ideas, prep for lunchboxes.

Week 3: Healthy fats, Sugar~ what to eat, what to avoid

How to implement the Transform30 plan in daily life.

Week 4: Recipes that we love

Shareing favorite ones. Discuss ways of getting the family involved with the healthy lifestyle.


Peace, Love + Light~
Lisa Ware
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Lion's Gate Guided Online Meditation for Manifestation and Cosmic Alignment with Lisa Ware

2016-08-07 16:45:14
Screen Shot 2016-08-07 at 4.44.04 PM
The Lion’s Gate is a master cosmic cycle, be ready to manifest ANYTHING you desire, remove what doesn’t resonate with that NOW.
This is the time of the Cosmic Shift, the New Year of the awakening! The Lion’s Gate!
The energy is getting so intense, it has been building since the new moon!
Lions gate opens every year usually on the 8th of August when the Sun is in Leo and is marked by the star Sirius moving closer to earth and aligning in Orion’s belt,
which perfectly syncs up with the Pyramids of Giza. It lasts only about 4 days.
During this time we are all going to be reminded that we are connected to the Universe and that we hold an innate wisdom and power to create our reality through our thoughts and perceptions.
Join us in meditaion here on your own time, we recorded it for you and uploaded it to YouTube. Energy has no bounds of time and space, so simply set your intention to receive, whenever this energy has made it’s way into your awareness is the perfect cosmic time.
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New Moon Reflections

2016-08-03 23:45:53

If we all could take just three to five minutes at the beginning of our days to recharge ourselves, do you think the world would be a better place?


Do you think that if everybody sat in front of a beautiful setting, looking at the sunrise, in front of a lit candle, gazing at some crystals, looking at Family Photos, praying, whatever, do you think that people might be less reactive? Do you think that we might be less judgmental of others? When we start our day from the place of recharging ourselves then our cup is not running on depleted and empty.


Do you remember the old Biblical adage ‘the cup overfloweth’? Well this is the case with our energy. There’s nobody else is going to refill or recharge our energy. We must do it ourselves! The good news is, we are not alone. We have help! Whether you believe it or not, we have the ability to immediately check in. This is tapping into something greater than ourselves. Our angels, archangels, Master Teachers, guides, spirit animals, and our ultimate Highest Source.


When we take a few moments to tap in, we are able to come from a place not of ourselves,, but from a place where we act as a channel for this beautiful white light energy to come through us. We begin to shine bright, and the diamond inside of us becomes more and more purified. The outer layers of the diamond, the coal, the dirt, the grime, the layers, all of that begins to shed off and people begin to see this Light shining through! We don’t ever take credit for this Light because it is not of ourselves, however we are pleased and honored to carry it forward. When we commune with others who also share this Light our light not only becomes duplicated but it becomes exponential! And this is how we change the world! One line at a time, one candle lighting another candle. When my friend Missy died we all had a candlelight vigil. We lit candles from each other’s candles and together we stood brightly shining our light. That light destroys the darkness. The light of just one candle! That candle is you!


Go, Shine Your Light! Be you!


Peace, Love, Light~


August 3

Summer 2016


PS This was written just 2 hours before we met with the recruiter and my son told me he is ready to enlist in the United States Navy!

WOW!!! What a way to culiminte the new moon energy, New beginnings are on the horizon for our family!

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Beauty from the Inside Out

2016-07-19 09:49:28

Beauty from the Inside Out

Local yoga instructor was inspired by her mother to teach others to teach

Article appearing in the Ellis County Business Journal
July 2016
By Managing Editor, Shelly Conlon
New Doc 3_1 New Doc 3_2 New Doc 3_3 New Doc 3_4 New Doc 3_5
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A True Story About a Client Diagnosed with Dis-ease and the Curious Facts about Juice Plus

2016-06-30 21:57:58

For the privacy of my client the name has been changed and the conversation has been paraphrased.
Hey can you cancel our order/recurring payment. John is having stomach problems and doctor told him to stop taking all supplements. Thanks!
I was wanting to start a short dialogue about John. I am really surprised that John’s physician told him to stop supplements, but not really. The medical industry has a lot of growing to do when it comes to health and prevention, as you may agree. At the risk of sounding however this may sound, PLEASE realize I have your best interest at heart. I do not care about a sale, I am a health professional and have seen many, many people HEAL entirely from eating a plant based diet. We may not realize that most doctors only have one semester of nutrition, and it is impossible to know all the supplements out there.

However, I also want you to know the facts. Juice Plus is in fact not a supplement at all, it has a Nutrition label, not a supplement label. I’m sure his doctor had no idea about this. Another important thing for John is that Juice Plus is the most widely researched nutrition product in the world! There are over 35 Clinical published peer reviewed studies on the results. Most of us need more fruits and veggies, and it really concerns me that at a time in his life when phytonutrients are at the UTMOST of importance, healing from dis-ease, that he decided to quit eating the very thing that will help heal his body.

Many people actually double and triple up their caps in times like this. And they heal! My dad was on chemo, radiation and at the mid stages of cancer treatment. We did this very thing, tripling his red, green and purple capsules last summer. At the end of 5 rounds of chemo and 28 rounds of radiation he did not even lose his hair! And he was up walking about with us, going to shop and dine in Grapevine, TX at the end to celebrate.
I wish this for John. I do hope you share this with him.
Please research for yourself. I read a lot on the web, and a lot is people’s blogs. I trust proven research, that is why I am such an advocate for holistic healing.
Here is the link to the published clinical results.
Please let me know what you feel. If you would kindly respond I would really appreciate it. Regardless, your order is cancelled. I just wanted you to learn the facts.
Much love to you both, I am here if you want to utilize my services in any way. Have a safe and happy 4th of July weekend!

Beauty Technology Health Food Tech


Please stop my yoga membership, my doctor told me to stop. I have some chronic inflammation in the lungs.


Breathwork and yoga are important for the healing of the lungs. Have you questioned your doctor about the reasons why your health professional may have told you to stop doing yoga?




Please take control of your health and ask questions. Yoga is shown to increase lung capacity and many other positive benefits. I would be curious to find out what the reason a doctor would not want this for his patient.


What are your thoughts?

Do you believe in nutrition?

Do you have to believe in nutrition for it to work?

I encourage you, too, to view this video about the facts about whole food and the Juice Plus company.

Do you want to help? Are you ready to take action in your own life? Are you ready to be an advocate with this movement of Health and Wellness? NOW is the time!

Lisa Ware
Lifecoach, Health Coach and Advocate for Inspiring Healthy Living Around the World!
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Full Blue Flower Moon, May 2016!

2016-05-20 15:44:04


The full moon is upon us! For me this is always time for manifesting the seeds that I have planted. Some years ago, some newly planted. I can feel the energy raise and my prana responds to this pull. This surge of energy keeps me ultra focused.
To be focused we first must have a target. If you are unsure where you are going how will you know when you get there? Or how can you enjoy the journey?
Recently, I have acquired some new lifecoaching clients. I love working one on one with people, and using the countless tools that I have been exposed to. I am delighted to help others find their focus, refine their life, create balance. If this sounds like something you would like in your life, then I would love to visit.
I am offering my time and talent to help others, and together we are raising the vibration of this planet!

Full Blue Moon Show!

On Saturday, May 21st, at 7:00-7:30 PM CDT , The Old Farmer’s Almanac and Slooh are teaming up to bring you a live look at the seasonal Blue Moon through Slooh’s Canary Islands Observatory.

During the live broadcast, Slooh Host, Paul Cox, and Slooh Astronomer, and Astronomy Editor forThe Old Farmer’s Almanac, Bob Berman, will be joined by Janice Stillman, Editor of The Old Farmer’s Almanac. They’ll discuss what exactly a Blue Moon is, how this particular Full Moon got the name “Full Flower Moon,” and even how the placement of the Moon was once a key piece of evidence in a murder trial.

On the same night, The Full Moon hovers just above Mars. Mars is at “opposition” with the Moon and hasn’t been this bright or close to us for more than a decade!

Connect to the miraculous ebb and flow of nature as caused by celestial bodies; moments of wonder we all take for granted but are no less delighted to be exposed to again and again.




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We Must Choose Joy! Raise the Vibration, starting with ME!

2016-05-04 17:03:41
These last few weeks have been really incredible, going from all ranges of emotion. I lost a really good friend who was murdered. I wrote a blog about her, if you want to hear my dedication to her.
I spent about 4 days really lost in my thoughts. It took an intentional shift to pull me out. I have decided to help found a charity in her name. I am working with some others in the fitness industry and her family. I would like to call it Missy Bevers Foundation for Children with Special Needs.
In the meanwhile, as all this develops I am moving forward and choose joy! I have celebrated one year of my father’s passing on May 1, Beltane. That ol Irish chap decided to cross on one of the oldest Celtic holidays and it took me almost a year to realize this serendipitous timing.
I also decided that since my nutrition business is going so well that it was time to go green and get a new car! I got a brand spanking new Toyota Prius 4 with the moon roof and alloy wheels. This baby is amazing, going over 800 miles on a $15 tank of gas! It can even parallel park for you!! no hands, for real. The inside looks like a cockpit! (I also said hello to a new cell carrier and am saving a ton off at & t and we all have received new phones… it’s the little things…)
Lots changing, tons of new people in my life, many older relationships are getting deeper and moving to a new level of sisterhood.
We recently held a women’s sacred circle and it was amazing. To hold this space for myself and others takes dedication, and we all have committed to continue to do the work to raise the vibration of ourselves, and therefore our planet!
Speaking of raising our vibration, are you ready? Reiki 1 and Reiki 11 are coming up and now is the time to treat yourself to this life-changing healing energy!
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In Honor of Missy Bevers, My Friend and an Amazing Woman

2016-04-22 15:35:27

Missy GC photo

Monday was one of the most traumatic days of my life. My friend was murdered. I just taught my am yoga class and my phone kept buzzing. When I checked it my friend Betsy asked if I saw the news, of course I did not because I don’t watch the news. She said a bootcamp instructor was killed at a church in Midlothian and we both knew Missy taught an early bootcamp at a church. She had met Missy through me at our the slumber party last year, for my daughter’s birthday. The girls are just a few days apart. We held it literally the day after my dad died, 5/2/15 because it was already planned and in place. We ‘broke in’ my brand new Yoga 4 Love Cabin with twenty four 10 to 13 year olds!

I immediately said I need to call Missy’s hubby and check on her and hung up. I called Brandon and he answered. I asked if Missy was ok and he just paused and said, “Well, Lisa, no, no she isn’t.” I was like what do you mean? I thought he would say that she was in the hospital. I asked him and he said, “Lisa, she’s gone.” I lost it and I said how sorry I was. He was still driving back from Florida, he was going to go fishing and just got a car and took off back home with a friend renting a car and driving. He said he was heading into Shreveport then home. I tried to call my hubby and he did not answer.

I called Connie, we all three, Missy, me and Connie were pregnant together with her sister in law Kristi and a few other friends. We did so many girls activities together. Field trips, school events, homeroom parties, soccer, basketball and so many slumber parties. She and I just cried together. I was standing on the deck on my cabin overlooking the river which had just flooded, crying, spitting, snot-ing, wailing and she said she was coming to get me. She already knew and had not sent her daughter to school. She came to pick me up because the middle girl in the Bevers family and our girls are best friends and she wanted me to bring over my daughter. Unfortunately, before we could get to the school my daughter found out and called me sobbing.

We got the three girls in the car and talked to the Middle School policeman for a moment. Meanwhile, some more details of the murder came about and the girls were in the backseat huddled and crying with Connie. I spend the next 3 days with the family with my daughter.

We had an amazing candlelight community vigil on Tuesday night at the local elementary.

Today, I feel like there is hope. I know that this is never going to be fully understood. But my role is to bring light and hope and help leave a legacy in her name.

I spoke to Brandon and I will meet with Connie after the funeral. We are starting a charity in her name for children with special needs. This was something that was very close to Missy’s heart and the family does not want money or food. This is a perfect fit.

I will keep you all updated and we will also have something up on facebook soon. Meanwhile, if you want to donate in lieu of flowers for the funeral Missy you can bring or mail a check for the Bevers girls to Citizen’s National Bank of Waxahachie.

The funeral is at Cowboy Church Waxahachie, Saturday April 23 at 11:00 am.


***NO MEDIA is allowed. DO NOT EVEN TRY!***

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Fasting for Lent, a Spiritual Journey with my son Palm Sunday in the Desert

2016-04-04 15:04:26

Hi everyone! Happy New Moon! Can you feel the JOY???
So much has been happening in my life spiritually! I was on a 46 Day raw food fast til sundown for Lent then went on a trip to the desert in Arizona snd flew my son up after to go to view a college. We were in themiddle of the desert and we stopped at an overlook. I t was beautiful. We looked across the highway and saw a sign “Holy Ground 3.2 mi.” So our spiritual adventure begins! We were so blessed and had an amazing sacred experience on the Apache land on Spring Eqinox and Palm Sunday!
The next week I was in meditaition and reading Ram Dass. The journey I recieved was totally amazing and enlightening! This last Friday I was back I got to sit in meditation with Max the Crystal Skull.
On top of all this amazingness my nutrition team is exploding, we are making a difference in the world sharing healthy living and teaching youth how to eat whole foods! Back to the basics and we are having so much fun doing it! I feel grateful every day for the serendipitous moments, the intertwined journey, my passion for living out loud and the people in my life.

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Summer Slim-Down 30 Day Virtual Challenge

2016-04-04 13:40:43

fun and games til jeans dont fit

Would you like to shed a few inches before summer? Perhaps cleanse your body and simply feel amazing? Would you like a program that has full support from a real health coach? What about a plan that is so safe and clinically proven that you can do it with your kids?

Well, this is what we have created for you! Best of all it is FREE! And you get a full support group to go with you on this journey! Plus, you don’t have to leave your home to attend the meetings because they are virtual on video chat or phone!

We meet every Sunday night from 8:00-8:20PM Central time on Zoom video chat. See the details of the event!

Summer is coming!!! We are encouraging everyone to join us for 30 days of detox, cleaning and feeling better than ever!!! The program is virtual, so join us from wherever you are! We meet weekly as a free accountability ans support group on Sundays from 8:00 – 8:20PM on a Zoom video chat.

So excited to partner with all of you on this exciting health journey!!!

To register for this free program is very simple. Sign up is free!

  • Just fill out this form
  • You will receive an email back that contains the link to join the call! That is it!
  • Receive FREE 60 Days of Audio Classes with Lisa Ware on Hit Play Yoga! Password: yogachallenge16
  • *Yoga 4 Love’s free 90 Day to Feeling Fit Plan is FREE on the website download page ($395 Value!):  password is FeelAmazing
  • Once you learn about the 30 Day Summer Slim Down you can choose what works for you.

This plan is all whole food based, we even provide you with the tools to know what to shop for and how to buy your groceries! This plan has options to add even more whole food as a catalyst from the power of Juice Plus! There are 3 plans to choose from, Platinum, Silver and Gold.

LEARN MORE about the Transform30 program

All 3 plans are extremely cost effective, from $2 to $6 a day plus your groceries. Kids get their Juice Plus chewables free when you do the Gold or Platinum plan!

Start today! Jump in anytime! Invite a friend to join you! Invite 2 to join you with the Gold or Platinum and qualify to receive $100 Friends and Family referral bonus straight from the Juice Plus company!

How Do I Get started!?

Sign Up NOW button



The Challenge:






To receive a personal health coach to partner with you on your journey CONTACT US! Or contact the person who invited you!


This is a lifestyle, not a diet!


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Do you love your yoga? Is your practice lacking some depth?

2016-03-20 20:30:40 admin
Michele Hebert cropped
In summer 2016 are offering unlimited space Meditation Retreat with an international author, Master teacher and true modern-day Guru.  She comes to our studio and teacher training  with 40 years of practice with the Raja yoga Master Walt Baptiste.  Look into a further study with Michelle.  You will find that your practice will be elevated to another level. Meditation retreat with Michele Hebert titled ‘MEDITATION, MANTRAS AND MALAS, A ten-hour Meditation Workshop’ is scheduled to be held on  the weekend of July 30-31, immediately following the yoga retreat. Please view the event page for more details on each event here.
We are honored and pleased to bring Michele  to the  beautiful Yoga 4 Love Studio Cabin on the river  in Ovilla,  Texas.
The hours for The Retreat are as follows, Saturday 1:00-6:00 pm and Sunday 11:00am – 4:00pm.
The Retreat is hosted by Lisa Ware, founder of Yoga 4 Love Advanced Training Programs 200 ONLINE Teacher Training and led entirely by the amazing by Michele Hébert E-RYT 500.
During this in-depth Meditation Weekend Training led by Raja Yoga guide Michele Hébert, you will develop the practice and skills to integrate a daily meditation practice into your life and learn to skillfully guide others in the practice.
We will delve deeply into the fundamentals and how to begin or  deepen establishing a Personal Meditation Practice.
We will also learn about one of the four Paths of yoga, Raja Yoga, as well as and Meditation, the history of Meditation abd current research. We will then apply many techniques, with work and practices leading to meditation mantras (including gayatri), malas, chanting, pranayama, poses to prepare for meditation. The weekend will culminate with healing and meditation, The Concept of Mental and Emotional Purification.
No previous necessary  practice is required , however we do recommend reading Michelle’s book titled The Tenth Door.
If you are interested in teaching  yoga and meditation, we will also  have deep discussion on teaching within an established Hatha Yoga Class, as a pure meditation session, facilitating sessions in various settings. If you are interested primarily in the practice, you can apply this discussion toward your own personal Journey.
Face is extremely limited as it is a very intimate and personalized Retreat weekend. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work with such a great Master. Please place your deposit as early as you can to reserve the early bird special prize as well as your space in the studio for this wonderful weekend together.
Michele Hébert is an award winning author, fitness and wellness expert, Raja Yoga Master Teacher, meditation guide, and founder of the first meditation-based stress management program at the renowned Scripps Clinic in La Jolla, CA.
She was personally trained by Raja Yoga Master Walt Baptiste who instilled in her the philosophy ‘from a sound base upward’. Former media representative for the American Council on Exercise in the area of Mind-Body Integration, Michele pioneered the principles of wellness within the Health and Fitness Industry.
Drawing from over 35 years of international teaching experience including Rancho La Puerta, Esalen Institute, University of California at San Diego, and Scripps Institute, These principles can be found in her multi-award winning book The Tenth Door: An Adventure Through the Jungles of Enlightenment.
Michele’s mission is to inspire others to dive deeply within and make a conscious decision to grow and to live from their highest ideals.

“In the practice of meditation, our minds become peaceful and leave the worldly nature of ourselves.” -YogiRaj Walt Baptiste
“Meditation is the key that opens the inner door. It is the direct path to enlightenment. Through daily practice you make contact with that part of yourself that is immortal and unchangeable. You tap into an inner wisdom that transcends the intellect and brightens your intuition. Even as there is the universe above with its trillions of stars and galaxies, there lies within you an inner universe that is still more vast. When you journey within and experience your own immortality, your view of the material world will be forever changed and your life will take on new meaning.” –Michele Hébert
I am look forward to hosting you on this beautiful journey together.
Peace, Love + Light~
Lisa Ware
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Spring is a Time for Renewal, Creating Rituals, and My Nana

2016-03-18 00:35:13


Spring is always a time of renewal. I love seeing the windflowers bloom on our property every year. In honor of my mother’s passing people donated to an arbor fund. With the fund we planted peach trees and several pounds of wildflower seeds. Now, almost 8 years later we have almost 2 acres of flowers!

What spring rituals are you creating in your life?

I love Easter, and this time has always been special, as my Nana was such a strong Spiritual leader in our family. For me to connect deeper to my Spirituality I have been doing a raw food fast til sundown over Lent. Giving up something on Lent is one practice that I really connect to on the Christian calendar. My Nana never preached Christianity, she lived it. She was the ultimate church volunteer. She was the most kind hearted, giving person I have yet to ever encounter other than Amma.

I remember ever since I was little going to her church, spending time making table decorations, intricate findings from nature in Colorado. She would craft these natural items into a lovely centerpiece and make tons of them. She would read from her white leather bible when we slept together before going to bed, I saw her get on her knees and pray. She never made me do any of it, but she led by her example. When she passed, just 2 weeks before my mother in April of 2008, I inherited her white leather bible. I really don’t read it, but I do connect to the power of the intention that her prayers and meditations she practiced with this Holy book. It is very powerful.

She and my mom came to me in a special Women’s Ceremony we held on All Hallow’s Eve. She and my mother were adamant about clearing any ancestral anger and behavior. She told me to stop it here and not allow any of it to carry forward. I spent the entire night in meditation. My mother also took care of me, reminding me to cover myself in a blanket and to practice clearing and self care daily.

This spring we will again hold a beautiful space for women on Beltane, this falls 6 months from All Hallow’s Eve. The most serendipitous of this date is that this next circle is the exact 1 year anniversary of my father crossing over, and this is the first circle that my little sister will be sitting with the women.

I am so blessed to have created a lifestyle that encompasses positive living, healthy choices and connection to something Greater than myself.

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Book Cover Oil Painting is Almost Complete!

2016-03-14 11:12:34 admin
Lisa Book Cover
Excited is an understatement! “5 Minutes 4 Positive Change ~ Yoga, Meditation, Reiki + Nutrition for a Holistic Lifestyle’ will be completed this year, as soon as I launch my global online teacher training, Yoga 4 Love Advanced Training Programs 200 ONLINE! I will then be able to focus on writing again! Advanced Training Programs
I began this book in early 2014 and wrote so much of it so quickly! My life coach, and author, Gary Quinn told me too start with the title and cover. It came right away, then of course I met this incredible artist, Ashley Foreman.
Everything shifted and my yogs teacher training took a huge brilliant turn and we took it online! It had to be completed, everything just came through so quickly and there was such a need to be filled. So I have spent 2 years completing that, as the editing process, uploading, recording and polishing is almost completed I will again begin creative process on the book!
Now I have opportunities to use this image in even more creative ways! #somuchmoretocome
Peace, Love + Light~
Lisa Ware
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Want to Get to Your Healthy Weight the RIGHT Way?

2016-03-11 13:38:34

If you want to get to your healthy weight using a simple, “common sense” system, there is a RIGHT WAY to do it! Join us for a 30-minute Facebook party where you will hear and see success stories and learn how YOU can experience similar results! With a simple system of lifestyle upgrades paired with cutting edge technology from the Juice Plus+ Company, you can experience your own personal Healthy Living Revolution!

We will share simple, COMMON SENSE WAYS to get to your HEALTHY WEIGHT (the right way!)


Here’s the basics:  There are two ways to lose fat… BURNING FAT and SHEDDING FAT.  Read the image below to see what the difference is:

Burn Fat vs Shed Fat

We are all familiar with BURNING fat… cardio-type exercises burn fat and strength training increase muscle mass which uses more energy all the time, not just when you are moving.  To get to your healthy weight the RIGHT way, commit to moving 30-90 minutes most days.

Move your body

In order to SHED fat, you must eat foods that will eliminate toxins from your body.  Toxins come from many sources, and our body creates FAT to ENCASE these toxins to prevent them from doing too much damage in our bodies. Eating REAL foods will promote detoxification and the fat that is encasing those toxins will be released as well… you will notice BIG changes just from the fat that is released because of this detoxification.

To get to your healthy weight the RIGHT way, commit to eating REAL foods and avoiding “fake,” processed foods.

Eat Real Food

Dieting vs Cleansing:

Diet vs Cleansing

Our bodies are comprised of about 70% water.  When you don’t drink enough water, your body will not easily adjust to your healthy weight. To get to your healthy weight the RIGHT way, commit to drinking ½ gallon to 1 gallon of clean water every day.

Drink Water

Find out TWO TRICKS to drinking enough water every day in this video!

Along with eating REAL FOOD and drinking enough water, to get to your healthy weight the right way, you need to avoid three things: DAIRY, GLUTEN, and SUGAR. Read the image below to find out why.

Remember: “AVOID” is different than “ELIMINATE.” Unless you have a specific medical condition, it’s okay to have wheat, dairy or sugar once in a while. Just start clearing the ‘bad’ items out of your pantry and start to replace the items with healthier choices.

Avoid Gluten and Dairy

No gluten, no dairy, no sugar

Not getting enough sleep will cause you to stay at an unhealthy weight for several reasons:

  • Hormones that signal fullness and hunger feelings will be out of balance in your brain (ghrelin and leptin)
  • Cortisol levels spike, signaling your body to conserve fat
  • You are too tired to exercise
  • Mental fogginess promotes lethargy and unhealthy habits


Commit to getting at least 7 hours of sleep each night, optimally 8 hours.

Sleep 7 - 8 hours

In order to get to your healthy weight the right way, you will need to flood your body with nutrition from as many plant sources as possible. Juice Plus+ fruit, vegetable, and berry capsules are a VITAL component to reaching and maintaining your healthy weight.  Juice Plus+ is the nutrition of 30 different healthy plants that you can easily eat EVERY DAY.  Watch the video, posted in the comments, to learn more about Juice Plus+.

Click here to watch the 90-second video to learn how Farm Fresh Nutrition happens!! 

Juice Plus poster

As one of my friends put it… “Juice Plus+ Complete is a LIFE SAVER!”  I am so addicted, and that is not a bad thing! Imagine being able to mix up a delicious chocolate or vanilla shake in a couple of minutes that not only provides you with healthy nutrition, it is also so easy and nourishing that it will become a time-saving investment that will SIMPLIFY your life.

Click here to watch the 2 minute video!

What is Juice Plus Complete whole food drink mix? Vegan, Low Glycemic, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, 13gr Protein, 8gr Fiber  and SO YUMMY!

Complete shake mix

When you will commit to getting to your healthy weight the RIGHT way, you can experience your own personal Healthy Living Revolution! Look at these happy people who have made these changes and gotten to their healthy weight! TIME TO TAKE ACTION!

Learn more on our 90 Days to Feeling Fit Nutrition Page!

Healthy Living Rules results


Please check out the website Healthy Living Rules and watch the opening video! It is so moving. We are super stoked you are open to learning more about this amazing lifestyle.  Thank you for taking the time to learn about Whole food clean eating today!

Please get with the person who invited you to this slideshow blog to learn more about what plan is right for you and your family. Whether you start with Juice Plus+ fruits, veggies and berries or you want to try the Complete shakes or bars, you will be happy to join the Healthy Living Revolution community! Remember this is not a diet #itsalifestyle


Post 11a

Juice Plus Complete Bar

Take Juice Plus and drink Complete

Click here to download your FREE GIFT to help you get to your HEALTHY WEIGHT… the right way!
CLICK HERE to download your free gifts:

Whole Food Shopping, Grocery Guide T30 90 Days to Feeling Fit

Yoga 4 Love’s Basic Green Smoothie Recipes 2015


Thank you for joining us!

Are you ready to get started on your Healthy Living Revolution?


Then email us to receive your personal rep to partner with you on your journey to feeling fit!

Not quite ready to start today?




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Where the Magic Happens, Make a Life

2016-03-10 18:33:56 admin


So this is where the magic happens. I am so blessed to have created a life around this amazing sacred piece of land, and we get to call this home.
From chaos and destruction rises beauty and transformation.
If we didn’t have chaos and destruction we couldn’t become the diamond that Spirit created us to be. These experiences make us rip away the very fabric of protection and become real, if we choose to let it.
Now we have the ability to create a living from this piece of creation, which we own!
From the few acres I now broadcast my teacher training globally! I record my classes and share them with the world, I am creating daily through writing my first book, to publishing my Yoga 4 Love Advanced Training Programs Online 200 manual to hosting video chats with like-minded souls every day.
I get to call this my office! I share health and wellness with everyone I meet and through this vehicle.
Spirit is pouring abundance into my family, my friend, my circle and it is growing exponentially daily! Income is flooding in just like the river.
So I sit. And pray. And express my gratitude.
Then I teach others how to do the same.
What a joy to live this life. This lifestyle isn’t for the special, the talented or the privileged, it is available for everybody and I’m willing to commit my life to show you how. Make a life, not a Living.

Peace, Love + Light~
Lisa Ware

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What Defines a Yogi's Daily Self Care?

2016-03-08 15:35:13 admin
Daily self care is so important. Practice of the poses is only one of the 8 limbs of yoga. The rest are all about the mind. This is why I love this practice so much. I always love a challenge, it starts with my self care time daily. I must first be diligent to take care of me so that I can take care of everyone else in my family and my life! I love the fact that this lifestyle allows, and really requires, this of us as yogis. http://www.yoga4love.net/kale-banana-coconut-milk/
Here are a few things that I do every single day when I wake:
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Goddess Tools, my gift for you! Cancer ...Together Let's Change the Outcome!

2016-02-23 23:04:03

Lisa Bird Of Paradise TYC

Dear Yogis, Friends and Students~

You are so special to me. By you reading this and allowing me into your life on a reglar basis you allow me to manifest these ideas that I bring through to the world. I have recently taught at Texas Yoga Conference and it was amazing. I recorded it and want to share the experience with you. The class is called Goddess Chakra Vinyasa Flow + Reiki. You can find this audio class plus several more yoga classes, meditations, breath work practices as well as some PDF Goddess Tools for your chakras on a secret page on my website. Feel free to share these tools with anyone that may benefit from them on social media. Here is the link to the free audio workshop!

Goddess Vinyasa Chakra Flow

Also, you may take a FREE 60 Day Audio Practice with me on Hit Play Yoga! Simply use the password:




Really what is on my heart is to share about cancer. WHAT The HELL is going on. Really? The question used to be: do you know anyone who has been touched by cancer, now it is: how many people on your social media feed friends are going through freaking treatment. I am ready to stand up and fight. This is an epidemic and we MUST do something.

I lost both of my parents to cancer before I was 43. Age 42 is when my mom was diagnosed back when I was in 7th grade in the mid 80’s. (yes I am an 80’s chic, this explains a lot). She had a 16 year remission then stage 4 came back with a vengance in 2000. She battled with the most positivity I have ever seen! She was a true warrior. This is why I named my company Yoga 4 Love. Just 3 days after my second yoga teacher training in Austin, I came back home and she had digressed total 180 and she died.

My dad waited 7 years to the day that she passed to be buried. It has not even been a year now. May 7, 2015 and he literally died of a broken heart chakra. He manifested every disease associated with the heart chakra.

This story is sad, but he lived a long life and is much happier now that he crossed and is with my mom again.

Nowadays we are seeing young people, many in their 30’s getting this dis-ease!!! We must protect our children. “This is the first generation of children not expected to outlive their parents,” Dr. Katz.

We can protect our chldren by EDUCATION. They must learn how to eat!!! No one really eats an alkaline diet consisting of the recommended 9-13 fruits and veggies that we must get in daily. I really dont know anyone, even me as a vegan, that gets that every day consistently. Kids that I see when I do talks and shows about healthy living do not even know what certain common veggies look like! Let alone eat them! We can empower our body-vessels with simply giving them the phytonutrients they require to heal!

So enough of my rant. If you have a friend that may or may not be open to talking to me about their health or their kids health, I am doing FREE 15 minute coaching sessions as my treat. Please email me.

We have some really awesome stuff coming up, I hope to see you soon. Keep in touch and let me know what is new in your life!


Peace, Love + Light,



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LIVE GLOBAL Training Program Launch Set for Summer Solstice 2016

2016-02-16 14:10:18 admin

I am MOST excited about the Global Launch of the Yoga 4 Love Advanced Training Programs ONLINE 200 Hour and 300 Hour + Internship. It is launching LIVE GLOBALLY on Summer Solstice 2016!

I have a promo video that is about to be released complete with music by an amazing soul siSTAR across the globe, who is an multi-awarded Indian rock star in Mumbai!

Below, is our sneak preview video on the history of how Yoga 4 Love landed in Rocky Falls near Dallas, Texas.  I will post the video link as soon as it is in its final edit!

We have some really awesome stuff coming up, I hope to see you soon. Keep in touch and let me know what is new in your life!


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FREE 40 Day Yoga and Meditation Daily Audio Practice with Yoga 4 Love Studio

2016-02-05 14:22:52 admin

Dear friends, readers and followers;
We have a lovely surprise for you! Beginning On Spring Equinox 2016 we are giving away a FREE 40 Day Daily Practice! This is focused on breath, mantra, yoga, guided meditation and intention. This practice is all streaming on audio with our partner hitPLAYyoga. If you want this FREE subscription coupon code, please contact us!


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What does Lisa Ware Eat in a Day? A day in the Life of...

2016-01-28 14:08:11

So it has come t my attention that people are really interested in what other people eat in a day. So, since I LOVE to post about food, cooking at home, smoothie recipes and clean eating it just makes sense that I would post about what I eat in a day!

With that said, I will also include my daily practices and tools that help me be the best human I can be, touch the most lives in a day and to maintain balance with mind, body and Spirit. This may sound like a lot. Well, it is, but is isn’t.

To backtrack, the evening prior I end my day with

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Ready for a Detox or Cleanse? Transform 30 is a Simple Solution for the Entire Family

2016-01-11 14:32:48

Jumpstart January

Should I Detox or Cleanse? T30, A Simple Solution for the Entire Family. Jump Start January!

Learn about the TRANSFORM 30 DETOX + CLEANSE~ Zoom video call

Thursday night 1/14, 1/21, 1/28
7:00 -7:30 PM

Whether you are an athlete, a coach, a weekend warrior or a couch potato, this program is for you. Learn how making one simple change can have a profound influence on your health, not only for you but for your family and friends.
Learn and apply simple solutions to help you have a healthy 2016. Everyone is welcome to join this 30 day cleanse, no matter what your health goals may be:

*shape up
*lose weight
*help your family make better food choices
*just gain more vital energy

This is a FREE Program with an amazing group of health coaches.

3 Whole Food Based lifestyle and clean eating plans to choose from. Simple. Affordable. It’s just food!
7:00- 7:30 PM Central from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android: https://zoom.us/j/5298791888

Or join by phone:


Meeting ID: 529 879 1888

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Ellis County Hit by Tornadoes, Yoga 4 Love Accepting Donations

2016-01-04 18:12:48 admin
Dear friends;
On December 26, 2015, the day after Christmas, my community was devastated by tornadoes. It ravaged through my family’s and friend’s homes and displaced hundreds of families. It’s a miracle that no one in our county died. The tornadoes began in North Waxahachie, in my sister-in-law’s neighborhood and continued on the ground for 17 straight miles! We have been collecting donations and taking them to the drop off locations in town since Sunday. We would like to invite you, if you are reading this post, to donate local to the community. We are also accepting shipments from Amazon Prime to the studio and will take daily as it comes in.
Donate directly to:
Manna House Midlothian, TX
North Ellis County Outreach in Red Oak, TX.
The items most in need as of this post:
Gift Cards, Tarps, Rakes, cleaning items, toiletries, baby formula, bottles and shovels, bins, containers, boxes, bottled water and food.
Thank you for your help and most of all, please pray for the community.
Peace, Love + Light~
Lisa Ware
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2015 in Review~ Fire, Rebirth, Death, New Vision for the Future!

2015-12-31 23:58:16

Dear friends, Yogis, Yoginis and followers;

My 2015 was quite dramatic, as some of your years were, as well. This one was one of the most eventful and turbulent of my 43 years. To sum it up in a blog is really an understatement, so I will do my best to first give you my emotional cycle then to give you event details, as best as I remember on New Year’s Eve after a glass of cab and a glass of champagne and a huge fancy meal while waiting to pick up my daughter from the church party.

So, January we had just purchased the cabin on 12/31/14 on Faith that Sprit had a greater plan. I had decided to move the lovely 852 sf cabin to our property as intention to build a yoga studio and a man cave for my lovely hubby. My intention was to build it out while our home was being rebuilt from the major house fire on 9/1/14 and do a slow transition from my studio space. I told my yoga students that we were moving out of the studio space sometime in 2015, and intended to move in after the cabin was built out, the bath installed and the building of our home complete.

On 1/21/15 (the first day of Mercury Retrograde) I had my contractors go to the studio space and as agreed by my landlord and I remove the flooring. I had laid $5K of floating floor 4 years before with the intention that when I moved I would take it, and leave the concrete as it was when I moved into the warehouse. I had completely finished out that space and installed walls, flooring, baseboards, moulding, custom art and paint and Far Infrared Heat Panels. When I knew that I needed to move and centralize my practice, my teaching. my studio all within the confines closer to my home I gave my notice and the landlord said I could go month to month. So, on 1/21 they were gently taking up the floor, as not to damage it. The said landlord had one of her staff come over and literally freak out on them telling me that they had to put the flooring back down. This led to a dispute between me and the landlord via the staff member’s cell phone. This then led to said landlord coming into my rented space and in a half hung over stupor proceed to tell me that I had to put the floor back. She then demanded that I move out and I happily agreed, she gave me until the next day. I was in shock, but as always, knew Spirit was in control. I told my contractors that we are NOT leaving my floor and we are to remove everything that I paid for, as agreed. The landlord demanded me to pay her for the painting to be done so she could return the space to white. I got her a cashier’s check and waited until she drew up a release from my lease.

Then I called 3 friends, Val, Stephanie and Jennifer, who came to my rescue and moved my yoga studio totally out while I dealt with the landlord issues. The last item left before the close of the day were my Far Infrared Heat panels. I really did not feel comfortable leaving them, as they are worth thousands and I felt the landlord may lock me out permanently if we left the space for the night. I was just voicing this to my girlfriend Val, who was helping me move stuff out with her truck, and she was agreeing. At that moment my contractor came in from the back door and said that the electrician had a cancellation and was able to come remove the panels! Jennifer finished packing my Reiki room and curiously found an amazing, rather large crystal in the room. I had never seen it before! She asked me about it and I was sure it was meant for her. She left after she completed packing the spa room.

Val and I finished packing up every mat and block, every crystal and chair and got ready to move it all into my leased house garage. I then felt the need to clear the entire studio space. Val and I looked for the sage, but it was packed somewhere with my Reiki room items. She took a singing bell and I found some Nag Champa and we proceeded to pray over the space and clear it completely. This clearing was much needed, as throughout all the healing circles, meditiations and Reiki there was a very open vortex of energy. We were finishing walking the space, she went into the Reiki room and I was in the yoga studio. From the corner of my eye, as I was completing the clearing she was doing the same in that spa room, I saw the singing bell literally rip out of her hand and fly backward landing by the back door! I was like, “did that just leap out of your hand” and she was like, “Yeah, that really happened.” We both knew our work was done here. We pulled out and I never looked back.

In the beginning of January my father had esophageal surgery in an effort to get rid of the cancer. He was in the hospital for a few weeks longer that anticipated as his stomach tube kept having trouble. He was finally moved to the nursing home to begin healing then rehab.

The next few months were a blur of building plans for my new home, really rough winter weather in North Texas. Many, many days getting frozen in, contractors not being able to come to work, many. many getting stuck in frozen ice and mud on our property. (including me with a full load of tile) and many hold ups on the completion of my home. So frustrating.

All the while I was conducting my BETA program for my online Teacher Training program and writing my program, revising my manual and recording all the audio modules. I was also holding my yoga classes online via streaming video.

March 12, 2015 I had pushed and pushed the contractors to get done. My daughter’s birthday was coming and more pressing was the fact that my dog, Cherry Flame, was due any day with puppies from Lightning,o our other dog. I did NOT want puppies at the rental and was so, so ready to get on with our life. They made ready, and we were squatters for a few days, I don’t even remember if we had power, as it was such a cold winter and had spent so many hours in the house with just space heaters. Well, when my daughter’s birthday came we were able to sleep in the new house! Then the next week on 3/19/15 Cherry gave birth to puppies in my master dressing room closet. I knew she was in labor, and Rich was home so I rushed to pick up my son from high school and go by CVS to get some iodine. gloves and cotton balls. We had a little medical kit all ready, including dental floss to tie of the umbilical cords. We got home and Rich greeted us at the door. Meanwhile, Cherry had delivered a still born puppy. It was a boy. She was still in labor and a few hours later she gave birth to another boy, which I helped deliver, then another hour or so and the third boy puppy was born, my son caught. They were precious. We slowly sneaked the still born from the litter and gave him a little burial next to Ming, the Siamese kitten who crossed over in the fire. It was sad. The new puppies were so cute and sweet. Cherry was still in labor. I knew something was not right. I reached for her to check her out and she snarled at me. Something was wrong. I coaxed her into the laundry basket with the 2 puppies and a heating pad. She was still laboring, so an hour later I rushed her to the animal emergency all the way in Mansfield. (I was not going back to the one off I-20, as they were horribly insensitive  and would not accept us without payment upfront when I brought my Cleo cat, who we had rescued from the fire. She was on her last breath, and on oxygen. Thank the Ovilla fire for having a cat O2 mask.) They were so kind and saw her immediately. They took an X-ray and discovered she still had a placenta inside. They gave her pittosin (sp) and she began to calm. She then birthed the placenta and her labor subsided. I took her and the pups back in the basket and by then it was sunrise. I decided that I might as well go by and feed the horses so I woudn’t have to after I got back, as we were very tired by then. I parked, left the heat on, went to feed and when I got back the basket was flipped and a baby puppy was FREAKING MISSING! I was like no way, where could this dog go! It can’t walk, and then I heard a whimper. Cherry had jumped out of the basket all excited thinking she could get out at the barn, stepped on the side of the basket, and catapulted a baby puppy across the freaking car! It was under my gas petal! Seriously, you cant make this shit up. He was fine! Phew! They came home and are doing well, and both are now getting bigger then their mommy. We have 4 dogs with Fire names, Cherry Flame, Lightning (who arrived in our family one week before the fire, and kept Cherry company during the transition and all winter), and the pups are named Flint and Sparky,

In April my team and I attended the spring leadership conference in Sacramento. We had just been promoted to Senior Sales Coordinator in March with the Juice Plus company. My team and I had pushed hard for the last few months to gain the momentum with many new customers and team members. I really was so surprised and pleased with the hard work we put in to achieve this new position. I made the most income that I had ever made in a month that March! I also spoke at our team dinner in Sacramento and got recognized by the company and walked the main stage at the conference representing Team Dynamic Destiny. Such an honor. This secured my belief in myself, my team and this company as longevity for my time/freedom and my future career income.

4/22/15 Earth Day~ We officially opened my completed studio, Yoga 4 Love Studio Cabin, for private sessions, friends and referrals.

At the end of April my father was back in the hospital (again). He had a second surgery to relieve the pressure on his lungs and drain all the massive amounts of fluid building up in his chest. He had been in and out of the rehab an hospital since January and his body was just simply shutting down. I took the tiny puppies to the rehab an hour each way, Dad got to meet them and see his puppy. He was promised the first born. They instantly fell in love.

Sometime that week Denise and I were visiting my dad. As I pulled in and parked, and she did the same in the row behind me, there was a man all dressed in white leaning against the car next to me smoking a cigarette. I paid him no mind, but he said to me, “What is that symbol on your car?” Well, he was referring to the OM. I really did not FEEL like talking to anyone at that moment, and was quite internally rude. I gathered my purse and he persisted, “What does it mean?”. The yoga teacher in me had to tell him, I had to get out of my self pity and share! This is the symbol of all creation! Birth, death, life, Rebirth! It is all that is, it is the sound of Creator, it is the sound of the Universe, the sound without a sound. He listened and proceeded to tell me that his wife is alive and it is a miracle that she lived and he gets to take her home today. Denise had walked over and heard him. I was very moved. I told him that he is very blessed, very blessed indeed. Then I looked at Denise. I don’t remember what happened next, however Denise and I both remember that we don’t know why or how, but he was gone very quickly.

I spent the night at dad’s house on 4/29. That night I had a vision, and I prayed over him in the hospital all night. I reached out to his Highest Self and worked with him on teaching him how to leave his body. He would lift off and up an out to the ceiling of his room then like snap back into his body. I kept telling him, “Go higher!”. He tried and tried and finally was able to lift up and out of the hospital and float a bit away from his dis-ease stricken body. It was then that I saw the vision of the entire hospital glowing with White Light. I was reassured and knew that the people in that place really, truly care. I then went to sleep on my dad’s super comfy bamboo mattress. That night I had a lucid dream. I did not know then what it meant. I was at a huge party, like a ball. A masquerade ball. Or maybe a large conference with a mezzanine level and an escalator filled with people. However, at this conference it had a feel of a party and everyone was larger than life. They were all in full ball costume, some were even in masks. It was so colorful and festive.

In the morning of 4/30/15 I woke and thought about this dream. What does it mean? I then cleaned his house, cleaned out his kitchen and removed all food that my bother in law, Rob, who was sharing the house, would not eat. I methodically and knowingly just took care of wrapping up bits and pieces of my dad’s home. I made some coffee in his Keurig and then went to the hospital ICU to visit my dad. I got there and he was asleep. Pastor Phil was just leaving. His church had mad a lovely brown afghan for him, but it was in the bag by the bed. I would find it later. I sat by him and he woke up and said as he always did, “Hi, baby.” I sat with him and he tried to talk more and I told him he did not need to. He was trying to look at me but could not focus and was wanting seemingly to tell me something fairly important so I started naming subjects and he kept shaking his head no. I started naming all the people in the family, Denise (my only sister) the grandkids, Rich, no no no. Then I wanted to ask him about some logistics about his car and decided against it, as he fell asleep again. I said Daddy I love you. He said, ” I love you, baby.” I left and let him sleep. It was around noon. I drove back to my house 50 minutes away. I got there and a few hours later Denise called me all frantic and said Dad was not responsive. I was like, no, he’s fine, I was just talking to him a little while before. She said no, something has changed and I needed to get over there. It was rush hour, so I waited til the traffic subsided then headed over. I got there and Rob was standing bedside looking forlorn. I had a huge sinking feeling. Rob was torn up, but as a proud Englishman he carried on, reading dad the newspaper sports section and chatting to him. I had been around the hospital enough to learn about all the machines and was checking out his vitals. They were all over the map. The nurse said he had to be intubated. His blood pressure was irregular, he had to be put on mediation immediately. We both tried to get him to respond. I was on his bedside and telling him that his body was not doing so well. I began to tell him that he really did not need to stay here for me and Denise. He was listening, I could tell, but he was very far away. I began to get frustrated that he was not getting the message clearly. I then began to yell, “DAD!!!” and he fluttered his eyelash. I yelled, “DAD YOU NEED TO GO!!!! JUST GO!!! PLEASE GO!!! YOU DO NOT NEED TO STAY HERE! We will be fine! Your body doesn’t need to go through this anymore!!!” Rob and I just looked at eachother. I think he heard me. Nothing more to do, I left.

Rob and I agreed that I needed to stay at Denise’s. We went to our cars and he said follow me. I did. However, I was in such a state that I totally followed the wrong car. AND my damn phone decided to do an update so I could not shut it off or on and by the time I realized it I was almost to Fort Worth. I came back the only route I knew and got fairly close to her new neighborhood (they recently divorced and she found a duplex nearby). My phone finally stopped the update and I called, got directions. 10 minutes later, about 8:00 PM I found them and we ate cold pizza. Denise and I went to bed in her tiny bed with a large dog on the bottom. We barely got settled then we got ‘The Call’. The one from the hospital, you know the one you dread and is always inevitable. Just like you may have heard they said if you want to get here, get here fast. So we did. We hauled ass, and the trip that took me 45 minutes (and was really 20) took her 11 minutes. We held hands as sisters only do and ran. We ran and pushed the elevator. We ran to his ICU room, threw on the gown and gloves. He was on the breathing machine and so puffy, so yellow not a regular color. His body was like FUCK THIS! And I could not bear the suffering. It was cruel to leave him on those machines. Within a few minutes Denise and I conversed about this. The nurse was so compassionate and so very dedicated to the task. She was totally on it, every med, every breath, every detail. We asked her why he had to be on all this stuff. She, out of her compassion, said that he in fact did NOT need to be on all these machines and meds. She explained what everything was doing to keep his body operating. Denise and I agreed that if any one thing was off that his body could not possibly make it, and definitely never recover. So, out of our compassion we asked the nurse to stop giving blood regulation/pressure medicine. Shortly thereafter we also asked the doctor to order the removal of the breathing tube and the respiratory therapist arrived about 11:30PM. Dad was not on the BP med and his BP was going from 129 to 50 to 125 to 80. Crazy. When we decided to let his body do what it was going to do all we could do was stay by him and pray, talk to him and tell him we were ok. Slowly and peacefully his breath, his life force slowed. It was 11:59 and he was ready to cross over. He waited until May Day. May 1, and he exhaled for a very long time. I sang the HU and Denise said the Prayer of 84 from Eckinkar, so his soul may never suffer another lifetime here and be in eternal peace. Rich and I had a long time client in the Funeral Business, so it was just right to have them take care of Dad. I chose Sandra Clark Funeral Home and Denise and I walked away from the ICU.

The next morning, I think I slept at her house, we went to eat breakfast, I was on the phone with the VA and making arrangements to secure a date for his internment at the National Cemetery. They had a few dates open. I chose May 7, 2015. Exactly 7 years to the day that my mom passed. Full Circle.

May 7 came in a blur. We arranged a private funeral with Pastor Phil leading. Family and family friends came and my daughter sang, we had a flag ceremony and Phil played guitar. I said my speech and Rob wrote a very nice eulogy. It was a beautiful day. Everyone left. My family was going to meet for a lunch at El Fenix. I could not get in the car. I had to go back to the wall with his ashes in them, right next to mom’s. I wept, I wept so long and hard, and Rich just held me up; supported me. Just then the church bells struck 2:00PM. It snapped me out and I saw the beauty. The grass so green, the flags flying, the white stone of the internment walls and FARRELL on the box in black. We left.

Late May was a turbulent and cleansing period. My inner women’s circle held a Spring Ceremony. That in and of itself is a whole other journey. I finally figured out what the masquerade ball dream meant. It was the reception of my Dad’s homecoming with all the company of Heaven receiving in the souls crossing over! ! They must hold parties like this every night for all of eternity!

The summer was here, June. Kids out of school, our son’s BFF moved to Florida, we were super busy with swim team with my daughter and summer activities. We settled back onto our property and into our lovely new custom home. We made plans for July to go to Colorado, my home state, with my sister, Rob and their son and my Aunt, my mom’s sister. We contacted an old neighbor and family friend and she offered to have us stay with her for the 9 day duration.

July~ We were prepping to go on the plane, I had arrangements for the dogs and puppies to go to a kennel. The day before we were to leave Cherry and Lightning ‘locked up’. I was so distraught that I yelled at them. They would not come apart and what do you do. For real. (I had intended to get him fixed, but with the craziness it was low priority. I now had regretted that.) Although I was really mad about the circumstance I did not want to infuse their little seed with my anger so I prayed over them and apologized and did Reiki. That next day a dear friend, one off my Reiki Master Teachers that I had attuned came to me and needed a session. We held her session and Cherry was all around us during Reiki. (Cherry was also all around my chair when I became a Reiki Master on 12/10 in this very living room, the old house, but on the same slab.) My friend Erin said that she knew why and that she was really meant to have one of the puppies, as she had lost her long time best dog that year. She also loves Cavalier King Charles Spaniels! I know EVERY thing has a Perfect Divine order. So, she was promised a puppy.

Late July, when we arrived in Colorado we had made plans to meet all my cousins, my mom’s family and old friends in the mountains. We spent a few days relaxing and then when Denise and my Aunt arrived we all met at the Stanley Hotel in Estes for a lovely family reunion brunch and made our way to Rocky Mountain National Park. Destination to the top of Trail Ridge 12K and take the rest of Dad’s ashes to the top! We hiked the rest of the way up, at the top Denise, me and the 3 grandkids all opened the tiny urn and threw his ashes off into the Alpine wind into the tundra! We all celebrated. It was finished! The day was so beautiful, so clear and unseasonable warm at that altitude. When we were there in 2008 we took my mom’s ashes to the top! They were both together in Spirit and their ashes in the Alpine of Colorado.

August was time to get ready for a new school year. Our son is a senior this year and daughter in Middle School. Busy times, school shopping and all that stuff.

September rolled in and we recalled one year ago on 9/1/14 the day the fire happened, and we are so eternally grateful for the events that led us to where we are now. My birthday, I turned 43. When my mom was 42 she found breast cancer. I continue daily to help people achieve optimal health. It is my passion. We may have genetic pre-dispositions, however those genes CAN be turned off by lifestyle choices!

September 20, Cherry went into labor! During the night I helped her birth 3 puppies, with some assistance from a snoozing hubby. Hubby and daughter got up at 6:30 AM and she was still in labor with the last pup (we were pretty sure.) At 7:00AM they were leaving to get to school and Cherry was just birthing the last puppy! The other 3 were sleeping on the heating pad, all safe. They got to see him born, but had to leave and I was taking care of them. As they pulled away I helped Cherry not eat the last placenta (she already had one or 2) and she bit the cord, as she should. This one was different. The cord would not tie off with the dental floss, there was so much blood! So much blood and I could not do it! I screamed for my son, praying he would wake all the way across the house. Thank the Angels he did and quickly came to our rescue. He knew what to do as he helped birth all the last litter. My son held the profusely bleeding puppy as I used both hands and prayer and got the cord tied off. The pup was not looking well, but he nursed and he recovered quickly. All 4 were boys!

October was filled with many nutrition events, and beginning my second BETA for my Yoga Teacher Training! In mid October Madonna and I travelled to Nashville, TN to the fall leadership conference. We had an amazing time. We set some huge goals to achieve National Marketing Director me 2016 and her 2017. She is such a dear friend, I am so blessed to be able to choose who I work with in this company. Puppy pee, puppy poo, cleaning up, dear goodness this was getting old!

At the end of October Rich’s mom want into the ICU. She went in due to high anxiety, 2 years after recovering 99% from a Traumatic Brain Injury and Multiple Myloma. She was undiagnosed as to what was causing the stress, and while at the hospital all her bodily functions began to give out. Within a few days she was on complete life support, BP meds, kidney dialysis, intubation. We were all in shock! After about 5 days they lowered her meds and she began to awaken! She continued to regain functioning of her body and get better every day! Puppies were almost weaned!

On Samhain 10/31-11/1 myself and eight other Goddesses held an absolutely out of this world meditation Ceremony. Myself and Sarah led as we journeyed and travelled, meditated, sang and prayed. I communed with the ancients and the trees, saw the Universe and all is Sacred Geometry. I also received love from my mother and Nana. It was miraculous and I am ever grateful for these amazing women in my circle for holding this space.

November, Rich’s mom was recovering and in a rehab center! A miracle to say the least! My cat Cleo went missing the Saturday before Thanksgiving and I was devastated (she is the one that was rescued from the fire and made it after the emergency vet). After about 9 days I came to allow it to be.

My friend Erin flew in to get not just 1 but 2 of the little guys and take them back to Tennesee. Two other friends, one of my training program graduates, Bri and my old studio house keeper took the other two. We were finally puppy free! I cleaned my carpets with my brand new steam cleaner. Then next week we celebrated Thanksgiving with the entire family in our new home and cabin. It was lovely.

December, did some writing for Natural Awakenings, held some fun yoga events and my Juice Plus team continues to grow! I really was missing my dad and after one night doing some charity work at the Boys and Girls Club I had a long drive home. I began to cry. Sometimes it just hits you. That night just a week before Christmas I looked out the french doors and saw a tiny cat face. I almost had a conniption. It was Cleo! I scooped her up and sobbed in joy! She was super skinny but was ok! The only thing we could figure out is that she was out and the puppies chased her then the torrential rains came and she hid. She must have lost her way back. I am ever grateful for Sprit returning her to me as she gives me great comfort (and she is super fluffy!!!)

First Christmas here, but really our 16th Christmas on this sacred property. This year has been the wettest of any year ever in Texas history and my horses are in so much mud! We decorated the house with these fun star sower laser lights, and I got to shop for all new decorations. The only thing that survived the fire was 4 nutcrackers. They got to sit guard on my beautiful new marble unity with vessel sinks overlooking our master bath, raised tub and spa shower with the river rock floor. What a transition. I decided to do all minimalist and simple, nothing traditional. We put up the tiny 4′ tree we had in the rental house entry, my dad’s 4′ tree and 3 lighted small trees; all themed natural burlap, silver, white and teal. We had Christmas  Eve at my sister in law’s just a few miles up the road and the best gift ever~ my mother in law got to come home on Christmas Eve for good! She spent it with the (huge) family, and hung in there for 4 hours straight out of the rehab center! They are now back at home in Dallas. We had Christmas at our house with just Denise and her new Fiance, my hubby and kids and invited Madonna and her hubby. Since we had no one to satisfy other than ourselves we did a VEGAN Christmas! It was awesome. I made Veggie Turducken. It was incredible.

12/26/15 Our son had plans to see his BFF in Florida as a gift from us and we were on the way to the airport. Our daughter called us and was extremely frightened, she was at her friends in Ellis County just a mile West of our home and they all were in tornado drill in the bathroom! The tornado sirens were going off and we had no idea what was about to take place. We dropped off our son, he stayed on the tarmac 3 hours then was off safely.

We camped out back at the property, no sirens going off anymore. Power was restored at 9PM. The damage  had been done. To our dismay 11 F4 tornadoes ripped through the city, my sister in law’s neighborhood was in total destruction. My friend Stephanie’s neighborhood was even worse. Two of my daughter’s friends homes were torn to shreds as the family hid in the master bath. They all survived. The surrounding area to the East is in a total path of destruction for 17miles the tornado stayed on the ground. My sister in law and the family of 5 with the dog hid in the bath, their house sustained substantial damage but is livable. Two doors down to the West and 2 doors up across the street the houses are totaled. It is just CRAZY. I started a drop off for supplies and we collected two entire SUV and car full of new and used items in just 3 days. We took it all to the donation site. Then on New Year’s Eve Day my daughter and I went with Stephanie to her neighborhood in Glenn Heights and made lunches, cookies, apples and waters and took them in backpacks to anyone out working on their home or disaster relief.

It was a crazy year, 2015. We ended with my hubby and I doing some Acro Yoga while our daughter went to a church party. We then went looking for a restaurant locally and stumbled upon a NYE celebration! Live music, top chef menu, champagne and the works. He was down with it and the ticket was Uptown Dallas prices. He said I was worth it, this was our 25th NYE together!

Today, as it is New Year’s Day 2016 as I write, we create Vision Boards, for the 7th Year in a row on New Year’s Day after a Detox Hot Yoga Vinyasa Flow. Ahhh.

This year I am thrilled about the direction of my life. I can not wait to tell you about my 2016!





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Winter Solstice the Darkest Hour Before the Light

2015-12-21 16:45:04

For what is it to die but to stand naked in the wind and to melt into the sun?
And what is it to cease breating but to face the breath from ist restlesss tides, that it may rise and expand and seek God unencumbered?
Only when you drink from the river of silence shall you indeed sing. 
And when you have reached the mountaintop, then you shall begin to climb.
And when the earth shall claim your limbs, then shall you truly dance. 


Winter Solstice:
The last day of Autumn
The darkest day of the year, the first day of Winter.
The return of the Light.

What does this mean to me? Throughout this last 24 hour period  I have went through a huge array of feelings. It has been a trying period, and this last day was a reflection of this last year. My heart has been expanding so much through my practices of meditaiton and yoga. I recently whipped through the entire novel the Tenth Door, and had such transformations throughout that I blogged about it. I wrote the author and she had invited me to India. I have yet to decide when.

This last day I have strange feelings come up as we are sitting near the darkest hour, I know that the feelings are of the loss of my parents, the loss of ‘stuff’ through the fire, the abundance and infinite blessings that keep manifesting overwhelm me. The goodness that has prevailed has trumped any devistation that could ever happen on this planet. I am so secure in my Spiritual seat, as that is all that is Real. The I AM is all that is true. All my ancestors are crossed over, all my Gurus are crossed over, I depend hugely on my Angels and Archangels minute by minute, some days more thatn others I am aware of this connection. This is one of those days.
I am ready to prepare a eremony to lay my Uncle’s ashes under all of our trees on the property, he passed on Winter Solstice 2013, two years ago. He was said to be one of the last Druids and taought me how to commune with the trees.  I received his ashes in the mail from my Aunt and when I did the box had strange Arabic writing on all 4 sides of it, yet the package was unopened. Someone who is from Syria said it is a blesing of peace of those who cross over. Neither my Aunt nor I have had this mystery ever explained.

Today I held a wonderful Reiki session with a young pre teen and the theme was forgiveness. I believe that we all shall look inward toward our shadow self and allow this darkness to be a place to learn from, not run from. We all have places within that make feelings come up that may be difficult to deal with. We also each have the opportunity to utilize these feelings and information from our emotions to allow ourselves to move toward the light. Without darkness there would not be light. We live in a dual reality, everything in this realm has a point of balance.

Tonight after teaching an intentional Solstice Hot Yoga practice some of my students were invited to stay after and participate in a Winter Solstice Ceremony. In honor of the hardwood trees on our property, we have 22 (plus over 20 cedars) I took my uncle Jerry’s ashes and put them into a jug of leftover ceremonial tea that was saved from a circle held last spring, added some red wine for tradition, to bless the fruit trees and we poured some on the root flare of each tree. It was lovely, very casual and fun. Plus the night was beautiful, so clear and unseasonably warm, as today we hit a high of over 70 degrees here in Texas!

Winter Solstice Celebrates the imminent return of light; the point where the sun starts to grow in strength. The turn from darkness to light was a matter for rejoicing and the victory of light over darkness gave the assurance that Spring, warmth and growth would come again. The Winter Solstice was the time of year when the Queen of Heaven, the Great Mother, gave birth to the Son of Light. Another occasion for lighting fires, to encourage the power of the sun and to mark the triumph of summer over winter and light over darkness.

Choose what brings you JOY. Choose to start with our THOUGHTS.

“Thoughts become things.” is a favorite quote from The Secret, the movie. I look forward to bringing this season to a close. BRING ON THE RETURN OF THE LIGHT! 2016 is OUR YEAR!

Sources: https://druidnetwork.org/what-is-druidry/rites-and-rituals/rites-celebrate-seasonal-festivals/celebrations-festivals-holy-days/
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Reducing Travel Stress on Your Journey

2015-12-15 17:33:35 admin
Every holiday season, millions of people enjoy time away from their busy routine by jumping on a plane or in a car for a long journey to visit family, friends and loved ones. Sometimes the fun creates unnecessary stress on the body, mind and emotional state. Here are a few tips to de-stress and relax this busy travel season.
Pack plenty of healthy snacks. Being on the road or in an airport leads spontaneous, often poor, decisions when travelers get thirsty or hungry. If people know that there is a not-soguilty snack in the bottom of the travel bag this creates some willpower to hold off of that high fat, sugary or salty treat that looks so tempting. Pack enough to share!
Stay hydrated. Drink at least half an ounce of pure water per pound of body weight. Start a few days before leaving. Set out your daily allowance in a marked water bottle. Drink even more water if any sugary, alcoholic or caffeinated beverages are consumed. Caffeine actually dehydrates the body.
Breathe. Simply taking 15 long, slow intentional breaths on a busy day will help you carry on with enthusiasm. You will enjoy getting more oxygen to the brain and this little ‘mini vacation’ helps you reconnect and center. For relaxing use a four count inhale and an eight count exhale. Attach a prayer or mantra for even more intention.
Do some office yoga. You can stretch in your airplane seat or in the car on a long haul. While hustling about stop and lean up against a corner and press out a knot in your shoulder. Do some forward bending in the restroom. Go outside on a long trip and do a few downward facing dog poses! Be creative and move your body.
Take time to be in the Now. So many times when we are traveling, as in life, we are set on a destination. There is no better time than this very moment to implement these tips into your day. Stop, listen to your body, still your inner thoughts and simply Be for a moment. Let your surroundings be a part of your inner stillness, no matter how chaotic it may seem.
Set a 90-minute timer on long trips to remind yourself to move, breathe and drink more water. Smile at people. Your smile may be the only one they receive that day. Through this simple act of kindness, you have opportunity to impact not only our own emotional state, but to improve the happiness of everyone we come in contact with.
Lisa Ware, E-RYT-500 teaches yoga at Yoga 4 Love.
For more information, visit Yoga4Love.net.
Issue December 2015
Download PDF:
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A Yogi’s Life, My Best Set Intention; Part B~ 3 Years Later

2015-12-03 23:17:08

A Yogi’s Life, My Best Set Intention

Original writing: 11/09/12

I want to get up early and meditate. I awake before dawn daily to let my dogs out well before I wake my kids for school. I love to sit outside in the predawn and look at the night sky as is changes day by day, season by season. Then I go back inside, and my warm fuzzy bed calls me. My sleeping spouse, so cozy. I would love to stay up and meditate, I really would. Why don’t I sit? Why do I resist the practice that I know helps me stay centered, grounded, connected to my Source? Why do I suddenly feel sleepy when I was just so energized by the chill of the night just moments ago? My little dog wants to sit with me and meditate. He will keep me warm, he looks up at me. Instead of turing on my Frankincense burner, reading my affirmations and grabbing my mala beads, I lie down. My dreams are vivid, maybe that’s my reality? What am I learning about myself in this dream-wake state before the alarm goes off? Am I really sleepy, or is this a habit? I fall asleep and wake in an hour to get my 4th grader up. I vow to meditate after my cup of tea. She is of with the bus, I make my tea. However, my emails are now dinging on my iPhone. Ok, so Ill check them really quickly. I see my hubby and Freshman son off. I am so hungry. Oh my goodness, I need to leave for the studio! My class is in thirty minutes! How can I teach my students to sit when I haven’t sat myself? We breathe together. I forgot to turn my phone on airplane mode and I notice those emails vibrating as they continue to roll in. We breathe, I bring the class through our vinyasa, sweating, flowing, assisting and moving energy, prana, life force, asking them to solidify their intention for their practice of yoga. How can I do this without pausing and setting my intention for my day first? I vow to meditate tonight at my usual time, 11:11pm. Savasana. I hold space for them. When do I hold space for myself? Did I eat? Wow, tea doesn’t go so far on an empty stomach. Time to play the tibetian bells and bring them back to their mats, to their bodies. We OM. I send them love and then it’s quiet again. Oh, but now I MUST EAT. Thank you for my whole food shakes. Mmmm. Those emails, I’ll check them. Several phone calls come in, I post some events upcoming about Nicolai Bachman and my Wine and Wellness Natural Body Care + Whole Food Girls Night. I see the time, wow, its time to meet my daughter coming off the bus. I zoom home and greet her. Time to eat finally. Late lunch, hummus and crackers with some fruit and dinner planning. My hubby arrives, but he teaches at the studio tonight and then wants practice yoga, so its me and the kids tonight. I decide to cook something with the massive amounts of peppers I picked yesterday out of our organic garden. Ill check my emails again real quick. Oh, I still need to finish posting our New Years Day event. I look up and I haven’t cooked a thing and it is almost 9:00pm! I whip up some omelets and feed my son and make one for Rich. Where is my daughter? Asleep after eating Cocoa Pebbles in her room. I don’t beat myself up, I’ll make her a good breakfast, tuck tuck. Ok, now a good meal with my hubby; organic eggs with fresh spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes, peppers~ those hummers are HOT! After finishing my old tea on the counter I shower. TIme to meditate! Yea! I’ll meditate after I read and lie down just a bit. 11:11pm I am asleep, I read 3 pages. Tomorrow is a new day. New opportunities. I will start my day with setting my intention. My Reiki Mantra~ Infinite Light Surrounds Me, Infinite Love Enfolds Me, Infinite Wisdom Guides Me, Infinite Power Courses Through Me, Wherever I am God Is. So Be It. Namaste.

Lisa Ware, E-RYT 200

Reiki Master Teacher


Wife, Mother, Daughter of the Universe, Nature Girl, Yogini





It is now 12/2015

I just finished reading The Tenth Door by Michele Hebert and I devoured it. It has shifted me and transported me into other realms. This book had forever altered my PERSONAL practice that I have so longed to make a regular part of who I AM.

My letter to the author on the website RajaYogis.com

Michele Hebert

Dearest Michele~

We met years ago when you came to the Texas Yoga Conference. I bought your book, or maybe you gave me a copy. You autographed it and I set it upon my yoga bookshelf. There it sat for 4 1/2 years My BFF Jenny Buergermeister raved about it back then, but I was not ready. I picked it up just 2 days ago and LITERALLY downloaded the teachings you shared. A few times I was reading and traveling/journeying at the same time and I had to put down the book to go to places I had never been before, even in ceremony.

I want you to know that this writing is magical and you are very special to give this to me (and the world). You may have heard this before, however I felt a need to tell you myself. I must have  walked the path with you and or the Baptiste family before. EVERYTHING is so familiar. All my gurus are passed over. MY lineage if from Krishnamacharya and I studied with Ramaswami briefly. Everything else I have learned is from books and downloading straight from Spirit. Your book is a tool for Spirit to move ACTIVE and ALIVE. I literally cried when you told of Magaña dancing at the funeral. It was so beautiful. I was transported. I SMELLED the heavy wooden doors to the pyramid, for real. The practices you described you did (asana and meditation) have literally rocked my view on my personal practice and made me strive to be the best yogini I can be. You wrote ‘Peace, Harmony, Well-Being. Lisa, may your healing work touch millions.’ I so do believe it is a forecast. I never actually really remembered reading that until 2 days ago. I am writing a global online teacher training and it is about to be launched. I feel something is really big. I have always felt it.

Thank you, I love you and you are a beautiful soul.

Peace, Love + Light,

Lisa Ware




Photo Credits : RajaYogis.com

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Jump Start Those New Year’s Resolutions~ Free Health Coaching Sessions!

2015-11-25 17:10:40

90 Days to Feeling Fit

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Post 9 CHS Results Chart


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31 Published Clinical Research findings in globally respected medical journals proves results!

Clinical Reseach medical journal pic


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Ready to Make Positive Change in Your Life? ONLINE Yoga 4 Love Advanced Training Programs 200 Hour Enrolling Now!

2015-11-11 21:38:07 admin


The Yoga 4 Love Advanced Training Programs 200 Hour ONLINE is an amazing program full of adventure, life-learning, community bonding, self exploration, philosophy and history. The program is filmed and streamed LIVE from the Yoga 4 Love Studio Cabin at a lovely location on the Waterfall near Dallas, Texas where the 5 day Student Intensive and the Graduation Retreat is held. This program come to its global launch with the next Class. Could this be you graduating with the Class of 2016? 

You will receive the program with:

  • audio and video modules
  • pre-recorded audio classes
  • streaming live video classes
  • Yoga 4 Love Teacher Training Manual by Lisa Ware as a fully downloadable and printable PDF
  • traditional vinyasa flow
  • special focus on Reiki and energy work
  • 6 months or a year, your choice of tracks

The Yoga 4 Love Teacher Training Manual is accessed from any device 24/7/365 at your own leisure. A pre-printed copy this version will be soon available to you, as well. The intention of the program is to stay true to the teachings from Eastern lineage of Vinyasa Yoga from the director’s Master Teachers, and is very clearly brought through.

Program details:

Visit the Yoga 4 Love Advanced Training hOMe Page.

Yoga is about life transformation.

Our training will equip you to be ready to teach a full Vinyasa yoga class, workshop or lead your own retreats! 

Yoga 4 Love Advanced Training Programs prepares you for teaching yoga.  More importantly this training prepares you to open the door into your next chapter of life!  

To schedule an live call or video chat interview with the director please email: lisawareyoga4love@gmail.com

Are you ready to take the next leap to propel your life in the direction of your true Divine purpose?

*Special gratitude to all of the Yoga 4 Love Training Program alumni, the local and virtual teacher training students in the Beta programs, the editors, the artists, musicians and all who helped bring in Lisa Ware’s vision. This program comes to you with the culmination of years of writing, recording, editing and so, so much love.


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09.21.56 World Peace

2015-11-11 02:33:26

09 21 56


War will forever cease September 21, 2056 because we decide it is so. This gives us nearly four decades to change our minds about the necessity of war. It gives us more than forty years to educate our children around the world and their children so that enough people believe.

That’s all it takes–BELIEF.

“I hope someday you’ll join us. And the world will live as one.”
– John Lennon

World Peace 092156



Will Bowen

FaceBook Page 09.21.56

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Infinite Abundance and Blessings Manifest

2015-11-10 17:20:55
Image from dailyvibrations.blogspot.com

Image from dailyvibrations.blogspot.com

I have had every belief about abundance completely shattered over this next year. I have a brand new house, and we owe just $1900 to pay it off. I have my car titles, we own the beautiful 850 sf cabin o our property and paid cash to finish it out. All of our belongings were gone, then when they came back so many were cleaned and saved, in the meanwhile we received hundreds of donations from lovely people. We paid all of that forward to charity. We received so much money from Source, in the form it came doesnt even matter. We paid for a huge upgrade to every finish in our home, and although the insurance said they were covering ‘what we had’ Creator told me what we had was not what He said we deserved, and it was time for us to receive. So I did, and I continue to do so. I built the home of my vision and architectural plans from about 8 years before. We now enjoy it every day and are able to share this space with my clients, team and students.

We also continue to bring in new and creative ways to manifest money. I am about to complete a 3 year project of writing and developing my Yoga 4 Love Advanced Training Programs 200 Hour ONLINE, and we will launch this globally next year. Talk about duplication? I recorded everything that I teach to free my time, and allow people to access these trainings 24/7/365. I am more than excited about this next chapter with my JP Nutrition business. I am now out of almost all debt, and we will be free to travel, follow our passions and teach this mission of ‘Inspiring Healthy Living Around the World’ LITERALLY around the world. MY Yoga 4 Love motto has been Expanding Horizons, Inspiring Positive Change. This meets the JP mission and makes me so fulfilled. My heart is so full. I am in deep appreciation for all the blessings in my life and I take FULL responsibility for creating this.
I found this and LOVE it, it is an affirmation from Joe Vitale, originally given to him from Will Bowen, author of Complaint Free World
30 Day Prosperity Prayer  
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How do you make a Salad in a Jar?

2015-10-26 10:02:09 admin


So fun!

We had a party doing it! Everybody brings two ingredients and lots of it, then everybody brings their own Mason jars and a dressing of choice and a topping. We set everything up in a buffet, starting with the jars. Next we put in the dressing at the bottom. All of the wet ingredients go at the very bottom, so if you’re doing tuna salad or chicken salad that would go next. Then you put in your ingredients that can get wet, such as black beans, chickpeas or frozen peas. Then you later something on top of that to separate the wet ingredients from the green leafy layer. In this layer we added things like chopped carrots, broccoli, chopped Bell pepper etc.

Next you pack in a bunch of greens, we used power greens with kale and organic spinach. The top layer is things like nuts, sunflower seeds, dried edamame, and packaged crunchy salad toppers. Then you put the lid on!

When you are ready to eat it, you just shake it up!



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Are You Ready to Create Positive Change in your Life? New Moon Affirmations!

2015-10-11 21:35:15

Dear Yogis and Friends~

It is the NEW MOON in Libra 2015 as I write this! And Mercury is direct. This may not mean anything to you, however if you are energy sensitive you may have noticed that in the last few weeks technology may have been acting up, our moods may have been edgy and other relationship issues may have come up. Well, that is now over and we are about to be all in balance. Libra is the sign with the two scales, creating balance.

For me I am really happy that the moon is in this sign. It is a new beginning! What endeavors are you beginning?

For me, I am now broadcasting LIVE video a few times a week on Periscope. Find me through your Twitter and also connect on Periscope @yoga4lovelisa . I am passionate about sharing 5 Minutes of Positive Change through Yoga, Nutrition, Reiki, Healing, Meditation, Angel Card Readings and Spirituality. This is how Periscope works: You can comment live as you are on the broadcast, it is really fun! If you tap on the screen it sends little hearts to me and I love it! Please give it a try! If you are on it I will also follow you!

Yoga 4 Love is built on the motto ‘Expanding Horizons, Inspiring Positive Change’. Are you ready to take a step in the direction of creating positive change in your life?

We are starting 2 very awesome programs this month:

  • Yoga 4 Love Advanced Training Programs~ Our next class is launching 10/25, your personal start date is flexible. I only have 3 spaces available in this BETA Class of 2016. For details of the program: READ ‘A NOTE FROM THE DIRECTOR’ on Lisa’s Blog
  • Transform 30 | 90 Days to Feeling Fit~ A simple 30 or 90 day whole food approach to creating the body and lifestyle you have always wanted and deserve!
 Remember, it all does not have to happen right now. Just make One Simple Change at a time.

A Meditation and Intention for Libra New Moon:

Draw a circle of protection, call in blessings…

Visualize a ring of fragrant flowers surrounding you, protecting you. Know that you are safe and relaxed. Breathe deeply. Feel the power of the Sun and Moon pouring into your circle. The energy of Libra is gathering in your circle. It is radiant, graceful, peaceful and balanced. Libra is a fragrant rose-petaled goddess who weaves harmony and beautifies space. She makes us comfortable around those who are different from us, who hold opposite opinions, who push our buttons because they mirror the rejected parts of ourselves. She knows how to be fair, how to see all sides of a situation without losing herself. She is an artist, conjuring just the thing to make any space an altar to Beauty. Libra likes to please us. But don’t be confused. She is not into people-pleasing, self-sacrifice, or indecision. Those strategies come from people trying to act like the goddess without being the goddess. Feel inwardly for the honest presence of this goddess.

Libra’s affirmations:

  • My partner mirrors the best in me.
  • When there’s discord, I am calm and fair.
  • I receive pleasure as graciously as I give it.
  • I know how to make any room, any garden, beautiful.
  • Around me, everyone cooperates in a healthy, happy way.
  • I know the right words for every occasion.
  • When I am myself, I am in harmony with others.
  • I attract the right people to support me, just as I support them.


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I am a Moon Goddess, there I admitted it. What do you need to reset in your life?

2015-09-28 13:46:43
Blood Moon Super Eclipse Source CNN.com

Blood Moon Super Eclipse Source CNN.com

I admit it, I am a MOON GODDESS. The energy of the full moon recharges my soul. Last night I spend the time watching the lunar eclipse with a friend. We had spent the day at the spa with our 2 girls. It was a total detox for all of us. It is now 4 moons after my dad passed over, 6 moons since our new home and cabin were built and we were able to move back to our sacred property.
This moon was a Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse and was just incredible.
I have had a total reset this last year. However, last week was a mini reset, if you will. I dont know about you, but my regular high energy was just not there! I could not get enough rest, was tired and not motivated. This is just not like me! I had helped my little dog give birth to her 4 puppies on 9/20/15, and have had little sleep. So, I listened to my body. I rested and napped, I took it easy, I worked on some maintenance stuff in my biz rather than running full force as I am used to doing. Then ended the week with an amazing day at the spa with my BFF and my daughter.
When we push too hard, too fast, too much, cramming everything we ‘NEED’ to do onto our calendar we just sometimes need to reset.
When the lunar eclipse happens the reflective, yet intense, energy of the sun is blocked temporarily by the earth’s shadow. It literally is like rebooting your computer or phone. I can prove this! Last night, after finally dragging myself inside from the amazing eclipse I went to bed. My printer had been not printing for about a week, when I sent it a doc it would just sit there. So I left it alone, and actually forgot about it. At about 3:00 am, when the light of the moon returned to its fullest (I had to shut my curtains, it was so intense!) then all of those ‘lost’ documents began to print! It not only reset my printer, but reset my intention, my focus and my energy!
Did you feel it? Maybe you didnt know what that energy surge was or maybe you had some strange dreams? We all process energy differently.
I suggest for this reason that we TURN OFF THE PHONES and turn off all the WI-FI devices in our home every night! This energetic frequency is a total disruption to our own frequencies and we need a break from it daily!
I encourag eeach of us to take this challenge and especially share the facts with our kids. They NEVER get a break from these disruptions, and it is so important as a human to simlply just be!
Step outside with your family, your pets or your Self after the sunset and just




The sun, the Earth and the moon lined up in a row to put on a light show in Sunday’s night sky, and people around the world looked up to watch the lunar eclipse.

It was a special one for at least two reasons.

First, this moon was a supermoon. It happened to be at perigee, the spot in its slightly oblong orbit that brings it closest to the Earth. And that made it look particularly large in the sky.

Second, this lunar eclipse was the last in a series of four spanning two years, a phenomenon called a tetrad. Those can happen a couple of times in a century, or they can make themselves very rare, skipping over a few centuries.

The last supermoon total lunar eclipse occurred 33 years ago.

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Mini Ciabatta Roll Sammies

2015-09-28 12:37:04
15-07 Lisa's Life 260

Mini Vegan Sammies

Ciabatta Rolls or Gluten Free Bread
Organic Spinach
Provolone Cheese or Daiya Mozzarella Vegan Cheese
Lemon Pepper
Himalayan Sea Salt
EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil)
Sautee mushrooms in sea salt and olive oil. Set aside. Toast bread. Add chesse onto bread, top with sauteed mushrooms. May heat 1/2 sammie in pan to soften sprouts and melt cheese.
Add tomato, smash 1/2 of avocado, add to sammie. Top with spinach and lemon pepper.
Most of my family will add the cheese, tomato and avocado, the rest is a wild card, but great to offer, even if they just take one bite with the sprouts and the mushrooms, at least you are offering up new and different items to expand their tastebuds.
Did you know that it takes about 7-8 attempts/tastes to get a child to even know if they like a new food?
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Explore Yourself through Online Yoga Teacher Training

2015-09-07 20:18:51 admin

Are you interested in learning more about your self? Have you ever asked, “Why am I here?”

Lisa Ware

Yoga 4 Love is built on the motto Expanding Horizons, Inspiring Positive Change. Are you ready to take a step in the direction of creating positive change in your life? Yoga training is not about standing in front of a group and doing yoga. Some schools of thought may dispute this, however I believe that we learn yoga for our SELF. Once we begin on a path to set our intention to learn more about yoga, meaning the entirety of the teachings not just the physical practice, then we open a gateway for beautiful  transformations to begin in our lives! We set our intention to become a better ME, a better mom, a better wife, a better student. Then the teachings of all of the philosophy becomes integrated. It is from THAT place that we can begin to share with others.

As students of yoga, we desire to embody the teachings, spend hours with the intention to read, listen and learn about who we really are and why we may be here. Then, as things become illuminated in our own life we organically begin to share this knowledge with others. Until this happens within, we are not ready to teach. Once we begin to shift and move into higher states of awareness, it is from that point that we can share authentically. Until that point, we learn and share from the masters who came before us!

I want to personally invite you to embark upon a journey with me. A journey in self discovery. If you want to name it, you can call it yoga teacher training. This training program is so much more. You will learn so much about your self, about humans, about the Divine, about Universal perspective. Yoga is the Science of Consciousness, never about a specific dogma or a limited belief system. I encourage you to trust your heart and know that you have found the right place for you. This training can be done at your own pace, in your own home with the power and resources online, we can meet virtually! Isn’t this so amazing?

Thank you for looking into our Yoga 4 Love Advanced Training Programs. Our next class is launching now, your personal start date is flexible. 

Fill out the 2016 Yoga 4 Love Advanced Training Programs Registration 200 Hour ONLINE and email to the director: lisawareyoga4love@gmail.com requesting an interview.

lisa ware Kalodio

This next class of 2016 will entail:

6 modules, as self directed audio and video training, plus homework and regular asana practice with me. Completion of each module is suggested 30 days to 60 days. The training will expire in 12 months from enrollment. 

What does the training consist of, you ask?

You will receive the Yoga 4 Love Advanced Training Programs manual, 6 modules available as audio recordings #1-#6, 2 modules are on video: Module #4 Water Anatomy and Module #6 Ether Integration. You will be doing the required reading, hOMEwork, audio modules, audio asana practice and integration face time sessions with other students and the director. 

How many hours?


How do I turn in my hours? You must do all the hOMework for each module and the required reading and attend a Yoga 4 Love Retreat. The retreat is not included in tuition.

What is the training outline?

Once you set up an interview and submit your registration then you get approved, via email. You set up a payment for your registration and manual fee for the deposit and pay your tuition or set up a payment plan with the director. At that point you are given the password and access to the trainings. 

How do I register?

Fill out the 2016 Yoga 4 Love Advanced Training Programs Registration 200 Hour ONLINE and email to the director: lisawareyoga4love@gmail.com requesting an interview.

How long do I have to finish each module?

60 days for the slow path

30 days for the fast track

The entire program will take 6 months to a year, plus your retreat.

Each module has its login and password for all the info, you simply just complete it in order. 

I am so excited! Please contact us if you may wish to schedule an interview for the next class.  lisawareyoga4love@gmail.com

Peace, Love + Light~

Lisa Ware


Reiki Master Teacher

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Full Moon, Possibility, Trust, I Believe in Myself!

2015-07-02 23:37:36

I LOVE the full moon, I have told you that many times. For 72 hours I feel it. I can always tell when the full moon is coming, as events,  and life aligns so Perfectly and Divinely and Serendipitous events simply fall into place with ease. My ideas get brilliant and my yoga flows that I teach download straight from Spirit. 

So, today, two moons after my dad passed over, four moons since our new home and cabin were built and we were able to move back to our sacred property… I will share a little know secret.

Every full moon for at least 2 years I have faced my so abilities. I have stood in the light of the full moon and honored Her. Chandra. Moon. The reflection. Then gathering up my courage i let the light shine on my back standing in Tadasana, then I reach and drop back into wheel, Danurasana. At the beginning, I had to practice dropping back onto the hill to make my confidence come up and the ground feel closer to my hands. Many times I fell on my head when I didnt trust my arms to remain strong. I have built my trust and belief. That is all this practice is about. So now, I still get excited and a but anxious, but I just freaking do it and DROP BACK. Knowing that my body is strong, my muscles know what to do, my bones are in alignment and I just GO. Then I enjoy the heart opener, with my heart upside down facing the full moon. Ahhhhhh. Why do I do it? Because I enjoy taking myself to another level. Now that I can, and trust this flow, I am working to pop back up into Tadasana. So far it has only happened once, but that means it is possible! Live in possibility! Trust! Believe!
Lets share this with the world!

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All is at Peace, my Father's Passing | The New Earth, the Awakening | My calling

2015-05-20 23:08:28
66-03-05 Lorene and Duane Dee Farrell Wedding day

66-03-05 Lorene and Duane Dee Farrell Wedding day

I have missed writing for you. It has been 6 weeks since I have sent anything out. I have been on survival mode for too long. I have finally felt that after this New Moon on Sunday the chaos in my life has come to an end. All is at closure and totally at peace. I can now go on to fulfil my life purpose of teaching yoga, nutrition, Reiki and Spirituality. My home is completed, and we are moved in, and it is our DREAM HOUSE. The puppies bring us joy daily. The yoga studio cabin is absolutely perfect.

My father passed on 5/1, after rallying like no other. His mind was totally clear until just a few hours before his passing, but his body was DONE. So done. The dis-ease he had experienced and the suffering was so great. He was greeted at the Rainbow Bridge by all our family pets and his pets, and the Kingdom held a great, magnificent ball in full color, larger than life. All are in JOY, and he is at peace. My sister and I held a Veteran’s Memorial service for friends and family with Military Honors. His ashes are at rest next to my mom’s at DFW National Cemetery. We will take some ashes to Colorado, our home state, to the top of Rocky Mountain National Park and throw them of at 12,000 ft where we released my moms. My dad’s services was 7 years to the day that my mom passed.

It is always full circle. It never ceases to amaze me, all the synchronicities in life.

76 Lisa, Rene and Duane Olan Mills pic

76 Lisa, Rene and Duane Olan Mills pic

75-04 baby Denise, Lisa and duane

75-04 baby Denise, Lisa and Duane

2-10-06 Baby Lisa with Rene and Duane

2-10-06 Baby Lisa with Rene and Duane

91 Farrells and Homans in CA

91 Farrells and Homans in CA

04 Dad, Lisa and Denise

04 Dad, Lisa and Denise

Last weekend I held sacred circle with a close group of women, deep in prayer. We held space for eachother and for all those siSTARS that weren’t physically present, but hold a place in our heart.

Women's Circle Altar

Women’s Circle Altar

This was a healing time, and I am changed forever into a better mother, wife, friend, sister, neighbor, partner, mentor, student and teacher. All is let go, with the flood water, with the rain.

Raging Rocky Falls

Raging Rocky Falls

Lisa at Waterfall

I know that we are now transformed into the New Earth. The time is of the Awakening and we have no time to fool around. Time to get busy with creating a shift on this beautiful Mother Ship we call Gaia. I am honored to do this work, and all of my offerings from here on are intimate, challenging, edgy and I dont give a shit who approves. I am strictly downloading these teachings from my mentors, the ancients, the One, the I AM. If you desire to get in the flow, I am here to serve.

I am living a life of abundance, and manifesting my visions and dreams daily. 


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May Day May Day~ Memorial for my daddy, Yoga and community

2015-05-01 18:18:02

Hello Dear Friends~

My daddy passed over just after midnight. We were there to be with him as he had his last exhale and it was peaceful. The suffering is no longer and he was greeted at the Rainbow Bridge with his pets, and now he is with his soul mate, my mom.
We are still holding the event in the morning, why not? We will all celebrate what makes life JOYFUL. Please come and see our new house and the cabin. Bring a dish and a friend.
We will all play by the river.
116 Water St
Ovilla, TX 75154
10:00- 11:15 Yoga and Outdoor Meditation by the waterfall
11:15- 12:00 cOMmunity Brunch and new home self tour
May schedule is as follows:
Monday 10:15 a yoga 101 gentle heat
5:45 pm Yoga 201/301 hot
Wednesday 7:00 yoga 201/301 hot vinyasa flow
Thursday 7:15 Yoga 101/210 Chill Yoga
Saturday starting 5/9 8:30 meditation
8:45 yoga 201/301 hot yoga
Memorial Services for Duane Farrell
5/7/15 1:00 PM
DFW Veterans National Cemetery
2000 Mountain Creek Parkway
Dallas Tx 75211
Precession at approx 12:40 Lane TBD
Ceremony 1:00 Pastor Phillip Heinze of Calvary Lutheran Church
Sandra Clark Funeral Home
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Puppy therapy! First time dad gets to meet his little Flint and Spark...

2015-04-30 16:10:49 admin

Dad seemed just fine last Friday. My sister call me and told me he took a turn for the worse, so I grabbed the puppies and jumped in the car made a quick trip into Ross to grab a basket, so I could carry them into the rehab center. I drove like a mad woman for an hour to go see my dad. He really enjoyed the time with the puppies and Cherry Flame, the mommy dog. Cherry has always had an affinity for Poppa.

After just 24 hours, the next day he was rushed to the ER, is sodium levels drop to a dangerous low and the fluid build up around his lungs so he could barely breathe. Today they did surgery just a few days later, and drained over 3000 cc’s a fluid off of his lung on the left side!

The right side could not be drained because that’s too much fluid to take out at once. Hope is beginning to fade away as we left him NICU with a ventilator and they will not even wake him up until the morning just so he can actually rest. Lab results come in a couple days. The prognosis looks gloomy.

My sister and I and my nephew left the hospital and walked into the parking lot to go eat something.

A man standing next to my car in the parking lot with a star of David hanging around his neck was about to light up. He says can I ask you a question? I want to say no, because I felt like talking to noone, but I said yes, because he was old and looked nice.

He said what is the symbol on your car? And the teacher instinct in me kicked in. I explained that’s the symbol of the OM and told him what it means. I shared with him it represents birth, death, life, rebirth, the symbol of all that our Creator has given us, the Holy Trinity, Christ, the universe all wrapped up into one symbol. He SAT there and took it in.

And he said you know my wife died for 5 minutes. I said today? He said no last week. I said she came back? He said yes, and today she asked to go home. I said sir, I’m very happy for you! He said yes, me too. He wasn’t sure if she crossed over into heaven or not but he was super happy that she stayed around for him for a while.

This conversation was sent to me by a great creator to offer hope.

I’m ready for the suffering to stop.

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Puppies, Cabin Studio + Reflection on Abundance and Destruction

2015-04-01 00:27:28

Cabin deck
The studio ceiling is up and the decks are built! Hot yoga starting very soon! They are putting up the wood walls tomorrow! Then the electritian can install the heat panels on the ceiling. The plumber will be able to finish the new 3/4 bath once we get the septic system installed. All the contractors are WAY behind from all the freezing snow and insurmountable mud! To get them here is a full time job!

View from cabin door to deck

I am thankful that I have been on the site EVERY DAY for the last almost months of my life, and that all took place to get me to be home and present to oversee this project. This is the FOUNDATION of the rest of our life, as well as Yoga 4 Love. It is so important to lay this properly and not rush.

Now we are moved in, into our DREAM HOME!  I am continuing to oversee the remaining pieces of the project to its completion. It is so close, yet we must wait for the City to give a Certificate of Occupancy on the cabin, or risk huge fines.  Our home is totally new, and I got to custom design every single piece. We are truly living in our dream home. We are very blessed.

Meanwhile, I have met with a business consultant at her firm and we are moving forward with a HUGE vision for the longevity of Yoga 4 Love as an S Corp and the posibilities are endless. More to come on this 5 year plan and the roll out! We also must lay low on the ‘business’ aspect on our land, and therefore not broadcast anything about our yoga until my Yoga 4 Love plan has been rolled out strategicallly. So, this yoga cabin is invitation only for our family and friends… you =-)

Also, my nutrition business has lept to a whole new level and I am super stoked with all the lives we are touching with healthy living, clean eating and financial freedom!

Oh, and today 3/31 my 12 year old daughter just got braces. Such exciting times!

15-03 me and daddy
On another note, my father has been in and out ot fhe ER from the rehab, not left his bed for more than 45 minutes to sit up, since 1/12/15 when he had surgery for esphoogeal cancer. He is trying to heal, but has had so many set backs with his recovery. Please lift him up.

15-03-29 Puppies

Cherry Flame had PUPPIES on 3/19! We got to be there for her birth. My son and I helped deliver 2 of the puppies! Cherry had 3 babies, all boys, but the first one never took his breath of life. He delivered the second and I the third. We have named them Flint and Spark. The parents are Cherry Flame and Lightning. So they all have a fire theme… Appropriate, yes?

I totally have thought about the significance of this death. With the birth of this new home this land and the abundance to follow, the first born was still. The last  closure of this land after the fire was the death of my kitten, Ming. The entire event of fire and restoration was encapsulated by death and rebirth. What an amazing symbolism.

I stood out at the cabin last night under the trees, as my cabin now comes to fruition right before my eyes. I have held space for this studio for months, and now it is finally moving forward…

I truly realized what if FEELS like to be ABUNDANT. Truly and fully fulfilled. In all areas of my life. And none of this would have happened unless the tragedy of the fire took place. I have been really frighten to a call upon Kali up until a few weeks ago. She is fierce, vicious, harsh and abrupt. She also is that Mother who gives Tough Love. She is the fieriest maternal love you will ever find. She truly wants the best for us, and her avenue to get us there is destruction. Through all of this we come out polished and refined, purified if you will. Boy the toxins DRIP off and they burn as they pour out. It is not a happy place. I wish it on no one. But would I have changed it, reflecting back just 7 short months, an entire lifetime? No. It is all ordained by my Highest Good and the Good of my family for the betterment of the planet and our Path to Self.

So, about the studio…

We will start this new chapter in April 2015, after Easter. The date is TBD by the contractors showing up to finish.

We are starting the month with a Drum Circle and Journey through the Chakras. See the events for the details.

We will also hold an Acro + Thai workshop led by myself and Richard. Looking forward to getting back into some playfulness! Acro, Thai and Puppies!



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Kali Energy~ Destruction, Chaos, ...Beauty? Abundance and Spiritual Responsibility

2015-03-07 01:14:00


14-05 Goddess Crystal Grid, Kali

It has been 6 months since the fire of our home. I cannot believe all the change that has happened in the last 6 months. This is the last Full Moon I will spend at our rental house.
Kali is the energy of the Goddess, she comes in the form of Destruction and Chaos, for those of you who have no idea what this is, please stay open minded. For those of you who have studied and experienced archetypes, follow along. You will get this…
She is also creatress of Beauty from the fire. I have seen this first person over this last period. It has been painfully beautiful. I was scared to even talk about Kali for months after Labor Day, even until this week.
I have used Kali Mudra in yoga and taught for years to ‘Burn out whatever no longer serves you in your life!’ I had no NO idea what this really meant. Until I experienced it.
Then as I realized, Kali is fierce, she is viscious, she is super scary. And my human-ness needs taming and controlling!!!! I cant go crying to my momma, she is not on this Earth plane. So therefore I behave like a brat and get what I want at no consideration for others that are close to me. I can get out of hand like a roaring fire! I need this energy in my life to keep me in line! This is the energy of a strict mother and she damn well knows how to WHIP MY ASS.

(See photo above, in a Crystal Grid at a Goddess Circle in early 2014 Goddess Card Kali Ma was turned up at the center, long before any of her evidence showed up in my life).

I need this from Kali Ma, especially in the area of financial responsibility. We have been gifted with tens of hundreds of thousands of dollars through this process of recovering this devastatingly huge loss, and I am responsible for taking care of directing these funds to be allotted in the proper places. It is a huge responsibility, and for this lesson I am becoming strictly obedient. With this lesson, I will continue to Receive (the energy of Lakshmi, the Goddess of Abundance).

14-05 Eka Pada Danurasana Lisa Ware

Back in April of 2014 I finished about 35 to 40 hours of my tattoo with an 8 hour session in a row with Melissa Southern before she moved. Little did I know that was only the beginning...

The intensity of that session released some pent up emotions that I havenever been able to let go of since the passing of my mother in May of 2008. I thought THAT session was intense. Then the next month Duane Farrell, my dad, was diagnosed with the big C. 5 months later is when our house burned. 2014 was the year of Transformation. I’m still grateful for my connecting to the Great Spirit and the all knowingness that All is Well in my World. This knowing and connecting to something much greater has been and still is what is being me and my family through. I do appreciate your love and light and your intent of lifting us up. Blessings. Namaste. #letitgo

I know Creator has MUCH more abundance in store for me, my family, my team and my students, my followers and supporters. You are receiving, too. This is only the beginning my friends! Hang on for the ride! With these blessings I fully intent to pay this forward in giving my tools and gifts:
Teacher Training

And with these tools WE are SHiFTING the planet to a higher vibration! I am allowing many obstacles to be removed (the energy of Ganesha). Through this process of not having the responsibility of having a studio open I have rediscovered my personal yoga and meditation practice. I have FULLY launched my nutriton biz onto a whole nother level and have actually been home to cook dinners for my family. (My 16 year old boy really appreciates this!) I have been present daily for my family, but not nearly enough, as preoccupation of building this house is a FULL TIME JOB!
Meanwhile. I am totally relaunching our website this month, hosting a Reiki 1 and 2 Attunement and Workshop,
with my OMazing Yoga Teacher Trainees on my BETA Online 200 Streaming Yoga Teacher Training, we have rewritten and edited my manual for publication, added 3 modules of material for future trainees and are almost 2/3 finished with recording the 200 hours!
To add another huge focus, my father is still in a rehab center and is not healing as quickly as we would have hoped from his esophogeal cancer surgery.  He is very short of oxygen due to lack of red blood cells. Please continue to pray for Duane, my daddy. He is finally eating, and the rehab dietician director makes him his fave meals + blends him 2-3 Juice Plus Complete whole food shakes a day and adds in 3 caps of Orchard, Garden and Vineyard food powder into each one. So at least he is getting fed! We just want him to get stronger so he can get out of bed! He said that the bed feels like a prison. =-(

For those of you who would love to take a yoga class or meditation I have added a new space on my website to take FREE audio classes.  More classes added monthly. Also, with the website relaunch this month all Y4L members will receivea special password  for a private page to take other free classes and many other online benefits!

We have had 2 weeks of freezing weather, there were many days that the contractors could not come in. to work on the house. We are very ready to get all the final details completed in our house build. We are awaiting the city to give us the certificate of occupancy on the house! This week we have finished our ‘spa master bath’ tile, installed our marble countertops, today he set all of the sinks and all the electrical is done, so now the heat and air is going to be finished.
We are set to move in to our home over Spring Break on Wednesday this week!!!!

Home and Cabin
The Y4L Cabin is finally scheduled to turn on the power Monday or Tuesday! Next, our guys will install the walls, ceiling and put up the Far Infrared heat panels. We are looking at completion by 3/31!

*** I know how you may feel if you have been waiting for classes for the last 2 months. Without your support I could not have afforded the luxury of taking time to build this cabin. We have so much appreiation for all of you who have kept your membership and we have some special things we are doing for you, to give back.***
We currently are also looking CLOSELY at the City of Ovilla guidelines to make sure that they will not do anything to keep us from having a biz (our yoga practice) on my land. So I have hired some legal help in the form of pro bono friends who are really smart and know these things! Please hold space that EXACTLY what Spirit wants to unfold will do so in a timely manner and for the highest good of all beings.

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Y4L Member Gifts | Cabin Studio Update

2015-03-07 00:34:37

2015-01-05 01.04.28Dear Yogis, Yoginis, Members and Friends~

We are super excited to announce Yoga 4 Love Studio Cabin’s Grand Opening is coming VERY soon!!  Meanwhile, everyone has been really enjoying our NEW VIRTUAL online classes, experiencing extreme convenience, fun, privacy, + comfort from their own homes!
OMazing feedback from existing and new students ~ we have definitely moved into the information & technology age and riding the wave along with it!  Here is the log-in information to stay connected:

  1. Muuyu.com Live Streaming Online with a webcam or your phone cam FREE with Class Code LisaLovesYoga
  2. FREE! Audio Classes– invite friends & family to check it out!! We also have 2 third party websites that sponsor Lisa’s classes audio streaming for a small fee.
  3. Extending ALL memberships or packages an additional two (2) months!!
  4. SPECIAL GIFT FREE two 1-month Unlimited packages for anyone currenly set up on auto-pay!! Give to a friend or family member! Email us for the certificates or pick up at the Grand opening!We will be hosting a Client Appreciation Party in April 2015, soon after we move into the Cabin! Details coming soon! Come by and see the beautiful view, the new home and the OMazing HOT YOGA Cabin under the Cedar Trees by the waterfall.
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The Cabin is Here! We Will Reopen in Ovilla Soon!

2015-01-29 14:51:31 admin

Dear Amazing Members, Friends and Followers~

We really are so appreciative of your patience in the process of the move to Ovilla. The cabin is in, delivered and leveled! Now we are to finish the electrical, add the plumbing and a bathroom (and private Rich’s Man Cave room).

We have tons of photos on Lisa and Rich’s Facebook an on our new FB Page 

All classes are online Streaming Live I can see you, you can see me!


Join us for some free audio classes at http://www.yoga4love.net/audio-classes/

First class free use code LisaLovesYoga after that the classes are $2.

Also we have audio class monthly Memberships on:



ALL 6 month or annual DYNAMIC and ELITE MEMBERS~

Receive a rebate for any classes that you take with us online! Simple email us which third party that you took the class from and we will give you a Y4L Account credit! 

All Class Pack and 1, 2 or 3 Month members~

Your expiration date will be extended one month. Please opt in for this option by emailing us. 

See you online or on the mat!

20150128_185042 20150127_130505

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Manifesting Our Dreams ~Yoga 4 Love Cabin Studio Coming Winter 2015!

2015-01-05 02:18:06

Continued from the last blog…


Yoga 4 Love Cabin Studio

July~August were a whirlwind. I held the 8th annual DFW Free Day of Yoga, for the 7th year and then retired from the committee. I went to all my dads chemo, and doctor appointments with him and helped him learn to eat cleanly.
September 1 is the day of Free Day of Yoga and I was at the studio when my house caught on fire. My husband, kids and pets were home. It was tragic to lose our home, and my kitten, but I am forever grateful that my family was not sleeping and the kids and 2 dogs  all got out safely. I rescued my cat, Cleo, with the pet mask. We lost Ming, the Siamese kitten in the smoke.

14-09-01 Lisa and Cleo during the fire rescue

14-09-01 Lisa and Cleo during the fire rescue

I have spent the entire fall working with contractors and learning how to contract a home. We have had a really positive experience with State Farm. Many friends and yoga students donated clothing, money and items to get us by. We are currently living in a lease home til our house is built. Finally the process began moving forward and the entire house was demoed down to the exterior walls and slab. I went to Memphis for a Leadership conference. Had to miss a lot being on the phone with the insurance and contractors, but it was nice to get away and the hubby is so awesome to take over the duties at the house and studio.
November~ The house is finally beginning to take shape. A great friend, who is an architect, and I had created a DREAM HOME plan many years ago and tabled these plans due to the expense. When the fire happened we again opened these plans. The Dream Home required all the structural walls and roof to be removed except the back bedrooms. These walls and roof are the EXACT SAME Walls and roof that were demoed with the fire. Literally down to the plans. Now, how can I even question that there is a Master governing these plans… and my life!
December~ I found a publisher for my book, 5 Minutes 4 Positive Change, and my cover artist is working on the image for the book! Christmas was so different not in my home at the waterfall, and losing all the sentimentals was really difficult, but our family is so blessed. The current studio is needing to move~ I can feel it with my entire being and my students are willing to go wherever I go. It is too big, too expensive and so wasteful as it sits empty 90% of the week. I was not sure where or how… until Rich and I found the cabin! It will be delivered fully assembled in mid January! I already have the flooring, our construction crew has already ran the plumbing and the electrical goes in next week! The timing is impeccible. We are so excited. Classes will begin soon, and our first retreat will be in June! ( www.yoga4love.net/goddess-retreats )
January 2015~ So, yesterday I went to the property like I do daily. This time I walked into the brand new back door and looked at my dream house surrounding me. It is real. We manifested this! It is what Spirit wants with this magical property. I cried in gratitude. This time it was different, I cried for what is coming, not for what I lost. I am so thankful to be on this path of healing, yoga, conscious and sustainable living.

I am so happy OUR paths have crossed in some way over this lifetime. You mean so much to me as a teacher, neighbor, reader, community member and friend.
The Infinite Light that Shines within me
Loves and
The Infinite Light that Shines within you. In that we are One.
May this year bring you all that YOU manifest, more than your MIND can conceive, but exactly what your HEART desires.


Rocky Falls Ovilla

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Recap 2014~ Year of Chaos, Beauty, Letting Go, Energy of Kali and the Phoenix

2015-01-02 03:10:40

Happy New Year 2015! Thank you Spirit that it is a New Year!

Blessings and Peace and may all your intentions come to fruition this year!
It is Dynamic Yoga 4 Love Studio’s 4 Year Anniversary! Happy Birthday to my baby, born 1/1/11 !
I have another ‘baby’ that was born today. I bought a huge cabin! It is going to be delivered onto our beautiful property in a few weeks, ready to be finished into our NEW OVILLA, TX STUDIO! I am excited beyond words.
I have meditated, prayed, and spent so much time thinking about the future after the fire of our home last fall. I have been open to all possibilities in my work and personal life, and am manifesting the life that I dream.
Last year held so much chaos, and so much wisdom. I was able to practice letting go, over and over (and over). It was brutal. It was beautiful. I am so freaking happy that now I get to say ‘WAS’ not ‘IS’. THANK YOU SPIRIT for getting me through this.
On January 1, 2014, like I do every year I held my Hot New Year’s Vinyasa and after we created Vision Boards. EVERYTHING on my board has manifested onto the physical plane in just a short year~ nature, helping others, owning horse(s), dream home, financial freedom, writing my first book, a booming nutrition business with Juice Plus, a happy family, college savings plan, debt free, more more more…
14-01 Lisa Vision Board
I started this practice of creating a Vision Board on New Years Day 4 years ago. It took several years for the momentum to take place.
Kali Ma has been a ruler of my destiny in 2014 as well as te energt of the Phoenix. My Angels, Spirit Guides and Animals, Master Teachers and of course Creator have guided me every step of the way. I NEVER lose touch… even for a moment.

This last year went down like this… the Divine synchronicities are mind blowing:

Jan.~ Created my board. Mother in law recovered from a Traumatic Brain Injury that had her in an induced coma for 3 months. Taught classes at my studio, conduced my Teacher Training, normal mom/ wife stuff. Every day I nursed a baby kitten that we found, Ming the Siamese. Presented at Texas Yoga Conference with my BFF Jenny Buergermeister, had my first acupuncture and same night an amazing astral journey while with Adri Kyser, and the next morning held Reiki session with the Angelic that was incredible with Karena Virginia.
Feb.~ Held a Goddess Retreat and Circle at the Waterfall on our property that was beyond INTENSE, Taught some acro workshops. We found a horse that my daughter fell in love with, bought him for a surprise for her bday next month. Manifested the money from my Juice Plus biz to buy him cash. Daughter won the School District talent show singing.
Mar.~ Surprised daughter with Cochise, our Paint Horse. On her birthday, my Chihuahua got taken by a coyote in the early dawn~ Mortifying. Held a beautiful Reiki 1 Attunement. My son got his dirvers permit. I worked on my mermaid tattoo to achieve completion soon, added 5 more hours and lots of color.
April~ Had fallen in love with Diva, a yearling horse owned by my Native American sister/ mentors, she kept coming to me in dreams. Daughter received bday money, we bought her on the full moon. Found out that my dad had espohogeal cancer, I was at a biz event where I just met a nutritionist who works with oncology. My Golden Retriever, Ted E Bear, 15, died peacefully in his sleep. Graduated 5 of my yoga teacher trainees; held a sound healing retreat graduation weekend.  Raised awareness locally with a TOMS. Went to Phoenix and filmed some videos for Juice Plus. I completed my entire mermaid tattoo with the last session of the 35 hours being 8 straight, since my artist was moving, this was a completion of the process of letting go of my mother’s passing since May 2008.
May~ I spent 3 days each week teaching yoga for teen girls and elementary kids at local schools, this was so fulfilling …and tiring! Saw a huge double rainbow right over my yoga studio. Tons of Acro fun. Started taking da to a nutritionist and getting him on a total pantry clean out.
June~ Last day of 5th for my girl and 10th for my son. My dad started chemo and radiation. I went to all his appointments. Bought a horse trailer from one of my yoga students. Held a Summer Solstice Vision Board Workshop, I added DISCIPLINE.
July~ to be continued…


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Infinite Blessings on the Full Moon, Yoga 4 Love Wellness Center At Gemini Farms~ Spring 2015

2014-12-07 01:33:23

Happy Holidays and Infinite Blessings on this Full Moon!

Full Moon over Gemini Farms

What is your affirmation for this Full Moon?

Dear Friends~

This month my lesson has been to RECEIVE. My newest full moon affirmation?

I am currently standing in the flow of a downward waterfall of infinite blessings!

I AM! This is so. I have said affirmations for over 20 years of my life regularly. Now I am truly in the understanding that all is in Divine Purpose if we stand in the flow, be authentic and DO THE WORK daily, hourly, moment by moment to stay in concordence with Spirit. When we force things to happen they will work, but it is when we ALLOW them to unfold that Spirit can use this for the most beauty, and when these things truly become a wonderous work of God. SO much better then we could have ever planned ourselves.

I was going to move my studio space, in obedience to Spirit. Even close it. Spirit wanted to see if I was willing to give up EVERYTHING that I hold dear in order to be of service. How much more can I lose? To remove? To let go? What more will it take to hone myself to the very brightest diamond that I am meant to be so I can shine with the brightest reflection of Creator’s light?  I AM DOING THE WORK. Therefore, my reward is to keep my beautiful sacred studio space in Red Oak and continuing to share Hot yoga, yoga and workshops.

The beauty comes in that since I was obedient and looking for alternatives for spaces, I came into alignment with Gemini Farms. This is the horse boarding and training facility where I recently moved my 2 horses, Diva our Yearling and Cochise our Paint.
Since I left the last barn to find more positivity, I rekindled my sisterhood with Colette, the owner of Gemini, my ‘big sister’. She and I decided to remodel two entire upper rooms in her facility!

In Spring 2015 I am opening my second space! This is being built out at a beautiful, peaceful horse ranch with OMazing sunsets. The name?

Yoga 4 Love’s Wellness Center at Gemini Farms

The vision of this space is a cOMmunity wellness + education center. This Center is also avalilable for YOU to rent and consign space so you may own a place to share your talents and passion with the world!
*The photo above is the Full Moon over Gemini Farms.


  • Yoga + Hot Yoga
  • Nutrition Education with Juice Plus Team Dynamic Destiny
  • Skincare Education + Beauty from the Inside Out with Transparent Beauty by Erin Honorio
  • Reviving Therapeutic Riding Of Texas TROT + Saving horses that are destined for the meat trucks and helping children with disabilities
  • Reiki and Energy Healing, Thai Bodywork, Spa Facials
  • Reiki for Horses
  • Yoga for Equestrians
  • DANCE of all kinds: Swing Out, Zumba, Belly Dance + more
  • Workshops + Events
  • Outdoor Yoga with the Horses
  • All sorts of consignment offerings from Crystals and Conscious Jewlery to Cloth Upcycled Bags and more.
I will keep you posted on the progress!

So many other things to share with you at the same time:
We were just in our first parade with our horse today! Complete with lights and all. Photos from 12/6 HERE

Every month on the new moon and the full moon I receive an amazing new Vinyasa Flow sequence and I write it. I am really seeing a pattern of how the energy of creation that is flowing into my work. If you practice with me you KNOW how super awesome these flows are, and how strenuous they can be. I am also recording these and sharing on HitPlayYoga.

I am collaborating with Audible Yoga for a launch this month!

I am currently writing a book called 5 Minutes 4 Positive Change. Please hold this project with Light and Love as the direction that it is needed has not yet surfaced. All of the elements are coming into place like a puzzle without any effort. I have an amazing artist working on the cover and just this week a publisher was introduced to me.
As you know we are rebuilding our home, and it is truly becoming our DREAM home right before our eyes. Such a manifestation of how God can turn around a tragedy.

Lisa and Diva

I recently went looking for kitchen designs and found an incredible interior designer. I never had before even dared to dream that I would actually be in a place that I would be needing an interior designer! She said every time she gets an email from me she feels peace and happiness and we are so excited to begin working together! There are just SOOO many decisions to make on this house and I really want the decisions to be ones I never regret.
Later after the kids move our we plan to share our home as a Bed and Breakfast on the Waterfall. I am designing the home for with that long term end in mind and it is really fun! I found all my plumbing fixtures on Black Friday sale, so stoked!

Well, I will post on the full moon and some times between, but please find me on Google Plus, Twitter & Instagram @yoga4love and FaceBook for more interaction. <3

Peace, Love + Light,

Angel CardsShare your affirmation on FaceBook HERE to win a private Angel Card reading! Drawing from the posts held on 12/12/14

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Full Moon Afffirmation My Vision for the Future Yoga 4 Love Retreat Center on the Waterfall

2014-11-06 17:46:38

Greetings and Happy Full Moon!

It is time for coming into a place of Gratitude and Purpose.  As you may be aware of, on Labor Day, 9/1/14 our home burned. We are working daily to create beauty out of the destruction and chaos. As a dear friend reminded me, all I say is an affirmation. So here is mine ‘This process is part of the Great Divine Plan to receiving our Dream Home! I feel blessed.’

What is your affirmation for this Full Moon?

Share with me on FaceBook HERE

Since this so-called tragedy I now have a much clearer vision or the new beginning of the Yoga 4 Love Retreat Center. We will be moving the studio to the property!
I am very excited about this move, and for the intrem we will be renting a small house next door to our property below:

This vision is getting clearer as we are rebuilding our home. We are able to now design the home of our dreams! We are turning the fire damaged garage to a totally new master suite, master bath and closet with tornado shelter!

Our son is getting our old master and he is now getting to design his own shower and closet! My daughter is receiving a walk in closet and designer shower, custom sink and her own sun tunnel skylight.

I am getting to FINALLY have a new kitchen, as I have loved my old one, but it was SOOOO not functional. OMGoddess It was built in 1978 and I was so happy to come back from Memphis Leadership Conference and see it was totally torn out!! They took the home down to the exterior walls and now are building from the ground up! Here are the latest plans from my AWESOME friend Sue, who is an architect and she is doing all this work for me because she loves me and I love her <3

warehouse carport inc

The front door faces North and the waterfall is to the south.

I see the new Yoga 4 Love studio in the current space of the carport and it will face south, so perfect for a deck and outdoor yoga!

Would you like to help us create this vision? All it will take is 25K

We would love to make this happen. Please look here for our photos on my Google Plus Lisa Ware page.

A lot is also posted publicly on my FaceBook page and videos from 9/1/14 from the actual fire.

Thank you for holding me in the light during this transitional period. It is not easy dealing with all the paperwork, finances, loss and so so many decisions.

Peace, Love + Light,


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What is The Goddess, Female Empowerment and Goddess to the Core 2 Day Boot Camp?

2014-11-06 17:22:08

What is a Goddess Interview with Lisa and Sierra screenshothttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3LkZh1Z8R-M&feature=youtu.be


So what is the Goddess? Listen to the interview with Lisa Ware and international Female Empowerment Leader and author of Goddess to the Core Sierra Bender on the interview with Natalie Cummings. 
What to delve deeper? Set your intention to come to the event 11/15-16 Dallas
Listen here

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Writing Abundance Checks ~ Happy Lunar Eclipse Full Moon

2014-10-08 22:07:03
Keep Calm Full Moon

Found on blog.kymberlymarciano.com

Greetings and Happy Full Moon!

We awoke to watch the lunar eclipse and it was spectacular. The cloud cover came just as I was getting my camera. This Lunar Eclipse and Super powerful moon energy is amazing. Get out under her and look up! This will last for 72 hours.
Have you ever heard of an Abundance Check?
Well I have but not actually done it. Let’s try this together and let me know your feedback in a few days. I am bringing this idea in from some other people that have tried something similar and have had awesome results.

Ok, so what I am going to do is basically write a check on a piece of blank paper made out me, ‘Lisa Ware’, from ‘The Universe’. On this check, in the field where you put the dollars can be money or anything else. Then write the description. Write out a few!

Then place it in the moon energy and let it sit outside, if possible. Meditate on what you desire on that check and receive it fully. Really feel it as you already have received it, every flavor, emotion, expression, bank statement balance or material object.

Then release it and expect it, but allow no limitations on when or how it will come.

That is it!

Ready? Go grab some paper. GO!!!

reply to me and share your dreams + desires!!! or post on my FaceBook wall HERE

I will share mine on my wall and my Instagram @yoga4love

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Pheonix Rising From the Ashes... a metaphor for my own life one month later, A Deep Meditation with Lisa Ware

2014-09-28 20:49:55

Phoenix Rising from the Ashes of Fear Alisa ManningPhoenix rising blue

All that is gold does not glitter,
Not all those who wander are lost;
The old that is strong does not wither,
Deep roots are not reached by the frost.

From the ashes a fire shall be woken,
A light from the shadows shall spring;
Renewed shall be blade that was broken,
The crownless again shall be king.
J.R.R. TolkienThe Fellowship of the Ring

I recently recorded a meditation at the studio the first Saturday in August. It was a reading from the book Chakra Meditation by Swami Saradananda. I frequently reference this book in my live meditations then use it as a guide for downloading a live meditation. This particular day the meditation was on the Phoenix. I had never really studied the mythology of the Phoenix, but I use these books as a Oracle, letting Spirit guide me to bring forth what is supposed to and I simple get out of the way and bring it.

Well, this day I brought it. The Phoenix came so alive that I truly felt her power and energy, I felt the marriage of Yin and Yang with the representation of the symbolism of the Phoenix and the Emperor in Chinese lore. I saw the beautiful, giant egg on the pile of smoldering ashes as we faced South, with the cracks of lava gold, orange and we felt the baby Phoenix emerge from the egg and become enormous, graceful and then as she opens her beak, expecting a Shrill squawk, we hear a lovely song, so beautiful, so melodic, so Divine. Then she looks back from the Fire, as her wings become blue, purple, gold and iridescent. Then she flies off into the Sun, becoming burned into the HOPE of our future. I had no idea this Phoenix energy existed so real, and the symbolism became very clear less than a month later.

On September 1, a few weeks after I recorded this meditation, our home burned. The Phoenix rising, literally, in my life, and I had no idea Spirit led me to record this for my Self, to listen to after the fire. Let us Affirm:

I AM the Phoenix, I will rise!

I AM the energy of HOPE, FAITH and POWER!


Listen to the Phoenix meditation with Lisa Ware HERE (12:13)


Like a Phoenix

 Phoenix drawing photo credit 

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The Fire of Transformation Runs Through My Life... Literally

2014-09-23 17:55:40

I havent blogged in a while, we are in the middle of a huge transition, our home burned on Labor Day 9/1/14, My Nana’s birthday, she would have been 97. We are all ok. Rich, and my 16 year old boy and 11 year old daughter were home in the daytime. I was at the studio getting ready for the Free Day of Yoga and Stoy called me to tell me the house was on fire.

My teacher trainee graduate Mallory had just randomly popped in and she was able to lock up as I rushed home. I was praying fervently for what to do and heard Spirit say to just post the the house was on fire and for urgent prayer request on Facebook and to tag all my family. I did and arrived to the fire dept from Midlo, Ovilla, Glenn Heights and Desoto.

My son heard the battery backup on the computer beeping like it was off so he looked into the garage and opened the door to a ball of flame. He slammed the door and went to get Aspen out of her room, she grabbed the dogs and in her undies ran to the neighbors and called 911 just like we talked about in an emergency. He then awoke Rich from a nap and Rich went to the garage and got knocked to his knees by the backdraft when he opened the door. He slammed it shut with his foot and ran around back to put the garden hose on it. He kept spraying the fire, but he said it became alive and the he saw ‘The Beast’ as it began rippling into the attic. He knew we would lose the house.

They got the fire out and pulled out Cleo, my sweet cat. I kept the pet mask on her and after the 2nd bottle of O2 me and the neighbor and Aspen ran her to the ICU. She made it! We lost our kitten tho. 

We are in a lease home and will rebuild over the next 6 months.

I will post videos and photos soon.



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Journey to Healing, Major Road Bumps Along the Way #cancersucks

2014-08-17 00:01:07

Here are my latest posts, photos coming soon! 5 Chemo treatments down of 5! Only a few more radiations treatments to go for my dad! Completion Friday 8/22!!!

reasons to smile


7/14 Amazing and wonderful news my friends! My father, Duane, has really great results from Tina Calabrese, our naturopath today! He has been taking Whole Food supplements and made a lifestyle change in eating a little under 3 weeks. A few weeks ago he was diagnosed with esophageal cancer and we felt shocked and saddened.
We reached out to Tina, as God sent her into our life. She created an amazing simple plan of tripling his juice plus, adding detox drops and whole food supplements and then testing on the computer for each of the systems (meredians) of the body. 3 weeks ago all of his body work was completely offline and extremely inflamed to a very dangerous level. Today almost all of them are back in the green and in a normal range! Yes, in just a few weeks this change can happen! Food is powerful medicine.
Tomorrow he starts his journey with chemo and radiation and we feel hopeful! Your personal messages, and prayers and positive thoughts are so appreciated.

Bag o’ games! Trying our best to have fun at chemo. Finally done!!!


Dearest friends we have really great news today!!! Duane Farrell, my dad, talked to the doctor and the NON HODGKINS IS IN REMISSION!!! 
Now to kick the espohogeal cancer with the remaining 3 chemo and 18 more radiation treatments. The chemo combined with the nutrition plan is working!
Please lift him up in prayer, is working! GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME! Yes!!! I am so happy. I’m crying.



So my dad’s anti inflammatory pantry makeover is finally complete. With one final trip to Kroger we completed a huge listing all of those breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack items. Then to prevent him from losing weight we included a list of foods that will get him a lot of calories without compromising or a ton of sugar and crap. He seems to be doing really well! He is on week 3 out of 5 chemo, no hair loss yet!
11/28/ radiation treatments down! Friday will be half way there! Thank you for your prayers. It means so much to us.


Week 4/5 of chemo with dad, Duane Farrell. Today we played Skip Bo and he won! His mind is a sharp as a tack still. 
Then went for a great meal at Jason’s Deli! He still needs to get more calories in, it’s hard for him when his throat is burning. But he hasn’t lost his hair though! He may be that 1% but doesn’t, we shall see!
He has two weeks left of daily radiation, 8/21 is a ways out when he’s done.
In his words, “Please pray for complete eradication of all the cancer cells!” He wants you to know that your prayers and donations are much appreciated.
Go Fight Win!!!


Went to see Tina Calabrese the naturepath today with Dad, Duane Farrell, he is doing the work, folks, he is doing the work. He wants to heal. We got to some of the deepest roots of the cause, now time to dig deep and continue to create happiness and a will to live. He has a deep desire to live for his grandchildren, Richard Stoy and the two little ones. He wants to grow in so many ways and is ready to make big changs a little at a time. He is learning what to say when he talks to himself and to be open to the possibility of becoming whole. It has begun. 
Your prayers, kind words, gifts of abundance and friendship mean so so much. Love and light

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Peanut Butter and Jelly Green Smoothie

2014-08-01 00:57:13
Peanut Butter and Jelly Smoothie

Peanut Butter and Jelly Smoothie

Want the flavor of your favorite sandwich in a smoothie? Well, search no more! This smoothie is as satisfying as a meal and sooo much better than a sandwich! Kids love this one too! The berries hide the greens, sneaky, yeah?


  • 2 C Rice Milk
  • 2 large handfuls organic spinach
  • 4 T Peanut butter or 2 T PB2 Powdered Peanut Butter
  • 1 C Soy Vanilla yogurt (optional)
  • 1/2 very ripe banana
  • 1/3 C Vanilla Juice Plus Complete Powder
  • 8 cubes ice
  • 2 Juice Plus Vineyard Capsule contents only~ dumped into blender
  • 6-7 frozen strawberries or fresh and add a few more ice cubes

Throw all the ingredients into your high powered blender and turn on med high then turn to high for up to 2 minutes until every green bit is blended well.

Enjoy your sammy! I mean smoothie!

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Duane's Journey to Optimal Health, the Anti Cancer Diet and Pantry Makeover

2014-07-18 02:55:53
Lisa, Duane and Big Tex

Lisa, Duane and Big Tex

Take a moment to view life from a positive perspective. When life creates turbulence, look for the calm beneath the storm.

YOGA 4 LOVE began in honor of my mom. Today I refuse to give up, now am fighting for my dad.
This journey is super hard, we all face difficulties in life. I know we are in retrograde and we are all irritable. Maybe more than normal. That is ok. This has been a year of change and disruption to our ‘normal’ life.

Ted E Bear

Ted E Bear, the best Golden Retriever ever, passed this May at 15.5 years old

This year I lost 2 dogs and now my dad has cancer. WTF I know we can all get down and wallow, and believe me it happens to me, as well.
But you know what? I REFUSE TO STAY DOWN! Dont you? We get up and fight! Last week I was not only trying drive across town to go see my dad and be there for him when he was getting his IV port surgery, but also empowering my uncle, his brother. This is another layer to the story, but  before I tell you what happened to my dad, I am going to share that asI left to go meet him at the hospital my car broke down and I had to get two new tires and then the wheel bearings and stuff! So… I practice patience.

To backtrack 3 weeks, all I have to say is that Uncle Michael somehow ended up living with my dad, as a 58 year old man without a job, consistently down on his luck. His brother has always been the victim. Not taken responsibility of his own life and totally co-dependent. So it was time for him to get the heck out of my dad’s house, whether he agreed or not. So me and my bro-in-law packed his crap into our SUV’s and rented him a motel. We did not know that my dad would be diagnosed the esophogeal cancer the next freaking day. All I know is that Spirit told me what to do and I took action. 

Spirit said that I have been gifted with the tools and skills that can change my uncle’s life for the positive. I said WHY ME? But then I asked for a sign that moving him out without his consent was the right thing. I turned the corner and guess what? The street we were moving him to was named Michael Way. His name is Michael. Spirit said he was named after Archangel Michael. Whoa. 

Well, I have been coaching him, believing in him, allowing him space to find his way without enabling, and not allowing him to ask for anything from anyone, as he really never wanted to in the first place. He wants to make it, and using positive affirmations and believing in him he has turned his life around. He walked to church for the first time that I can remember. Michael got hired from the day labor and now moved to Denver, our hometown. He is looking forwad to life now, and my father can have his home back. For the first time in his life someone believed in him. He calls me his angel, but I really am not, I am simply obedient. 

Uncle Mike and Lisa

Uncle Mike and Lisa

Duane, my dad, is going to see his naturopath for 2.5 weeks now, and she is doing body system (meredian) testing and nutrition counceling. ALL of Duane’s systems were extremely inflamed and way off line into the high yellow ‘danger zone’. He is now following all the whole food protocol, taking triple Juice Plus whole food fruits, vegges and berries, taking a daily liver and colon cleanse, anti inflammatory and tumeric. 


Pantry Makeover with dad

Pantry Makeover with dad

Pantry makeover for my dad! Phase 2! Confiscated bad food! Good thing I went to the grocery store and bought him two trips of stuff that is organic and gluten free and low sugar or he would not have a thing to eat!

We reached out to Tina, as God sent her into our life at a leadership event the day after I moved my Uncle out of dad’s home. She created an amazing simple plan
This was what we have been doing for the anti Cancer anti-inflammatory diet:

  • TOTAL pantry and fridge makeover removing ALL processed and packaged foods
  • remove everything white (which was pretty much all he ate)
  • super low sugar
  • ultra low carbs
  • mostly gluten
  • 2-4 Juice Plus whole food Complete powder shakes or smoothies with spinach and fruit a day. 

For micro nutrients we are:

  • Tripling his Juice Plus orchard, garden and vineyard capsules, adding detox drops for the liver, anti inflammatory tablet, colon cleanse herbs, European turmeric. All of these are whole food supplements.

She tested his systems, and then retested the systems with the supplements on the computer for each of the meridians of the body.

2.5 weeks ago all of his body work was completely offline and extremely inflamed to a very dangerous level. Today almost all of them are back in the green and in a normal range! Yes, in just a few weeks this change can happen! Food is powerful medicine. 

Tina Calabrese, Naturopath, discussing the good results of his testing with Duane

Tina Calabrese, Naturopath, discussing the good results of his testing with Duane

In just 2.5 weeks of this regime his systems (meridians) ALL tested way back into normal range! Only 4 were a bit out of range slightly into the yellow, all the rest were well into the green ‘safe zone’!!!


Duane looking over the good results

Duane looking over the good results

He was shocked and so happy. He is a numbers guy, with years of financial analyst background, so this proof made him feel confident to begin the chemo with a strong body.
He began chemo this week and will receive 4 more weekly treatments and 28 radiation treatments locally directed to the tumor on the espohogeal lining. 

Dad and I playing cards at chemo

Dad and I playing cards at chemo

Dad is doing OK with the first chemo and radiation Tuesday. He said the chemo hurts his throat. Please send healing light and prayers. 
Playing cards to shoot the time is nice. Been here almost 6 hours and a little bit to go still.

The Outdoor Yoga at the Waterfall charity class was a huge success!


Outdoor Yoga at the Waterfall benefit class

Outdoor Yoga at the Waterfall benefit class


We are filled with HOPE.
We are recharged with your LOVE.
We appreciate your POSITIVE MESSAGES, and look forward to your responses on our facebook posts. Please continue to PRAY and MEDITATE for ultimate healing for the HIGHEST GOOD in all situations.


We have been gifted a lovely quilt to raise money to help Duane pay for his natural therapies and his $3900 deductible. If you are called to give you can donate at the studio, participate in the raffle or if you would like you may make a Donation via PayPal on Y4L Charity Yoga page.


If you want help on your or your loved one’s journey or for more info please see the Live Loved Lifecoaching page.

IF you are ready to book a session or consultation at the studio, on the phone or Skype with Lisa Ware or our staff, please contact us.

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Crossroads of Life Mean to Put my Big Girl Panties on and Be a Woman~ My Dad has the Big C

2014-07-03 03:18:40
Lisa, Duane and Big TEx

Lisa, Duane and Big Tex

The birth of the USA is coming up this weekend.
This year is a very special year. Some of you may know that the reason I began teaching back in 2007-08 was due to the positive role my mom played in my life. Watching her journey through breast cancer was an amazing journey of hope and inspiration, as she spoke to the crouds of thousands of ‘pink hats’ after the Race for The Cure many years. She succomed to the beating of the body through the rigorous chemo and radiation and surgeries and finally that is what took her life. The Cancer never took her positivity or her impeccable spirit of inspiration to others.  We even did a mowhawk before her hair fell out. 
She always made the doctors laugh.
This is how I began YOGA 4 LOVE, in honor of my mom.

Today, 6 years and 2 months later, I am at a cross-roads of sorts. My father had a diagnosis of esophegeal cancer last week. We are taking a different approach, and he is open to that, especially after seeing how his wife’s body took a toll.

He is looking to me and my sister for advise and support. I met a naturopath at a leadership women’s retreat the day we got the news. Serendipity? Yes. I believe in the placement of people in our lives JUST when we need them.

I put on my big girl panties and my happy face for him. We went to see her and she tested his meredians (energy flows) in all his major systems and discovered that all major systems are inflamed and off line of normal. He doesnt feel bad, but a little winded and in his bowels. She tested with about 6-7 supplements, including Juice Plus fruits, veg, berries, shakes and colon cleanse, liver cleanse and Tumeric. With this therapy his systems will all go totally back online. This cost $433. Next visit is $100. Reorders are $250/month or so. This is do-able! 

We then went grocery shopping, and learned about clean eating and what to add to his Juice Plus Complete shakes. No not dairy milk and bananas. Clean eating for a 75 year old who loves frozen pizzas is a definite challenge. BRING IT ON! He is willing, THANK YOU LORD, so I am all in!

With this supplemental therapy, we are then going to do 5 weekly chemo and 25-30 radiations. The deductibles are $350 next week, then we will find out the rest as we go.
We are asking for your help.
If you would like to donate, just attend the Outdoor Yoga class this weekend July 5, 2014.
If you cannot attend you can donate even $5, or what is comfortable.

Would you like to make a Donation via PayPal on Y4L Charity Yoga page.

I forgot to mention that I am paying for all this, because he would not have agreed to it if he had to pay for it. I am barely in the black making a living as a studio owner. I am reaching out to you for support.

As I wrote this a dear friend and musician had now offered to play the Gong at our Outdoor Yoga class this weekend!

Kenny Kolter is an International Sound Healer and will be bringing his Gong for the morning meditation! So with all this I realize that we never know the outcome, all we know is how to choose to live, day by day. I choose positivity. I choose LIFE!



Infinite Blessings;
Lisa Ware

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Useful Tips That are Cool and Creative

2014-05-29 01:01:34
I found these tips and wanted to share, since they are very cool and creative. (The original source is unknown.)

Keep brown sugar soft by storing with a 3″ piece of a broken terra cotta pot!


The simplest way to slice a bunch of cherry tomatoes is to sandwich them between two plastic lids and run a long knife through all of them at once!



Install a regular coat rack low down the wall to store shoes safely off the floor


Organize jewelry on a corkboard for easy access. (I have done this for years, and it is great!)


Create a thrifty watering can by puncturing holes in the top of a used gallon jug..


Remove pet hair from furniture, rugs and carpet with a squeegee.



Flip a toaster on its side to make grilled cheese.


Water straight from the tap becomes cloudy when frozen. To make ice cubes crystal clear, allow a kettle of boiled water to cool slightly and use this to fill your ice cube trays.


Use a large muffin tin to cook stuffed peppers in the oven – it will help keep them upright.


To prevent potatoes budding, add an apple in the bag.


Add half a teaspoon of baking soda to the water when hard-boiling eggs to make the shells incredibly easy to peel off.



WD40 can be used to remove crayon marks from any surface!



To tell if eggs are fresh, immerse them in a bowl of water. Fresh eggs will lie on the bottom, while stale eggs will float to the surface.


To clean a wooden chopping board, sprinkle on a handful of Kosher salt and rub with half a lemon. Rinse with clean water and dry to ensure it is clean and germ-free.


Use ice-cubes to lift out indentations made by furniture on your carpets.


Prevent soil from escaping through the holes in the base of flowerpots by lining with large coffee filters



To sharpen scissors, simply cut through sandpaper.


Use rubber bands to help open a jar easily: place one around the jar lid and another around the middle of the glass. The rubber provides friction to prevent your hands from slipping.


To prevent your eyes watering while chopping onions, wipe the chopping board with white vinegar (which won’t affect the taste of the onions)


Store bed sheets inside their pillowcases for easy storage and access


Homemade Toilet Bowl Cleaner: Drop a couple of denture cleaning tablets into the toilet bowl at night to clean off stubborn stains.



Use cute cupcake liners to cover drinking glasses in the summer and prevent flies from dropping in it.


Use egg boxes to store delicate Christmas tree decorations


Use a can opener, it is the simplest way to open those a blister packs.


Use a cut potato to easily remove a broken lightbulb


Use chalk to remove grease stains from clothes. Simply rub white chalk on the affected area and wash as normal – the chalk will absorb the grease and be washed away in the cycle.




Use a rubber band to rescue a stripped screw


Wrap rubber bands around the ends of a coat hanger to prevent dresses from slipping off.


Yet another use for drinks can ringpulls! Use to create a hanging loop for picture frames by screwing into the back.


Martha Stewart

Blogspot.com for photos


why wait for life blog


North Carolina Charm





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#21daystofeelingfitexpress ~21 Days to Feeling Fit Express Launches Tuesday May 27!

2014-05-24 15:37:54 admin

THE OFFICIAL 21 days to feeling fit express structure:

The intention
The movement plan
The meditation prayer plan
The daily challenge
The daily affirmation
The social media group

The accountability

21 Days to Feeling Fit Express

21 Days to Feeling Fit Express

If any of these are what your looking for then you have attracted to this program into your life!

Set your intention and join the movement!



Every BODY is different and some of us need more than others. These individual needs are based on:

  • Stress level
  • Athletic ability
  • Ayurvedic constitution
  • Daily activity level
  • Personal preferences

Intro Meeting:

Tuesday 6:00 PM CDT

Call in at 6:15 PM CDT Tuesday, May 27 to conference in.


Code 322787

Upcoming Dates:

(see the event page)

  • 5/27~ Intro to the Nutrition Plan and Green Smoothie Party
  • 6/3~ Recipes, Healthy Snacks + Clean Eating Tips
  • 6/10~ Yoga, Zumba and Meditation
  • 6/17~ Lifecoaching Worksheets + Goalsetting
  • 6/24~ Final Meeting and Smoothie Party with After pictures!
Before and After 90 Days to Feeling Fit

Before and After 90 Days to Feeling Fit

The #21daystofeelingfitexpress Nutrition Plan: 
21 days that you can do in phases

Phase 1, 2 or 3. Everytime it gets a little more intense.
The first one is two Complete shakes a day, one clean eating meal off the plan and healthy snacks off the plan.
Stephanie Patterson says” I really like having the options! … start simple and go up.”
By starting simple and repeating what works we see results.

By doing the #21daystofeelingfitexpress over and over, if you decide to do so, could change your life. For instance if we do it 4 times, that would be 84 days plus an optional juice fast!

This program is structured to be extremely doable yet powerful and duplicatible on so many levels:


logo 5 minutes 4 Positive Change

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5 Minutes 4 Positive Change  ~ Yoga, Meditation, Spirituality and Nutrition Plan for a Healthy Lifestyle

2014-04-22 00:49:15

I’m in the process of writing my first book:

5 Minutes 4 Positive Change
Yoga, Meditation, Spirituality and Nutrition Plan for a Healthy Lifestyle


Read Lisa’s Blog!

5 Minutes 4 Positive Change

I have much more material for another book after this crazy year!
The next project is the Yoga 4 Love Advanced Training Program ONLINE 200 Hour Global Training Program.  We are running one more BETA session for our online teacher training, then we are going GLOBAL!
Also coming, specifically for yogis and yoga teachers, all my conscious flow of downloaded and written New Moon and Full Moon Vinyasa Flow sequences!



I started the process of realizing that it is coming through late last year, 2013. It was so clear and so I began to meditate on it. I then shared that I was working on a big project with a women’s circle, but not naming what the project was. In direct confirmation of what I was receiving one of the ladies intuitively stated, ‘Lisa since you began talking I have been seeing a book! ‘
I then shared, ‘Yes I have been getting tons of downloads written straight from Source.’ Some I have already blogged, some I have written in my teacher training manual, many I have recorded as an audio class or meditation.

Since my intention was set last year, I decided to start my book on January 1, 2014. As soon as I began writing it came in so quickly that I was able to immediately download the cover, the front and back cover, the introduction and the title (which was given today straight from Source! … as I spoke the title into my phone for the final draft title for the book, the words came out just slightly different than what I actually said and it was just perfect).
I cannot write by hand fast enough, since the information comes to me so quickly and then I can’t read my writing very well. That’s pretty funny, my always mom said I should have been a physician. So, to remedy this issue, I ordered a Bluetooth that learns your speech when you type.
The next sitting I wrote the entire table of contents!

I paused writing on it until this past weekend when I traveled to Phoenix for a nutrition conference. While at the pool a couple sat down next to me. They started conversing with me and I found out that the man was a multi marathon runner. I asked him what nutritional supplements used while he was running and he shared with me his favorite and the product which was the topic of the conference.

We discussed some different types of information on yoga and spirituality and discussed some books by Dr. Wayne Dyer and Deepak Chopra. Then he began to share with me that he was a pediatric physician from Canada, and he really enjoyed studying these types of subjects. He inquired more about learning about yoga and running. I’ve been shared with him that I was writing a book. He said he was extremely excited to see it into fruition and started inquiring some details about my book that really helped me to get to clarity on the final book. For instance, he asked me if it was going to have a spiral bound cover so it can lay flat like a manual. I had never thought about that, but I thought that was an awesome idea! I thanked him for helping me clarify some topics and promised him a copy when it comes out.
Later that day, in my room at the hotel, I just randomly opened my laptop with the intention to just quickly edit the contents table and I totally finished creating all the bullet points of information under each chapter! I finished completely effortlessly!

The next day that I was back home from my trip and I took my 11 year old daughter to a birthday party at a local jump house. I saw several friends from our community and began randomly chatting. In addition to making some great contacts about nutrition and yoga, one of the ladies there was a published author of children’s books. I know her very well so I ask her some questions and shared with her my intention of my book. She says she’s extremely excited and got goosebumps! She is researching publishers and also sharing with me some referrals!

Then, as a thought came into my mind I used my voice text and stated the title when I looked at it then somehow Source totally added an additional word which change the connotation of the whole title and I knew this was it exactly!
So here I am sharing it!

I ask you to hold the completion of this project to its finest fruition in your heart.

The amazing full moon total eclipse happened the next night. My hubby Richard and I woke up to watch it. The sight was really impressive. The moon turned a lovely shade of orange!
The next day I taught a few yoga classes and set the theme around bringing awareness to the shadowy areas of our lives thst we want to illuminate with the light of the full moon. Setting the intention to let go of shadow in our lives in the form of bad habits, negative self talk,  relationships that no longer serve our highest good and changing those parts of our personalty that are just not or favorite parts of our self.
When we shine the light of the full moon on it those areas of our life they will never live in the shadows anymore. With awareness we are able to bring darkness into Light and learn the lessons so we can move on!  How freeing! What a blessing!

With that intention is time for me to let the world know that I have gifts to share beyond my wildest measure. Yes, me.

I claim this responsibility to download this information and bring it through. I am obedient to the Greater Good and highest intention. I’m letting go of the outcome.

Here we go!

Lisa Ware selfie JP ConLisa in downtown Phoenix Arizona April 2014

Lisa Lynne Ware, RYT500
Reiki Master Teacher
Best Selling Author

and so it is. AHO!



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Journey Thru Chakras 5 Throat Workshop and Meditation

2014-04-03 15:13:42

“Every time we open our mouths to speak or sing we are affecting ourselves and the people hearing us. By opening up your voice to its greatest possibilities, you will experience positive changes both physically and emotionally. Change the way you sound and enjoy the success it will bring to you.”
– Roger Love

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Top 10 Benefits of Chia Seeds + Vegan Chia Pudding

2014-04-02 12:01:23

This recipe is super yummy! It is so easy!

You can even add a half or an ounce of chis seeds to your water bottle. This will make you feel fuller and sustain you with the electrolytes for high endurance activities such as running!
Vegan Chia Pudding


  • 1/2 Cup Chia Seeds
  • 2/14 Cups of milk of choice (I combined almond milk unsweetened with vanilla coconut milk)
  • 1 t Vanilla
  • 1/16- 1/8 t pink Himalayan salt
  • 1 T Agave Nectar or to taste

Whisk chia seeds and non daily milk and place in a bowl in refrigerator overnight. In the morning stir well and add vanilla, dash of salt and agave. Serve with berries.

Vegan Chia Pudding ingredients

~Top 10 Benefits of Chia Seeds~

Here are the Top 10 reasons to add chia seeds to your life:

1. Fight Diabetes

Chia is being studied as a potential natural treatment for type-2 diabetes . It has the ability to slow down digestion. There is a gelatinous coating around chia seeds that develops when exposed to liquid. This can also prevent blood sugar spikes.

2. A Way to Eat More Fiber

1 ounce serving of chia has 11 grams of dietary fiber. Consider adding chia to your life is an easy way to get fiber. Fiber is important for digestive health.

3. Get tons of Omega-3’s

Chia seeds have tons of omega-3 fatty acids, almost 5 grams in a 1 ounce serving, and these fats are very important for brain health. Researcher Wayne Coates states,

(chis seed is a) “…better conversion of omega 3s into the plasma or into the food than with flax seed.”

4. Your dentist will be happy! Get stronger Teeth And Bones

One ounce has 18% of the RDA for calcium. Calcium is important for maintaining bone and oral health, and preventing osteoporosis.

5. Manganese, what is that?

Manganese is important for our health, one ounce of chia seeds, or 28 grams, has 30 % RDA of this mineral! Manganese is essential for our bones, it also helps our bodies use biotin and thiamin.

6. Get your Phosphorus on!

Chia has 27% RDA for phosphorus and helps maintain bones and teeth. Phosphorus is also important to synthesize protein for cell and tissue growth and repair.

7. Pack In The Protein, yep that is Right! Full protein from a tiny seed!

Chia seeds are definitely a great source of protein for vegetarians and vegans. And chiaseeds don’t have any cholesterol. One ounce serving of these amazing super seeds has 4.7 Grams of Protein!


According to BodyBuilding.com:

“In either case, chia was a staple crop among both ancient civilizations. The Aztecs reportedly prized it even more highly than the Mayans, using chia as medicine, offering it to the gods during rituals, and demanding it as annual tribute from conquered tribes. One refrain you’ll see repeated often by chia advocates is that the Aztecs considered it ‘more valuable than gold’.

The word Chia comes from either the Mayan word chiabaan, for ‘strengthening’, or the Aztec word chian, for ‘oily’.

Chia’s nutritional profile is undeniably broad and impressive. A standard 2 tbsp (24 g) serving of chia seeds contains:

  • Calories: 117
  • Protein: 4 grams
  • Fat: 7.4 grams
  • Fiber: 8.3 grams
  • It contains all eight essential amino acids and a host of trace minerals and micronutrients. To put it in easy comparative terms, each 2 tbsp serving of chia offers:
  • Five times the omega-3 content of a 1/4-cup serving of walnuts
  • Twice the iron and magnesium of a cup of spinach
  • As much calcium as a half-cup of milk
  • As much potassium as a third of a banana
  • More than twice the fiber of a cup of oatmeal”


8. Fight That Spare Tire!

Chia stabilizes blood sugar and also fights insulin resistance which can be tied to an increase in belly fat, according to Live Strong. Resistance to insulin can also be harmful for your overall health in many ways.

9. Feel Fuller Faster

Tryptophan, an amino acid, is found in chia seeds. Tryptophan is responsible for helping regulate appetite, sleep and improve mood. It also triggers that strong urge to nap after a big Thanksgiving dinner because it is present in turkey meat.

10. Love our Hearts

According to the Cleveland Clinic, chia seeds have been shown to improve blood pressure in diabetics, and may also increase healthy cholesterol while lowering total, LDL, and triglyceride cholesterol. Yea!


The Huffington Post Canada


Cleveland Clinic

Live Strong

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New Moon Meditation, Sacred Activation, Divine Angelic Healing, My Path of Truth

2014-03-30 17:31:08

new moon open heart goddess


the first New Moon of  Spring, the symbolic significance is so great! This is a time to reset, refresh and take charge in a new direction. One that honors the TRUE YOU! Today take time to spend it in nature, or in meditaiton. Really dentify the shadow areas that are lurking behing the secret compartments in your mind. What can you FINALLY LET GO of to be fully present, fully alive, ald living your life’s purpose? 

This is a powerful time!  NOW is an opportunity to step up and step out of the box and into a realm of higher mind, higher heart, and higher consciousness to access the state of higher centers. Any ritual you can do that will take you out of your usual mode of operation and into the realm of altered states with a deeper access to the world of spirit would be very helpful.

Watch for things that may go upside down, unexpected decisions and choices of others that affect you in some way. Stay neutral and in appreciation for the great change that the unexpected brings.

This is a time to bid for power. What do you want?

Speak it, voice it, put it out there to the universe and trust that the universe will listen.

For the 6 hours or so after the new moon’s exact time, be very aware of staying present and away from conflict and negativity. If you find yourself with negative thoughts or judgments especially during this time, be disciplined about turning them towards thoughts of beauty, well-being and joy. Connect with your essence, align with your essence and send your ego on vacation. Source~ The Power Path

So here is my raw, crazy amazing truth of my Highest Path. I have noticed so many people going through major life changes. I see it in my students, my family, my friends.

For my Self here is what has been going on. Be ready, this is really crazy. I recently had several major transformations in such a short period. Most recently, I experienced a huge ‘Third Eye Awakening‘; held an OMazing Yin Yoga with a sound Healer Kenny Kolter and during the circle afterward we shared that all of us had felt light bursts (with eyes closed). There were so many orbs we thought someone was taking flash photography! We saw them like a meteor shower when we took photos!

The next day during my Reiki attunement ceremony with 5 ladies after the ceremony in circle I ‘downloaded’ a clairvoyant guided meditation and channeled one of the ladies message from her grandfather; the week before the Spring Equinox our little dog crossed over on my daughter’s birthday and left us with some really amazing pictures of orbs, which we know was him crossing over at sunset. The photos were taken at our horse stables.

Sunset with my dog's orb crossing over 1

Sunset with my dog’s orb crossing over 1

To begin this recent cycle I held an all night Women’s Healing Circle campout with 13 ladies, including two other facilitators, Sarah Spirals and Linda Ball, both Goddesses in their own right. All three of us created and held space as Shamen, Reiki Healers and Maternal Grounding and connectors to Gaia. I had received a diving healing Sacred Activation a few days before the Full Moon that woke me up. Spirit told me to dictate it and write it to use at the Healing Circle. I was obedient. The amount healing straight from the Divine that took place that night still blows my mind. I will write about that experience soon! If you are reading this and called to receive this Sacred Activaton from Mother Gaia please click the link and place yourself in a place of meditation preparing to receive. Sacred Activation for Mother Earth downloaded by Lisa Ware

This huge shift all began with all light workers on Winter Solstice 12/21/12. For me I was honored to present yoga to one 1200 people with two of my yoga teacher trainees that night in a beautiful musical theatric presentation, the culmination of 20 years of work. Since then this shifting has accelerated so quickly. I am receiving more and more confirmations of my path as a spiritual leader with the Divine Feminine, yoga warrior and healer daily. I have been humbled to work directly with Source and get messages so CLEAR from the Angelic and Archangelic Realm.

In February 2014, when I was presenting at Texas Yoga Conference, I received healing and chakra activation of an AMAZING unbelievable sort from an amazing acupuncturist and monk in Houston, Annie. She guided me through a blockage in my spleen meridian that began with my healing of broken toe a few years ago! That night I received an vivid astral travel while consciously speaking to my friend, yoga teacher Adri Kyser, about our highest good and our plans to keep our path on Truth.  I received colors, stars, symbols and so much more and consciously shared what I was experiencing with Adri as we laid in our hotel room bed.

Earlier that day I had met a Kundalini teacher from New York, Karena Virginia. She and I really connected, like in a way from something bigger than our Self. We decided to spend time together the next morning at sunrise. We held a Reiki session for her healing in her room at the B & B. This was one of the most powerful sessions I have ever experienced. We thought we were in session for like 20 minutes. At the end of the session I called in the Angels and gave new information and messages for her. The wind struck the branches against the window so directly we knew it was an affirmation of the Presence. When we closed our session is was almost 90 minutes, not 20!

The culmination of this transformation was the weekend directly before the equinox. My third eye was on FIRE. I had been crying a lot that week since I missed my little dog. I developed a minor sinus infection and was in process of healing it. It was so so intense and I know that much more was going on besides sinuses. I texted my acupuncturist and she gave me a chant to use on the Full Moon. I chanted and prayed, I begged for the release and was dedicated to my ultimate healing. During this process  I stood under the Full moon. My third eye finally released after some Kundalini and I was so exhausted. I went into my meditation room and laid down, I then received Divine wisdom and a connection to my sacral chakra that took the heat from my third eye and balanced it. The post about that crazy experience is HERE.

This last week I audio recorded one of my ‘direct downloaded meditations’ for the heart chakra.

This is my path. I accept it. I don’t understand it AT ALL. I trust in the Divine Christ Consciousness within to guide me. This path of healing and Truth has been so abundant and continues to amaze me daily. I am in deep, deep appreciation.

The sound healer named me Shaman Priestess, Warrior. Yes, I accept that title and am following Truth to share the gifts I have, listening to what Spirit wants to be given in this world.

PS the Meditation above was recorded live, it is a large file, you can hear 5 minutes without creating an account. If you want to listen unlimited use the 50% discount code TEXAS for $10 for a month of me and hundreds of cool national teachers.

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Journey Thru Chakras 4 Heart Meditation

2014-03-29 20:31:22

This was recorded at the Savasana during the end of the Journey Thru the Chakras Workshop 4 Heart class.

This is a restorative asana flow at the end of the asana class. I received this meditation and just recorded it on the fly. I really like it, the whole mediation is this beautiful white and green sparkly light going thru each of the Chakra, as it moves thru for your Highest Good it changes colors.

Its 16.47 Minutes long.

(The file is too big to add here…)

Enjoy! Click Here to meditate on Hit Play Yoga

I have also recorded the first part of the class where we went over the info on the details of the symbolism of the heart chakra Anahata.

Click Here to do the Heart Chakra Workshop with me on Hit Play Yoga

Much of the asana practice did not get recorded, this can be used as a simple meditation starting in supine twist (that part is where we began recording again.



Use 50% Discount Code TEXAS for $10 Unlimited Classes for a month, no commitment!

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Vegan Lentil Burgers with Mango Slaw

2014-03-25 11:07:05

Vegan Lentil Burgers

  • 1/2 cup lentils
  • 1 cup water
  • 1/2 T Garlic  or Garlic powder, large pinch
  • Pink Himilayian salt, large pinch
  • 2 T Nutritional Yeast
  • 1 tbsp barbecue sauce of choice
  • 1 heaping cup grated cauliflower
  • 4 baby carrots
  • 2 tsp minced garlic
  • 1/2 inch slice fresh ginger
  • 1 small green chili chopped finely or 1/2 can green chilis
  • 3-inch broccoli stem
  • 4 tbsp chopped red or orange bell pepper
  • 1/4 – 1/2 tsp Chipotle pepper powder (may also use dried chili powder)
  • 1/8 finely chopped onion (or 1 tsp dried onion flakes)
  • 1/4 tsp cumin powder
  • 1 tbsp Ground Flaxmeal
  • 1 tbsp Sesame Seeds
  • 1/4 cup GF chickpea flour or oat flour
  • 2-4 tbsp breadcrumbs Gluten Free

Wash the lentils and add to pan with water, garlic, salt and bbq sauce. Cover and cook until tender. (10-15 minutes) Grate cauliflower, ginger, garlic, and carrot. Chop small other veggies and broccoli stems. Add to a wide pan and dry roast the vegetables for 3-5 minutes. Combine the veggies, flax, and sesame seeds to the cooked lentils. Add spices and bbq sauce. Mix well, taste and adjust salt, spice, and bbq sauce. Add GF flour and then GF bread crumbs as needed to form into burger patties.

Bake the patties at 400 degrees F for 20-25 minutes. Once baked, these patties can be grilled quickly for grill marks.

Place on Gluten Free burger buns, top with Mango Slaw.

Mango Slaw

  • 1 thinly-sliced ripe mango
  • 1 Shredded carrot
  • 1 C Cabbage

Toss with Rice vinegar, raw sugar, pink salt, and Veggienaise. Mmmmm!

Inspired and reposted from Chocolate Covered Katie

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Full Moon Release, Goodbye to my Little Dog, Hello to my New Self

2014-03-17 02:31:21
Angel of Guidance

Angel of Guidance

My little dog Yaapana crossed over on my daughter’s birthday 3/13/14. It was a very difficult day. One of the most difficult I have yet to experience, yet I have had this incredible peace about me. A peace that only comes from KNOWING that Spirit is in charge. That all was totally meant to be. I have reflected a lot this weekend. A LOT.

Yaapana Mini Dude

Yaapana Mini Dude

On the eve that Mini Dude crossed over my BFF and her daughter (my girl’s BFF) were serendipitiously in town to support us. They arrived shortly after we experienced that horrendous loss. I wrote about that crazy day’s experience the other day HERE. But I stopped the story at sunset. I still had to process what exactly happened.

The four of us girls and my 15 year son were going to go to the stables to feed our new horse. My son was REALLY torn up, and he didn’t feel like going. I felt he should to feel better. I said, ‘Son, it would do you some good to see the sunset.’ and left it at that. He chose to go.

We arrived and the girls ran to the west to climb the gate and open it so we could go get our horse from his paddock. The sunset was beautiful behind them. My BFF was looking toward them and began taking some photos of them on the fence, as silhouettes in the setting sun. We got the horse, led him into his stall, fed him then went home.

Later that night she said to me, I know how you like photos with orbs and things. You should see these.’ (so nonchalant, as her style). I was like ok, so she gave me her phone.

Here is what I saw. I have tried and tried to get the pics upright, so I am accepting that they want to be seen in this view.

Sunset with my dog's orb crossing over 1

Sunset with my dog’s orb crossing over 1


Sunset with my dog's orb crossing over 2

Sunset with my dog’s orb crossing over 2

Sunset with my dog's orb crossing over 3

Sunset with my dog’s orb crossing over 3

Sunset with my dog's orb saying goodbye 4

Sunset with my dog’s orb saying goodbye 4

I was so happy that I received this confirmation from Spirit and this closure. I showed my hubby and son. They both also knew it was Yaapana.

My BFF and I sat by the fire and chatted. It was so nice that she was here to support me in this way during such a time of change. She went to bed around 11:30PM. I sat up and reflected.

Later that night I called my Aunt Vonnie on the west coast, as she was still up. I couldn’t sleep. I told her the day’s events and she looked at the pix I forwarded to her and was amazed as well. She, my sister and BFF are my true only female support since my mom, her sister Lorene, passed in May 2008. I was sitting in my new den hangout that I created from our garage while talking to her. I looked up and saw the chakra flags. I noticed the symbol of the yantra on the sacral chakra flag was EXACTLY the same shape and color as the orb in the photos. I sent her this pic:

chakra flagCan you see the shape? Ok so this is serendipitous, too.  Another strange coincidence is the fact that I am currently teaching a seven week series on Journey through the Chakras and I JUST taught the night before about the sacral chakra!  …For info on that series of teachings on the chakras click HERE. This was just too much. We hung up.

I drew a card from the Archangel Tarot by Doreen Virtue. I drew two, one for today and one for tomorrow. I texted it to my aunt.

King of Ariel

King of Ariel

I decided to finally go to bed, as I had a 8:45AM Hot yoga to teach.

This has been an incredible bonding experience with my son. I am thankful for that. He and I really were so close with Yaapana. We both feel he was more like a little man in a dog body. I swear one day when I was in the kitchen and looked at him in the eye, I totally saw my Grandpa Farrell. Yep. My grandpa even had large bug eyes, like our Chihuahua. It was brief but very real. My son dream travelled with Mini and had many activations around the Shift of Winter Solstice 2012. We sat and laughed about how Yaapana would sing to the harmonica. We laughed at how he would howl when the teapot was blowing. How he was a perfect circle when he slept. He will be missed.

I told him that Spirit send him healing and that the sunset was meant for him, before we left I said he needed to see the sunset.

But yet I choose JOY. I choose not to be overcome by sadness. I am thankful for all the joy that little dog brought us. He had no other purpose. He was here to give us joy and laughter.

That eight pound little Chihuahua LITERALLY walked into our life. Someone came to my studio, knocked on the door when it was locked and we were closed to the public conducting a teacher training with a small group of trainees, including my hubby. It was a hot July in Texas in 2011. I opened the door and a lady had this blonde Chihuahua in her arms. I was like ‘hello? how can I help you ma’am?’ and she was like, ‘yeah, I was just coming by to see if I could levee you this dog. I found him running down the hot street and chased him with my car, and I can’t keep him.’ I was like, ‘why?’ She said, ‘because I’m going to Maine.’ I was like, ‘now?’ and she said yes and handed me the dog. I took him and looked out to her car as she walked away, it was packed with a car topper. I actually believe that she told me the truth.

I locked the door and went back into the studio with a dog in my arms. My hubby was like, ‘what just happened?’ The lead teacher said, ‘Oh I think you know what just happened, you just got a dog!’ It was really funny. He was a sweet pet, a one family dog for sure and VERY protective of our family and property, which is why he got snatched barking and defending in the black before dawn.

For a few weeks before this event my allergies had been acting up a bit (more than usual, as I am usually able to control them with giving up wheat Gluten). We really needed rain so the pollen has been up. With all that crying my sinuses were stopped up. I had been treating with natural  remedies like doing Neti Pot, echinacea, colloidal silver inhaler and herbal teas. It was subsiding, but my ear drum felt like it had liquid in it from all the nose blowing and my sinuses seemed to be turning to infection. Nice.

The next day I awoke and my BFF went to my yoga class. I normal would have had to go straight to Dallas, but luckily my private client cancelled so we had time to do some Zumba with my super fun staff Zumba teacher, then go Thrift shopping. I found some Levis bootcut low rise to wear to the barn then I went to Dallas for my second class at noon at Larry North CityPlace. I got there early and had time (first time ever) to go into the dry sauna. It was so nice. I cooled down then taught a fun handstand practice to a dedicated student that came (it was Friday of Spring Break) After class I went back into the sauna, I laid on my ear to bring the heat into it and meditated. My son was immediately on my heart. I did Reiki and a purple inner light came into my vision. It soon covered my entire inner vision. I sent healing to my son. I sent healing to my self and my ear.

I then decided to pamper myself and cool down then take a nice shower. My second private had postponed until next week, so again was given a rare opportunity to have some me time again that day. I took a relaxing shower and then went into the locker room. Another trainer was there and commented on my tattoo work only right thigh (you could see it below my towel). We struck up a conversation and it quickly turned into a Spirit led meeting. She too was going through a major shift I decided to share what happened and she almost cried as she has a Chihuahua. She and I really connected and I invited her to come out to my studio and take Reiki 1, as she feel she needs to take her training to another level. I am so thankful for Spirit working through me. She was too, and thankful she commented, as she said she is quiet a lot, because her circle is very earthly and material and she doesn’t fit in. I empathized with her, I get it. It is difficult to stay true to your path. Yet, I encouraged her that is gets easier and your ‘circle’ gets much smaller as those who really care about you and don’t want something from you will fall away.

I drove home to hang with the Bestie. By the time I got there my ear was clogged and very very painful. I mixed heated sesame oil and garlic juice and asked my daughter to take a cotton ball and squeeze some drops all the way into my ear. I didn’t ask nicely and I felt badly. I laid down on my side and she doctored me. I then had to take a nap. (I was feeling like a crappy, inattentive friend, but I had nothing left.) I slept almost one and a half hours. When I awoke I felt much better but there was still this pressure in my third eye. I took 3 acetaminophen (which I NEVER take). I decided to start on some antibiotics. I found some old amoxicillin and took 2.

We all went to feed the horse, Cochise then came home and we made a nice dinner. My BFF and I played poker with my son in my new den, then sat outside and had a lot of wine, listened to music from the 90’s and enjoyed each other’s company. She rolled in and I decided to sit and meditate a bit then rolled in to prep for bed myself.

I heard a noise and then my son came out of his room sobbing, so, so hard. It was super sad. I cried with him and we went to sit by the fire pit. He has been taking this pretty hard, and for a 15 year old boy to show his feelings that is so rare. We chatted about the fun times we had with the little guy and how it is hard to believe that is is just gone. We went to bed.

Saturday I taught mediation and one lady came. She is usually extremely good natured and so jubilant. Today she was sitting quiet in the Far infrared Heat in the studio when I arrived. (Thank GOD for my amazing receptionist to open for me.)

She said, ‘is it just me today?’ I was like, ‘yes, no worries.’ and she said she had a friend call her early already on a Saturday and dump her problems on her and started tearing up. She needed to release from these ‘energy vampires’ she had in her life. We did a Full Moon meditation. She felt much better.

I then taught Hot Energizing Prana Vinyasa Flow for my regulars and we did a fun hot sweaty flow with an arm balance thrown in. Then it was time for my second class, which is now covered by my amazing teacher trainees who are going through their internship as student teacher and assistants! Which means I could leave! Woo-hoo!

I went home to hang with my BFF before she had to roll out back to Austin. We had coffee and she packed up. It was such a nice visit and the timing was definitely Divinely ordained. The girls came back with my hubby from her first soccer game of the season. They won!

They departed and I was so grateful to have her here.

I ate some carrots and hummus. My head began to get this pressure between my brows. I laid down and could not even look at my phone. My little sister in soul was texting me, and she was at a healing weekend retreat with fiends in Arkansas. She said she put my picture on their altar for the ceremony along with all the crystals and special objects. I was incredibly honored.

My third Eye had been on FI-YAH. Unbearable heat. It feels like a bruise to the touch. I know this is more than sinus. It is totally energetic. I had placed my huge crystal shard on it (which works like an energetic knife of ice as a healing tool) plus a bag of frozen edamame balancing on that, and it was still hot. I finally texted my acupuncturist for some distance healing for my third eye and sinuses and briefly summarized the loss of the dog on my daughters birth. I napped, then ate a bit.

I saw a reply from my acupuncturist, who is an intuitive. She said she had a chant to open my third eye. I made some tea. I then said goodnight to my hubby, as he was asleep watching tv in our bed. I tucked in my daughter and went outside in the full moon. I am so glad I did. It was beautiful.

I chanted the one word chant standing in the full moon with the moonlight on my third for a long, long time and it was just after a rain. I saw the raindrops in the moonlight dripping off the cedars, and felt it lightly dropping on my face. I did some major Reiki on my self. It was so intense that I had to grab a lawn chair and use it for stability. I did some Heart opening asana and some Kundalini movements spinning til it finally released. Whoa. I held the chair and looked at the moon. The pain was much lessened. I looked at the cedars and felt so grateful for all my trees. They are so lovely and are my friends. I thanked each and everyone that I could see in the back by the river then thanked all the trees. Then I need to lay done. I was exhausted. I went inside into my den, since it wiped me out to do the work and meditated. I realized my sacral chakra was needing to take that heat and balance it with my ajna chakra. I used my crystal shard and placed it on my sacral chakra as I laid down. I did some major self-reflection and received pleasure, Goddess Energy was so beautifully forgiving.

Sunday morning we all slept in. For brunch I cooked everyone our lovely free dance organic eggs from our girls with some homemade hash browns. MMMmmm. Over breakfast I suggested that we make a family altar for Easter and place Yaapana’s favorite items and things that remind us of him on it. My son’s best friend had spent the night and he really loved that dog, so he participated too.

Chickens in the yard scratching

Chickens in the yard scratching

After breakfast we all gathered an objects and placed them on the mantle and fireplace. We created a very nice little altar. It had a painting from a friend with a chakra theme, a tree of life one of my yoga students made for me out of wire, a huge glass purple piece, Yaapana’s little bed and two of his super cute outfits, the harmonica, a rosary, some easter eggs with positive sayings on them, and many candles. I really love it. I hope it serves a purpose to bring closure.

Me my son and his friend went to go let our horse out since it stopped raining. It was icy cold out so we made it quick. We brought Cochise a bucket full of oranges, banana, flax seeds and the shells from edamame and some old slices of cantaloupe. He turned his nose but when we went back later that day to put him back in his stall he ate all but the banana. Funny!

This has been a very strange experience. The most satisfying yet sad weekend ever. I will say, my sinuses seem clear now and my third eye has absolutely no pain!

I drew a card from my favorite deck of oracle cards called Angels, Gods and Goddesses. I picked the top card from the deck. It was the Angel of Guidance. Her third Eye was open, it is a brilliant star! (photo at top of post)

I will see what the next days bring.


Peace, Love, Light

Lisa =-)


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Today I choose Joy. Through the Bittersweet I trust.

2014-03-13 21:27:58
Mini Dude getting some sun

Mini Dude as Camo Army man

Today is Bittersweet. Its my daughter’s 11th day of being on this planet. <3

Cochise and my daughter at the 11th birthday party

Cochise and my daughter at the 11th birthday party

This morning, in the pre-dawn blackness at 5am, my Chihuahua Yaapana, got taken by a wild animal.

Mini Dude getting some sun

Mini Dude getting some sun

So many serendipitous events today. This morning as I cried by the river by our cOMmunity fire in meditation, as I questioned why now why on her birthday? WE loved that little dog so so much. The pain is very deep, yet it is the day of her birth.
As I sat there watching the sun rise I was grateful for being up, even tho it was for being waked with the horrendous realization from my hubby that he ran off barking and didn’t return with Cherry, the Caveiler King Charles.
I realized that at every moment NOW …

I choose joy.
Through the hurt and tears I am grateful for the time he was with us. Im thankful that today was the day it happened as my Best Friend came in town as planned, and was here to hold me and sit with me in silence in the sun as it warmed my hollow heart.
I allow the sun to give me life.

Yaapana  as Santa

Yaapana as Santa

I sat with my Bestie by the river and held Upward Plank with the sun low on the sky shining warmth on my heart center. I sat in Dandasana and grounded and breathed in. Letting go of the why.
We went to feed our new horse Cochise and I talked our son into coming. He did, forcing him off the computer was a trust issue. He enjoyed Cochise and watching the sunset with us.
Today we may never know WHY. We simply TRUST in the Divine plan. As I write my best girl is making me a delicious meal, for our entire family. I am blessed!

Lisa and Yaapana

Lisa and Yaapana

I believe.
I receive.

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Getting a teenager to drink green smoothies

2014-03-12 23:17:35

How did I accomplish this huge feat?  Starve them out. Yep. That’s right. Don’t but the junk. Don’t bring them fast food. Leave them at home with ‘nothing good to eat’.
After they figure out your not caving then they will have to eat. Lol. It’s taken me at least 6 months. Seriously I’ve introduced over 100 of my Green smoothies and my son tells me they are nasty. Until this week.


Note he is still on the computer but… hey!  He’s smiling AND drinking the green smoothie!
I thought it would never happen.
I’m a happy momma.
How else are you going to get a teenager to eat two huge handfuls of organic kale, spinach and  baby chard, plus a  mango, a kiwi, half of a lime, some orange juice some Complete Powder and the whole pint of blackberries in one sitting!

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Journey Through the Chakras with Lisa Ware | Week 1 Muladhara Root Chakra and Vinyasa Yoga

2014-03-07 00:34:43
Lisa Ware 5 Pointed Star

Lisa Ware 5 Pointed Star

HOT Vinyasa Flow Yoga + Journey through the Chakra System with Lisa Ware

This practice may be utilized in conjunction for the 7 weeks of Lent and Easter Season!

The root Chakra is the base of the energy system called the Chakras or Cakra in Sanskrit. (In English we add the ‘ch’ spelling, but in Sanskrit the ‘c’ sounds like ‘ch’.)

Muladhara is located at the base of the spine near the perineum, or the triangular muscle grouping of the pelvic floor. It is symbolic with the Earth, being rooted down, and with groundedness.

Lisa Ware Goddess Pose

Lisa Ware Goddess Pose

For this class I recommend two books:

Anodea Judith’s Chakra Balancing Kit with the detailed book and 2 CD’s, and

Swami Svananda Chakra Meditation with the beautiful imagery and meditations

A great Cakra Poster is available from Sanskrit Sounds which has all the traditional description of the chakras from the Vedas by Nicolai Bachman.

To enhance your practice you may enjoy:

A sprig of rosemary, basil or a piece of cedar wood or cedar resin; a rosewood mala bead necklace or a mala of choice, a piece of dark stone or crystal, either red or black such as jasper or onyx or hematite. Cloves or black pepper, or grounding essential oils such as frankincense.


A bolster or small pillow, a blanket folded and firm, two yoga blocks and of course your yoga mat. Room temp water and an open mind. =-)

root chakra yantra

Root Chakra Yantra

The workshop associated with this post is accessed via streaming audio on:



Search Yoga 4 Love

Discount Code 50% off use TEXAS

Receive Unlimited Audio Classes for a month for $10.

Join Lisa for a 7 Week Series:

FREE Downloads for Root chakra workshop:

f Chakra Chart Yoga4Love

Foods for the Chakras

Goddess Pose with Root Chakra Mudra

Goddess Pose with Root Chakra Mudra Lisa Ware

Take 1 class or all 7!

85 minutes; Beginners, All Levels

Enjoy a yoga class focused on your energy centers with Lisa in a beautiful Far Infrared Heated yoga studio! Practice yoga surrounded with tranquility and find your bliss on your mat! Make a commitment to mind, body spirit!
Begin the series with the Root Chakra and end focusing on Transformation and Ascension with the Crown Chakra!

Each week’s flow is designed to activate, balance and connection to breath through Mind / Body / Spirit. Learn and feel in new ways, connect with our natural Prana (the body’s chi, ki or energy). Learn to awaken all of our energy points (chakras) with some new and many traditional techniques and poses. Specific Sun Salutations for each chakra (Surya Namaskar). Learn how certain Warrior series activate direction of energy (Prana Vayus). Experience delicious twists, beginner and advanced back bending and an intro to basic inversions. All Yoga 4 Love Signature sequences are chosen to stimulate and balance each Chakra center. Come to one class or all 7!

This creative class series combines Lisa’s two passions: Reiki and Vinyasa Flow Yoga. Learn through the practice of yoga and some breakdown/ lecture time about the colors, yantra meditation, crystals + positive affirmations and Sun Salutations specifically for each chakra. All learning is experienced during a flowing yoga class. Starting with breath work (pranayama) and setting your intention for the chakra energy center, we then begin moving into a flow set to conscious music at a pace that will stretch you to your edge, or be therapeutic, whatever you feel is best of you that present moment. Hold your focus and feel deep relaxation with an energy filled yoga practice, a beautiful blend of Hatha and Vinyasa infused with the transformative yin energy of Reiki Healing Therapy.

Build your core strength, balance, increase your internal fire. Have fun, laugh, fall out of poses, play and strengthen. You will leave feeling rejuvenated, refreshed and balanced.

Finish this class with Reiki and guided meditation during a lovely final relaxation (Savasana).

Oneness. Peace. Love. Light

Lisa Ware, E-RYT
Reiki Master Teacher

Held at Dynamic Yoga 4 Love Studio 558 Bluebird Lane Red Oak, TX 75154

Held Virtually at www.hitplayyoga.com

Included in Yoga 4 Love membership. $12 Drop in or 7 class pass $65 (reg. $84).

Sign Up HERE

Rosewood Mala provided by Atma Inports

Much gratitude!

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What is Vinyasa Yoga by Lisa Ware

2014-03-06 22:24:53



Monarch on Redbud | Photo Credit: Lisa Ware

Sanskrit | विन्यास

vinyāsa; vi-NYAAH-sa is a Sanskrit term often employed in relation to certain styles of yoga. The term vinyasa may be broken down into its Sanskritic roots to assist in decoding its meaning. Nyasa denotes “to place” and vi denotes “in a special way.” Like many Sanskrit words, vinyasa is a term that has many meanings.


There are four basic definitions of vinyasa

1) the linking of body movement with breath

2) a specific sequence of breath-synchronized movements used to transition between sustained postures

3) setting an intention for one’s personal yoga practice and taking the necessary steps toward reaching that goal

4) a type of yoga class.


Sequential movement that interlinks postures to form a continuous flow. It creates a movement meditation that reveals all forms as being impermanent and for this reason are not held on to.

It denotes a flowing, dynamic form of yoga, connected to breath or pranayama in which yoga and mudra transitions are embodied as linkages within and between asana. Indeed, this process entrains the mindstream with the bodymind of the aspirant, and fuels the samādhi (higher level of concentrated meditation, the 8th limb of yoga,  a Mystery in the adept; in affirmation that no value judgment between the importance or ascendancy of the asana or the transitions between asana is held. This view of non-judgement is grounded, founded and based in the Shunyata Doctrine which informed the development of vinyasa styles.

Vinyasa is also employed as a noun to describe the sequence of poses that are performed between Adho Mukha Svanasana or Downward Facing Dog as part of a Surya Namaskara or Sun Salutation sequence. This is more correctly termed half-vinyasa, as full-vinyasa returns to complete standing asana or positions.

Srivasta Ramaswami, (whom Lisa has had the pleasure of studying with directly) author of The Complete Book of Vinyasa Yoga and a direct disciple of the legendary Yoga teacher Krishnamacharya, brings forth the essence of Vinyasa in asana practice in the following way,

“My guru believed that the correct vinyasa method is essential in order to receive the full benefits from yoga practice. The following quote, which was translated from Yoga Makaranda, perfectly captures this sentiment.”From time immemorial the Vedic syllables…are chanted with the correct (high, low, and level) notes. Likewise, sruti (pitch) and laya (rhythm) govern Indian classical music. Classical Sanskrit poetry follows strict rules of chandas (meter), yati(caesura), and prasa (assemblage). Further, in mantra worship, nyasas (usually the assignment of different parts of the body to various deities, with mantras and gestures) – such as Kala nyasa, Matruka nyasa, Tatwa nyasa – are integral parts. Likewise yogasana (yogic poses), pranayama (yogic breathing exercises), and mudras (seals, locks, gestures) have been practiced with vinyasas from time immemorial. However, these days, in many places, many great souls who teach yoga do so without the vinyasas. They merely stretch or contract the limbs and proclaim that they are practicing yoga…””

Ramaswami further goes on to add, “Just as music without proper pitch (sruti) and rhythm (laya) will not give happiness, yogasana practice without the observance of vinyasas will not give health. That being the case what can I say about the long life, strength and other benefits?”

Vinyasa yoga, in which movement is synchronized to the breath, is a term that covers a broad range of yoga classes. This style is sometimes also called flow yoga, because of the smooth way that the poses run together and become like a dance. The breath becomes an important component because the teacher will instruct you to move from one pose to the next on an inhale or an exhale. Vinyasa is literally translated from Sanskrit as meaning “connection,” according to Ellen Stansell, PhD, RYT, a scholar of yogic literature and Sanskrit. In terms of yoga asana we can interpret this as a connection between movement and breath.

From the Yoga 4 Love Advanced Training Program Teacher Training Manual

© Lisa Ware 2014

Sources: http://yoga.about.com/od/howtospeakyoga/g/asana.htm

Lori Gaspar |  http://yoga.about.com/bio/Ann-Pizer-12794.htm

Srivasta Ramaswami, author of The Complete Book of Vinyasa Yoga

Maehle (2007: p.294)  | http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sam%C4%81dhi


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Vegan Cinnamon Roll ~ Personal Sized and Gluten Free

2014-03-03 10:57:42


This cinnamon roll can be made in the microwave, for a fast homemade treat, next time I am doubling the recipe, it is just that good. What to do with the bananas when they get brown? This is a perfect recipe. It is also vegan and gluten free, yeast free, with no refined sugar!


  • 1/3 C Gluten Free All Purpose Flour
  • 1/2 t Baking Powder
  • 1/16- 1/8 t Himalayan Pink Salt to taste
  • 1- 1/4 T Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
  • 1/2 extra ripe banana, mashed

Cinnamon Filling:

  • 2 t Organic Coconut Oil
  • 1- 1/2 t Organic Coconut Sugar
  • 1/2 t Cinnamon (good cinnamon is so worth it)

Icing Ideas:

  • Soy or Coconut Yogurt and Coconut Sugar
  • Peanut Butter and Coconut Sugar (this is what I made and it was really yummy)
  • Vegan Butter and Coconut Sugar

Mix all dough ingredients. Place some extra flour on a smooth board or counter and press dough into a long thin rectangle, adding more flour to the edges to keep from sticking too much.

Melt coconut oil and mix in coconut sugar, add cinnamon. Spread over the dough.

Using a flat scraper or butter knife, flat edge, peel dough off starting at one end and roll into a cinnamon roll shape. Place in a microwaveable cup. Microwave 1-1/2 to 2 minutes, don’t overcook. Let sit a minute. Top with 1/2 t coconut sugar if desired.

Add Icing of choice!


Adapted from a recipe from Kylie at Yeah… immaeatthat



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Manifesting Happiness in My Daily Living, Adding Joy Juice to My Life

2014-03-02 20:03:41

Beautiful Altar

Are you wanting to live a life of JOY? Well look no further! Do you start your day with a smile? Do you jump out of bed and begin your day with gratitude? Does your day consist of one serendipitous moment after another? Would you like to add more ‘Joy Juice’ to your life? Here are some tips on how to create the dream life you want, moment by moment.

  1. Focus on happiness and removing negative self talk from your life NOW. When we remove negative tapes we also need to replace the empty space with something else or the old patterns of thought will sneak right back in. This brings us to our second point.
  2. Create positive affirmations. Have you heard of these? If so, you may have tried doing affirmations in the past. If not let us begin! Are you currently doing affirmations? Do you have the dream life you want? Well, let us start doing affirmations DAILY. Then never stop. Affirmations have a very specific way of working. They are written in the present or past tense, as if it has ALREADY been manifested. They are written in the positive, never using ‘I don’t’ etc. Use I AM statements to begin and NOW to end your sentences. Keep each affirmation general, do not limit your mind on how to attract what you want. Stay on topic and keep it fairly short. Allow your subconscious mind to work out the details of the HOW and WHY. Place at least 3 in your car, on your fridge, by your bed and, yes, in your bathroom eye level to when you go. These all are places of ‘high density emotions’. Your affirmations may change from month to month, year to year, but we always must place positivity into our minds and keep no room for the negative tapes to replay.  This brings us to our next tip.
  3. Write a list of what you want in every area of your life. Make a list for home, self, health, spirituality, career, family, community, relationships, and any other ‘hats; you may wear. This is not difficult, it is actually really fun! Why? Because you are writing about your favorite topic, your SELF. This isn’t narcissistic, this is a necessary part of the manifestation process!
  4. Create a VISION BOARD! What is that, you may ask? This is a physical, tangible poster of cut outs and print outs of things that represent your dream life. Then you paste it all together onto a board in a fun creative process. The board is then placed in a prominent area of your home where you see it upon rising and before going to bed. Segue into the next point, please.
  5. Before going to bed EVERY NIGHT: Say your affirmations, then look at your vision board. Really FEEL the dreams on your board, as if you ALREADY have it. Feel how you would after that is manifested in your life.
  6. Hold this feeling for 17 seconds then put together 4 of these feelings, really attracting this joy into your life. 68 seconds is all it takes. (For much more on this tip read Money and The Law of Attraction, by Abraham-Hicks.
  7. For the last 5 minutes before sleep, always go to bed with your mind in your I AM vibration. If something happened that day and it was not so positive, it may come up before sleeping. Bring yourself back into the feeling of abundance. Never go to bed with the negative thought. Stop, get up and do something then come back to bed using the technique above. This is a critical time to spend 6-8 hours in a frequency of manifestation, so make sure that you are in this positive place before sleep.
  8. Ask your angels, Guides, Archangels, Master Teacher and any connection to something Greater than your self for their help and support in your life. This is 99% of the work. STAY in that connection. Surrender to the flow. Remember when we force things through, we are going against the flow. TRUST.
  9. Schedule an appointment with a professional to help you with this process, someone that you can trust, who has similar values and is easy to talk to.
  10. Reiki and Yoga, Meditation and Angels plus simply being in nature are all amazing tools to help create joy.

I know these techniques work. Try them for just a few days and you will see results. Stay with it and you will create the dream life you deserve and know is perfect for you. Namaste.


Originally published on Examiner.com by Lisa Ware, Dallas Yoga Examiner


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FREE Yoga Classes Online and I AM HAPPY exercises

2014-03-02 15:39:08

I want to teach yoga for you and have you practice yoga regularly, but you may not be able come to my studio, so I have FREE yoga classes online for you to practice with me! Click today for some streaming yoga and meditation FREE on my website


 Also I have tons of classes streaming via Hit Play Yoga and  search Yoga 4 Love.

You can subscribe  for a month of Unlimimted yoga and meditation with me and many national teachers. Discount code TEXAS for 50% off your month

for $10.


Below are a few things we can do these every day. Do them daily until you feel restored and happy, from my lifecoach author and mentor, Gary Quinn~

1) Practice looking at things and qualities of life and say, “I AM HAPPY”.  That is for me.

2) Be aware and conscious of your body, your feelings, your reactions, and your experience from moment to moment.


For more info on Gary Quinn, check out his new book The YES Frequency It is all about affirmations and using the Power of YES. You can buy it now on Amazon.com


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Color Meditation by Louise L Hay

2014-02-26 13:52:47

Color Meditation.

Cakra Flag

This is a meditation that Louise L Hay led during several talks she did back in the early days. She has not yet published this meditation or recorded it on any of her CDs. She sent it out in her newsletter for her subscribers today.

I’d like to share it with you here:

Now, close your eyes. Relax and take several deep breaths.

Now let your body tension go.

We are going to take a color trip. Climb a mountain of color. During this trip, I want you to be aware of your breathing. Each time you take in a breath, you will be inhaling a color, which will have a definite effect on your body.

We are at the bottom of a mountain, a mountain of color. Here at the bottom of the mountain, everything isRed, the grass, the flowers, the trees and even the air. Each time you inhale you breathe in Red. And as you continue to do this, you feel your energy level pick up. With each Red inhalation, all fears drop away and you have the courage to be yourself. Look around, everything you see is Red. Feel this Red.

All right now. We have vitalized our bodies and we are proceeding up the mountain. As we arrive at the second level, we see that now everything is colored Orange.Breathe in Orange with each inhalation. As this Orange color enters your body, you feel your inhibitions drop away and you become more aware of both your physical vitality and your mental powers. You feel balanced. Everything you see is Orange. Feel this Orange.

Now we climb to the next level. As we arrive, we see that here everything is Yellow. Now we are breathing in Yellow with each inhalation. As you breathe in Yellow, you feel your mind expanding. Sense the freedom gained through the use of your mind. You feel Yellow saturating your body with happiness and a joy of living. Look around, everything you see is Yellow. Feel this yellow.

Now it is time to climb to the next level, and now we feel great peace and tranquility as we enter the Green world. Everything at this level is Green. It is the midpoint in our climb and a time for rest. We are aware that we must alternate activity with rest. Breathe in Green with each inhalation. See the color coming into your lungs. Feel the balance within yourself. The Green is soothing your muscles and relaxing your body and your mind. Everything you see is Green. Feel this Green.

All right. We have rested. And now we climb further and reach the Blue plateau. Everything is blue. We begin to sense eternity. For we have left the valley and our sight has no limitations. We can see both heaven and earth. Breathe in this Blue and feel faith entering your body. The Blue takes away all anxieties as you get a glimpse of true understanding. Everything you see is Blue, feel this Blue.

With this faith within you, we now climb higher and gradually enter the Indigo level. Everything you see has that deep Indigo quality. Breathe in this color and feel your intuitive perception increasing. You are beginning to see the larger picture, beyond the little personal problems, to get a sense of the journey of life. Breathe in the Indigo with each inhalation. Feel this Indigo.

This Indigo breath is filling your body with love—for yourself and for all mankind. For you realize we are all one family.

With this knowledge, we almost float up the mountain reaching the summit. Here we see that everything has turned Violet. As we breathe in this Violet color, we seem to see to eternity. And though it is the unknown, we are not afraid. For we have within us courage, balance, joy, peace, faith, love and understanding. With each Violet breath, feel the understanding of the truth of the Universe filling your very being. Your flaws and your faults drop away and you see yourself as shining perfection. Everything you see is Violet. Feel this Violet.

You are truly one with all life. You know it. You sense it. You feel it. You will carry this with you wherever you go.

Everything we learn, we tuck away in our minds. It is all useful at some time and some place. Today we have all come here for a reason. Let’s take this knowledge with us and put it to use in our own lives.

This is a good day and we rejoice in the joy of living. All right now, let us slowly come back.

~ Love love love ~

Flower of life

I was able to share this with my 15 year old son who is home with a stomach ache and not in school today. I’m thankful for this gift and the time home with him.

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Happy Valentines Day! Happy full moon!

2014-02-14 01:46:38


Corinthians 13 4 thru 8

Happy Valentines Day! Happy full moon! What a way to begin the weekend! Woo Hoo!

You may have to give something up today in order to give yourself the gift of space and time. Raise the quality of something in your life today as symbolic to the commitment of making yourself and your journey in life the highest priority of all.

10 affirmations from Louise L Hay to help you love yourself and bring more love into your life.

  1. I choose to see clearly with eyes of love. I love what I see.
  2. Love happens! I release the desperate need for love, and instead, allow it to find me in the perfect time.
  3. Love is around every corner, and joy fills my entire world.
  4. Today, I remember that Life loves me and will reward me.
  5. Life is very simple. What I give out comes back to me. Today I chose to give love.
  6. I rejoice in the love I encounter every day.
  7. I am surrounded by love. All is well.
  8. I am comfortable looking in the mirror and saying, “I love you. I really love you.”
  9. I draw love and acceptance into my life, and I accept it now.
  10. Love is all there is!


Any time you notice your mind visiting familiar neighborhoods of negativity, reroute it with thoughts about the things, people, and circumstances for which you’re grateful. Gratitude opens the heart to the world around you in the same way being in love makes the world seem like a kinder and more benevolent place. You’re not only happy, but inspired available to receive whatever ideas and inspirations may come your way.

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Gluten Free Banana Flax Chocolate Chip Protein Muffins

2014-01-27 08:12:28

These muffins are so easy and so amazing. Anytime you have some extra bananas this is a great way to use them up. I used 2 2/3 bananas instead of 3 because my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel bags for bananas! Guess where the other third went?


GF banana flax muffin ingredients

1 scoop Chocolate Juice Plus Complete Powder (1/3 C)
1 1/2 C Gluten free flour (I used Cassova flour)
1 t Xanthan Gum
1 1/8 whole rolled organic or instant oats GF
2 t baking powder
1 t baking soda
1/2 t cinnamon
1/2 t pink salt

2/3 C Turbonado Sugar ( I use Sugar in the Raw)

Mix all dry ingredients above. In a separate bowl mix wet ingredients:
3 soft bananas
2 organic eggs, beaten
1/3 C melted organic extra virgin coconut oil
3/4 plus 1 -3 T almond milk
1 t vanilla extract

1/3 C GF mini chocolate chips (I use Enjoy Life)

In a bowl mash bananas. Mix coconut oil and eggs together to keep oil from hardening up. Add eggs and coconut oil and vanilla to dry ingredients. Add almond milk reserving the 3 Tablespoons in case you need it.
When mixture is thick but everything is mixed up (but not sticky) then add the chocolate chips.


Place in silicone muffin cups or foil lined muffin cups sprayed with organic Pam. Bake at 400 degrees for 17 minutes using a convection fan or a little longer with no fan; check with a toothpick. The outside will be fairly crispy but make sure the middle is completely cooked.

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Happy 2014 Happy New Moon + Dynamic Yoga 4 Love Studio's 3 Year Anniversary

2014-01-01 01:40:56

Happy New Year 2014! It is Dynamic Yoga 4 Love Studio’s 3 Year Anniversary!


Plus… it is an unusual New Moon, and a SuperMoon at that, on New Year’s Day morning 5:14 AM CST.

This is a perfect time to set our intentions for the coming cycle!  Any New Moon potentizes our intentions as we align them with the thrusting forward of new unfolding and growing energy, but aligned with the cultural significance to many of the calendar year, we have a strong force for laying out to the elemental universe our desires and needs for the coming year.

New Moon is the time for anchoring our intentions and setting goals for the next year. This is a super moon that harnesses the year with a good blast of focus and the inspiration!  Make a healthy “to do” list. Beware of irritation, conflict and reactions of others. There is a potential for arguments, accidents and emotional eruptions. This is all part of the energetic tension that can actually be focused into productivity …if you are aware of it. YOU decide which way it will go.

Practice setting some boundaries around with whom and where you spend your precious time during this New Year and New Moon time. Don’t waste it on trying to please others! Don’t get sucked into some activity that does not serve you (FaceBook). Use this opportunity to launch your year in the best way possible!


New Moon Resource: The Power Path


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Winter Solstice and what it means to me

2013-12-20 20:17:34


This Winter Solstice is special oppotunity to create a ceremony around honoring yourself, your partner, your childeren and your loved ones. A chance to examine your own truth. I believe this is a time to realize where our energies are draining and where our financed are leaking and put a stopper in it! A laser is only useful if it is focused, so my lovelinesses, this is the same with our own energy. It also is especially important with our finances and creating ABUNDANCE! Stop all the tiny expendutures, because when Creator can trust you with the responsibility of the ‘small stuff’ you can be trusted with bigger and bigger manifestations. These manifestations can be financial, relationship, finding a partner, having a baby, getting a new kitten (me!), presenting at a new festival or whatever you can dream!!! If you have been given the dream, you have been given the way! Just GET OUT OF THE WAY of the flow and receive! It is TIME, my beauties. It is the exact perfect NOW, it is THE time.

The solstice is always a time of change, reset, release of the past, and a movement into a new cycle. This solstice is about anchoring in pragmatism your dreams and intentions.

Today, my Uncle Jerry crossed over. Remember to honor your life, your health and your freedom. I am also hit by a major allergy attack. This has left me time in bed ALL DAY to set my intentions for 2014, reflect and rest.

My Uncle Jerry was a charismatic, larger than life character. He was extremely intoned with nature. He was a California modern day hippie and I always have had an affinity for him.

One year while visiting my aunt and him he asked me if I wanted to wake up really early for something special. I am not by nature a morning person, but I agreed. He awoke well before dawn, smoked his medicinal marajuana, (he had chronic pain and cancer). Then he tried to wake me, HURRY UP Lisa You are going to miss it! We rushed out and he said we almost missed it. It was First Light, the dawn before the sunrise.

Jerry communed with the trees as the light broke, a HUGE wind swept over the palms and branches swayed. He said, “Hi Guys!!!” It was a very special insight into the connection we all have with nature, but somehow forgotten.

I will always remember that moment. Today I woke before First Light, as my baby kitten needed fed. I went outside, and with an overcast sky I looked up, the light began to dawn and a soft rain began to fall over me, kissing my cheeks. I look back and see that he was saying goodbye, for now. But he will always be here as my Angel. I will continue to hold the First Light ritual as often as I can. It is simply beautiful.

Your desires should be given top priority. Remember you cannot fix or create intentions for anyone else. Don’t be afraid to dream big! Over these last few months many of us have carried, changed, released, processed, started or created. Release it!! Find a creative way to somehow let all of this go, in a fire or other ceremonial way. Then take your vision and ground it in real life application and practicality.

Winter Solstice 2012

Interesting that exactly one year ago I was preparing to offer Yoga at one of the most amazing Festivals for over 1200 people, with the 20th Year of Winter SolstiCelebration with Amy Moonlady Martin. As the shift took place, and it is a year later, now I sit at home in bed, reflecting, renewing and at home I find peace.

Blessings to you and yours.

Peace, Love + Light

Lisa =-)



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Vegan Gingerbread with 'Cream Cheese' Frosting

2013-12-16 15:19:23



I found this recipe on a favorite blog. Enjoy!

The recipe turns out soft and incredibly moist, with the same deeply rich flavor as traditional gingerbread laden with eggs and butter and sugar. Yet this is probably the healthiest gingerbread recipe you’ll ever eat!

Homemade Gingerbread Recipe

  • 2/3 cup milk of choice
  • 1/4 cup molasses (blackstrap or regular) (50g)
  • 1/4 cup liquid sweetener of choice (such as pure maple syrup) (60g)
  • 1/3 cup carrot juice (80g)
  • 1 tbsp white or apple cider vinegar (15g)
  • 2 tbsp vegetable or melted coconut oil (20g)
  • 2 tbsp ground flaxmeal (12g) (or 2 tsp energ
  • 1 cup whole wheat pastry flour (120g)
  • OR Use All Purpose Gluten Free Flour
  • with 1 t Xanthan Gum
  • 1 tsp baking soda
  • 1/4 tsp salt
  • 1 1/2 tsp powdered ginger
  • 1 1/2 tsp cinnamon
  • 1/2 tsp allspice
  • 1/4 cup xylitol or brown sugar (45g)
  • 1/2 cup raisins, optional

Gingerbread Recipe: Preheat oven to 400 F and grease an 8×8 pan. In a large measuring bowl, whisk together the first seven ingredients (all liquid ingredients and the flax). Let sit at least 5 minutes. In a separate measuring bowl, stir together all remaining ingredients. Pour wet into dry, and stir until just evenly combined. Do not overmix. Pour into the pan and bake 25 minutes, then remove from the oven and let sit another 20 minutes to cool and achieve the correct texture.


Healthier ‘Cream Cheese’ Frosting

Dreamy creamy healthy cream cheese frosting…

It’s fluffier than Pillsbury cream cheese. It’s creamier than Pillsbury. And if you’re counting calories: you could eat the entire recipe for just 200 calories. Who wouldn’t want to eat an entire container’s worth of frosting in one sitting?

But the following recipe is better than store-bought frosting for a reason much more important than the calories: it’s free of unhealthy trans fats. Many packaged frostings contain your entire day’s worth of trans fats in just two tablespoons.

Healthier Cream Cheese Frosting

(makes about 2/3 cup)

Category: Healthy Frosting Recipes.

  • 1/4 cup Mori-Nu silken-firm tofu (regular or lite) (60g) (See nutritional info link below, for substitution notes.)
  • 1/4 cup plus 2 tablespoons cream-cheese-style spread (I recommend Tofutti non-hydrogenated) (90g)
  • 1/2 tsp pure vanilla extract
  • sweetener of choice (I’d recommend either powdered sugar or powdered stevia—such as Nunaturals. I haven’t tried this with a liquid sweetener and think it would be too runny.)
  • up to 2 tbsp milk of choice, as needed for desired thickness

Blend everything together in a small food processor or a Magic Bullet. If you’re using this recipe to top cupcakes, I’d recommend frosting them just before serving, or frosting earlier and then storing the cupcakes in the fridge, due to the perishable nature of the ingredients. Leftover frosting can be stored for a few days in the fridge, covered.

Variation ideas: Add pumpkin, or shredded carrot and pineapple for a carrot cake dip, or cinnamon and walnuts…

Source: Chocolate Covered Katie


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Glo Green Smoothie Plus+

2013-12-08 21:06:01



Glo Green Smoothie

Add to high powered blender:

32 oz Water

1 Large handful Organic Spinach

3 leaves Organic Kale

2 stalks Organic Celery

1 Organic Green Apple

1 Pear

1 thumb sized piece peeled ginger root

1/2 lemon (with peel)

1/2 lime (with peel)

1 Organic Banana

1 1/2 T Organic Agave Nectar

1t Tumeric

2T Organic Coconut oil

If you have these on hand throw them in:

3 leaves Arugula (gives a nutty flavor), a few sprigs cilantro, a few sprigs parsley

I picked my greens and herbs right off my aeroponic Tower Garden!

Blend on high for 2 minutes.


*special thanks to Yoli for the original recipe!


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Parenting, horses and spills

2013-11-15 04:34:04

So, today my daughter was riding double bareback with another girl, they had helmets on. The horse stopped and skid, they both fell off the horse. She hit the other girls spur upon the fall.  On the way down or upon the fall, her friend’s spur cut through her cheek and sliced off her gum by the molars. It went thru her cheek, also. It’s not good. She’s a trooper.

Well, apparently we didn’t hear care now call and we are back on the bottom of the wait again. Ugh. At least we’re watching Twuster and relaxing. Making her a nice plus smoothie. Hope it doesn’t pour out the hole in her cheek. Just kidding. She’s taking it really well. Treated it colloidal silver.

We decided not to go to care now due to the location of the cut, and are going to an oral surgeon first thing in the am.  Then probably stitches at a specialist for her pretty face. More to come later.

Oh and no yoga tomorrow.

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Vegan Gluten Free Minestrone Soup with Quinoa and Kale

2013-11-12 21:22:17

With the use of Quinoa, an ancient grain, instead of pasta the classic Minestrone is made gluten free! With the use of the parmesan substitute recipe below, this soup is also vegan!

This is a thick vegetable/bean soup, traditionally made with the addition of pasta. It has a long history dating back to pre-Roman days, and it used to be made primarily with leftovers by poor families looking to stretch their food resources. It’s considered a part of la cucina povera, or poor kitchen. It evolved over the years, as any good recipe does, reflecting the economies and eating habits of the people making it, so we modified it to use quinoa (instead of pasta) and add my FAVE green, kale, to this yummy classic soup.

The is a long list of ingredients, but it is super easy! All you’re really doing is chopping the veggies into a medium dice and putting everything in a big pot. It’s fast, easy, and it’s good for several meals. Make a really big pot and freeze what you don’t use in quart containers. They last for months and will be a lifesaver when you can’t or don’t want to cook.

In celebration of this time of harvest, when fresh local vegetables are available almost everywhere, go explore the farmer’s markets, stop at farm stands, or just grab your favorite fresh veggies wherever you can, and make a minestrone. Express yourself!


  • 1 sweet onion – medium diced
  • 2 celery stalks – medium diced
  • 3 carrots – medium diced
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil – or enough to cover the bottom of the pot
  • 2 cloves garlic – finely chopped
  • 2 cups fresh zucchini – medium diced (about 1 medium or 2 small)
  • 2 cups green beans – cut in 1 inch pieces
  • 1 bell pepper – medium diced
  • 1.75 lbs of fresh tomatoes or 1 x 28 ounces can crushed tomatoes
  • 4 cups of water
  • 1 15-ounce can of cannellini beans
  • 1 15-ounce can of chickpeas
  • 1 cup quinoa
  • 2 cups kale – stems removed
  • 1 teaspoon turmeric (or to taste)
  • Pinch of red pepper flakes
  • Salt and pepper to taste


Parmesan ‘Cheese’ Substitute


Garnish with parmesan to taste, omit if vegan or use a parmesan substitute such as:

Ground cashews mixed with nutritional yeast, so easy!

Garnish with slivered basil or finely chopped rosemary


1. Place a large stockpot over medium heat and add the onions, carrots and celery. Cook for about 5 minutes or until softened.
2. Add the garlic and a pinch of red pepper flakes and cook for about one minute or until garlic begins to color.
3. Add the zucchini and the green beans, season with salt and pepper, add the turmeric, stir and cook for about 3 minutes.
4. Add the tomatoes and the water, raise heat to high and bring to a boil.
5. Lower the heat to medium/low and allow the soup to gently boil (uncovered) for about 20 minutes.
6. Add the quinoa and cover for 15 minutes.
7. Remove the cover, add the kale and the canned beans (more water if needed) bring back to a gentle boil and cook for another 5 minutes or just until the kale is tender.


Grate in the parmesan (or parmesan substitute), add the basil and serve.

Silvia Bianco Mind Body Green
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Slow Cooker Clean Cuisine Chili Recipe

2013-11-11 21:19:11

Mom what’s for dinner??
Here ya go!

Grab your slow cooker, dust it off and you’re so done with dinner.I can’t wait to make this tonight, as I purchased a super cool professional grade food slicer gadget at the State Fair! WooHoo!

  • 2 Tablespoons cold-pressed extra-virgin olive oil
  • 1 purple or yellow onion, finely chopped
  • 3 carrots, chopped
  • 2 Tablespoons minced garlic
  • 3 celery ribs, chopped
  • 1 red or orange bell pepper, chopped
  • 2 Tablespoons minced canned chipotle chilies in adobo sauce, plus 1 to 2 teaspoons adobo sauce
  • Himalayian sea salt (or Organic Real Salt) to taste
  • 3 Tablespoons nutritional yeast
  • 2 cans (15 ounces each) BPA-free organic small red chili beans, rinsed and drained (you can also use black beans)
  • 1 can (14.5 ounces) diced tomatoes
  • 2 ½ Cups organic vegetable broth or 3 organic salt free veggie bouillon cubes
  • 2 teaspoons ground cumin
  • 2 teaspoons chili powder
  • 2 packages 8 ounces each tempeh (such as Lightlife) OR ground turkey (free range) OR grond veggie crumbles (such as Boca)
  • 6 ounces beer OR 1 can  6 oz. Budweiser Lime A Rita
  • Juice of a lime (omit is using Lime A Rita)
  • 1 Tablespoon raw honey
  1. Heat 1 Tablespoon of the oil in a large heavy pot over medium heat. Add the onions, carrotsm and 1 Tablespoon of the garlic; sauté until the onion is soft, 4 to 5 minutes. Add the celery, bell pepper, chipotle chilies, and adobo sauce; sauté until the bell pepper is crisp-tender, 4 to 4 minutes. Season with salt to taste.
  2. Transfer the vegetable mixture to a 5-6 qt slow cooker. Add the nutritional yeast, beans, tomatoes, broth cumin, and chili powder. Use a wooden spoon to stir the ingredients together.
  3. Grate the Tempeh or use the Veggie Crumbles or ground Turkey. Pour the remaining 1 Tablespoon of oil into the skillet used to sauté the vegetables; heat the oil over medium heat. Add the remaining 1 Tablespoon of garlic and grated tempeh and sauté until golden brown, about 8 minutes. Season with salt to taste. Add the beer and honey and stir to scrape up any bits from the bottom of the pan. Let the beer reduce by half.
  4. Transfer the tempeh mixture to the slow cooker and stir to combine. Cover and cook on low heat for two hours. Let chili sit for at least 20 minutes before serving. Serve warm.

Some of the lesser-known ingredients in the recipe are (the full recipe is listed below in blue):

  • canned chipolte chilies in adobo sauce
  • 3 tablespoons nutritional yeast
  • 2 packages of tempeh


Look at this recipe:

  • Fresh, organic veggies (whichever veggies I think would work well with chili. Think corn, jalepenos, green peppers, etc.)
  • Garlic, onion, extra virgin olive oil (start buying cold-pressed…always)
  • Organic broth (any kind…beef, chicken, veg….just make sure it’s organic)
  • Canned tomatoes and beans (BPA-free cans are more expensive, but sometimes they have good deals at whole foods and other stores….take advantage of them! BPA-lined cans can leak toxins into our foods)
  • Spices (that I probably already have)
  • BEER (Woo HOO!!)
  • Raw Honey (I probably wouldn’t add this because I don’t have much of a sweet tooth, especially when it comes to chili)
  • I would also add some lime, as I always add citrus to soups, sauces, and salad dressings (it cuts the amount of salt you need to add!)

If using ground veggie crumbles or turkey instead of tempeh (hard to find) simply brown it in a pan with the beer, some garlic and onions, and just throw all of the other ingredients in the slow cooker) And voila! You have a healthy, hearty, delicious chili to serve!


Adapted from the blog:



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Benefits of Coconut Oil Brain Food and Ketone Production

2013-11-07 19:33:28

Coconut Oil is amazing in your green smoothies!

I have used it and it helps satiate your hunger, as well.

It is also wonderful for your hair and on your skin!

I have used this amazing oil in place of leave in conditioner for years. Also, it makes for a great safe lotion alternative. I have found more wonder info about the uses and benefits that I wanted to share with you below!

Coconut Oil Appears to Be an Ideal Brain Food

There are only two types of fuel your body can convert into energy: carbs/sugar, or fat. Again, ketones are what your body produces when it converts fat (as opposed to glucose) into energy. And a primary source of ketone bodies are the medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) found in coconut oil. In fact, coconut oil contains about 66 percent MCTs.

Medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) are fats that are not processed by your body in the same manner as long-chain triglycerides. Normally, a fat taken into your body must be mixed with bile released from your gallbladder before it can be broken down in your digestive system.

But medium-chain triglycerides go directly to your liver, which naturally converts the oil into ketones, bypassing the bile entirely. Your liver then immediately releases the ketones into your bloodstream where they are transported to your brain to be readily used as fuel.

While your brain is quite happy running on glucose, there’s evidence suggesting that ketone bodies may actually help restore and renew neurons and nerve function in your brain, even after damage has set in. Interestingly, the mechanism of this MCT-ketone metabolism appears to be that your body treats MCTs as a carbohydrate and not a fat.  This allows the ketone energy to hit your bloodstream without the normal insulin spike associated with carbohydrates entering your bloodstream. So in effect, coconut oil is a fat that acts like a carbohydrate when it comes to brain fuel.

How Much Coconut Oil Might You Need?

Therapeutic levels of MCTs have been studied at 20 grams per day. According to Dr. Newport’s calculations,5 just over two tablespoons of coconut oil (about 35 ml or seven level teaspoons) would supply you with the equivalent of 20 grams of MCT, which is indicated as either a preventative measure against degenerative neurological diseases, or as a treatment for an already established case.

While more research certainly needs to be done in this area as well, I see no reason not to incorporate coconut oil in your diet, or the diet of a loved one who is exhibiting symptoms of brain degeneration. Coconut oil has so many profound health benefits; it’s not going to do any harm.

It’s worth noting that people tolerate coconut oil differently, and you may have to start slowly and build up to these therapeutic levels. My recommendation is to start with one teaspoon, taken with food in the mornings. Gradually add more coconut oil every few days until you are able to tolerate about four tablespoons. It’s best to take it with food, to avoid upsetting your stomach.

Low-Fat Craze has Likely Contributed to Dramatic Rise in Alzheimer’s

A number of seriously flawed nutritional guidelines have contributed to more than a few health problems in the US, and the low-fat craze (aimed at preventing heart disease) is toward the top of that list. Not only does avoiding healthful fat promote heart disease, it also promotes brain diseases like Alzheimer’s.

According to neurologist Dr. David Perlmutter, fat avoidance and carbohydrate overconsumption are at the heart of the Alzheimer’s epidemic—which is an entirely preventable disease, driven by lifestyle factors such as diet. Dr. Perlmutter’s book, Grain Brain, provides a powerful argument for eliminating grains from your diet to protect your brain health. Another major factor is the development and increased consumption of genetically engineered (GE) grains, which are now pervasive in most processed foods sold in the US. Unfortunately, despite dire need, there’s little money available for research into treatments using regular food items. As Amanda Smith, Medical Director at University of South Florida (USF) Health Byrd Alzheimer’s Institute told CTV News:

”The pharmaceutical industry is in this — of course to make money for their companies, and of course they want to help people theoretically — but at the end of the day it is about dollars and cents, and so money gets invested in things that are new or patentable rather than things that are sitting on the shelf already.”

Intermittent Fasting Can Also Increase Ketone Production

There are two additional ways to increase ketone production: restricting carbohydrates, and intermittent fasting. Personally, I believe all three of these strategies are best applied together, as you need to replace the lost carbs with high quality fat (and coconut oil certainly fits that bill), and intermittent fasting will help your body shift to burning fat as its primary fuel. It takes about six to eight hours for your body to metabolize your glycogen stores, after which you start to shift to burning stored fat, and hence producing ketone bodies.

Contrary to more stringent and challenging fasts, intermittent fasting simply involves timing your meals to allow your body to enter the fat-burning “window.”  To be effective, the length of your fast must be at least 16 hours. For example, this would mean eating only between the hours of 11am until 7pm, or noon until 8pm. You can restrict it even further — down to six, four, or even two hours if you want, but you can still reap many of the health benefits associated with intermittent fasting by limiting your eating to an eight-hour window each day.

I recommend easing yourself into this type of eating schedule. Start by not eating anything for three hours prior to bed, and then gradually extend the time before you eat breakfast each day to the point that you have skipped breakfast and have your first meal at lunch. This typically takes a few weeks to a few months. Also, this is not something that needs to be done continuously once your body has shifted to fat burning mode. However your desire to eat will be dramatically reduced so you won’t feel the need to eat like you did before shifting your body’s primary fuel burning preference.

Tips for Maintaining Healthy Brain Function and Avoiding Alzheimer’s Disease

Knowing that Alzheimer’s is a preventable disease, predicated on your lifestyle choices, puts the power into your hands.  Diet is paramount, and the beauty of following my optimized nutrition plan is that it helps prevent and treat virtually ALL chronic degenerative diseases, including Alzheimer’s disease.

People who experience very little decline in their cognitive function up until their deaths have been found (post-mortem) to be free of brain lesions, showing that it’s entirely possible to prevent the damage from occurring in the first place… and one of the best ways to do this is by leading a healthy lifestyle. The following guidelines will help you protect your brain health well into old age:

    • Avoid sugar and refined fructoseIdeally, you’ll want to keep your sugar levels to a minimum and your total fructose below 25 grams per day, or as low as 15 grams per day if you have insulin resistance or any related disorders.
    • Avoid gluten (primarily wheat). Research shows that your blood-brain barrier, the barrier that keeps things out of your brain where they don’t belong, is negatively affected by gluten. Gluten also makes your gut more permeable, which allows proteins to get into your bloodstream, where they don’t belong. That then sensitizes your immune system and promotes inflammation and autoimmunity, both of which play a role in the development of Alzheimer’s.
    • Optimize your gut flora by regularly eating fermented foods or taking a high potency and high quality probiotic supplement.
    • Increase consumption of all healthful fats, including animal-based omega-3. Beneficial health-promoting fats that your brain needs for optimal function include organic butter from raw milk, clarified butter called organic grass fed raw butter, olives, organic virgin olive oil and coconut oil, nuts like pecans and macadamia, free-range eggs, wild Alaskan salmon, and avocado.

Contrary to popular belief, the ideal fuel for your brain is not glucose but ketones. Ketones are what your body produces when it converts fat (as opposed to glucose) into energy. The medium chain triglycerides (MCT) found in coconut oil are GREAT source of ketone bodies, because coconut oil is about 66 percent MCTs.  In fact, ketones appear to be thepreferred source of brain food in patients affected by diabetes or Alzheimer’s.

Also make sure you’re getting enough animal-based omega-3 fats, such as krill oil. (I recommend avoiding most fish because, although fish is naturally high in omega-3, most fish are now severely contaminated with mercury.) High intake of the omega-3 fats EPA and DHA help by preventing cell damage caused by Alzheimer’s disease, thereby slowing down its progression, and lowering your risk of developing the disorder.

    • Reduce your overall calorie consumption, and/or intermittently fast. As mentioned above, ketones are mobilized when you replace carbs with coconut oil and other sources of healthy fats. A one-day fast can help your body to “reset” itself, and start to burn fat instead of sugar.

As part of a healthy lifestyle, I prefer an intermittent fasting schedule that simply calls for limiting your eating to a narrower window of time each day. By restricting your eating to a 6-8 hour window, you effectively fast 16-18 hours each day. To learn more, please see this previous article.

    • Improve your magnesium levels. There is some exciting preliminary research strongly suggesting a decrease in Alzheimer symptoms with increased levels of magnesium in the brain. Unfortunately most magnesium supplements do not pass the blood brain levels, but a new one, magnesium threonate, appears to and holds some promise for the future for treating this condition and may be superior to other forms.
    • Optimize your vitamin D levels with safe sun exposure. Strong links between low levels of vitamin D in Alzheimer’s patients and poor outcomes on cognitive tests have been revealed. Researchers believe that optimal vitamin D levels may enhance the amount of important chemicals in your brain and protect brain cells by increasing the effectiveness of the glial cells in nursing damaged neurons back to health.

Vitamin D may also exert some of its beneficial effects on Alzheimer’s through its anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting properties. Sufficient vitamin D is imperative for proper functioning of your immune system to combat inflammation that is also associated with Alzheimer’s.

    • Keep your fasting insulin levels below 3. This is indirectly related to fructose, as it will clearly lead to insulin resistance. However other sugars (sucrose is 50 percent fructose by weight), grains and lack of exercise are also important factors. Lowering insulin will also help lower leptin levels which is another factor for Alzheimer’s.
    • Eat a nutritious diet, rich in folate, such as the one described in my nutrition plan. Vegetables, without question, are your best form of folate, and we should all eat plenty of fresh raw veggies every day.
    • Avoid and eliminate mercury from your body. Dental amalgam fillings, which are 50 percent mercury by weight, are one of the major sources of heavy metal toxicity, however you should be healthy prior to having them removed. Once you have adjusted to following the diet described in my optimized nutrition plan, you can follow the mercury detox protocol and then find a biological dentist to have your amalgams removed.
    • Avoid aluminum, such as antiperspirants, non-stick cookware, vaccine adjuvants, etc.
    • Exercise regularly. It’s been suggested that exercise can trigger a change in the way the amyloid precursor protein is metabolized,6 thus, slowing down the onset and progression of Alzheimer’s. Exercise also increases levels of the protein PGC-1alpha. Research has also shown that people with Alzheimer’s have less PGC-1alpha in their brains7 and cells that contain more of the protein produce less of the toxic amyloid protein associated with Alzheimer’s. I would strongly recommend reviewing the Peak Fitness Technique for my specific recommendations.
    • Avoid flu vaccinations as most contain mercury, a well-known neurotoxic and immunotoxic agent.
    • Eat blueberries. Wild blueberries, which have high anthocyanin and antioxidant content, are known to guard against Alzheimer’s and other neurological diseases.  Like any fruit though, avoid excesses here.
    • Challenge your mind daily. Mental stimulation, especially learning something new, such as learning to play an instrument or a new language, is associated with a decreased risk of Alzheimer’s. Researchers suspect that mental challenge helps to build up your brain, making it less susceptible to the lesions associated with Alzheimer’s disease.
    • Avoid anticholinergics and statin drugs. Drugs that block acetylcholine, a nervous system neurotransmitter, have been shown to increase your risk of dementia. These drugs include certain nighttime pain relievers, antihistamines, sleep aids, certain antidepressants, medications to control incontinence, and certain narcotic pain relievers.

Statin drugs are particularly problematic because they suppress the synthesis of cholesterol, deplete your brain of coenzyme Q10 and neurotransmitter precursors, and prevent adequate delivery of essential fatty acids and fat-soluble antioxidants to your brain by inhibiting the production of the indispensable carrier biomolecule known as low-density lipoprotein.

Source: Dr. Mercola 

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Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls~ Healthy!

2013-11-05 20:48:24

Pumpkin Stuffed Cinnamon RollsPumpkin Pie Cinnamon Rolls

(Makes 13)

  • 1 tbsp yeast
  • 1 cup milk of choice
  • 2 tbsp sweetener of choice (not xylitol or stevia)
  • 2 1/2 cups whole-wheat pastry flour, spelt flour, or all-purpose Gluten Free flour ( I found a GF flour by Namaste Foods at Costco)
  • 2 tbsp baking powder
  • 1/4 cup sugar of choice
  • 1/8 tsp pure stevia extract, or 4 more tbsp granulated sugar of choice
  • 3/4 tsp salt
  • 2 tsp cinnamon
  • 1 tsp pumpkin pie spice
  • 4 tbsp melted coconut oil or full-fat (but trans-fat-free) butter-type spread
  • 2 tsp pure vanilla extract
  • 5 tbsp whole-wheat pastry or all-purpose Gluten Free flour
  • 3 tbsp sugar of choice (I like Sucanat here)
  • 1 tbsp cinnamon
  • 1/2 tsp pumpkin pie spice
  • optional, 1/2 cup raisins
  • scant 1 cup pumpkin puree
  • dash salt

Warm the milk in a small measuring bowl. You want it warm, but not boiling: if you have a candy thermometer, it should read 110 degrees F. Stir in the 2 tbsp sweetener, sprinkle the yeast on top, and set aside for 5 minutes. During this time, it should bubble up. (If it does not bubble up, either your yeast is no good or your milk was too hot or cold.)

In a large measuring bowl, combine the 2 1/2 cups flour, baking powder, 1/4 cup sugar of choice, stevia, salt, the 2 tsp cinnamon, and 1 tsp pumpkin pie spice. Stir very well.

Stir the melted oil and vanilla extract into the milk mixture, then pour this into the large measuring bowl of dry ingredients and stir to form a dough. Especially if using spelt flour, you may need to add a little extra flour until it’s dry enough to form a dough. Form dough into a ball, then place in a lightly-greased large bowl. Cover loosely with a towel, and set in a warm place to rise 20 minutes or until doubled in size. (If your oven has a “bread proof” setting, this is the perfect place to let your pumpkin cinnamon rolls rise.)

Meanwhile, stir together all remaining pumpkin cinnamon roll ingredients in a medium measuring bowl. Set aside. Lightly grease a 9×13 baking pan. Set aside.

After the dough has risen, punch dough to deflate. Knead dough with your hands, adding the 5 tbsp flour as you knead so that the dough is not sticking to your hands. Knead 5 minutes. On a lightly-floured surface, roll out the dough into a very thin rectangle. Spread the contents of the medium mixing bowl evenly on top. Carefully roll up the dough, lengthwise, lifting and rolling the dough.

Using a large, sharp knife, slice dough into 13 even rolls, wiping the knife after each cut. The filling may ooze out a bit, but this is okay. Place the rolls in the prepared baking pan, and return to the warm place for 30 minutes. Preheat oven to 325 degrees F. When it reaches this temperature, place cinnamon rolls in the oven and bake 20 minutes. Glaze with the recipe below:

For the Glaze:

  • 1 1/2 cups powdered sugar or Sugar-Free Powdered Sugar
  • 3 1/2 to 4 tsp milk of choice (or more or less to achieve desired glaze thickness)

Whisk ingredients together to form a glaze. Using a spoon, drizzle evenly over pumpkin cinnamon rolls.

Click for: Cinnamon Roll Nutrition Facts


pumpkin cinnamon rolls

From my fave dessert blog Chocolate Covered Katie

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Not out of the Woods, but great news! Free Meditation and Audio Yoga Classes!

2013-10-29 04:20:00

This last few weeks have been really emotionally trying, as my mother in law had a traumatic brain injury. She had been in a drug induced coma like state for over three weeks in the ICU. It has resurfaced the deep loss of my own mother.

We really have had no idea if, or when, she will come out. Until today. My husband went to visit and his dad was there too. She was not given any meds for about 30 hours and she is breathing on her own without the treach.  Yesteday she responded to simple commands from my sister in law. Today she squeezed their hands, smiled, TALKED and asked where her other daughter was. She even lifted up to give her hubby a kiss! And she smiled and was being silly, showing how she can point her toe!

Thank you all for your prayers. It is miraculous.  She will remain in ICU until the therapists see fit to move her to a special unit for long term care. We are so grateful that she is still there, or has come back from the great abyss. The family was not ready to let her go and the prayers have literally turned her prognosis around. 

I had lost faith last Friday and called my dad balling. I told him how bad she looked and that I did not see how she could turn around. I truly am in awe. I have prayed, meditated and send her Reiki every moment I thought about her every day since the fall on 10/2/13.

Meditation has been the solid foundation of my practice for over 13 years, even more so than my asana (physical posture) practice. I know that may be hard to believe, because you know how much I love doing yoga. Meditation is a space that you can always retreat to, a place to connect to your inner self and to something much greater than yourself, however you see that connection is up to you. You will be open to interpret anything that comes to you however is perfect for you at that moment.

Give it a go. It just may change your life in a positive way!

How about trying guided meditation? I have uploaded a few FREE Audio Yoga and Meditation classes HERE.

Join us Saturdays 8:00 AM  at the studio. It is a simple 20- 30 minute meditation for all levels. No experience required! We just began this journey, with many requests from YOU.

The first Tuesdays of the month we hold a Goddess Angel Circle Guided Meditation.

Please come on Tuesday,  from 8:15- 9:00 PM (Held directly after 7:00 PM Hot Yoga Black Light Rock Your Asana).

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Reset to Zero, Walking into the Unknown

2013-10-17 04:16:29

These last 15 days have been very trying. The theme of the month is resetting. WHOA. I really have had some major resets in my immediate family, as well as in my life. I have been air-headed, irritable, edgy, NON motivated in my head, and this is not like me at all. I feel like sleeping all the time, and still have three businesses to run, two kids, a hubby, three dogs two cats and the list of responsibilities goes on.


My daughter with her Mimi and Poppa, at her 4th Grade Talent Show where she sang Adele~ her video is on our YouTube.com/Yoga4Lovenet

Link to the video of the talent show HERE

 My mother in law, Ginny, had a Traumatic Brain Injury on 10/2/13 and she had to be rushed to the ER on the ambulance. We thought she had a stroke. She had just left getting an MRI as she does every year, since she is a multiple myloma cancer survivor. She apparently was really freaked out about the MRI and didn’t eat or sleep before the procedure. Afterward they went to eat at a Wendy’s restaurant. She ordered a large meal, seemed to be very hungry, and went to wash her hands, and took her rings off leaving them on the bathroom sink. She must have fallen and someone heard it, we don’t know if she passed out or fell. When she did she shattered the commode and it was pulled out from the wall, flooding water everywhere. The manager unlocked the door and they found her on the ground, Dick, my father in law picked her up and she said she didn’t feel well and wanted to go home. He said, ‘Im calling you an ambulance’, and he followed. By the time family arrived she could only talk gibberish and was getting extremely frustrated, working herself up trying desperately to communicate to my sister in law, Val. They sedated her for her own safety.

She was immediately put in ICU then moved to NCCU and has been there since. She has not been able to wake on her own, as when she does attempt to regain any sort of consciousness her blood pressure goes skyrocket and her heart races. They are keeping her medicated, and have had to intubate her, and feed her with a tube. She had surgery on 10/3 to remove the blood from her brain and between the brain and skull and she did well. However, no one has been able to know if she is really going to be the same person we knew, if she will ever wake up at all, if she will walk, talk, laugh. Rich, and his two sisters are greatly concerned and his dad, Dick, and her BFF Roger haven’t left her side at NCCU. She is having a tracheotomy within the next 24 hours and inserting a feeding tube.

Today my niece drove up from college in Houston to see her Mimi, and as soon as Rich arrived to the hospital Dick gave him and Ashley a list of possible places to move Ginny. Rich has been really trying to hold it all in, and today felt a huge responsibility to find his mom a great place to be cared for. He and Ashley interviewed Baylor Specialty and Charlton MEthodist. Both are coincidentally his clients, as he has aquariums at both locations he cares for with his company The Fish Physician.

They chose Charlton and really feel great about the decision. He came home feeling really happy that she is leaving NCCU. I have seen my own mother’s body digress with 8 years of cancer, remission, cancer, remission, surgery, healing, surgery, radiation, chemo chemo chemo and more fucking chemo… and all the by-products of ‘treatment’ and surgery and all the shit that goes with the hospital, the doctors and the BS. It is a horrible route… and there isn’t any other choice.

I am saddened and know that Ginny does not want her family to suffer. I am hoping for the best for her and we all continue to pray as we step in to this bleak unknown, as we learn to love and hold each other, as we support each other and pray together. I pray that this brings this family to God and to each other, and hold faith that this, too is Divine plan, that this too will blossom something greater and beautiful from this deep darkness.

This too shall pass.

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Full Moon Eclipse

2013-10-17 03:49:40
Moonlit_AwakeningMake deep and permanent change by allowing things that are already showing signs of disintegrating to really fall apart and go into the void and out of existence. If you feel despairing about this process it is only natural as the mind cannot conceive of the creativity that lies just beyond. It only knows to focus on what is being “lost” or “being failed”.

We are headed towards an full moon eclipse on Thursday and it would be a great time to just simply observe in your life what is shifting around. Often your intentions of raising the quality of your life will show up by removing that which you have putting up with. So don’t be surprised if something you own gives up the ghost forcing you to replace it with a new and better model. Remember the mantra for this time “where one door closes another opens”. And when all else fails, give it over to spirit. Don’t take things personally and watch your projections by not taking things out on others.


Source The Power Path

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Happy Full Harvest Moon and Autumnal Equinox

2013-09-19 14:42:42
Sunrise Full Harvest Moon in Pisces

Sunrise Full Harvest Moon in Pisces

TODAY is the day to begin the shift.

The Full Moon before the Autumnal Equinox is about POWER, Beauty Transformation. It all starts with you. Take time today to sit, breathe, ask, receive. What do you want in your life? What answers do you want? What do you want to give?

I was reminded that it is also HARVEST MOON! What have you sewn? What are you reaping? It is time to reap your harvest!

Live life according to Spirit rather than ego. Enjoy the process of life! Dance with the falling leaves!

Where do you most need to regain your balance now? In your
relationships? In your diet? In the way you spend your time? Most of us
know exactly what we need to do to turn our lives around. But few of us
realize just how much easier it is to change ourselves along with the
changing season. Your body and psyche are shifting along with the natural
environment around you. This is the perfect time to follow through on your intuitions about what needs to change for you. READ MORE



Harvest Moon Wishing Meditation Game

It’s a special Full Moon, the Harvest Moon, occurring just before Equinox, when the Sun enters Libra, and the Earth turns toward a new season. Libra is a cardinal sign and in cardinal months we’re often inspired to take new action. There is energy for movement and change!

But first, bless yourself with a little Full Moon magic. On the morning of the Harvest Moon, write down this question: “What would I most love to achieve in the coming season?” Return to this question several times throughout the day and record all of your answers. Before moonrise, select the wish that feels most energetic and true. After the Full Moon has risen, find a secluded spot and stand naked (or nearly so!) under the Moon. Scrub your skin as though you were bathing in moonbeams. Keep your eyes on the Moon and when you feel ready, ask Luna to help make your wish come true.

Watch the Moon for a sign. If she remains clear, that’s a “Yes!” If she brightens and her light intensifies, that’s a strong “Yes!” If a cloud passes over the Moon, you may need to re-think or refine your wish. You can try again the following night, as the Harvest Moon lasts at least three days.


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Synergy Soul Radio Show's Lonee Taylor to Interview Lisa Ware

2013-09-11 23:05:10

On Thursday, September 12, at 10:00 CST Lonee Taylor and Dawn LeRoux will interview Lisa Ware, Founder of Yoga 4 Love on air with their internet radio show Synergy Soul Radio.


Join Loneeand Dawn, the ladies of Synergy Soul,  joined by yoga instructor, educator, and reiki master Lisa Ware of Yoga 4 Love.

Call in to speak with the host 347-237-4589 ! The show will be recorded, as well.

Lisa Ware | Hummingbird Pose

Lisa Ware | Hummingbird Pose

Lisa will share her love for life through connection of mind and body through yoga and over all life enjoyment!

Listen UP, Call IN, and Share The Network

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Join our FREE Weekly Lifecoaching and Nutrition Meetings!

2013-09-10 21:15:34

before after photo

Do you want to start a new wellness nutrition program with me Sundays? I really would like your feedback. It is all whole food based, the only cost is whole foods. See the Getting Started Phase 1~ 90 Days to Feeling Fit, then the 90 Days to Feeling Fit agenda 2013. If it looks like a plan you may do with me login to the download page and read the overview.

If you add yourself to the email signup we will include you in the support emails, too! (form on the 90 Days to Feeling Fit Nutrition page )

If this resonates with you email me. I have the entire program password protected so don’t share it… the password is given after you commit to the plan with us!

We are holding meetings live in studio and via conference calls, which take place weekly! Please join us!

Sundays 2:30 CST


Access Code: 322787

We are so excited about this new program and can not wait to share it with you!



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Green Smoothie Basic Berry Video

2013-09-09 02:43:13

We have a brief version for the basics of the making of a Green Smoothie from our Green Smoothie Party here for you. More to come. Enjoy!

Green Smoothie Recipe Party Basic Berries | YouTube Channel Yoga4Lovenet video

Green Smoothie Recipe Party Basic Berries | YouTube Channel Yoga4Lovenet video

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Natural Beauty Treatments

2013-09-03 22:10:37

Natural Aids for Beautiful Skin

  1. Several natural aids have been found useful in promoting healthy and beautiful skin.Lime Juice

    1. Lime juice is an important natural aid for healthy skin.

    Lime Juice Formula: Squeeze lime into a bowl. Add a glass of boiled whole milk and a teaspoon of glycerin to it. Stir well and let it stay for half an hour. Apply this mixture on the face, hands and feet before going to bed at night. This treatment every night will help you to look young and beautiful. It will also help treat pimples.

  2. For very oily skin: Squeeze lemon juice in a bowl of iced water. Splash this over the face, massage for five minutes and then wash off with water.
  3. To improve a dull and oily complexion: Mix half teaspoon of lime juice with one teaspoon of cucumber juice and a few drops of rose water. Apply on the face and neck and leave on for 15 minutes. Remove with water.
  4. To improve a dry and rough skin: Take an egg yolk and mix in a few drops of lime and olive oil. Spread on the face and leave it till the skin feels dry. Wash off with water and splash on cold water.
  5. To relieve tired eyes: Take four tablespoons each of lime juice and iced water. Saturate cotton pads in this water and place over your closed eyelids for 10 minutes. Cucumber slices work well, too!
  6. To remove freckles: Blanch and grind two almonds. Mix it with white of an egg to which half teaspoon of lime juice has been added. Spread on the face and leave it on till the skin feels dry. Then, wash off first with warm water and then with cold water.

Peach Treatment

The skin of the peach is useful in improving the complexion.

Gently massage the inside of peach peelings on the face every night for a few minutes. Don’t rub off the moisture afterwards. This will cleanse the skin thoroughly and free the pores. It also has an astringent action and tightens the muscle of the face slightly, thus preventing sagging tissues.

Anti-wrinkle cream

Mix a teaspoon of olive oil with an egg. Smoothen the face and neck with it. Let it remain till the skin gets dry.

To Remove The Cream: Add a teaspoon of soda bicarbonate to hot water. Stir. Dip a cotton ball onto this mixture and use it to remove the cream.

Natural Beauty Mask


  • 1 tablespoon of chickpea flour
  • 1/4 teaspoon orange peel powder
  • 1 tablespoon beaten yogurt
  • 1 teaspoon olive oil

Mix the ingredients well and apply the paste to your face and neck. Let it remain till the skin starts feeling a little dry and then rub your face with your hands till it glows.

Wash your face first with warm water and then with cold water. This will remove all the embarrassing blemishes from the skin and make the skin soft and smooth.

To improve a dark and dull complexion


  • 1 teaspoon of chickpea flour
  • pinch of turmeric powder
  • few drops of lime juice
  • 1/2 teaspoon olive oil
  • 1/2 teaspoon milk

Mix the ingredients together. Apply the mixture to your skin. Leave it on for half an hour. Wash off with water.

Cleansing Lotion for clean pores

1/4 teaspoon of lime juice

1 teaspoon each of milk and cucumber juice. Apply on the face and neck and wash off after 14 minutes. This lotion cleanses and purifies the pores of the skin.

Cabbage Mask for wrinkles

Grind a couple of cabbage leaves or extract juice in a juicer. Dissolve one-fourth teaspoon of yeast in it and stir in one teaspoon of honey. Mix well and apply thickly over face and neck. Keep it for 15 minutes. Remove with a cotton ball soaked in water. This mask will counteract any tendency towards wrinkles and dryness and give your skin a flower-like bloom.

Tangerine Juice Treatment for pimples and glowing skin

The use of orange or tangerine juice has also been found valuable for a glowing complexion.

Dip your fingers in fresh tangerine or orange juice. Apply it liberally over your face, chin, neck, and forehead. Make a paste from baby seeds of unripe oranges, powdered then dehydrated or sun dried. Use this paste on the pimples and acne at bed time.

Orange Tonic for scars

Blanch and grind a couple of almonds to a paste and mix in two tablespoons of milk and one tablespoon each of carrot and orange juice. Apply thickly on face and neck and leave on for half an hour. Removes scars and blemishes from the face and makes it soft and smooth.

Watermelon Juice for blemishes

The juice of watermelon is useful in the removal of blemishes on the skin.

Prepare a lotion by grating and squeezing the juice of a small slice of watermelon. Apply this lotion over the face and neck for fifteen minutes. Wash with hot water. Follow this by a splash of cold water.

Tomato for pimples and good complexion

Tomato, used externally, is good for getting a good complexion.

Apply the pulp of a tomato liberally on the face. Leave this for an hour. Then wash off with warm water. Repeat this daily. You will have a good complexion. It will also remove pimples in a short time.

Tomato Lotion for reducing large pores

To one tablespoon of tomato juice add a couple of drops of lime juice. Apply on face and remove after 15 minutes. It is very effective for shrinking enlarged pores.

Tomato Tonic for sunburn

To two teaspoons of tomato juice add four tablespoons of buttermilk. Apply. Remove after half an hour. It is excellent for treating sunburns.

Cucumber for blackheads

Grate or blend a cucumber. Apply this over the face, eyes and neck for 15 to 20 minutes. It is a great tonic for the facial skin. Regular use of cucumber prevents pimples, blackheads, wrinkles, and dryness of the face.

Whitening Lotion

To one tablespoon of cucumber juice stir in a few drops of lime juice and a dash of turmeric powder. Apply on face and neck and wash off after half an hour. Makes an excellent whitener for all types of skins.

Cucumber Lotion for whitening

Mix one tablespoon each of cucumber juice and milk and a few drops of rose water. Apply on the face and neck. Remove after 15 minutes. Makes excellent whitener for delicate skins.

Apple Tonic for oily skin

Mix one tablespoon of apple juice with one-fourth teaspoon of lime juice. Leave on for 20 minutes. Makes excellent tonic for combating oily skin.

Tangerine Juice Treatment for glowing skin and pimples

The use of orange or tangerine juice has also been found valuable for a glowing complexion.

Dip your fingers in fresh tangerine or orange juice. Apply it liberally over your face, chin, neck, and forehead. Make a paste from the powdered sun dried pips of unripe oranges. Use this paste on the pimples and acne at bed time.

Orange Carrot Tonic for soft smooth skin

Blanch and grind a couple of almonds to a paste and mix in two tablespoons of milk and one tablespoon each of carrot and orange juice. Apply thickly on face and neck and leave on for half an hour. Removes scars and blemishes from the face and makes it soft and smooth.


Grate or blend a cucumber. Apply this over the face, eyes and neck for 15 to 20 minutes. It is a great tonic for the facial skin. Regular use of cucumber prevents pimples, blackheads, wrinkles, and dryness of the face.

Apple Tonic for oily skin

Mix one tablespoon of apple juice with one-fourth teaspoon of lime juice. Leave on for 20 minutes. Makes excellent tonic for combating oily skin.

Diet for Beauty

Protein: Skin is predominantly protein. Protein molecules are not absorbed through the epidermis into underlying tissues. So, you need to supply proteins through the foods you eat daily. A deficiency of proteins is indicated by the skin becoming slack and loose. Thus, adequate protein is necessary for healthy hair, skin, teeth and nails and for firm skin tissues.

Natural sources for Protein

Collagen-containing protein foods (help prevent and smooth out wrinkles)

  • Avocados
  • Brewer’s yeast
  • Dried legumes
  • Nuts
  • Sesame
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Whole grain cereals

Other protein foods (These help your body equalize the balance between new and dying cells.)

  • Fish
  • Poultry
  • Eggs
  • Dairy products
  • Vegetable proteins
  • Pulses
  • Wheat germ

Fats and Oils

The unsaturated fats in vegetable oils assist assimilation of fat-soluble vitamins A, D, and E; contribute to your own natural oils to give your skin a sheen, plump out fine lines, and create the fresh-faced look of youth. One or two tablespoons a day can be used as salad dressing or whizzed in the blender with milk, fruit, or vegetable drinks.

Natural sources of Fat

  • Flax Seed~ Ground
  • Coconut Oil
  • Chia Seeds
  • Olive oil
  • Grapeseed Oil
  • Nuts
  • Seeds
  • Avocado


Water should be taken in large quantities, 1/2 ounce per pound of body weight. It gives the skin the necessary moisture and a dewy look. Water clears the system of all toxins and keeps the blood free from impurities. Water also protects the skin against pimples. In case of insufficient intake of water, the body will draw on all its water reservoirs, including those of the skin, resulting in dehydration of the skin.

Tips for Home Hair Treatments

• Repair damaged hair by treating it with oil and egg yolk. Massage olive oil into hair. Then beat the yolk of 1 egg and massage it into hair, working from the ends up. Leave on for 10 minutes, then shampoo as usual. Do this once a week for a month, and hair should begin to feel healthier.
• Condition your hair by applying mayonnaise before shampooing. Apply to dry …hair and let sit for 1/2 hour, then rinse and shampoo as usual.
• For a lemon rinse, blend 1/2 cup of strained lemon juice and 1 cup of distilled water in a bottle. Comb the liquid through your hair after each shampoo.
• For a quick, dry shampoo, rub baby powder into your hair and then brush it out thoroughly


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Finding Happiness Under the Blue Full Moon

2013-08-21 16:19:22

Full Blue Moon

I encourage you to take time today to find your greater sense of purpose and bring yourself into the vibration and feeling of GRATITUDE! I am blessed that I could get brand new brakes on my 12 year old PT Cruiser and that I have good (enough) credit to pay for it yesterday. AND that I dont have a car payment… Brakes are much less than a new car! Still on the path to financial freedom…
I had a moment yesterday when I was really upset about using credit to pay for my brakes and let it get to me, but then I remembered to bring myself BACK into a place where I was thankful. Then I taught a KICK ASS hot Vinyasa under the full moon and it BLEW our hearts OPEN WIDE!

I so love this practice of yoga.

I am grateful for YOU! Namaste.

Lisa =-)

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A Meditation and Your Personal Mantra!

2013-07-27 04:27:21
A while ago I had a dream that I woke up and immediately felt empowered! It was with my mom, she was a successful writer and I was giving her a pep talk as she gets ready in her business suit to meet the world. She was feeling like she might not be good enough, or accepted in this world of successful people. I said to her as she put on her heels, “You are beautiful! You are successful! You are STRONG! You are an AMAZING writer! You can do it!”
My my Nana was there too. I borrowed her toothbrush to get ready. She encouraged me too. I’m wearing her rose quartz necklace and earrings.
11-03 Random Dynamic Yoga pix 042
I woke and dictated this meditation below.
A meditation:
Connecting to Source, filling ourself with beautiful loving healing white gold and silvery light. Creating a bubble of this Loving light around us. Fill it up from the infinite supply from Creator.  Anything that doesn’t resonate with this beautiful healing light falls away like rainwater into Mother Earth. Each and every cell, every atom is cleansed. Everything that was ever grey falls away and we radiate this white light from our hearts. Filling up our cup so we can then fill up others.
This is your mantra! (Fill in the blanks with the first thought that comes in):
I am beautiful
I am strong!
I am excellent at…
I am grateful for…
I am a wonderful…
The key to my happiness is…
This is my mantra!
Here’s my own:
My mission of life is to provide health, wealth, wellness, joy and vitality of living organically for myself and my family; to bring love, light, wisdom and yoga to my members, clients and students while making a great income.


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A Stumble in My Gratitude Practice

2013-07-17 23:23:31

be yourself

So, I have been a month at this gratitude thing and yesterday I hit a wall of resistance. Now, you may think that it was my personal rsistance stoping my practice, but it was actually my family. I have been asking everyone to share what they are grateful for over dinner almost every night starting on the Full moon last month. Yesterday, we did not start with what we re grateful for, as we were in a deep ‘parental/kid’ conversation. When that died down I suggested we all say what we are grateful foran d WHOA NELLY! It was a huge uproar! I felt bad, we argued over why I am asking everyone this and that it is my idea, why am I asking everyone else to participate, etc.
I felt a bit disheartened, but listened.

I felt so sad that something that I attempted to make a positive turned and became a huge negative feeling. I was questioned on my religious beliefs, and we discussed religion and yoga and church. It was a good discussion, and we left the table wanting to continue this exploration. I felt defensive. Is this my old self rising to the surface? I thought I dealt with this, and this is my family for goddess sake!

I really am not sure if that was a test for me, but I still feel that every day we all should list what we are happy about, what we like, what brings us joy! How can you go wrong with starting your day or your meal with these simple truths?
Try it, and I would love some feedback on what happens to you after a few weeks.
I must say I have to reevaluate why I do what I do every day, and what makes me get up and do it. I teach yoga, I run the business at the studio as well as run my nutrution business with Juice Plus and help as a Partner to my hubby’s company, The Fish Physician. We have two kids that need to be taken to horseback riding lessons, Camp Broadway, movies and dragged to yoga with me.
I love my students and my studio just like family and love my community of yogis and yoginis, as well. So, bottom line… YOU MAKE ME HAPPY! I am grateful for YOU!



Peace, Love + Light~


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Day 2-4 Gratitude Journal Summer Solstice

2013-06-24 15:00:31

I am writing a gratitude journal for the next 30 days, join me!


I am grateful to be on vacation in a beautiful location with my husband and son. I am happy that were bonding as a family. I am grateful for my Juice Plus mentor giving us the use of her condo on the bay. I am grateful for sleeping in and waking early for sunrises.

Yesterday was the full moon, the super moon, and when the moon was closest to Earth, and this weekend we really felt so close to that moon being right in and on the ocean in South Padre Island. Rich and I woke before sunrise and headed straight across the island to the beach (it is only a few blocks wide from bay side to beach side). We watched the HUGE super moon fade as the sun rose, and it was lovely. We did a little yoga and took a few photos. I always do a dropback from Mountain Pose to Wheel every full moon as part of my personal practice, so wanted him to film that in the sunrise.

We took a funny video of  that I shared on my FaceBook of my falling right into the sand. My hands just slipped right out from under me! Then we retook another one, Ill upload it to my Yoga4Lovenet YouTube channel as soon as I figure out how to do that from my Mac.


The waves have been huge. We have been boogie boarding and hanging on the beach every day and went parasailing! My son and I went tandem and it was exhilarating, a little scary and really tranquil. He wanted to kick his feet around and it was freaking me out a bit though. The boat driver dipped us onto the water on the way back in and that was fun! We have ate really well, cooking sometimes, and going out. The week has passed and we are worn out from all the activity! We will return home tomorrow.


Our daughter will not get back from her choral tour until another week after we return! She is now in Canada, she called us yesterday briefly while she had reception on a boat to a castle in NY. Then she will be in NYC after a few days exploring the Big Apple. What a wonderful experience.

I am grateful for the books that have came to me and the lucid messages I have received in my dreams.


Lisa =-)

For our group reading:

The Magic by Rhonda Byrne and the original work (inspiration for Byrne’s The Secret) from the teachings of Abraham, called Money and The Law of Attraction by Esther and Jerry Hicks.


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Day 1 #solsticegratitude

2013-06-21 13:21:29

Gratitude Journal


Day 1


I’m on SPI with Rich and our 15 year old son. Our 10 year old daughter is in Canada on her choir tour with SWCC. I’m grateful for being a mother and for my husband. I’m grateful for Carolyn and Joes generosity letting is stay in the condo every summer. I’m grateful to be mat the ocean. I’m happy to be alive and so thankful for my good health. I’m a very blessed woman! I’m so happy!

Rich and I are teaching at a local studio whole were here. He is teaching this morning and Stoy will begin his very own, kinda forced, yoga practice today. I’m so glad to have some alone time with our 15 year old boy! This is so rare. No computer games the week.

Then were going to play for the rest of the day!

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Abundant Summer Solstice Gratitude Project

2013-06-20 13:20:26

Happy Summer Solstice!

Blessings to you and yours!


I was in meditation while my class was in savasana the other day. I was so clearly led to invite you to begin something with me this summer Solstice that will better our lives in ways we cannot yet even imagine. It is a practice of gratitude. We will be starting on Summer Solstice, and I invite you to join me!

All you do is every day write down what you are grateful for! On paper. We will also be a posting project:


Post on Instagram and on the Live Loved Lifecoaching and Energy Work FaceBook page for community interaction and sharing special words and photos.

Bringing our vibration into the frequency of joy and gratefulness is the activation component of creating more abundance of what we love and makes us happy in our lives!

I recommend getting the book THE MAGIC, by Rhonda Byrne, to go along with this and deepen your practice. We will begin the book this weekend and Day 1 (starting on page 29) on Monday.

I have this FaceBook Page created a long time ago with a vision and now know that is is meant for our cOMmunity to use that space for our personal postings and shares of what is transforming in our lives! the FB page is called Live Loved Lifecoaching and Energy Work. 

So, do ya want to try this gratitude thing? Post something you’re grateful for on the Live Loved FaceBook page today, or like the page and tag it on your personal wall post! Let’s connect socially! Then hashtag on instagram and lets create a gratitude movement! 

I have been in a HUGE process of clearing, clearing, clearing all our STUFF on our property, in our home and in my life. It is tedious and physical and I have lost all my pretty nails… BUT is is worth every drop of sweat.

Time to make space for ABUNDANCE!

I am soooo grateful for YOU. 

I desire to connect with you, work with you, encourage you, be encouraged. Lets bring the best out for eachother.



PS We just held a studio wide cOMmunity Charity Outdoor Yoga Class by the Waterfall and Charity Garage Sale with proceeds going to Southwest Children’s Chorus. Our daughter, who as we speak is in Canada going on a singing tour, then onto NYC! Thank you!!!


I am thrilled to bring a successful coaching program that has been a lot of fun!
90 Days to Feeling Fit | Detox Diet | Weight Loss | Nutrition Coaching

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Yoga 4 Horseback Riders at 4-C Stables

2013-06-16 17:55:50

What’s Up with Yoga 4 Love? Yoga 4 Horseback Riders!


Weekly classes on Tuesdays 1:00- 2:00PM | Held at 4-C Stables on the covered patio, taught by Lisa Ware.

This is an all levels class of basic yoga postures, breath and focus. This class specializes in the skills and muscles used in horseback riding and the equestrian sports of western pleasure, English riding and horse show comptetitions. Taught by Lisa Ware. Free for all 4-C Campers $5 for Parents of campers $12 Drop In RSVP to Lisa 214.532.0776 or show up at the door. Paypal on the Current Special page or pay at the door.

What else is Happening at 4-C Stables?

Summer Horse Camp Weekly Mon – Thur   8 til 3 Cost is $225. Spots will fill up fast so reserve one now!!

4-C Stables 1355 FM 664 Waxahachie, Texas 75167

Stacey: 972-814-3988


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Green Smoothie Pineapple Kale Ginger Lemonade

2013-06-05 13:54:21

This yummy green smoothie is so refreshing! Plus, it is so full of nutrition and very clarifying for your body. Kale just makes me feel good!

1/2 Fresh Pineapple
Two to three large handfuls organic kale (freshly picked dwarf baby kale is what I used)
One half to one whole lemon peeled
1 ‘quarter size by 1 inch’ cubed ginger piece
2 to 3 cups of organic apple juice
3 cups of filtered /alkaline water
Add stevia if you’d like it sweeter.

Put all ingredients into a high-powered blender. Run for one minute on high. Scoop off any extra foam.


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Bhakti House Band Peace Love OM Project

2013-06-04 02:49:35

Peace  Love OM Project family photo

Donate on  Indiegogo HERE!

The Peace, Love OM Project is supported by Yoga 4 Love!

By The Bhakti House Band’s Kristin and Randall Brooks

Autumn 2013 will mark the world-wide release of Blue Sky, the Bhakti House Band’s first musical collaboration with children of the Peace Love OM Project. Please consider donating to help bring this project into full manifestation!

What are your TAGS… your Talents, Abilities, & Gifts that you can engage in Service? Join us in our vision to inspire, empower, & uplift humanity… PEACE LOVE OM


“The chief aim of the Peace Love OM Project is to create community projects that evoke peace and raise cultural awareness among the youth of this planet. We wish to promote the celebration of love, peace, and harmony within the diversity of humanity as well as to provide a vehicle inspiring and enabling youth, families, and communities to engage their “TAGS” (Talents, Abilities, and Gifts in Seva or loving service) to develop inner and outer peace as well as support and empower impoverished youth, families, and communities across the globe.”

Company Overview
“True, lasting peace originates from within one’s own heart as we awaken and creatively express the epic poem hidden in the depths of our soul.” ~Kristin, The Bhakti House Band Our goal with the Peace Love OM Project is to create a world-wide community of inspired youth who, with the support of their families and communities, is empowered to creatively explore and engage their unique talents and… abilities, and then apply them in loving service–or Seva– to humanity. Creatively engaging Seva to support and empower impoverished youth, families, and communities across the globe will inevitably increase compassion and raise awareness, especially cultural and communal, among the youth of this planet and thus promote the celebration of love, peace, and harmony within the diversity of humanity. In a nut shell? The purpose of the Peace Love OM Project is simply to inspire and empower kids to creatively explore and engage their talents to help other kids. “Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them, humanity cannot survive.” ~The Dalai Lama


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Ginger Miso Organic Kale Chips

2013-06-02 15:47:40

Ginger Miso Kale Chips

I love my organic garden. It is my zen place. I like to come out there in the morning or evening with my little dogs, trap them in the fence with me, (so they dont run away and ruin my zen) and play with my little green babies, as my garden mentor Val calls them.

Kale is such a good producer, and one can only drink so many green smoothies, so this is a perfect solution to the abundance you will harvest!

As the Lays Potato Chip slogan says, “You can’t eat just one”…well shoot with kale chips it’s  ore like, “You can’t just 10, 15 or 20!” I love this kale chip because it has a slight hint of sweetness that really brightens the flavor. The other unique flavor profile in this recipe is the use of miso.

If you are unfamiliar with miso, give it a try. It’s not a common ingredient that you will find in most people’s fridge.

A lot of people cannot do soy so that is why it is important to have an alternative that is made from chicpeas or coconut.

Recipe slightly modified from nouveauraw.com  and Cafe Gratitude



1/2  cup water

¼ cup extra virgin olive oil

¼ cup raw tahini

3 Tbsp maple syrup

2 Tbsp red or white unpasteurized miso

2 Tbsp chia seeds

1 Tbsp raw apple cider vinegar

2 tsp fresh lime juice

1 tsp chopped garlic

1/2 tsp ground ginger

1 bunch organic kale or a really good big handful freshly picked!



1. Sauce – Blend all ingredients until silky smooth.

Set aside for 10-30 minutes, giving the chia seeds

time to expand and absorb some of the dressing.

2. De-stem 1 bunch of kale and place in a large bowl.

3. Pour the sauce over the kale and with your hands, massage the sauce into the kale, making sure everything is well coated.

4. Place on non stick cookie sheet or in dehydrator trays

5. Dry at 115 for 3 to 4 hours or bake 270 degrees until a tiny bit browned. Watch closely!

6. If dehydrating, turn and continue dehydrating for another couple of hours or until completely dry.

Enjoy! Make sure to make enough to share with your friends!

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Lisa Ware and Shiva Rea

2013-05-26 08:47:38
Lisa Ware and Shiva Rea, her Prana Flow master teacher

Lisa Ware and Shiva Rea, her Prana Flow master teacher

More info on Yoga 4 Love Advanced Training Program


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Kombutcha Tea Recipe and Directions

2013-05-25 15:43:37 admin


$15.00 Call Lisa for pickup at studio, local only.

Learn more about Kombutcha benefits, see the blog of pictures when Lisa began making this yummy probiotic drink HERE.

Learn to make this simple effervescent drink with a base of tea. The kombutcha culture is a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast (SCOBY), comprising one or more airborne yeasts.
I have been making this drink for a few years, and would love to share my Scoobies with you! You will receive a starter in a jar, and we will do a taste test of the brewed tea. Brew a batch and you will have your own Kombutcha in a just a few weeks.
Limited SCOBY’s available.

Lisa Ware 469.437.1334


Kombutcha Making Instructions by Lisa Ware

  • Start with a big pot of water to make enough to fill all your jars almost to the mouth.
  • I use an 8 quart pot to make 8 quarts of tea.
  • You will need 1 Scoby and 1/8 to 1/4 cup of previous batch of kombutcha to start each jar
  • Get 8 wide mouth glass jars from the store and sanitize them, if you are starting with quarts, then do 8 jars. You can do any size, the scoby will form to the sixe of the jar.
  • Cut up 8 squares from an old tee that you can cover the entire mouth of the jar and seal with a rubber band, one to cover each jar.
  • 1 Cup of Organic granulated sugar for each 2 quarts.
  • Boil the water, add 2 teabags for each 3 quarts. I prefer P & G English Breakfast Black Tea, but I have friends that use black and green tea or all green. Add the sugar. Stir well and let cool completely. If you dont want to wait, add ice in place of some of the original water OR make a super concentrated batch of tea and add to cool water to make the process faster.
  • Once it is no longer too warm, like cool bath water it is fine.
  • Place a scooby and some starter tea in the jar and leave room at the top for transporting them.  These are your BABIES, take care of them.
  • Pour the sweetened tea into all the jars.
  • Cover the tops with a tee square and secure with a large rubber band.
  • Move to a cool dark location and leave alone. In about 7-10 days check to see that the new scooby forming on the top. It will be thin and cover the entire top. Leave them alone. Check at 10 days to 2 weeks and taste to see if it is no longer sweet. If it is not sweet, then all the beneficial bacteria has consumed the sugar and converted it, so now it will be fermented. It will be fizzy with tiny effervescent bubbles.
  • Pour all the finished tea into glass containers and close the lid. Place your kombutcha into the refrigerator. It is ready to drink!
  • Take the scobys that are left in the jars, and for storage you can place all the scobys on top of each other in a few jars. Add your finished kombutcha tea in the jar to cover the scobys. Cover with a metal lid and place in fridge until you want to brew your next batch. Always reastart with sanitized jars. Repeat the process above immediately or store indefinitely in a refrigerator, check in on them every month while in storage.

To make flavored kombutcha:

Add half of your brewed tea and up to half 100% fruit juice of choice. My two favorites are Pineapple Juice and Acai Berry Pomegranate. Play around with flavors. Have fun!

You can add cut up fresh fruit! Pineapple is amazing in your tea. Just cut up chunks and add to the jar, let sit in fridge for a few days then drink!


When you have your health, anything is possible
When you don’t, nothing else matters


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An Amazing Journey Called Life~ Living in Alignment with Divine Purpose

2013-05-24 04:06:50

Wow, I really have so much to say, so Ill just jump right in.

I would like to share the events that have happened over the course of the last two weeks and perhaps by writing about it I will be gifted with more clarity. Many of the events are so blatantly divine that I am no longer surprised. I am learning to go with the flow and stay in constant connection with my Highest Source!

Let me begin with a recap of last weekend’s festival OMVibrations and work backward… to be continued Friday 5/24 …

Longhorn Caverns State Park at Sunset

Longhorn Caverns State Park at Sunset

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Watch List for Genetically Modified Foods~ What is a GMO anyway?

2013-04-25 14:58:55


The American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM) recently released its position paper on Genetically Modified foods stating that “… GM foods pose a serious health risk”. The AAEM called for a moratorium on GM food, with implementation of immediate long-term safety testing and labeling of GM food. The AAEM is just one of many organizations worldwide calling for these steps to be taken. Read their position paper on GMOs

Hasn’t research shown GM foods to be safe?

No. The only feeding study done with humans showed that GMOs survived inside the stomach of the people eating GMO food. No follow-up studies were done.

Various feeding studies in animals have resulted in potentially pre-cancerous cell growth, damaged immune systems, smaller brains, livers, and testicles, partial atrophy or increased density of the liver, odd shaped cell nuclei and other unexplained anomalies, false pregnancies and higher death rates.

But aren’t the plants chemically the same, whether or not they are GM?

Most tests can’t determine the differences at the level of the DNA. And, even if they appear to be the same, eyewitness reports from all over North American describe how several types of animals, including cows, pigs, geese, elk, deer, squirrels, and rats, when given a choice, avoid eating GM foods.

Tip #1: Buy Organic

Certified organic products cannot intentionally include any GMO ingredients. Buy products labeled “100% organic,” “organic,” or “made with organic ingredients.” You can be doubly sure if the product also has a Non-GMO Project Verified Seal. Read more about organic standards…

Tip #2: 

Made with Non-GMO Ingredients logo icon

Look for Non-GMO Project Seals

Products that carry the Non-GMO Project Seal are independently verified to be in compliance with North America’s only third party standard for GMO avoidance, including testing of at-risk ingredients. The Non-GMO Project is a non-profit organization committed to providing consumers with clearly labeled and independently verified non-GMO choices. Look for dairy products labeled “No rBGH or rBST,” or “artificial hormone-free.”

Kellogg's Frosted Flakes, Sara Lee, and More Processed Food Products may contain GMOs

Tip #3:  Avoid at-risk ingredients

If it’s not labeled organic or verified non-GMO: Avoid products made with ingredients that might be derived from GMOs (see list). The eight GM food crops are Corn, Soybeans, Canola, Cottonseed, Sugar Beets, Hawaiian Papaya (most) and a small amount of Zucchini and Yellow Squash.

Sugar If a non-organic product made in North American lists “sugar” as an ingredient (and NOT pure cane sugar), then it is almost certainly a combination of sugar from both sugar cane and GM sugar beets.

Dairy Products may be from cows injected with GM bovine growth hormone. Look for labels stating No rBGH, rBST, or artificial hormones.


Tip #4: Download the Shopping Guides

Use either IRT’s new Non-GMO Shopping Tips brochure or redesigned Non-GMO Shopping Guide to help you identify and avoid GM foods. We devote an entire page in each guide to help you uncover hidden GM ingredients on food labels that often read more like a chemical periodic table. If you have an iPhone, download our ShopNoGMO guide for free from the iTunes store.

Genetically Modified Foods (GMOs)

With genetically modified foods (GMOs) becoming a hotter issue, I’m getting more and more questions about the subject and not just about eating GMO foods. People are also concerned about these dangerous genes being in the fertilizers and soil amendments we use and recommend. Here are the top 10 worst GMO foods for your “do not eat” list. But as you can see, several of the worse choices are also in our gardening products.

10 of the Worst GMO Foods 

1. Corn: Several food documentaries cover how corn is highly modified and much of it is intended for human consumption. Monsanto’s GMO corn has been tied to numerous health issues, including weight gain and organ disruption.

2. Soy: Tofu, vegetarian products, soybean oil, soy flour, and numerous other products are genetically modified to resist herbicides. About 90 percent of all soy is genetically engineered to resist Monsanto’s herbicide Roundup. The use of this dangerous herbicide is greatly increasing as a result.

3. Sugar: Genetically modified sugar beets have been altered by Monsanto to resist herbicides. Sugar beets are a common sugar source in the US and other countries.

4. Aspartame: This is a toxic additive used in numerous food products and should be avoided for several reasons such as it’s being made with genetically modified bacteria.

5. Papaya: GMO papayas have been grown in Hawaii since 1999. Though they can’t be sold to countries in the European Union, they are accepted in the U.S. and Canada.

6. Canola: This is one of the most chemically altered foods in the U.S. diet. Canola oil comes from rapeseed through a series of chemical actions. Even the “organic” version of this product is bad fat compared to olive oil, coconut oil and butter. The so called “health” grocery stores like Whole Foods, Central Market and Natural Grocers should stop using and selling this product.

7. Cotton: Cottonseed oil, especially that originating in India and China, has serious risks. This unhealthy oil is found in many fast food products such as potato chips

8. Dairy: Dairy products have several issues. Many contain growth hormones such as Monsanto’s health-hazardous rBGH. It has been banned in 27 countries, but is still in most US cows. Some of the “organic products” are even contaminated. For your health, demand raw milk and cheese.

9. Squash: Squash, zucchini and other related crops have been modified to artificially resist viruses and other diseases.

10. Wheat: This grain has been altered and made less healthy in a dramatic fashion over the years. The GMO addition is the latest assault.

Some of the dangers of some of these foods are well-known – for example, Bt toxin in GMO corn has been detected in the blood of pregnant women and their babies. But perhaps more important are the risks that are still unknown. There’s no way to be certain what risks these lab-created foods have hidden and are waiting for us.

The best advice is to steer clear of them altogether – but that is almost impossible.

If they are in the soil, how can we neutralize them? For now, all I can suggest is continuing the natural organic program and doing everything you can to stimulate life – the biological activity in the soil. Healthy microbe activity helps with various other contaminations in the soil, such as pesticides, salt fertilizers, heavy metals etc., so hopefully they will take care of the GMO contamination as well.

Sources: Howard Garrett the Dirt Doctor

Non GMO Buying Guide and App

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Super Sweet Green Smoothie | Pineapple, Baby Kale and Dates

2013-04-24 16:33:30
Lisa's organic garden; turnip greens, broccoli, chives, spinach, cauliflower, kale, chard, lettuce, carrots, peas, brussel sprouts and bok choy.

Lisa and Rich’s organic garden; turnip greens, broccoli, chives, spinach, cauliflower, kale, chard, lettuce, carrots, peas, brussel sprouts and bok choy.

The smoothie I made this morning and salad last night was all such a  lovely harvest of greens from our garden! After yoga class I shared my smoothie with a fave student. She loved it, and I trust you will, too!

Lisa and Kim after Rock Your Abs Yoga enjoying a green smoothie!

Lisa and Kim after Rock Your Abs Yoga enjoying a green smoothie!

I <3 Yoga4Love!

I <3 Yoga 4 Love!

Freshly Picked Salad! Baby Kale, Spinach, Red Leaf and Black Seeded Simpson Lettuces

Freshly Picked Salad! Baby Kale, Spinach, Red Leaf and Black Seeded Simpson Lettuces







Super Sweet Green Smoothie | Pineapple, Baby Kale and Dates

1/3 Fresh Pineapple

3 Medjool Dates, pitted and kinda chopped

2/3 Blender-ful of Greens of choice:

Baby kale, Lettuces (I usually dont use lettuce), turnip greens, spinach + all the stems you pick off that dont go into your salad, swiss chard, broccoli etc.

2 C Organic Apple Juice

2 C Water (alkaline or spring is best, if available)

2 Scoops Juice Plus+ Complete Vanilla Meal Powder

Use a high powered blender and blend on high for 2 minutes.


Lisa and Rich’s organic spring garden is in Zone 8 North Texas and includes turnip greens, broccoli, chives, spinach, cauliflower, kale, chard, lettuce, carrots, peas, brussel sprouts and bok choy. Freshly Picked Salad, mmm!




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Peppermint Healthy Fudge

2013-04-08 18:57:21

Peppermint Healthy Fudge


1 1/2 cups organic coconut oil
1 1/4 cup organic agave
1 cup organic cocoa powder
1/2 tsp sea salt
1/8 scraped out vanilla bean (or 1 tsp vanilla extract)
1-2 drops doTerra peppermint essential oil (make sure your essential oil is therapeutic and pharmaceutical grade)

Warm coconut oil until liquid. Combine all ingredients in blender and blend until smooth. Pour into baking dish and spread evenly. Place in fridge to set up, then cut and enjoy.
Thank you Nydia Darby for the recipe! It is so yummy!


Just one dose of coconut oil can tremendously boost brain function and cognitive performance


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What is Yoga and How Can I Benefit From It?

2013-04-03 05:09:28
Kiss my asana

Kiss My Asana | Clothing Credit 717 Couture

What is yoga and how can I benefit from it?

Yoga is one of the oldest forms of movement in history. The connection between the Ancient Yogis and the modern day Western yoga practitioner today are evident yet subtle. Yoga is composed of linking together poses, the body’s energy and the breath. There are many benefits of yoga such as:

Learn to quiet the chatter in the mind.

Build bone density; weight bearing exercise is the only way to do this.

Listen and become in tune with your body.

Create a place for ‘me time’ on your yoga mat.

Build strength, core power, agility, grace and endurance.

Bring a greater awareness of the interconnection of ourself and nature.

Begin to increase flexibility, no matter how inflexible you are right now.

Decrease stress levels, knots, tension and Cortizol dramatically by increasing release of anti stress hormones DHEA and Oxytocin through a regular yoga practice.

Increase your daily energy level.

Increase your libido. Yep, you read that one right.

Develop healthy lifestyle habits.

Surround yourself with people who lift you up.

Make new acquaintances and friends in class.

Become interconnected in the worldwide movement of positive, conscious like minded spirits.

Professional yoga teachers are taught through many lineages. To become a Registered Yoga Teacher, RYT it requires at least 200 hours of training and many practice and internship hours.  All schools are required to teach a variety of yoga asana and history in the curriculum. Finding a yoga studio or class that fits you may not be the first one you step into. Some yoga studios teach only the poses, or asanas, which is strictly the movement. Some yoga teachers teach the breath and the movement. Others focus on the entire mind | body | spirit connection.

Yoga is a practice unlike any other movement, sport or art in the world. Some people may associate yoga with a particular religion. This is untrue and not even possible as a whole, for each person is vastly different from the next.  Each person brings to their mat their own belief system. Yoga is what YOU interpret it to be, therefore, each individual’s yoga practice is vastly varied from another’s experience. Each person will walk off their mat into the world with the tools and inner dialogue that suits exactly what they need that day, on the condition that they let go and were open to the possibilities of what their body, breath and mind have for them in that present moment.

Staying in the present moment, being guided gently to push your own edges, leading into a blissful state of final relaxation is a wonderful addition to any lifestyle. This is yoga.


Lisa Ware is Dallas Yoga Journalist for Examiner.com


Original Article Appeared August 2012

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Full Moon Connection with the Chakras

2013-03-27 20:49:31

native american woman full moon

Today is the Full Moon, and I am a moon-lover. I walked outside at 5:50AM with my little dogs, and was awestruck. The moon was very low in the west sky and so brilliant. My chihuahua took this moment as a opportunity to run away, the little turkey! I really wanted to do some backbends and heart openers but instead found myself freezing, looking for my pooch. When I found him we snuggled back in bed, and I had some vivid dream journeys.


Yaapana | AKA Mini Dude

I have had many yoga students struggling with the balance between moving forward into this new age, in this Age of Aquarius, and letting go of the old ways, the linear, yang ways. It is a new way of dealing with what is coming up in our lives, in our yoga practices and our life on and off the mat. As we develop this new skill set, in tune with the Goddess Yin energy of this era, we also must learn to surrender, to let go and be totally in the flow. Whether the grip of fear, failure or past hurts comes up, we now must step back, breathe and let it flow, regulating our reactions. The butterfly effect is at it’s finest right now. Watch our words, actions and most importantly watch our thoughts and intentions, as things are manifested so quickly now. It takes one fleeting thought to cause the ripple effects, and that is up to us to decide whether each thought we create is a positive or a negative effect on ourselves, our families and the planet.

The Ajna chakra is focused on this thought life, this intention, as we then in turn bring it from our Source, down to our throat chakra, vissudha. This is where we begin to speak our thoughts and the first form of manifestation in this earthly plane. Now, the work comes in to bring all our desires and dreams into our heart.


The vibration of LOVE is faster than light, faster than sound,

as yoga teacher Bryan Kest said in a master class I took right after my mother crossed over. This is one of the greatest truths. After we bring our dreams into our heart and have shared them with the world with our voices, we are ready to manifest them into reality. This is the physical plane, manipura chakra, the agni or fire center. We must then burn the fuel to bring it from our heart, WORK! We can live in our dreams, but without true old fashioned work we will simply be living in a false world in our heads. As a Vata (Ayurvedic talk) I am all too familiar with living on ‘Cloud 9’.

I have been working with my meditation and Earth energy to really bring all I have created DOWN into the physical realm. We have planted seeds, watered them, not it is time to let it bear fruit! Prepare the soil, literally, in your life. Weed your life from negativity, clear your home from clutter and prepare to receive all the wonderful blessings Our Creator has in store for you!!!

Using the fire of the solar plexus, connect that to the creativity and passion of the Sacral chakra, Svadhisthana. This is the ability to GO WITH THE FLOW in life! The water element resides here, just below the naval, our sexual organs and our choice to be a male or a female. Connect to this passion with your goals!

As we ground the excess fire with water, as water always flows down, through the crevices and cracks, into the earth. We must cler all those cracks and crevices of anything that is holding us back from totally receiving. A major key to being able to receive is to keep giving, staying in this beautiful ebb and flow. Totally bring the dreams and desires down and secure them to the Earth. This is Muladhara chakra, groundedness, stability, solidity. Pure manifestation. The best way I know how to do this is through meditation. After some time the answers will come to you like a rose bud beginning to blossom. It is a slow and steady process, listening, looking at coincidences that are serendipitous,  seeing the world out of the paradigm of reality that we are accustomed to. Soon enough you will begin to see the world and begin to share this light, as the rose unfolds in your heart.


Listen. Receive. Believe.

Much like the Equinox, this is a  great time to celebrate be social, share a good time, let in more light, and have fun! It is a time where a higher emotional experience of beauty, inspiration, hope, gratitude, thanks and appreciation are not only possible but hard to avoid. If you are not experiencing life this way, you should investigate and question where you are, what you are doing and who you are with. We are in the thick of a great productive energy cycle that requires balance to really take advantage of it. Balancing the qualities of giving and receiving, the masculine and the feminine, doing and being, earth and sky energies, social and alone time, are all important at this time. Look to your body for clues as to where you may need some work; right side masculine, left side feminine. This is a very good time for some deep tissue massage, body work and acupuncture. (1)

It’s the first Full Moon of Spring, although in many locations, this Moon arrives between the seasons. As snows melt and chlorophyll rushes up to green the grass, earthworm castings begin to appear everywhere; this draws the robins, the plump and friendliest of backyard birds. It’s a time for leaping forward and for clearing any remaining cobwebs, for releasing what doesn’t serve your future growth.

Take note of where you are in your Full Moon transition dance. Are you preparing the ground? Or are you still in need of rest and rejuvenation? Maybe you’re fully into the great awakening, already leaning forward with new purpose. Be grateful for the authenticity and perfection of your process. You’re in exactly the right place for you now. You’ve endured a long winter of chill air and slowed activity. Perhaps you’ve discovered new ways to be more patient with yourself, to be kinder too. If you’ve been desiring a breakthrough, but haven’t received it yet, it could be just around the corner.

To celebrate your bright or gradual awakening, prepare some ground and make an offering. Give a gift to the earth of your favorite plant or tree. Leave something harmless and shiny out on the grass or in the crook of a tree for Crow to discover. Get down on your knees and caress the earth. Thank her for abiding with you, for holding you up. Then offer yourself to the new brightness in the air. (3)

In traditional astrology, Libra is said to be the sign of the Sun’s “fall” – meaning, it’s one of the signs in which the Sun’s innate qualities of pride and ego are least able to express themselves. Unlike prideful Leo (the sign of the Sun’s rulership) and headstrong, impulsive Aries (sign of the Sun’s exaltation), Libra has the ability to strategically suppress his ego in order to get what he wants.

With lots of impatient Aries planets on a collision course with Pluto, the potential for animosity and frustration over the next couple of weeks is enormous. It’s the kind of celestial atmosphere that suggests full-scale emotional meltdown. Picture four planets in Aries, like frustrated toddlers, falling down on their fannies, kicking their feet in the air, and screaming until they turn purple.

How to soothe four irate toddlers at once – or even one screaming customer, road-rageous fellow motorist, or internet flamethrower? By first making a friend of the enemy inside you – the stubborn, prideful, impulsive, and ego-driven part of you that stands in opposition to your best interests. Befriend that part of yourself, and you’ll have transformed your worst enemy into a strong, passionate ally. Once you’re fully at peace with yourself, you can respond to the rage, frustration, and stubbornness of others with kindness, even charm—fully expecting them to behave better, to be better. Not everyone will rise to meet your expectations —but at least you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that you did. (4)





(1) Power Path

(2) Moonlady

(3) Moon Circles

(4) Libra Full Moon

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It’s important to Know What Is in Your Food

2013-03-27 18:11:49
Truck-FarmSpring gardening is upon us and knowing what is in your food is something The FarmGirls encourage you to explore.
Have you worried about E. coli, Listeria,or other soil/food borne illnesses? Do you wonder when you bite into a plump tomato or a fresh ear of corn how many miles it has traveled to be a feast on your table? Would it peak your curiosity to know what growing methods the farmer uses to produce your food? These are questions that we asked ourselves
after Donelle returned from an extended trip to Europe. She found that her taste of produce in America was vastly different than what she had grown accustomed to in Bosnia. It was the moment she snipped off a side shoot from the dividend broccoli growing in her mom’s garden that made her realize there was definitely a difference in the quality and flavor of the food. Soon she also learned that the homegrown vegetable is likely to have a higher nutritional content, which started the FarmGirl journey. Although having a delicious steamed broccoli side dish with the best flavor, great quality, and high nutritional value is important, the best part is growing your own food…
It is time to start your spring gardens and The FarmGirls have a goal. We want to see an increase in organic backyard gardening, especially in our hometown of Waxahachie. However, if you are not going to garden this season, we suggest you check the local resources for organically/naturally grown foods like those at the Downtown Waxahachie Farmer’s Market or the local organic section of our grocery stores.
Tune in every Friday to The FarmGirls Organic Radio Show on KAAM 770 AM to learn more about organic gardening. Our show is at 1:00 PM, just after your organic lunch. Like us on Facebook at Garden Inspirations as we continue to
make friends over the FarmGirls’ garden gate…
Originally posted on Garden Inspirations Website 8/12
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Chocolate Peanut Butter Super Committed Green Smoothie

2013-03-22 13:32:25

Lisa | Green Smoothie Cheesiness

So I named this one ‘Super Committed’ because I LOVE KALE! Really. I do. I feel so great when I eat it raw, so I love it even more. I crave it. It makes this unexplainable freshness in my body and gives me long lasting energy. I think that is why it tastes so good to me. It just takes commitment…

But it is like the old saying, you have to develop a taste for it. Just like beer. But beer, I still do not like. I can have a bottle and it will sit there by me at a party the entire night, and I will totally forget about it, and then it gets warm and nasty. So, I prefer wine. However this smoothie is ALCOHOL FREE. Feel free to add vodka, just sayin’, make sure it is organic.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Super Committed Green Smoothie


Frozen peaches

Fresh or Frozen Pineapple

Kale, I prefer the large curly Kale, as the baby kale doesnt seem to have the same amount of ‘zest’ that makes me so clear, however if you are starting out, use baby kale, or even spinach, if you are starting on the green smoothie quest

Almond milk

Peanut butter, natural

Chocolate Juice Plus Complete protein powder

Agave Nectar, optional, for starting out, not-so-committed green smoothie drinkers. =-)

Whip it all up in a high powered blender and drink! It is an entire meal and is so delicious. Well, to me at least.

Richard | Over actor? Nah.

Note: Drinking and laughing may cause green smoothie to come out your nose…

Really? Is it really that bad? I think not.

To my hubby, well, not so much. He tried it before the agave nectar and this is what we got, ‘wOW, that is like drinking the garden… wOW…’ (I did put a LOT of kale in it).

You decide. I think it is delicious.




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Chicks, kale and yoga, oh my! Spring Equinox 2013... Lisa's amazing adventures

2013-03-20 04:20:25

Bonfire Peach showing off on Spring Solstice with mini daffodils

My day began before sunrise. I woke to my alarm to get my 4th grade daughter up for school, then went outside with my two little dogs, Yaapana (AKA mini dude), the blonde deer Chihuahua and Cherry Flame, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (with the fluffiest feet in the world!). They love, love, love to go out at 5:50AM with me. Today the sky was still dark and I walk in my fuzzy robe, with them out to the chicken coop. The 28 baby chicks are almost 8 weeks old now. They are all huddled together sleepily under the heat lamp, so I snuck in from the outside so as not to freak them out. I slowly opened the tiny door so they can get to the outside of the coop. They begin to arise and the dogs really want to go in. Nope. I get out, close the fence and go look at my budding peach trees and the momma bluebird with sitting on her babies; then come inside. I see she went back to sleep, so my hubby woke her this time. He is leaving very early. He runs a company called The Fish Physician aquarium maintenance, design and installation, so he is off  before dawn today to beat traffic. I make us two tea cups of hot water with 2 drops of this lovely DoTerra lemon essential oil to get the liver cleansed and awaken the day.

I get her out of bed and she gets dressed, then she begins flat ironing her hair. Yesterday she slept in benders, so it was super curly, now not so much. (BTW~ She is a FASHIONISTA, as I was informed yesterday. (And ‘Why don’t you wear your new Mac eyeliner to teach your yoga class, mom, you’re a Fashionista, too. Ot maybe I got that from Mimi, as she always matches.’)

I make a rice cake thick with peanut butter and some honey. I sit with my lemon water and am about to eat it, then decide before I eat I will go outside and  to do a little pranayama on my empty stomach (breath work) and see the sun rise on this lovely equinox! It was getting lighter but the sun still wasn’t up so I came back in to find my food gone! I hear this really, really loud smacking and find that Cherry Flame is having a lot of trouble trying to hide that she ate my peanut butter breakfast. UGH! Again!!!

I check on my daughter, she is STILL flat ironing her hair! Seriously. I tell her it is time to have something for breakfast. She eats organic Fruit Loops style cereal standing up, with soy milk, in the kitchen. I give her 4 Juice Plus chewables for some decent nutrition then I go wake my Freshman son. I turn of his ‘white noise’ fan, tell him that when the alarm goes off to get and immediately get in the shower. He says ok. We hurry in the car to drive up our long white gravel driveway to the street to meet the bus. We miss it, but luckily it circles back and she gets on. The driver is so kind.

I go inside and I’ll be darned if he didn’t turn the freakin’ fan back on and bury his head under the pillow! I get him up, now only 22 minutes until his bus arrives and he is FULL of testosterone this spring morning and ready to fight. I get him into the shower, thank the Lord. I go outside, and it is finally sunrise!!! Yea! I watch the sun, so pretty. Yaapana gets a sudden burst of energy and begins racing around and around the tree and patio, as I encourage him, ‘GO MINI DUDE!!!’ He is so damn CUUUUUTE!

I return inside to check on my son, who is taking a leisurely shower. Do I dare knock and piss him off, do I pick that battle on this lovely Spring day? I am patient, and went instead to make some instant alkaline coffee, so yummy. He comes out of the bathroom and I ask him to get drest quickly so he can eat. He asks me to take him. I say no, its far to the high school and I dont think that is necessary. Just hurry and make the bus. He gets madder. Geez. Then I give him the Juice plus, since he refused to eat. It become a fight. Really? He ate 2 of 4. Ok. Im good with that, and I zoom him up to the street as the bus is coming down. He is so spoiled and has no idea. Ungrateful, but I love him so. He’s my firstborn, and he is pretty cute sometimes. When he wants to be. I back down the drive (I am really good at backing up, BTW) Ding ding ding… look down at the gauge, I am out of gas.

I go back inside. Finally alone! Ahhhh. Now, where’s my coffee? I never made it! Oh man, I need to finalize the newsletter my manager created! It needs to go out for Spring Equinox! I edit it, send it, then look at the clock, Oh my gosh!!! My yoga class starts in 20 minutes and I am still in my robe!!! I get my yoga clothes on, threw on my Mac powder and eyeshadow. Sorry honey, NO EYELINER… this is why I don’t wear it, not that I dont want to… and grab my iPhone. Coffee!!! Really? OK I grab the hot water, dump in the instant coffee, cream and a stevia and a Gluten Free berry bar, then jump in the car. 14 minutes. I rush to the studio and arrive just as one of my regular students is pulling in. 2 minutes to class. I greet her, prop open the door on this lovely spring day, get my iPod set up and mat out. PHEW. Then I enjoy some of my coffee. Ahhhh. I set it by the stereo and thank the Lord again for my timer on the thermostat that heats the studio for me!!! My other students arrive, all a little late. We do some pranayama (I never got to do my practice this morning) I lead them through a fun vinyasa flow for the abs with a core ball and work on arm balances and inversions. SWEATY deliciousness. Super humid today.

After class I get on my computer and do some edits in my studio software and make a phone call to a dear friend. I thought that the Chamber of Commerce meeting was today, and so am rushing to get done by noon. Noon passes, and I blew off the meeting, and then notice it is actually next week. Ah, great! So I finish my phone call, chat about ideas on how I can bond with my son, and decide to take him to a Festival in a Cave with my hubby. It is in May, just before he turns 15. Richard and I are presenting at this festival, OMVibrations, doing Acro Yoga and Chakra Master Class. We will have opportunity to camp and think it is a great idea to bring him as the music lineup is Stellar! I go into my spa and hook up my super awesome alkaline water machine to the faucet!!! IT works! I down a few cups in a row. Ahhhh!!!  A student had a friend that GAVE me a machine FREE for two years until I can buy one!

I finish my computer work and then my student arrives at the studio to clean! Yea! Spring Cleaning! She is on our Work Program an energy exchange for services, a win win! My daughter texts me, she is on the bus coming home. I jump in the car, as to try to meet her. She beats me, but she’s 10, no worries. She wants a friend to come over. That is fine. We chat and go outside to eat a picnic. Well, not really a picnic. McDonald’s. Yes, really. I had stopped by there on the way after she texted me. I reached out to get my change and a huge gust of wind came! $7 flew off like a leaf! I looked at the guy and he looked at me. I was like, well, now what? Then I looked back and the two people behind me are out of their cars trying to help catch it for me! What awesomeness! I get out and we find $2. The $5 is long gone, someone’s lucky day. Then I thank them and head on to meet my daughter.

So… here we are at our picnic in our backyard outside with the waterfall view. We place two chairs in the sun facing west, and relax with her Honey Mustard dipping sauce and my Filet-o-fake-fish. (I forgot to eat today, except for the GF bar.) Oh, and I got a half and half sweet tea. As we get all relaxed, and just then my HUGE dog Ted E. Bear lumbers up and sticks his super wet nose between us, getting us all gross. He is so cute, my 14 year old Golden Retreiver, weighing in at about 130 pounds. He is very over-sized, and about 4″ taller than most goldens. He does not want food. He wants LOOOOVE. More wet noses then we throw some fries to buy some time. We finish our picnic and I swear to myself to make a green smoothie later to balance out this totally unfulfilling lunch.

Soon I have to meet my electrician, we are installing Far Infrared Sauna Heaters this week in the studio!!! I am so stoked! I drove to Houston over Spring Break to meet my other BFF there, pick up the heaters, and drive them back the next day to my studio!

Macho Macho Yoginis | Lisa and Jenny after loading the huge box of far infrared heaters in the SUV headed to Dallas

He measures while my lady finishes cleaning. I asked her to pull everything away from the walls in the lobby and lounge and leave it after cleaning so we can rearrange. My sweet receptionist arrives to help me rearrange. It was in total disarray as the Pilates class began arriving. The electrician finished measuring so the ladies all could get on their mats, as they had no where to wait. They start class as we finish the lobby and lounge. It looks amazing, I must say!

We are wrapping up the mess of the redecoration as my Lifecoaching client arrives. She is doing the 90 Days to Feeling Fit detox and doing an awesome job at the lifestyle adjustments. Every week she is losing weight, tracking her food, making green smoothies, doing yoga, happy and motivated!

I taught my evening class, this series is  7 weeks on the Chakras. We are on week 5 between Lent and Easter, the throat Chakra, Visshudha. This is the communication center, and I focused on sound connected with the asanas, breath and throat/ heart openers. It was really intense, and something really felt like it was wanting to be released. We utilized tools I have learned from a few master teachers combined. Chakra Balancing sun salutations from Anodea Judith; Prana Flow and feeling the energy in the pose from Shiva Rea; Goddess to the Core HA breath from Sierra Bender, Chakra Sounds in Chair pose from Dr. Jeff Migdow. I combined all these into an intuiative class that was really enlightening and fun! After my class we had a new class Total Ripped Body, and there were a few new ladies that came to her class! Yea!

I went home and as I pulled down the drive and got out; I saw the brightest star! I opened my StarWalk app to see what it was. Wow. Amazing. I walked in and my daughter surprised me with two trays of homemade cupcakes with Giradelli Chocolate chips shaped like stars! AND My hubby decided to totally redo the aquarium! Wow! How great! Where was my son? Ah, yes, on my laptop in his bed. Ah, the teenage years…

Lisa’s Green Smoothie | Namaste Ya’ll!

I decided now was the time to make that Green Smoothie! So, I got out all ingredients; the frozen peaches and pineapple, kale, almond milk, peanut butter and chocolate Juice Plus Complete protein powder.

I whipped up that baby while Rich put her to bed. I even threw in some chocolate chips, since they were right there on the counter. The smoothie was so good, exactly what I needed.

Richard | Seriously it is not THAT bad!

My hubby didn’t think it was as good as I did. I had to add a good squirt of agave nectar to his.

Time for my shower, and today is a great day to do an exfoliation. I came out as pink as a baby hamster. Re-Mineralize with Arbonne lotion, then to write my blog. Bedtime, my sweet family is all fast asleep.

Goodnight Equinox.

Until Autumn, Namaste.

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Organic Garden~ Heirloom seeded

2013-03-17 04:17:46

IMG_5962Here’s our organic heirloom seeded garden! We expanded it by 4-5′ to the north and are still out of room for the incoming tomatoes and peppers Donelle is raising for us.


Planted so far:
Black seeded Simpson lettuces
Swiss chard
Rainbow chard
Spinach and another kind going in tomorrow
Dwarf Kale
Russian Kale
Red cabbage
Carrots and new seeded carrots
Turnip greens
Brussel sprouts
Collard greens
Sugar snap peas
Bok Choy dwarf – (Pak Choy)
Shelling peas (may be too late for them tho)
Blueberry bush in the middle
Gave everyone a big bath of dry molasses and an accidental five hour watering today


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Mercury Madness?

2013-02-24 20:37:57
While delays and misunderstandings do seem to happen, I’ve noticed a magical trend — that people and ideas return, for integration, resolution and more.

Mercury Madness?:

Mercury is the messenger, and in this time, the delivery is warped or the message gets lost en route. Some people find that their computers go on the fritz or phone lines go down. If you’re at all jittery about it, go ahead and back up your important files.

There can be delays, so give yourself plenty of time to get places. What happens in those down times? Mercury retro is known to be a time of ‘fated’ events — who will you meet? What will be revealed?

A Time-Out:

Mercury retrograde gives us time to catch up with ourselves, and reflect. Something from the past returns in a different form. People, ideas or buried insights that are keys to moving forward, float to the surface. Often it’s felt as a slowed down, contemplative time, and depending on the sign, a chance to go over old ground again, to claim what you missed the first time.

Err on Side of Caution:

There’s a long-held belief that it’s best to avoid making set plans during the Mercury Retrograde. This means holding off on signing contracts, and forming partnerships and alliances. What gets put in writing at this time may turn out to need serious revising after Mercury goes direct. But since tying up loose ends is the domain of retrograde, this type of finalization might fly.
What is Mercury Retrograde?
All of the planets move in the same direction around the Sun, each with a different rate of speed.  Mercury’s orbit is 88 days long; therefore approximately 4 orbits of Mercury around the Sun equals 1 Earth year. —
Periodically, Mercury appears to slow down, then stop, (stationary retrograde) and then move slowly backwards for several weeks (retrograde).  Eventually, it appears to stop again and reverse direction (stationary direct) moving slowly forward once again (direct). Eventually Mercury appears to return to its normal orbital speed.
This occurs because Mercury travels faster than the Earth, and it periodically catches up with Earth, passing us by. When Mercury “goes retrograde” it does not actually slow down, stop and move backwards. It only appears to do so. This phenomenon occurs near Mercury’s inferior conjunction to the Sun—as Mercury passes closest to the Earth, between the Earth and the Sun. This phenomenon has to do with the relative speed of the Earth and Mercury as well as their relationship to each other at a particular point in their orbits. There are threeMercury Retrograde periods each year, each lasting approximately 3 weeks.

What does Mercury Retrograde mean?

In mythology, Mercury is the messenger of the gods.  Astrologically, the planet Mercury is said to be associated with or to rule all activities that relate to communications, travel, learning such as:

    • signing agreements
    • classes and schools
    • sending correspondence
    • communications equipment such as computers, radios, and phones
    • traveling and travel equipment such as cars, bicycles, trains, and planes

Classically, Mercury retrograde periods are not considered ideal
for engaging in Mercury related activities such as:

  • placing ads
  • making important decisions
  • travel
  • purchasing communications equipment
  • signing contracts
  • initiating business deals
  • sending important correspondence or any type of message
  • starting school or any important project
  • beginning any new enterprise (as plans may be reversed later)

A Mercury retrograde period is thought to be excellent for:

  • reviewing and revising plans
  • catching up on old business
  • cleaning out the metaphorical closet
  • deeply considering issues

like everything else in life, these rules are not steadfast and your experiences may differ from these generalities. Never let the planets rule your life! If you simply must sign a contract or begin a new job when Mercury is retrograde, go for it!

While some of us are very sensitive to Mercury cycles and find that certain activities become difficult during retrograde periods, while others experience no such problems. How you experience Mercury has a lot to do with planetary placements at your birth, as well as with current planetary positions. The best way to understand how Mercury retrograde periods impact you is to track your own experience. Check the dates that Mercury is retrograde to track how sensitive you are to this cycle.





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Mindfulness Meditation

2013-02-22 05:38:44

Mindfulness Meditation

Angel Goddess Butterflies

Begin in a posture with the spine in a long strong line of energy either level with the horizon or perpendicular.

Start by breathing naturally and observing what is going on in the mind. Stay with the observations and try not to follow the thoughts. Just see what passes by like you’re watching a giant aquarium and you see the fish pass by then disappear behind the kelp and corals. Then they reappear, observe the thoughts without attaching any emotions to them.

Begin to focus in on the sound underneath the silence, listen closely, there is a ringing ever so softly persisting in the ears. Begin to hone in on that sound. Release the temptation to notice the thoughts. Let them swim without attention. Focus more closely on the sound in the ears. Breathe deeper. Listen to the sound of silence. Stay with this sound as long as you can, working to 10 seconds, then 30 seconds, then 1 minute, up to 5 minutes. Come back to the observation of your self breathing. Notice what there is to notice without judgement, or emotions, like an onlooker, a mirror. Return to your natural breath and begin to arise from your meditation. Take a quick moment to jot down a few random words, not needing to form sentences. Look at it later with fresh eyes.


~ for my sister ~

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Retreat 4 Goddesses with Paradiso and Rasamayi Sound Healing weekend

2013-02-13 01:14:16

I had the most AMAZING massage today at our Dragonfly Spa. I was the sorest I have been in a very long time before today after such an amazing Retreat 4 Goddesses weekend with internationally acclaimed artists, Paradiso and Rasamayi. This weekend consisted of some heavy duty much necessary healing from the Divine Feminine. The Sound Healing Concert with Paradiso and Rasamayi on Friday night was incredible. Everyone in attendance felt someting shift in a most positive way for each person it was something different and totally personal. The music simply is created with alignment to Source, Christ Consciousness, God, Goddess or however each connects to something greater then themselves. My experience was that of an aching on the back of my heart that was blown wide open with the gong and then refined with the crystal bowls. My hubby, Richard and I also connected on a great level relaxing and activating.

Then Saturday I held a Chakra Master Class and the artists played Live for the entire class. We moved through each chakra with music, asana, crystals and journaling for self reflection. I was led to really focus on less poses and more time for holding, resting and journaling. When we reached the third chakra, Fire, the energy shifted and then I led the class through 1/2 of 108 prastration push-ups in the style of Shiva Rea, in 6 sessions of 12. They were really moving through the change and shift of dynamic and Paradiso and Rasamayi were in total connection with the flow and their music. The class was 2 hours, and at the end everyon had journaled about two pages and was totally physicaly spent, but exhillirated.

The men left and Rasamayi led the Goddesses in a workshop on the AUM, then I made a nutritious lunch with teaching on detox and green smoothie making. The afternoon was well spend with Divine Feminine Activation. We ended with an crystal bowl session and an angelic song in meditation by Rasamayi that totally rocked my world. The next day we went to King Spa and brought my little Goddess. We had a mommy daughter spa day with Rasamayi, me, her and Beki. It was the perfect ending to an AUMazubg weekend.

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Hot Pink Green Smoothie

2013-02-03 14:58:50

Hot Pink Green Smoothie!

Ok so I’ve been making green smoothies for a while now. This one is one of the best yet!

And it’s not green, it’s hot pink!

Hot Pink Green Smoothie Ingredients

Raw beets are an excellent blood purifier and coconut water is packed with minerals and electrolytes and how many breakfast you know that taste great and contain raw carrots and beets?
A 450 calorie breakfast That has four servings of fruits and vegetables, 15% plant protein, and good fats in the cashews. ~Adapted from the GreenSmoothieGirl.com 8 Week Menu Planner

1 1/2 cups coconut water
1 large carrot cleaned (from our garden!)
3/4 cup water
1/2 of a organic large beet with all greens
1/2 cup raw cashews, soaked overnight with the water
1/3-1/2 cup chopped Medjool dates
20 frozen strawberries
3 tsp good vanilla
2 tbsp sprouted flax seeds (I soaked mine 2 days then rinsed carefully and added)
4 tbsp yogurt or kefir

Hot Pink Green Smoothie | High Powered Blender

Puree all the ingredients for two minutes in a high-powered blender. Make 2 quarts. So, so yummy!!! Enjoy!


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Broccoli Berry Blast Green Smoothie

2013-01-16 23:49:15


1 large stalk Broccoli
2 -3 leaves Kale or 3 big handfuls spinach
1 Banana
2 C Frozen Berries
2 Oranges, peeled leaving as much as the white pith on it as possible
1 large spear of Pineapple, frozen
1 large squirt Agave Nectar

Blend In a super high-powered blender for at least two minutes. Add more water and a little ice, if necessary.
When was the last time you got all these fruit and vegetables into your body in one day?
Enjoy your boost of energy!

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Kale Chips with Sea Salt and Vinegar

2013-01-09 23:16:25

Kale chips are so easy and a huge hit. They are costly if you buy at the health food store but SUPER cheap to make and so simple!
If you grow a row of kale then you will have an endless supply. Seriously. Enough to share with your entire yoga studio!

1 large bunch of kale, all stems removed, torn into 2-3″ pieces
1 1/2 Tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO)
2 Tbsp Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar
1/4 tsp Himalayan Sea Salt

Preheat the oven to 375F. In an extra large bowl Toss all day ingredients together with your hands. Arrange the kale pieces into even layers onto two rimmed baking sheets.
Bake 10-12 minutes Until the chips are deeply browned around the edges. Cool completely before serving.

Note: Kale chips from deeply browned to burnt in a flash …watch them very closely! Make sure they get nice and crispy by using a salad spinner before you toss them with the oil and vinegar.


Adapted from the book The Pure Kitchen by Hallie Kletcher

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Yoga 4 Love's Famous KarmelKorn

2012-12-29 19:25:30

Lisa’s Famous KarmelKorn

1 Box each Rice Chex and Corn Chex

Snyder’s of Hanover square butter pretzels (omit if going Gluten Free)

Brown sugar

Light Karo syrup

Vanilla Extract

Whole popcorn (you’re going to make it homemade) or 2 bags of popcorn, cooked.

2 sticks Organic Butter

Baking soda

SmartBalance Oil

Organic Pam Cooking Spray

Cook the popcorn on the stove. Cover the bottom of a large pot with a light layer of oil and 2T butter.



Heat the oil to Medium High and add one kernel. Cover with a screen and wait for it to pop.



Add a layer of kernels filling most but not all of the bottom in a single layer. Let it pop, listening for it to slow down to a few pops then a second between. Shake around a little and remove from heat.


Let it pop a few more times then remove from pot by scooping out, not pouring so you don’t get any duds. (Duds really stink in KarmelKorn, and your dentist will appreciate this tip.)

Use 3 large mixing bowls and 2 large baking sheets lined with foil and sprayed with Pam and 2 wooden spoons and salad tongs sprayed with Pam. Have all ingredients ready.

Add 1/3 of the popcorn to each bowl, then several cups of each cereal, then use all of the pretzels splitting evenly, don’t pour the last bit so you don’t get a ton of salt in one bowl. Fill bowls 2/3 full of the mixture. You will have some cereal left but not a lot. Heat oven to 275.

Get a large saucepan and heat 1  1/3 stick of butter on medium heat. Add 1  1/4 C of brown sugar and stir until it begins to melt. Add 1  1/4 C Karo Syrup. (I really don’t measure, if it looks too buttery add more sugar). Turn heat up a bit and stir until it gets bubbly. Add 1t Vanilla and stir it in, making sure everything is melted. Turn heat off but keep pan near warm burner.

To get the Karmel to coat the dry mixture here is the trick, add 1-2 t Baking Soda. 1 t at a time. Watch it get puffy, and lighten in color. If it is not very puffy then quickly add 1/2 t more until it almost puffs to the top. Pour equal amounts over the 3 mixtures splitting up but very fast, scrape all out with a spatula. Then quickly get the 2 wooden spoons and mix as best as you can. If its too dry make a 1/2 batch and pour the rest over it and remix.

Lots will spill so snack away. =-) My dog loves this part.

Then pour the batches into the baking sheets in a layer not too thick. You may need a third baking sheet (or 9×13 pan or you an cook another batch after the first is done).

Put the KarmelKorn in the oven and wait 15 min or so. If it looks a little darker then its time to stir. Salad tongs are great. Mix it up (out of the oven!) and eat all that spills.




My dog loves this part too. My kids do as well. Put it back in for another 5-10 min to coat evenly then remove. If its cold outside you can set the pans out and it will harden almost immediately. Otherwise, wait a little, and try not to eat too much.

Wash and dry the three sticky bowls.

When hardened, but still pliable, take the foil and KarmelKorn off of the sheets.





Next, in one fell swoop, attempt to break it up into a bowl. Do this for the remaining Korn. Seal the bowls (mainly to prevent your family from eating it before you get to bring it to the party.)

This recipe stores great in gallon ziplocks and is lovely to give as a gift.



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Coconut Milk & Berry Green Smoothie

2012-12-29 17:07:10

This is a wonderful way to get tons of whole food in your body. It’s delicious, too! Makes 2-3 large servings.

Coconut Milk Berry Green Smoothie

1 1/2 C Fresh or Frozen Pineapple (I buy fresh, cut then freeze)

1 C Raspberries

1 C Blackberries

3 C Fresh Organic Spinach

2 Scoops Juice Plus+ Complete Meal Powder

3 C Coconut Milk to cover all ingredients. Mix in a high powered blender on high for at least 1 minute. If it gets too frothy let sit a bit before drinking, if you prefer (coconut milk tends to froth up more than soy or almond).

Add a fresh blackberry and raspberry to top.


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Preparing for Winter Solstice 2012 | The Transformation

2012-12-20 05:22:38

The Winter Solstice is exact on Friday, December 21 at 5:11 AM CST.
This is one of the most important time frames in our history. Although the exact time of the solstice is important to note, the 48 hours afterwards is equally as potent and may be even more so in terms of where your thoughts, intentions, feelings and focus are.
This is a time of great internal transformation. All you have prepared for in your life is becoming clearer and clearer. Listen. Pray. Meditate. Talk with people who uplift you.

The energy is about honoring and forgiving the structure that has held life together up until this point. Move yourself into a place of trust that a new structure has been organizing itself through a collective intention of having a better world. It is on the brink of being birthed onto the physical plane. The best intention during this time is to be in trust.

Here are some suggestions of how to work with this time:
Stay away from negativity and martyrdom and be positive and optimistic no matter what.

Clear your mind and your environment from clutter so you can be open to the incredible insights available at this time and have a journal handy to write them down. Pay attention to your dreams and anything that is surfacing at this time especially old memories. If emotions grab you, let them pass on through.

Instead of thinking and thinking and thinking about maybe doing something or changing something, make a commitment to do it. Take some time to write serious intentions and don’t be afraid to dream big and to leave room for spirit to bring you more than you can imagine.

Reestablish your connection with guides and allies through meditation and spiritual practice. Ask for help and let go of how it may show up.

Be around friends and family and community that are on the same page.

Forgive, forgive, forgive.

Write down with total forgiveness what you are complete. Then write your intentions.

Say hello to the earth and the sun and the new frequencies they are bringing in. Be very conscious and present with your environment sending light and love into all the physical extensions of yourself (electronics, electrical system, vehicles, plumbing, clothing, appliances etc. Clean your home and space with a cleansing smoke. (We will Paint! With intention!)

This is the dawn of a new era and the one we have been waiting for. It is the time frame that marks the end of the hierarchical, competitive and success oriented approach to life and marks the beginning of a relationship, cooperative and community oriented cycle. It won’t happen overnight however, we must take advantage of this time through our attention and focus. If you plant the seed right, a beautiful growth will follow.

In our cOMmunity we are having a Winter SolstiCelebration. It’s the 20th Annual Winter SolstiCelebration
I am honored to be the only newbie and asked to add movement, yoga and chanting to the long list of talented performers, musicians and light workers.

Create a community event of your own or stay with a loved one and spend it alone by the fire. Go within your heartspace and stoke the internal fire. It’s not easy, yet nothing worthwhile never is. Namaste.

Peace, Love + Light.

(Portion of the post adapted from The Power Path)


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2012-12-13 05:09:58

I am really excited about the shift that is happening. We all feel it. It is apparrent in our relationships as we tend to get snappy with our spouse or kids, or our own feelings get hurt. Some of us are losing relationship and others are making new. It is all happening so quickly we need time to process this in a positive way. Starting on 12-12-12 begins a process of awakening our planet has never seen. This will continue to gain momentum until the climax of 12-21-12 THE Winter Solstice. This is it folks. Time to jump onto the tidal wave and surf it. Are you in or are you out? If your undecided then the decision may be made for you.
I am speaking about INTENTION. Together with positive intention we can SHIFT + CHANGE THE VIBRATION OF THIS PLANET! We are simply energetic beings housed in a ‘Jar of Clay’ as the bible says. A shard of crystal is what was pictured to me in a clear vision. We are all rays of light and have the power to come together and bring peace, healing and TRANSFORMATION to this world. The light of many candles burns brighter together!

Take a moment tonight and set YOUR intention for the future. What can you let go of that no longer serves you in a positive way? What relationships can you let go of? Do you have any energy vampires in your life? This release doesn’t mean that you stop loving them, just love them at a distance! What realationships can you foster to bring you more happiness? Shiva Rea calls this ‘Tending the Sacred Heart Fire’. As we shift forward allow time to process. Patience will be your best ally. Realize this is a daily, hourly and moment by moment  process.

Enjoy the journey! Namaste.

Peace, Love + Light;



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Coconut and Butternut Squash (Calabaza) Rice

2012-12-11 18:48:37

Coconut and Butternut Squash (Calabaza) Rice

1 cups brown rice (preferably parboiled)
2 tablespoon extra virgin coconut oil
1 medium large yellow onion, finely chopped
2 garlic cloves, minced
1/2 lb. calabaza (or butternut squash), cut into 1/2 inch pieces
1 1/2 cups low-sodium stock
1/2 cup coconut milk
3/4 teaspoon salt
A pinch ground white pepper
2 tablespoon cilantro, finely chopped

1. Rinse the rice. Place it in a bowl and cover with cold water. Swirl it with your hand and drain from the bowl being careful not to spill the grains. Repeat 2 to 3 times, or until the water runs clear. Drain well and set aside.

2. In a medium caldero, heat the coconut oil over medium heat. Add the onion and garlic and saute until the onions are translucent, 4 to 5 minutes. Add the rice and stir well to coat the grains in oil. Cook it for about 5 minutes, until the grains begin to get toasted. Add the calabaza, stock, coconut milk, salt and pepper. Bring to a boil and reduce heat slightly. Cook, uncovered, until small craters start to form on the surface of the rice, about 25 minutes.

3. Carefully stir in the chopped cilantro with a fork. Cover, reduce heat to low and cook for another 25 minutes. Remove from the heat, fluff with a fork and let sit for 10 minutes before serving. Makes 3 to 4 servings.

This is a reprint of an article from NBCLATINO by Betty Cortina. www.HailMerry.com has been singing the praises of organic extra virgin coconut oil for years.

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Cinnamon Coconut Baked Apples

2012-12-11 18:40:03

Cinnamon Coconut Baked Apples

4 servings

4 baking organic apples, peeled and cored
4 tablespoons maple syrup
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1 teaspoon nutmeg
4 teaspoon organic virgin coconut oil, melted


1/4-1/2 cup Hail Merry Orange Cranberry Grawnola or

1/4- 1/2 cup Hail Merry Chimayo Chile Pecans

Dried Coconut shavings

Archeological data indicates that humans have been enjoying the health benefits of apples since 6500 BC. The Europeans first brought the fruit to America over 400 year’s ago and we have been enjoying the nutritional benefits and its sweet taste ever since. This gluten-free and vegan Baked Cinnamon Coconut Apple dessert features freshly harvested apples available in natural markets right now. The baked apple is topped with Hail Merry Grawnola and shaved dried coconut before serving to Feed Your Body Royally!

Does freshness matter when buying apples? Yes, because the fruit does not die when harvested. It remains a living organism that continues to take in oxygen and give off carbon dioxide. After harvest, an apple no longer receives nutrients from the tree and, since it is still respiring, it must use the food it has stored over the growing season. As this food is gradually used up during storage, the sugar, starch, and acid content of the apple change. Eventually the tissue breaks down; the apple becomes mealy, and develops an “off” flavor. Loss of water can cause the fruit to become rubbery. Proper apple storage preserves the quality of the fruit by slowing ripening and reducing water loss. If properly stored in a cool place with ventilation, many varieties of apples can be stored for two to three months and maintain a high nutritive value. After that, there is a gradual loss of nutrients, especially vitamin C.

Choose the freshest apples available for the this easy-bake dessert.

From www.hailmerry.com

1. In small bowl, mix maple syrup, cinnamon, nutmeg & melted coconut oil. Set aside.

2. Core apples and pare 1 inch strip of skin from around middle of each apple or pare upper half of each to prevent splitting. Place apples upright in ungreased baking dish. Pour 4 teaspoons of maple syrup mixture into center of each apple. Pour water (1/4 inch deep) into baking dish.

3. Bake uncovered at 375 degrees until tender when pierced with fork, 30-40 minutes. (Time will vary with size and type of apples.) Spoon syrup in dish over apples several times during baking if desired.

4. Transfer apples to serving plate and top with Grawnola or pecans and dried coconut. Serve warm.

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Pineapple Blackberry Spinach Green Smoothie

2012-12-10 18:37:53

I Banana
1 C Blackberries
I 1/2 C Pineapple
Coconut Milk
Juice Plus+ Complete Powder while food based drink mix
Superfood Powder (I’m currently using Greens Today)

I buy all organic fruit whenever possible and buy in season. Just wash, cut then freeze and its ready to go in your smoothie. If I’m using fresh fruit I usually add a little ice.
Add fruit and Coconut Milk to cover the fruit. Add several large handfuls of spinach.
Using a high powered blender (I use HealthMaster LivingWell by Montel)
Blend on high for 1 minute. It will be frothy and a lovely purple green.



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Rice Apple Crisp

2012-12-10 18:02:04

Rice Apple Crisp

Cooking Instructions:

2 cup cooked Lundberg Short Grain Brown Rice
1 can pie apples*
1 tbs lemon juice
1/4 cup Lundberg Sweet Dreams® Brown Rice Syrup
(Organic Agave Nectar will work, if you don’t have this)
3/4 cup Lundberg Brown Rice Flour
1 1/2 cup uncooked oats (I recommend Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free Oats)
1 cup brown sugar
1/2 tsp cinnamon
1/4 tsp salt (optional)
6 tbs butter
1/2 cup chopped almonds or walnuts (optional)
Combine the cooked rice, apples, lemon juice, rice syrup and pour into a greased 9″ x 13″ pan. Mix flour, oats, brown sugar, cinnamon, salt and cut in butter until crumbly. Sprinkle over rice-apple mixture. Bake at 350 for 30 minutes or until brown and bubbly. Makes 10 servings.

*Fresh apples are better! Peel and slice 6 large cooking apples, mix with 1 cup of sugar, 1/4 cup of water and microwave on high approximately 10 minutes or until soft.

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Angel Tree for my Mother

2012-12-07 01:07:35

The most ordained sequence of events brought me to Cliff Temple tonight. Aspen is performing with the SW Children’s Chorus. I was instructed to drop her off and get her after with the other parents. However, we needed shoes for her formal. So in Lisa style we whipped in to shoe shop on the way. Since Mimi goes to church here I walked her in. I noticed there were hundreds of angel ornaments on tables. Hmmm. I asked. It’s an angel tree service. I said I too lost a loved one and I have mom’s ornament hanging from my rearview mirror! So… I’m here now to hang a symbol of my mothers love on a tree that will be honored for years to come. Every Christmas the church brings out all the angels of years past and the loved ones get to come and hang it on the Angel Tree. I’m in the perfect place at the perfect time.



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Gluten-Free Organic Blueberry Coconut Superfood Muffins

2012-12-04 05:14:05

I cant wait to make this delicious recipe. Some of the ingredients are available from the Natural News Store. Others can be found at farmers markets or local grocery stores.

Gluten-Free Organic Blueberry Coconut Superfood Muffins

Preheat your over to 350 degrees (F) while you gather the following items:

Hint: Always choose organic where possible, as organic foods are grown without the use of toxic chemical pesticides and herbicides.

1 cup of coconut flour
1/2 tsp of baking soda
1/2 tsp of baking powder
1/4 tsp of sea salt
5 free-range eggs
1/2 cup coconut butter (or oil)
1 cup coconut sugar
1 tsp vanilla
1/4 cup chia seeds
1 cup almond milk
1 cup blueberries (fresh or frozen)



1. Mix 1/2 cup of almond milk with chia seeds and set it aside for 30 minutes.

2. Combine coconut flour, baking soda, baking powder, sea salt, vanilla, and coconut sugar and mix well.

3. Add eggs, coconut butter, chia seeds (the texture should be thick) and the rest of almond milk.

4. Blend in the frozen blueberries by hand, being careful not to crush the blueberries.

5. Pour this batter into paper muffin liners that you’ve placed in a muffin baking pan. Fill them completely.

6. Bake the muffins at 350 degrees (F) for 35 – 40 minutes, or until they are golden brown on the outside and completely cooked on the inside.


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Eclipse in New Moon~ Turbulence and Transformation 11/13/12

2012-11-13 07:51:43

Scorpio New Moon, Total Solar Eclipse, SuperMoon
Tuesday, November 13, 4:09 PM CST
Sun and Moon in Scorpio 21º

With this New Moon, we enter the last six weeks – the home stretch, of 2012. We enter an eclipse portal with a total solar eclipse now at New Moon and a partial lunar eclipse at Full Moon at the end of the month. As a SuperMoon, every effect is strengthened, as the Moon is closest to the Earth and in exact alignment with the Sun/Moon. The Moon passes between the Earth and the Sun during solar eclipses essentially blocking out the Sun’s electro-magnetic and radiant energies that are vital to life and allowing a momentary empty moment that can clear and reset our energetic bodies. Anything can happen; release takes place. We realign to this present moment. The universe is offering you an empty vehicle to fill with whatever you want to let go of.
Because the Black Hole at the Galactic Center emitting powerful forms of electromagnetic energy and absorbing equally massive amounts of energy is aligned with our most physical archetype, Mars, huge shifts in consciousness can be absorbed by this masculine planet and old forms released. This eclipse along the Great Female Dragon Line that circumnavigates the planet mirrors the eclipse of May 20, 2012 that crossed the Great Male Dragon Lei Line at Mt. Fuji and Mt. Shasta.

Be disciplined about letting go of associated wounds, raw deals and scenarios where you lost personal power. Drop what you’re dragging from the last century that most of you were born in (unless you’re under 12 years old). Feed your heart with whatever makes it swell with love and courage. Transformation is shamanic work. Facing the dark; surrender; strengthening your essential core; gaining personal power. You are participating in one of the most monumental transitional times ever experienced on the planet. Now through 2015 the heat is really on. We all must be as fresh, alive, conscious as we possibly can be to channel what is asked of us and to stand grounded and spiritually connected (to source and each other) in the face of the acceleration of the times.
Earmark the next six weeks until the end of the year, to personally become as conscious and loving and open as you can be. We have the collective power to diminish the need to trigger a catastrophic event like we saw Hurricane Sandy do to bring this country together and wake it up to cooperation.
Power Path READ MORE

Written by Patricia Lilies

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A Meditation of Love Light and Healing + Affirmation and Dream Reflection

2012-11-13 07:40:36

Here is a guided meditation I spoke during our yoga class tonight for YOU~
Connecting to Source begin filling yourself with beautiful, loving healing white gold and silvery light. Creating a bubble of this Loving light around you, filling it up from the infinite supply from Creator. Anything that doesn’t resonate with this beautiful healing light falls away like rainwater into Mother Earth. Each and every cell every atom is filled with healing white, silvery golden light. Everything that was ever grey falls away and we begin to immerse ourselves in this beautiful healing energy. White light begins to radiate out from our hearts. Filling up our cup so we can then fill up the cups of others. Feel the light pouring over you like a gentle waterfall. Bathe in this beautiful healing light as long as you’d like. Remember that this bubble of white light is always there, simply by intending it to, we are immediately immersed in this space of complete and total healing, health and tranquility.

An affirmation for YOU:
I am beautiful
I am strong!
I am excellent at…
I am grateful for…
I am a wonderful…

This is my mantra! This is my key to happiness. (Write it down NOW!)

After just coming off a beautiful training with my brand new Reiki Level 2 initiates my vibration is so high! During the workshop one of the Yoginis suggested we choose cards out of our ‘Gods, Goddesses and Angel deck’. For some reason this tool really is used by Spirit to connect to Christ-Consciousness. Whether you believe or not, the card that is drawn always resonates. It’s really insightful. I drew the Goddess of the Shadows~’What you perceive to be your dark side holds a hidden treasure’. I pondered that. Our training was so powerful and we all felt so connected to our path as Lightworkers.

This morning I had a dream involving my late mother. In this altered reality mom as was successful writer about to go onto a talk show or speak publicly but she was feeling inadequate. I gave giving her a pep talk as she gets ready in her business suit to meet the world. She was feeling like she might not be good enough, or accepted in this world of successful people. I said to her as she put on her heels, “You are beautiful! You are successful! You are STRONG! You are an AMAZING writer!” Basically, ‘You can do it!’

My my Nana was there in my dream, too. I borrowed her toothbrush to get ready and she then encouraged me, as well (not yet sure about the toothbrush thing).

I chose to wear her rose quartz necklace and earrings when I awoke. My Uncle Walt was a wonderful creator and worked with stones and minerals as a hobby and made beautiful jewelry, and this is one of the pieces he made.
Reading into this dream, I felt that I received exactly what I needed as I said those affirmations to my mother, so I could let go of past limitations and old patterns of belief. Just like that Angel card!

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A Yogi’s Life | My Best Set Intention

2012-11-10 05:28:40

A Yogi’s Life | My Best Set Intention

Originally posted on Moonlady.com

 I want to get up early and meditate. I awake before dawn daily to let my dogs out well before I wake my kids for school. I love to sit outside in the predawn and look at the night sky as is changes day by day, season by season. Then I go back inside, and my warm fuzzy bed calls me. My sleeping spouse, so cozy. I would love to stay up and meditate, I really would. Why don’t I sit? Why do I resist the practice that I know helps me stay centered, grounded, connected to my Source? Why do I suddenly feel sleepy when I was just so energized by the chill of the night just moments ago? My little dog wants to sit with me and meditate. He will keep me warm, he looks up at me. Instead of turing on my Frankincense burner, reading my affirmations and grabbing my mala beads, I lie down. My dreams are vivid, maybe that’s my reality? What am I learning about myself in this dream-wake state before the alarm goes off? Am I really sleepy, or is this a habit? I fall asleep and wake in an hour to get my 4th grader up. I vow to meditate after my cup of tea. She is of with the bus, I make my tea. However, my emails are now dinging on my iPhone. Ok, so Ill check them really quickly. I see my hubby and Freshman son off. I am so hungry. Oh my goodness, I need to leave for the studio! My class is in thirty minutes! How can I teach my students to sit when I haven’t sat myself? We breathe together. I forgot to turn my phone on airplane mode and I notice those emails vibrating as they continue to roll in. We breathe, I bring the class through our vinyasa, sweating, flowing, assisting and moving energy, prana, life force, asking them to solidify their intention for their practice of yoga. How can I do this without pausing and setting my intention for my day first? I vow to meditate tonight at my usual time, 11:11pm. Savasana. I hold space for them. When do I hold space for myself? Did I eat? Wow, tea doesn’t go so far on an empty stomach. Time to play the Tibetian bells and bring them back to their mats, to their bodies. We OM. I send them love and then it’s quiet again. Oh, but now I MUST EAT. Thank you for my whole food shakes. Mmmm. Those emails, I’ll check them. Several phone calls come in, I post some events upcoming about Nicolai Bachman and my Wine and Wellness Natural Body Care + Whole Food Girls Night. I see the time, wow, its time to meet my daughter coming off the bus. I zoom home and greet her. Time to eat finally. Late lunch, hummus and crackers with some fruit and dinner planning. My hubby arrives, but he teaches at the studio tonight and then wants practice yoga, so its me and the kids tonight. I decide to cook something with the massive amounts of peppers I picked yesterday out of our organic garden. Ill check my emails again real quick. Oh, I still need to finish posting our New Years Day event. I look up and I haven’t cooked a thing and it is almost 9:00pm! I whip up some omelets and feed my son and make one for Rich. Where is my daughter? Asleep after eating Cocoa Pebbles in her room. I don’t beat myself up, I’ll make her a good breakfast, tuck tuck. Ok, now a good meal with my hubby; organic eggs with fresh spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes, peppers~ those hummers are HOT! After finishing my old tea on the counter I shower. Time to meditate! Yea! I’ll meditate after I read and lie down just a bit. 11:11pm I am asleep, I read 3 pages. Tomorrow is a new day. New opportunities. I will start my day with setting my intention.

My Reiki Mantra~ Infinite Light Surrounds Me, Infinite Love Enfolds Me, Infinite Wisdom Guides Me, Infinite Power Courses Through Me, Wherever I am God Is. So Be It. Namaste.

Live Loved!

Lisa Ware is E-RYT 200 (200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher with over 1000 teaching hours), she is a Reiki Master Teacher and enjoys work as a Lifecoach. She wears many hats~ Wife, Mother, Daughter of the Universe, Nature Girl, AcroYogini and cOMmunity leader. 


For more info on yoga classes, workshops, Reiki, Teacher Trainings or Upcoming Events please visit:


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Lisa's Asana 101 | Ardha Matsyendrasana

2012-11-07 13:29:27

5 Minutes 4 Positive Change

Half Lord of the Fishes
Sanskrit: Ardha Matsyendrasana

Benefits: Stimulates the liver, stimulates the kidneys, stretches the shoulders, stretches the hips, stretches the neck, relieves fatigue, relieves sciatia, relieves backache.

Lisa Ware in Ardha Matsyendrasana

Lisa’s Asana 101

(ARE-dah MOT-see-en-DRAHS-anna)
ardha = half  Matsyendra = king of the fish (matsya = fish indra = ruler), a legendary teacher of yoga


  • Stimulates the liver and kidneys
  • Stretches the shoulders, hips, and neck
  • Energizes the spine
  • Stimulates the digestive fire (agni) in the belly
  • Relieves menstrual discomfort, fatigue, sciatica, and backache
  • Therapeutic for asthma and infertility
  • Traditional texts say that Ardha Matsyendrasana increases appetite, destroys most deadly diseases, and awakens kundalini

Contraindications and Cautions

  • Back or spine injury: Only allow students to perform this pose if you are an experienced teacher

Beginner’s Tip

In this version of the pose, the opposite-side arm is wrapped around the outside of the raised-leg upper thigh. Be sure to sit up well on a blanket for support, can just wrap your arm around the raised leg and hug the thigh to your torso.

Deepen The Pose

For those with more flexibility in the hips and spine bring the upper left arm to the outside of the upper right thigh. With the legs in place, exhale and turn to the right. Lean slightly back, away from the upper thigh, and bend the left elbow, inhale lifting the ribs and exhale pressing the elbow against the outside of the upper right thigh. Then snuggle the torso in against the thigh, working the left upper arm further on to the outer leg until the back of the shoulder presses against the knee. Keep the elbow bent and the hand raised towards the ceiling, fingers dynamic. Lean into a slight upper-back backbend, firming the shoulder blades against the back, and lift the front torso through the top sternum.

Seated Twist Variations:

Step Across Straight Leg Bent Elbow on opposite knee

Wrap Elbow Same Side and Half Bind

Flow from Staff into the twist 3x then hold

Preparatory Poses

  • Baddha Konasana
  • Bharadvajasana
  • Janu Sirsasana
  • Supta Padangusthasana
  • Virasana

Follow-Up Poses

  • Paschimottanasana
  • Janu Sirsasana



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Lisa's Asana 101 | Dandasana Staff Pose

2012-10-17 03:50:03

~ 5 Minutes 4 Positive Change ~

Staff Pose
Sanskrit: Dandasana

Benefits: Improves posture, strengthens back muscles, stretches the shoulders, stretches the chest, can provide relief for sciatia

Lisa’s Asana 101 | Dandasana Staff Pose

A great alternate pose for meditation. Active and relaxed. Yin and Yang. Nice. Love this posture.

More Benefits

  • Strengthens the back muscles
  • Stretches the shoulders and chest
  • Improves posture

Contraindications and Cautions

  • Any wrist or lower back injury

Preparatory Poses

  • Adho Mukha Svanasana
  • Uttanasana

Follow-Up Poses

  • Purvottanasana
  • Bharadvajasana I


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top 20 ways to boost your immune system without resorting to deadly vaccines

2012-10-11 18:20:55

It’s important to find ways to boost your immune system and shield yourself from colds and the flu without resorting to jabbing yourself in the arm with a cocktail of mercury, formaldehyde, aluminum and MSG. Oh yes, all those things are found in vaccines, according to the CDC.

So to avoid all that, here’s my list of the top 20 ways to boost your immune system without resorting to deadly vaccines and all the toxic additives they contain.

The top 20 ways to boost your immunity to colds and flu without using a vaccine

1) Take a vitamin D supplement every day. Check our Vitamin D guide for details about choosing the proper dosage.

2) Get as much sunlight as you can for as late into the year as you can manage. Even getting sunlight on just your face helps produce more vitamin D in your body.

3) Drink immune-boost beverages like organic Cocoa Mojo, which contains a blend of 4 medicinal mushrooms. And it tastes like a delicious hot chocolate!

4) Use a high-quality air filter in your home to filter out bacteria and mold spores that may be circulating inside your home.

5) Get regular exercise to boost your circulation and immune strength. This exercise should be frequent and moderate. Do not over-stress yourself at the gym, or your immune system will be temporarily compromised.

6) Take supplements especially designed to protect your respiratory tract. These include Lomatium, Osha, Elderberry and more. You’ll find many of these in the herbal medicine cabinets offered at the NaturalNews Store.

7) Take measures to minimize your exposure to immune-damaging chemicals such as those you’ll find in laundry products, cosmetics, personal care products and fragrance products. The artificial fragrance chemicals found in most of these products are carcinogenic and cause liver damage.

8) Get off all medications that you can safely eliminate! Work with a naturopath to accomplish this, of course, as quitting medications cold turkey can also be dangerous. Most medications suppress your immune system, liver function, kidney function and even your reproductive function.

9) Eat more meals that are rich in pungent spices. Eat more curry, which is rich in turmeric. Eat more ginger. Eat more cilantro, rosemary, thyme and other rich spices. This includes cloves and nutmeg, two spices you’ll typically find in eggnog drinks. These spices boost immune function and taste great, too!

10) Clean up your diet. If you’re eating cheese and drinking processed milk, those substances are to be avoided during the winter influenza season, especially. In many people, cheese and dairy products tend to cause sinus stuffiness, which is really a lack of sinus circulation. This can make you more susceptible to physically catching and harboring a virus floating around.

11) Boost your trace minerals intake, especially zinc. Both zinc and selenium are hugely important for immune function. Zinc is especially well known for functioning as a shield support against many viral attacks. One of the best ways to boost your trace minerals intake is to switch to a natural sea salt or a high-mineral salt. We’ll be offering these salts by Thanksgiving, by the way.

12) Move your lymph! Rebounders (mini trampolines) are great for this purpose. Jumping rope also works, as does just hopping in place for a few minutes each day. You can also do arm rotations and other simple movements to keep your lymph circulating. Lymph movement is crucial for immunity.

13) Take immune-protective herbal tinctures such as goldenseal, garlic, echinacea, osha root and elderberry. All of these herbs are found in the Enerfood Herbal Medicine Cabinet – intermediate. We also have a “basic” and “advanced” kit available.

14) While you’re at it, wash your hands more frequently. Many of the infections we receive during the flu season come from us touching contaminated surfaces and then touching our eyes, nose or mouth. The simple act of washing your hands can dramatically cut down on viral infections.

15) At the same time, demand high levels of hygiene by those around you. Ask them to wash their hands, for example. Ask them to boost their immunity with herbs, nutrients and supplements that really work. In fact, when others fail to boost their immune systems, it’s actually highly irresponsible on their part. Merely relying on a vaccine is actually putting other people at risk, since vaccines don’t work 99 times out of 100.

16) Have an emergency supply of colloidal silver available. Not only do you want the liquid colloidal silver, you may also want to consider an inhalable form of silver like what you’ll find in the Silver Lungs product. At the Natural News Store, we currently carry GHC’s colloidal silver product called Silver Fuzion, and we’ll soon be carrying Sovereign Silver products.

17) Get plenty of sleep. A lack of sleep compromises the immune system.

18) Reduce your levels of chronic stress, if possible. Stress also compromises your immune system, and it even “uses up” nutrients in your body, leaving you nutritionally depleted.

19) Drink more “live” vegetable juice. If that sounds too cold, make yourself some warm but raw vegetable soups. Search online for recipes. My favorites include a raw avocado soup recipe using red peppers, to which I add some Tobasco sauce. You make these soups in a blender like the Vita-Mix.

20) Laugh a little! Watch some comedy movies, or spend some fun time with family and friends. Laughter boosts immune function at many levels. It’s good for your body and your mental health. Find creative ways to expose yourself to comical situations and you’ll benefit as a result. 🙂

Source: http://naturalnews.com/037510_flu_season_immunity_colds.html

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Malasana | Garland Pose | Lisa's Asana 101

2012-09-30 19:46:14

5 Minutes 4 Positive Change

Malasana | Garland Pose | Lisa’s Asana 101

Lisa Ware Low Malasana

Stretches the ankles, groin, and back, tones the belly, reduces fatigue, strengthens the pelvic floor and abdominal muscles.

Lisa Ware Garland Pose

Start in Goddess Stance.

Bring hands to heart and begin to sink into a low squat. You may keep elbows inside the knees or out. Take support for the feet by utilizing a block under the heels or a folded mat or blanket. Option to bring hands to the Earth and lower tailbone with exhale. On the inhale lift heart high.

Begin to fold forward bringing hands out before you. Turn palms up and thumbs back and begin to wrap your arms around you like a garland. You may need to adjust the space between the feet to reach behing your feet. Your hands may or may not touch. If they do, take Ganesh Grip, 4 fingers locking. Relax into the posture. You may fel like there is farther to go, however, just be present wherever you are today.

to come out of the asana, bring hands to front bavk to Low Malasana and then either step back to all fours or come into high Malasana, Goddess pose, where you began.





Photo credit YogaBlissPhoto.com


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Autumn ... One of my favorite seasons.

2012-09-26 12:32:57

Estes Park, Colorado | Lisa by Aspen trees

Autumn … One  of my favorite seasons. I grew up in Colorado,

so the changing of seasons has always been a major part of my life. Our daughter is named Aspen, after the tree. The Aspen grove is an amazing sight to see. One grove is actually the largest living organism on the planet; the root system it totally interconnected. You see this interconnectedness in the fall. It takes place about three weeks after the first cold snap.
The trees all know what to do, as they turn from green to gold to red. The valley with the grove of Aspens shimmer like gold flakes in the wind, and the contrast of the white bark sprinkled with pines between is one of the most incredible views you may ever take in.

Autumn Equinox was this past weekend. I spent much time in nature with my husband and in deep meditation with a few close friends. I encourage you to get out in nature, touch a tree. Look up at its magnificence and realize that we are all interconnected.
We are all one.

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Fall Equinox + Global Mala 2012

2012-09-21 13:01:08


Practicing sun salutations outside with my focus on the sun, the change of seasons and nature is extremely powerful. It resets us to the rhythms if life. Watching the sun rise or set, hearing the birds, listening to the breath is so healing. Global Mala is 108 rounds of sun salutations. Shiva Rea holds a live call annually to join in the practice with thousands of yogis across the globe. You can also hold intention on your heart and practice solo.
I like to use rocks or favorite items to keep count. This helps to retain the meditative state so you don’t have to remember to count. You can do 4 cycles of 27 or 3 cycles of 36 or two cycles of 54. It is literally a moving meditation.
I practice outdoor by the limestone canyon and the waterfall. This location is such a blessing. I enjoy bringing my dogs outside with me and listening to them play and swim while I practice. This practice is so healing the mind body and spirit I encourage you to try it even if it’s just for 27 rounds.

The Fall Equinox is Saturday, September 22 at 8:49 AM Mountain Daylight Time.

This is a good opportunity to do a ritual or ceremony to honor something you are changing and releasing; Something that comes from an old pattern from the past that still triggers and runs you. Choose something that you have been working on this month, something that has triggered you and sent you into reaction and work with it. It should also be something that you have identified as being in the way of moving forward and taking action. Ritualize it or symbolize it through writing or drawing, or choose an object to represent it; burn, bury or destroy it, and then most importantly allow a new vision, energy and intention to fill you up. It is powerful to do something like this in a group, but at the least, do it yourself.

This is a powerful time of transition. Not only are we on the heels of the Pluto/Uranus conjunction, but many other astrological influences are forcing change. It is truly a powerful time. and you can either go kicking and screaming or you can enjoy the process. We suggest you enjoy it and be amused at the outrageousness of the times, the behavior, the opportunities and the challenges!


Much is happening so quick in our inner and outer worlds and yet, we are, as I am told, going to move into some profound times. If you have been walking and working your path of inner unfoldment then you can expect even more to show up. If you are wondering when it something gonna happen to you, then you can be assured your awareness will increase as well.

We each are at different awarenesses on this path, yet collectively at our highest level, we are moving forward into grand unfoldment of a new way of being.

As we approach this now final countdown to a shift in consciousness, a shift in the frequency of Mother Earth.
Renee Snyder

Shiva Rea writes:
Create your own ritual including:

1) seed intentions – choose one to three clear seed intentions for this cycle of rebirth through the equinox – solstice and the holidays and moons in-between. May your intentions be clear and fruitful.
2) let go – choose something tangible in thought, speech, our actions to let go of for 108 days till Jan. 1st. It can be simple but is practiced every day.
3) receive – cultivate one quality or action in thought, word or deed that heals, nourishes, grows and evolves
4) meditation with 108 (japa or yoga mala, or your choice)
5) sacred space and sangha (spiritual community) to anchor

The New Moon is an auspicious time to begin new cycles and Ganesh Chaturthi is so close this year to the Fall Equinox that it is a wonderful time to realign oneself with the greater earth changes. If you choose, allow the above anchors to be activated by the ten day festival to Ganesh which begins around the new moon on Sept. 19th – 28th. With the Global Mala, Equinox, High Holidays and full moon connected around that time it is wonderful to bring auspiciousness into this creative cycle to be a spark for all of humanity.

My Intention for the next 108 days;

September 15 through January 1, 2013

I am grounded. I receive energy in the form of cash, checks and credit cards. I am stable. I am secure. All needs for my business, family and home are met and extra is leftover. I have an abundant monetary savings accumulated.

I am consistently keeping focus on my priorities of Spirit, family then career. I am totally grounded and all is well in my world.

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Gingery Quinoa Salad with Peas and Coconut

2012-08-24 13:16:33

Gingery Quinoa Salad with Peas and Coconut (Amy Middleton’s Version; Yogini; Imagine Yoga)

handful of pecans
2 tsp. raw coconut oil
½ cup chopped onion
2 Tbs. minced fresh ginger
1 cup quinoa
1 ½ cups carrot juice
1 cup frozen peas
⅓ cup raw grated coconut

1. Toast pecans in saucepan over medium heat 3 to 5 minutes, or until fragrant and beginning to brown, stirring often. Cool.

2. Wipe out saucepan; add oil and onion. Sauté onion 2 to 3 minutes, or until translucent, stirring occasionally.

3. Stir in ginger, quinoa, and juice, and season with salt and pepper, if desired. Bring to a boil. Cover, reduce heat to medium-low, and simmer 15 to 20 minutes, or until all liquid is absorbed.

4. Remove from heat, and scatter peas over cooked quinoa. Cover, and let stand 10 minutes, until peas are thawed.

5. Stir coconut and pecans into salad. Serve warm or at room temperature.

Amy brought this salad to Outdoor Yoga at the Waterfall and it was a smash hit. Mmmmm

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Lisa's Asana 101 | Eka Pada Rajakapotasana

2012-08-11 00:35:37

Half Pigeon

Sanskrit: Eka Pada Rajakapotasana

Benefits: Opens the shoulders and chest, stimulates the abdominal organs, stretches the thighs, groin, psoas, abs, chest, shoulders and neck.

Lisa’s Asana 101 | Eka Pada Rajakapotasana

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Kale/Mango salad

2012-08-02 15:57:05

Kale/Mango salad

1 bunch kale (black kale is especially good!) stalks removed, leaves thinly sliced
juice of 1 lemon
1/4 c. extra-virgin olive oil, plus extra for drizzling
kosher salt
2 t. honey
freshly ground black pepper
1 mango, dices small
small handful toasted pepitas

In a large serving bowl, add the kale, half the lemon juice, drizzle of oil and a little kosher slat. Massage until the kale starts to soften and wilt, 2-3 minutes. Set aside while you make the dressing.

In a small bowl, whisk the remaining lemon juice with the honey and lots of freshly ground black pepper. stream in the 1/4 c. of oil while whisking until a dressing forms, and you like how it tastes.

Pour the dressing over the kale and add the mango and pepitas. Toss & serve.

Try it soon – you’ll LOVE it! my kids both can’t get enough of it, and there’s no other way in the world either of them would eat kale!

Credit to our OMazing webmaster for www.oyusadallasfest.com
Aarti Sequeira of Food Network!

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Lisa's Asana 101 | Downward Facing Dog | Sanskrit: Adho Mukha Svanasana

2012-07-27 05:08:02


Downward Facing Dog | Sanskrit: Adho Mukha Svanasana

Benefits: Relieves stress, stretches the shoulders, hamstrings, and calves, strengthens the arms and legs, improves, digestion, helps relieve headaches, and can be therapeutic for high blood pressure and sinusitis.

Lisa’s Asana 101

Lisa Ware | Downward Facing Dog | Sanskrit: Adho Mukha Svanasana

One of my most have poses. A resting point. A working point. A breathing point. A place to begin and a place to end. Ahhhhhh. Down Dog.

Begin in child’s pose, Balasana, the pose of wisdom.  Rest forehead on the earth. Sink tailbone down toward ground. Bring kees as wide as they need to be to relax the belly.

Breathe. Stay 5-15 breaths.

Extend arms long out in front, elbows off the mat. Bring middle fingers to twelve O’ Clock and press thumb and index finger into the ground.

Bring feet sitting bone distance apart.

Inhale and lift tailbone up toward the sky with soft knees, strong arms.

Exhale and settle heels down toward the earth. Stay for 5-15 breaths.

To begin a simple Vinyasa Flow:

Inhale into Down Dog

Exhale into Child’s Pose Repeat 5 cycles. Then rest in either pose, whichever asana your body calls you to stay in.

End your practice with a few other asanas that you may choose.

Rest in Savasana on your back for at least 1 minute.

Utilizing these tools,  start or end your day with breath.


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A night Under the Stars at Pendleton Round Up

2012-07-22 14:13:17

Today we get to go horseback riding! My class yesterday was super amazing. Taught with a love band called Vassudeva. They rocked. We did a class starting with a chant theme moving into Reiki and chakra alignment and the next hour was vinyasa flow. It was super cool. Flowing with the Prana in the space as people were so opened from Sierra Bender’s awesome Bootcamp for Goddess (and Adonis) classes. The class randomly went into OM several times in ha few heart openers.
In Sierra’s next workshop I then partnered with a little Native lady who was so very ready to just let go. Super deep stuff came up. It was amazing.
Tania’s hubby Cedric Wildbill, a native Umatilla Indian took Sierra and I on a tour of the town and reservation. We had an amazing time shipping too. Too fun. Tania Wildbill sang to close the dhow and she was beautiful.
Then a party last night with a band caked Bitterroot who was a bit bluegrass s bit funk and totally conscience. They had a venue called Happy Canyon which is a bar with a dirt floor outside in back of the Pendleton Convention Center.
Dancing and fun, Jackie our host who were staying with cut it up! Then coming back to her home I stayed this night in her pop up camper. Out here you can see the milky way with your Naked eye. OMazing.

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My night sleeping in the airport | moving from a new place of stillness

2012-07-18 12:33:40

Spent the night in the airport. Portland. Arriving it’s dark and very quiet at 1:10am. Everyone departed. My connecting flight isn’t til 7:15am. Quiet except the vacuum man. I head to gate D upon recommendation by the security. If I leave I can’t renter. Looking. Ah. A spot the first chair. Reading. Remove boots, find flip flops.
Go brush teeth. Looking for a safe quiet spot, the security guy said there’s long couches down in D. Sounds good. Restaurants all closed with gates shut. I see a lady behind the bars. I ask the hours. Opens at 5. I thank her and mention I’m taking a map here and go lie down. Checking email. Post on FaceBook. tired. I lie down and observe the quiet. I set my alarm for 5:00 am and find my earplugs and eye pillow. I use the eye pillow and find my yoga mat folded in my bag. Ah. A pillow! Wrapping it on a scary, I lie down. Mind racing. I say my mantra. Kristin have it to me yesterday. OM Dum Durgayai Namah. Meditation. Ah transport me.
I am sleepy. Some voice comes over the PA. I decide to use the earplugs. I trust. OM Dum Durgayai Namah. I set my iPhone under my yoga mat pillow and cover myself with another scarf. Ah. Rest. Sleep. Vibrations and soft infrequent noises. Dreams? Maybe. Mantra. Yes. OM Dum Durgayai Namah.
I begin to feel the energy of the airport shift. I’m sleeping. Feel someone sit. Peek out just a lady. Stillness. Rest. More hubbub. Shall I awake? My alarm hasn’t gone off. The cafe opens its noisy gate. I rest. Energy increases in Portland as the city wakes. I am fully conscience now. Eye pillow on. Listening. I smell coffee. Ah. Feel walking and more energy. I remove my eye mask and earplugs and look around sleepily. A few early birds getting breakfast. I suddenly feel self conscious. Have they noticed me sleeping? What did they think? I let it go and turn onto my back to look at the ceiling to awaken to my surroundings. More people walking by. Observing from a still point. Interesting actually to watch it all pass. I sit up, the cafe now has a small line. I’m now fully present. Hmmm shall I begin to connect to the desire to move and blend in? No. I begin to write.
Now it’s time to go get my coffee and journey to my next destination. Teaching at Yoga Round Up, another puddle jump flight to Pendleton.
I’ll enjoy a nice breakfast too as now the smell of the cafe food is permeating the area. The pace increases. Flight attendants. People with bags. People meeting up
at the tables and booths. Pilots. Families Passengers.
And here I AM. Totally present and I begin my day, moving from my place of stillness. OM Dum Durgayai Namah.


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Uncle Randy's Salsa

2012-07-16 18:55:44

What do I do with all these tomatoes and peppers from my garden?

6 large tomatoes
1 jalapeno; small pepper no seeds (or a banana pepper if you don’t want it too spicy, use one hotter pepper to increase heat)
A small onion; quartered
1/4 cup of fresh cilantro chopped well
1 tsp Uncle Randy’s Not too spicy
1/8 tsp Uncle Randy’s Spicy Spicy
(or use season salt and garlic powder)
1/8 tsp Cumin

Using a food processor pulse tomatoes and onion until chunky. Add in your peppers. Pulse until smoother but not soupy. add cilantro and spices. Pulse briefly to combine.

Refrigerate for an hour. Serve with flat Pretzel Crisps.





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Guru Purnima | Full moon | Lisa's meditation notes from Shiva Rea

2012-07-04 03:18:20

Guru Purnima | Full moon | Lisa’s meditation notes from Shiva Rea

Guru Vishnu gives us the sustaining power in the midst of a new cycle to make the right decisions. To navigate the course shred with the deep knowing. Coming from a deep place that lives in our heart for all of us. The teacher that is there with us and the ability to let go, providing a framework of the extraordinary wisdom of the difficulties of the death cycle. The letting go cycle.

Guru Vishnu
The power of the presence of the teacher to transform when we are in the last phases of a cycle.
Our teacher, the Shri, very essence beyond any conception, now may share whatever is on the most beautiful essence that is on my heart.

Tibetan Bells at Dynamic Yoga 4 Love Studio

The teachings must land in our heart. If we try to understand it will only land in our head. 
Open to the guru Of your heart. 
Christ consciousness, great mother, Shakt ma, Ishta  devata as One. Feel uour Sat guru, if you have one, a  great being unity within. 
Offering of prayer in each phase of the mandalas of your life.

The Teacher is one who knows the Truth
and can transmit this Truth to a humble one
by look, by touch, by thought,
The Teaching can only be given by the Eternal
and received by the Eternal.
This Teaching must be without words
and must land in your Heart.
If you try to understand, it will only land in your head.
OM Shri guru pur
Embodied guru:
The first guru the mother includes the father. Meditate on guru inside our parents and all they have taught you.
OM Shri guru pur
Teachings and clarifying wisdom s an anchor from root teachers.
OM Shri guru pur
Connect to our family members who are our teachers
OM Shri guru pur
Honor our dear dear friends throughout the and space to give us true reflections as the teacher.
OM Shri guru pur
Connect in your relationship as the power of our partner as our teacher. The qualities that make a powerful partnership in our intimate relationships. Those who aren’t in relationship honor that partner out there in the world as you are drawing closer to eachother.
OM Shri guru pur
Honor our children and animal babies.
OM Shri guru pur
Relate to all those beings who have helped us to evolve by asking us to use more of ourself to resolve with these precious jewels of these beings past or present.
OM Shri guru pur
Last phase of the mandala:
 Feeling nature as our teacher. Ocean, mountains, special trees. The places in nature that have been our teachers. universal meditation seeing the source in all beings and all creation. Preparing ourselves renew our inner gaze to see. Renew our inner ear to really hear the teachings this are everywhere.
Visit the power  places in nature.
OM Shri guru pur

Lisa in Sketch Lotus Namaste 3rd Eye

Ability and opportunity to change your altar on full moon. Honor what has transpired since last full moon. Guru altar honors the sustaining cycle that started at summer solstice. Any photos from guru mandala. Any of our cycles of the beings on our path. Any passages from those teachings. An opportunity to honor and thank. Our teaching spirit is One of liberation.
Identity in our teachings
Shakti Dashi to serve the world in all out teachings. Let go of trademarks. Honor where we received any unusual teachings always.
Sahaja  Sadhana honoring our self meditation.
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Lisa's Asana 101 | Setu Bandhasana | Bridge

2012-06-29 18:14:34

5 Minutes 4 Positive Change | Setu Bandhasana | Bridge

BridgeSanskrit: Setu Bandha SarvangasanaBenefits: Stretches the chest, neck, and spine, helps alleviate stress, can aid in alleviating mild depression, stimulates the lungs and abdominal organs, improves disgestion, relieves anxiety, backache, insomnia and headache.Lisa’s Asana 101

Lisa Setu Bandha Sarvagasana
Opens the Heart Chakra.
This is a pose that can be held or flowing.
Creates a sense of stability.  While the whitewaters of life may be rushing under you, you hold steady and strong in your foundation.
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Mexican Mocha

2012-06-24 14:27:29

Unsweetened Almond Milk
Cocoa Powder
Cayenne (tiny bit)
Ginger (optional)

This is like Mexican chocolate from the Mayan Aztec cultures.


~Submitted by Carol M


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Lisa's Asana 101 | Tittibhasana | Firefly

2012-06-20 05:17:27

5 MINUTES 4 POSITIVE CHANGE | Tittibhasana | Firefly

Sanskrit: TittibhasanaBenefits: Stretches the inner groins, stretches the back, strengthens the arms, strengthens the wrists, tones the belly, helps improve balance.

Lisa’s Asana 101 | Tittibhasana | Firefly

This pose most likely cannot be mastered in 5 minutes, however there are many poses and modifications that help prep the body and mind to FLY!

To prep for this pose some related asanas and poses for prep are:

Malasana Pose to open the hips

Tolasana to build core strength

Bakasana~ Crow Pose

Gorilla / Monkey Pose

Start in Firefly Prep:

Lisa in Firefly prep

Bring your hands on the mat, fingers wide or begin with the hands behind achilles tendon, thumb and forefinger making an L cupping behind the heel.

Inhale as you lift your belly button to spine and exhale with Udyhana Bandha to maintain the lift.

Look forward and place elbows under thighs, so that the back of the thighs are resting on the triceps. Begin to take one foot out and point the toe to the corner of the mat as you straighten your leg. Keep lifting the inner core to the sky, and utilize the breath to carry you up on the inhale.

Replace foot and switch.

When you are ready take both feet out, pointed toes, as you rock forward. Keep leaning into triceps to maintain lift. Look up, inhale and straighten legs as you fly!

To come out, bend knees and replace feet next to or in front of hands. Come back to Hero’s Pose and rest.

Finish in Childs Pose, letting go of any expectations.








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The Fish Physician~ Moving a Reef Aquarium

2012-06-19 20:03:46

After a long hiatus from working with my husband in his company, The Fish Physician, we worked together recently to move a 200 gallon reef. I haven’t worked with his company in the field since I opened my studio, Dynamic Yoga 4 Love on January 1, 2011!

Rich and Lisa of The Fish Physician; after the big move!

This is the reef in the old location.

200 Gallon Reef move with The Fish Physician

We had an old client call us that was moving and needed to find a buyer for the tank, stand, canopy and the animals. She was willing to separate the animals from the tank, but after I saw the ecosystem, I knew they had to all stay together.

I jumped on the phone and called a good friend who has a dental practice in another town nearby. She used to have a reef aquarium, and it never was perfect. We really needed to upgrade the entire filter system, but her old tank wasn’t built for a reef. When she heard about this reef she deferred to my recommendation. I was all in with a green light.

Breaking down the reef, packing up the animals and live rock

Richard, my hubby, and I have downsized our company to only us and our AP guy, my father. We really desired to make this work for both parties. We found a crew to help get the aquarium out of the house and down the stairs.

Moving a 200 Gallon with The Fish Physician and crew

Our son helped us get it into the new building after a slow and careful drive with a truck and SUV full of animals and equipment. We had to cut the chair rail off the wall and it was a perfect fit!

Adding the sand, water and live rock took several hours. Finally the fish and corals could go back into their relocated home.

A family affair; moving a 200 gallon reef

After a huge full day, we were able to turn the fitters and lights on. Super cloudy, but will be totally crystal by the next day!

Dr Kat DDS with her little helper

So happy to have a wonderful husband that provides for us with his unique business. I share with my hubby a hobby and interest in fish, aquarium design and corals.

Richard Ware, The Fish Physician


Owning, designing and maintaining an aquarium helps us to find and share beauty, tranquility and peace.

Percula Clown, Yellow Tang, Royal Gromma and Fire Shrimp in The Fish Physician Reef

Funny… Sounds a lot like why I teach yoga.

Sand star in my hand


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How to cut a pineapple 101

2012-06-19 18:40:45

Choosing your fruit:
Select a pineapple that is darker in color; it gets dark due to the higher sugar content.
Smell the bottom and look for a fruit with a delicious aroma.
If its not apparent sit the fruit in your counter a fee days. A good sign of a ripe fruit us fruit flies hanging around it.

To cut:
Use a bread knife.
Cut the top off close to the spiny leaves.

how to cut a pineapple

How to cut a pineapple

Set on the bottom and slice 3″ sections off the sides, rotating as you go.
Go back and slice thin pieces off where a lot if the brown husk remains.
You don’t have to remove all of the brown or you’ll waste too much fruit.
Turn on the side.
Slice The bottom off.
Compost all the waste.
Slice into 1″ rings.

Pineapple, peaches and banana kale for a great smoothie recipe!

Cut rings in half.
Get a pairing knife and cut a half circle out of each slice.
You may cut into small wedges or leave in half slices.

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Lisa's Asana 101 | Matsyasana | Fish Pose

2012-06-13 21:52:10

~5 Minutes 4 Positive Change~

Fish PoseSanskrit: Matsyasana

Benefits: Stretches the hip flexors, stretches the intercostal rib muscles, stretches the muscles of the belly, stimulates the abdominal muscles, strengthens the muscles of the upper back, and improves posture.

Lisa’s Asana 101 | Matsyasana | Fish Pose

Lisa's Asana 101 | Matsyasana | Fish Pose

Lisa's Asana 101 | Matsyasana | Fish Pose


This pose is one of my favorites for tranquility, peace and opening the heart!

Point the toes like the tail on a fish.

Place hands under buttocks palms down and bring elbows below body. Inhale as you lift your heart to the heavens, bringing the top of the crown of the head onto the mat and look upside down. Use this perspective of a Yogi to see the world in a whole new light. Breathe into the expansion of the heart and chest. Soften the abdomen.

Lisa's Asana 101 | Matsyasana

Stay in the post at least 15 breaths to receive maximum benefit, working up to a few minutes.

Using Matsyasana as a regular post in your practice, you will begin to feel the tranquility of a fish, as if moving through cool clear water.

To release, slowly exhale and remove hands out to the sides of the mat lowering the chin and move right into Savasana, final relaxation.



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Lisa's Asana 101 | Goddess Pose

2012-06-06 21:58:07

5 Minutes 4 Positive Change | Lisa’s Asana 101

Goddess Pose
Sanskrit: High Malasana Squat or Utkata konasana
Benefits: Opens the hips and chest; strengthens the lower body; tones the lower body; stimulates the cardiovascular and respiratory systems
Lisa's Asana 101 Goddess Pose

Lisa in Goddess Pose

According to Sally Kempton, popular journalist on Yoga Journal, in Indian lore, Parvati comes onto the stage of mythology as a young maiden, the daughter of the mountain king Himalaya. She’s fiercely independent, and with good reason: Parvati is the incarnate form of the primordial shakti, the divine feminine power in its absolute form.

Shakti energy is one of the most important aspects of my practice as a Yogini. I utilize this posture often in my classes I teach to invoke fire energy and increase Tapas.

Goddess Pose

To start, please begin in Warrior 11 Virabhdrasana Vri.

Inhale and turn your feet to face the side of the mat, heels in, toes out, feet twice as wide as the hips.Use root lock on the inhale, Mula Bandha. Use upper abdominal lock on the exhale, Udyana Bandha.

Exhale and take Goddess Squat, stacking the knees above the ankles. hold the posture for 5-15 breaths.

Chandrasana~ Lunar Goddess Flow

Inhale and straighten the legs as you bring your arms out and up, palms facing forward, until thumbs touch overhead

Exhale as you come back into the asana

Repeat this flow, linking your pose with your breath at least 1- 2 minutes to build heat.


Suryasana~ Solar Goddess Flow

At the top pf the breath, inhale fully

Then as you exhale, bring your arms out and down as you fold from the hips scooping the arms on the earth

Inhale and lift to rise up lifting arms out and up overhead touching thumbs at top, reaching for the sun

Exhale and scoop arms out and down reaching for the Earth below.

Continue this flow, focusing on utilizing your fullest range of motion, sweeping the arms like a beautiful sun.

After 1-2 minutes return to Warrior 11. Focus over front fingertips. Inhale and expand in all directions

Exhale and sink into the hips, releasing tension at the shoulders into the Earth below.

Inhale and lift back heel turning it to 6 O’Clock, exhale pushing off back ball of foot and step to Mountain pose.

Bring hands to heart center. Honor your practice, finding peace, tranquility and deep release.






See the full article by Sally Kempton here



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Parsley, Kale, and Berry Smoothie

2012-05-30 15:41:26

Parsley, Kale, and Berry Smoothie (2 servings)
Submitted by Yogini Cathy N.

Puree 1/2 cup (packed) flat-leaf parsley (leaves and stems), 4 kale leaves (center ribs removed), 1 cup frozen organic berries (such as strawberries, raspberries, mango, peaches, pineapple), 1 banana, 1 teaspoon ground flaxseed (optional), and 1 cup juice (such as pineapple). Blend until smooth.
The parsley provides anti-inflammatory properties (helpful for arthritis!), boosts your immune system, and may help protect against everything from colds to cancer.




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Lisa's Asana 101 | Bakasana | Crane | Crow

2012-05-28 14:18:57



Crane Pose
Sanskrit: Bakasana
Benefits: Crane pose strengthens the arms and wrists, stretches the upper back, strengthens the core muscles, and opens the groin.

Lisa's Asana 101 | Bakasana | Crane or Crow

Lisa’s Asana 101
Just as I was a writing this I heard a very loud splat hit my window. I looked up as I saw some feathers float away. My hubby and I ran out to see what it was, and found a baby cardinal dazed and confused in the grass by my Four O Clocks.

My first reaction was to scoop him up so I did, just like a baby chick, holding down his wings. He squawked, then I began to talk to him and reassure him. I then felt Reiki energy giving him rest. He closed his eyes! He even began to slow his breathing down, as I walked around front and placed him back into his regular bush by my hummingbird feeder.

He gently walked onto the branch and is doing just fine!

What a little gift from above this Memorial Day.

When I first began to attempt this asana I would place folded blankets in front of me as a ‘crash pad’. Another prop we often use in class is setting two cork blocks end to end in the center of the mat. Come onto your hands and look up, bringing your knees all the way up to the back of your triceps or hug your knees around your arms as close to the underarms as possible. Step your toes up onto the blocks and lift up the belly.

Utilizing upper abdominal lock, Udhyana Bandha, is essential to get the lift you will need to fly! Practice lifting one foot and point the toes, then the other. Eventually you will lift both and take flight! This arm balance is very attainable. It may take you months or years, or may come easy.

I encourage you to take flight as you continue to practice Bakasana. Fall, crash, but get up and try again! The rewards of this posture are amazing.


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Life is Full of Little Miracles | Yoga at the Waterfall

2012-05-27 03:30:50

So today was a great day! I held two classes one at a loveal gym for beginners and my HOT Rock Your Abs at Yoga 4 Love, then came home to teach my fave class, Outdoor Yoga at the Waterfall with Amy and Christina, co teaching with me!

Goddess Energy at the Waterfall with Amy, Christina and Lisa

Goddess Energy at the Waterfall with Amy, Christina and Lisa

Christina Cathey and Amy Middleton came from far N Dallas to guest teach with me for the first time ever!

Outdoor Yoga at the Waterfall, Christina Cathey

On the way home from my studio, I stopped at the little store by my house that they are remodeling. Rich has been eyeing this huge pile of gravel and wanted to see if we could ask if we can have some to fill our driveway. I saw workers there and asked the guy. He didn’t speak English so got his boss. I tally know the dude, Ted, from Aspen’s old soccer team. He said that we could have the piles of rock but even better… his neighbor, George, just called and he recently bought a brand new tractor. He wanted to come play in is dirt pile and said that he would dump it in our driveway for us! Well, I showed him the 1/10 mile drive that has this huge hump in the middle and my car bottoms out, then under our carport where the river washed out the rock and it is uber bumpy. He said he would start there and see if he had some left to put up at the street where my car bottoms out when I turn in.

George the Tractor Angel

Several of the yoginins brought their kids. We went down to the creek to go teach the class and had a really great turnout. Christina started the flow, Amy did a crescent warrior series and ended in fish pose. Kids in the creek, playing, birds singing, blue sky, puffy clouds, the waterfall. So nice. It was really wonderful, the energy was so great, having three teachers. We were able to move around the group and do hands on adjustments, while the other was teaching, and then also keep an eye on the kiddos. In the middle of the class the three littlest boys came near us and I heard them go HEY GUYS LOOK AT THE SPHYDERS! Then said THOSE ARENT SPHYDERS THOSE ARE TARANTHULASTH!

Yogi Kids at Outdoor Yoga

Christina went on mom duty, wading in the river with the kids, and hung with them so they would calm down. She had them all on a huge rock teaching them how to OM. The mini yogini girls said that they did a girl power OM. Too cute.
The construction guys came and I saw them looking for me. I went up the path while Amy was teaching, and then saw that George had totally went to town on our entire driveway! He cleared the whole thing and started grading it with a blade, making it even.
Flowing by the River

Flowing by the River

I returned as Amy was wrapping up her flow and led the group through a guided Reiki Chakra meditation in Savasana.
The kids and went to play in the water while we took some pix. Amy stated that this is the beauty of yoga, being able to be a moms and teach a class. Integration of all parts of our lives into one happy cocktail makes a very balanced Yogi.

Outdoor Yoga Triple Wheel Lisa, Amy, Christina

 We had a lovely brunch with a Champagne and Pinot toast, interesting conversation and made new friends. Rich connected with the group and enjoyed talking to a guy from N Dallas, originally from Iran, that came with Amy and Christina, who made some culinary delights for the group!

Yumminess at the Yogi Brunch

I showed the mini yoginis my organic garden and how to harvest veggies. we all picked fresh lettuce and spinach for everyone to take bags of salad home with them.
Everyone left and George continued getting more rock and then even topped it off with a bunch of loads of dirt! He smoothed it over, taking about 4 hours! We sat on the back of Ted’s pickup with old timer, Mr West. I offered them a few beers and they stayed to talk to Rich while George had a blast tearing up the land. This is such a blessing, as we had this work estimated a year or two ago and it would have been several thousand $ dollars! We hung out, me having a few more glass of Champagne as they talked about guy stuff and had another beer or two.
It looks amazing.
Later, went to pick up Aspen from a friend’s and the girls got on the car as we were leaving, they did an OM rap seated on the top of my car. Too funny.

Mini Yoginis OM-ing on the roof of my car

Life is full of little miracles.
I am so grateful that I live the life of my Truth, walking in alignment with my Creator. I am thankful that I am led by Source to bring happiness and joy to my community through the Gifts given of leadership, teaching and direct connection to the Universal Flow + the ability to share that Energy for Light, Love and Peace.
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Lisa’s Asana 101 Pose of the Week | Utkatasana | Chair

2012-05-23 12:39:47

Lisa’s Asana 101 Pose of the Week | Utkatasana | Chair

Benefits: Stretches shoulders and chest, strengthens the ankles, thighs, calves, and spine, reduces flat feet, and stimulates the abdominal organs, diaphragm, and heart.
Lisa Ware | Utkatasana | Chair

Lisa Ware | Utkatasana | Chair

Begin in Mountain Pose, Tadasana. Bring feet parallel, grounded, toes to touch. Reach fingertips wide near the sides of your body, crown of head lifting away with dynamic tension. Take 3 breaths.
Bring hands to heart center. Set your intention for your practice of yoga today.
Reach out and up sweeping the arms with the breath.
Lift arms to the sky on the inhale, reaching to the Earth on the exhale. Take 5 Circle Sweeping breaths here, making Angel Wings, as my friend Aubrey calls it, as if your swimming through honey.
Reach up, bringing the overhead, biceps by the ears, and relaxing the shoulders away, creating space between ears and shoulders.
Sit down into chair. Bring your tailbone down toward your heels.
Inhale, staying in the posture.
Lift your heart and the crown of your head.
Completely exhale, and sit down into Utkatasana to the very edge of your pose today.
Inhale. Reach up, staying in the pose,
Echale. Sweep arms back and down by sides. Repeat for 3-5 breaths, as this movement matches your breath with your body vinyasa movement.
Feel the Prana increase as the pose heats the large muscles of the legs and core.
Come up to Tadasana, standing.
Release the arms by the sides. Come back to the Mountain pose.
Finish by circle sweeping the arms out and up, and releasing breath as you reach down.
Pause in Mountain Pose and reflect.
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May you be Light, May you be Love, May you be Peace.

2012-05-17 11:59:27

Lorene Lydia Farrell, Lisa's mom

Today is the day she was placed to rest and also the day she was born.

My mother would have been 70 today.
4 years ago today we laid her to rest.
She is forever our angel.
May you be Light, May you be Love, May you be Peace.
May you be Light, May you be Love, May you be Peace. Mom. 5-17-42 to 5-7-08. Laid to rest at DFW National Memorial 5-17-08. A Blue Spruce recently planted near her marker, her favorite tree. A surprise gift from God. 
I have not cried like this in 4 years. My father, a widower, and a pretty good guy all around, came in to work today, in our office. A usual day. Neither one of us spoke of mom. Then as the tasks got completed, he mentioned cautiously, casually, that today was her birthday. Yep I said.  I was suppose to go to volunteer at Field Day. Too many tasks, I didn’t leave the office. Very unlike me to make a commitment and totally blow it off.
I texted a friend, Sarah, as the eclipse is approaching, making plans for meditation with Shiva Rea this weekend. I asked her to lift me up, and to hold space for me, as well. She responded that she was unusually depressed and did not have a reason. Her mother suggested perhaps she needed to pray for a friend. Then she read my text. I disclosed that this was a significant day for me. She knew. 
I went to the chiropractor, a new type of treatment, soft tissue work, facia and breaking up of junk that I didn’t want to admit was still there.
I spent at least an hour on the phone with a friend and mentor and high vibration sister, Kristin. We got deep into conversation about the Venus retrograde, and all the stuff that is coming up in our lives is clearing space for us to move forward into a huge awakening. Making space for transformation. BURNING out all that doesn’t resonate on the higher vibration of existence. However, the need to remain grounded into This Reality, is critical as we ae living on the physical plane, therefore must reside in the lower chakras to thrive on Earth. This also affects the ability to have financial control and retain money.
I went to my studio and the power was shut off. Oncore came in and literally shut it off during my teacher’s class. No warning. Off. No hot yoga this morning! WTF!!!
So, I took my mat out to the field out back, turned on my Mac, signed everyone into class and we did Surya Namaskar facing the East, just like Ramaswami taught me.
Then I held a Lifecoaching session for a student and friend, in the humid air by the window inside the studio with morning light.
She had a breakthrough moment. The light behind the clouds always shines through.
I went home to figure out what happened to my power. The electric company said they didn’t get my regular payment, which used to be on autopay. No warning, no letter, no call; simply  just cut me off the grid.  AND it won’t be on again until I pay them $1000 plus my bill. CASH via a debit card. Now my check isn’t even good with them. Perfect credit history, one F up and
Tears of frustration.
Of grief. No, can’t be. Im fine.
Im just angry at the electric company.
No hot yoga tonight.
Creative financing by my lovely husband, but no power for 24 hours! Im angry very angry. I cry out in front of my teenage boy. He consoles me. Im just mad at the electric company.
Back to the studio.
Yoga in the meadow, instead of Hot yoga. Then my next class, Fluid Power 101 became Surya Namaskar facing West, to watch the setting sun.
Again, the sun peeks out from behind the clouds. This time I listened to the pulse of the Universe and gave thanks as I faced my students with the amber glow of sunset on their cheeks, bits of wildflowers stuck in my hair, an ant bite and truly GAVE THANKS.
Thank you for taking away my power.
Thank you for giving my power back in such a more meaningful way.

A gift of Savasana in the wildflower meadow.

Last weekend… A tiny knot, the size of a pea appeared on my traps, just below my neck. Weird. Cant meditate. Running. What is that I heard? Greif? NO… I FREAKING DEAL WITH THAT SHIT 4 YEARS AGO.
I’M FINE!!! 
Mother’s Day was last weekend. Thats cool. It is totally unrelated.
RUN don’t look back RUN. 
Back to yesterday. So that soft tissue work, WHOA MOMMA. I had some crap up in there. I havent been that SORE since I took class with Bryan Kest in early 2010 when I totally gave my everything in the front row… with no one to  see or to compare myself with, drishdi on the wall right before me with 150 yogis, yet no one else was there. I felt my edge. I was healing.
So, here it is.
Well, yesterday, now. 4 years ago to the hour, as my Dad pointed out, and we decided to go back to her memorial, as we wrap up early in the office. We decide to go today, unplanned, to make the trek to the DFW National Memorial for the first time in over 3 years. We both pass it ALL THE TIME on the highway. Literally, several times a month. Never stopped. Nope. I’M FINE!!! Oh, yeah, Its pretty. Its grassy and clean and has a little lake. But why go there? She isn’t there anyway. No need. Passing by. Pushing the feeling welling up in my heart STUFF IT BACK DOWN. Im fine. I can see to drive, I had something in my eye. Damn traffic is too close. Wipe it away.  DRIVE ON.
Well, today is the day. Me and my dad.
Yep. Im ready. Im tired of stuffing my heart felt grief down down. I have too much evidence that this is it. I am ready to remove this ROADBLOCK. This is the only thing in my way to freedom.
Im ready.
I feel enlightened. I need to finish up last minute phone calls in the car on the way… I can feel the shift already happening… I wrap up this business, I call my friend Michelle. I take a wrong turn, and my dad, who’s following me pulls me over. ‘What the heck are you doing? Get off the phone!
Follow me’, Dad said.
I did.
We pulled in to the beautiful Memorial park.
big swallow. wheres my water bottle anyway. what row is it? I don’t remember that tree. which row? Oh crap. There.
Ok, so now the 4 years of tears. My Daddy’s soft shoulder, holding on. Boo-hoo-hoo ing and I don’t care who hears me. I held on like his little girl.
my mommy is gone from this plane. she isn’t in that little box. maybe I can ask them to open it and I can get some more ashes to plant under another tree. they won’t do that. i don’t remember picking out that cross with the heart in it. was this bench here or is it new.
Tears tears tears.
Its ok.
She’s not gone.
He let go. Not of me. Of her. 
I cried for him too.
And for my sister, Denise.
Im free.
She’s free.
She’s been waiting to set me free.
I went to get my phone out of my car to take a picture, and felt I needed to leave something. I found my daughter’s tiny wooden butterfly craft she just painted. I placed it there under her marker.
She always loved butterflies.

The Butterfly under the Grave. Nana Farrell and her Granddaughter.

I believe in miracles.
I believe in Wishes Fulfilled.
I believe that when I believe it is already done.
And so it is. 
Join me in Reiki + meditation + a blessing.
Infinite light surrounds you. Infinite Love Enfolds you. Infinite Wisdom guided you. Infinite Power courses through you.
Wherever you are God is.
So be it.
*Wishes Fulfilled by Dr. Wayne Dyer~ recommended reading
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5 Minutes 4 Positive Change Heart Chakra Meditation with Lisa Ware

2012-05-15 05:58:11

5 Minutes 4 Positive Change

Lisa Ware Simple Seated l Sukhasana l Anjali Mudra l Heart Chakra

Watch Lisa’s First VIDEO in the 5 Minutes 4 Positive Change Series!

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Summer Fun Recipe Series with Lisa Ware

2012-05-10 21:54:24 admin
Green Smoothie Pops

Tasty Green Smoothie Pops

90 Days to Feeling Fit Summer Program with Lisa Ware held at Dynamic Yoga 4 Love Studio

2nd Sundays of the month 3:00 -4:30

$15 per Family | Grocery List Provided | Make and Eat or Take Home | RSVP

Snacks 4 Healthy Families

Smoothie Party + Greens Kids Will Eat

Back to School Dinner Planning 4 Busy Families

Delicious Smoothies Your Family Will LOVE to Make and Drink!Vegetarian Dinners that Taste Amazing! Yes It's True!

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Kale Berry Sunrise Green Smoothie

2012-05-09 03:16:05


Kale Berry Sunrise Green Smoothie

This green smoothie is sure to give you plenty of energy to start your day!
Full of antioxidants, protein and raw food. Plus it’s delicious.

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Lisa's Meditation 101 | Beginning a Metta Practice

2012-05-04 14:43:08

Lisa's Meditation with Mala Beads

Today we will practice Meditation on the Power of our own Love and also the power of our own Consciousness. As I wrote this it is on the super full moon with the moon, called Perigee when it’s closest to Earth.

Use firelog, lotus, staff or sukasana pose to begin.

Lisa Ware, RYT Firelog smiling

May all beings be happy and in a state of happiness without external causes of happiness without label, without wealth, and without suffering.
All brings be free from sorrow and the causes of sorrow.
May all beings come to rest in the great equanimity of all aversion and all attachment to friendships.
Metta meditation is active,
invoking love and compassion as a daily practitioner in seated meditation; Leaning on the benefactor, someone to lean on your Yiddham, as you visualize someone who has for you that same wish for unconditional love.
Seeing the Buddha Nature in everyone, we use meditation, mantra, body speech and mind as an invocation of love compassion joy and equanimity.
Resting in the radiance and bliss and taking it in like a child.

Absorb it through every pore, gather at your heart and fill up all the channels filling up like riding a wave of love. Invoking my benefactor anytime, through times of difficulty resting on this radiance of love. Allow an array of benefactors in their luminous form to appear, your posse of live beings before you beaming light like no other. Perhaps your benefactor is your parents, a deity, the Buddha, an image that represents compassion, a light or a feeling of happening before you a being that sees you a light and love as we truly are. Now you become that benefactor riding on the light simply wishing sending out through your heart center like the sun radiating outward. The image of receiving is still there and you are simply a conduit sending out to your loved ones. Moving beyond our loved ones and conjure up faces of strangers and send light and love to that simplicity of the ordinary exchange and invoke this silent wish for them. Your day becomes a walking loving kindness meditation.
Through this meditation we may free all beings from the suffering and misery of birth, death and the daily cause of mistaken identities. Freedom from poverty, war and the demons and enemies of our own projections.
May we come to rest on our spiritual journey together.
Rest in silence together.

OM Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu~

Quotes from the Shiva Rea Teachings and guest teachers.

Blessings and Positive Vibrations, Peace, Love and Light.


Lifecoaching and Energy Work

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Lisa’s Asana 101 Pose of the Week l Lotus l Padmasana

2012-04-30 22:13:31

Lisa’s Asana 101 Pose of the Week l Lotus l Padmasana

Lisa' Asana 101 Lotus | Padmasana

This asana is common for sitting in meditation or contemplation for periods of time, as well as working on the breath. I will cover beginning a meditation and Pranayama practice with you in another post.

Sitting on your mat or a firm folded blanket, folded edge just under your hips, find your sitting bones reaching down and grounding you into the Earth.

Begin by sitting in simple seated pose, legs crossed under the body. Spine straight, chin level with the Earth. Lift from the crown of the head on the inhale, and on the exhale release the sits bones and tail bone down, softening the lower back.

Work you way into Half Lotus, if your hips are ready. Bring the entire ankle up and place it on top of the opposite femur (the largest leg bone), ensuring the ankle isn’t sickling down and causing flexion.

Breathe here for several minutes.

If this is comfortable, then bring the other ankle up and place it on the opposite femur. Straighten the spine and again ground through the sitting bones and tail. Breathe into this posture for 1 minute working your way into 3, then 5 then 10 minutes.

Combining Lotus posture with Pranayama (breath control and retention) is essential to meditation.

Finding time each day for a moment for yourself, breathing and simply being present with the moment allows your mind to begin to focus and be still. This is the first step into creating a stress free life.



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Lisa's Asana 101 Pose of the Week l Warrior 1

2012-04-23 21:50:25

Post of the Week: Warrior I
Sanskrit: Virabhadrasana I

Benefits: Stretching of the chest, lungs, shoulders, belly, neck and strengthens the shoulders, arms, back, and legs

Virabradrasana Eka l Lisa Ware in Warrior 1

Lisa’s Asana 101

Begin in Tadasana, Mountain Pose.

Bringin our hands to our heart, set intention for yoga practice today.

Breathe in Peace, Breathe out Love

Breathe in Joy, Breathe out Compassion

Stay with this breath several more cycles. Letting the body feel and let go of the day, coming into the present moment.

Inhale. Bring hands straight up overhead, palms facing; Uttita Hastasana. Relax the shoulders away from the ears and reach from the ribs.

Exhale. Step the left foot back all the way down the mat. Allow the back edge of the foot to land behind the front heel facing 10:00 or 11:00 about a 45 degree angle; being the right knee so that it is directly above the ankle.

Inhale. Square the hips and shoulders to the front of the mat.

Exhale. Release and feel the earth below our feet.

Inhale. Lift the heart and straighten the left leg

Exhale. Draw the tailbone down, spread out the toes and feel the ball of the feet beneath the big toe and the ball of the foot beneath the pinkie toe to release into the earth.

Stay for 5 breath cycles.

Each Inhale lift slightly bringing the heart and the crown of the head toward the heavens.

and each Exhale soften slightly and let go somewhere in the body, as well as in the mind.

Inhale. Lift the back heel and on an inhale push off the left foot.

Exhale. and step the get together at the top of the mat to Tadasana.

Take three flowing Angel Breaths, circle sweeping the arms out and up on the in breath and down across the front of the body on the out breath.

Bringing our hands to our heart, look down at the fingertips, then closing the eyes bow to our higher self.

The light in me honors the light in you. Namaste.

Finding the focus of a Warrior in this asana on our yoga mat will help us off the mat in everyday life to live as Warrior for Peace, a Warrior for Compassion and a Warrior for Joy in our everyday life.



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A Journey of Developing Success Habits

2012-04-23 20:20:24 admin

A Journey of Developing Success Habits
Goal Setting + Taking 100% Responsibility

As part of our 90 Days to Feeling Fit Program we invited guest speaker Rene Guerra, Founder RTG Coaching Local KBEC Radio Co-Host of ‘Life and Money Matters’ to speak about learning about ourselves. To recap the seminar we explored:

Goal Setting
Take 100 Responsibility for your Life; through the things you are responsible for creating in your life and how you can create the results they want with No EXCUSES! Getting out of the blame game and move forward in your life.

E+R=0 This equation of Event + Response + Outcome can significantly change a person’s life and give you an understanding on how each of us creates situations in our lives.

Developing Success Habits, exploring habits that can hold people back and or justify and discuss ways they can make improvements in the areas of our lives.

Empowering others to take charge of their life’s direction!

In Rene’s words:

Say “NO” to the good and “Yes” to the Great!

To explore these areas in your life please book a consultation with LiveLoved Lifecoach Lisa Ware or Alexandra Asirvadam. 469.437.1334

READ MORE about LiveLoved Lifecoaching + Energy Work


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Lisa's Asana 101 Warrior 11 | Virabhadasana Vri

2012-04-16 21:48:48

Pose of the Week | Warrior II
Sanskrit Name ~ Virabhadrasana

Virabradrasana 11~Lisa Ware, RYT

Virabradrasana 11~Lisa Ware, RYT

Virabhadra = the name of a fierce warrior, an incarnation of Shiva, described as having a thousand heads, a thousand eyes, and a thousand feet, wielding a thousand clubs, and wearing a tiger’s skin.
Benefits: Strengthens and stretches the legs and ankles, Stretches the groins, chest and lungs, shoulders, Stimulates abdominal organs & Increases stamina

Lisa’s Asana 101

For this pose:
Start in Tadasana, Mountain Pose
Taking 3-10 long, deep breaths in and out through the nose set your intention for practice today.
Exhale. Step back with the right foot all the way down the mat, placing heels in alignment and opening hips and shoulders to the long side of the mat.
Turn the foot to about One O’Clock, adjusting both hips so they’re level with each other.
Inhale. Reach arms out to extend level with the horizon.
Exhale. Soften your shoulders
Inhale. Gaze at a focal point at the front fingertips or a point past them, called a Drishti.
Exhale, Finding the focus of a Warrior.
Inhale, lift the heart. Exhale, let go of the tension in your shoulders. Inhale, reach. Exhale, soften.
Inhale. Reach the arms up overhead, palms facing, turn your hips and shoulders to face the front of the mat coming into Warrior 1, Virabradrasana Eka.
Exhale. Release arms down by your sides while stepping both feet together at the top of your mat finding Tadasana, Mountain Pose.

Switch and practice Warrior 11 on the other side.

Focus over front fingertips. Inhale and expand in all directions.

Exhale and sink into the hips, releasing tension at the shoulders into the Earth below.

Inhale and lift back heel turning it to 6 O’Clock, exhale pushing off back ball of foot and step to Mountain pose.

Inhale. Exhale, Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale a long deep release through the mouth.
Bring your hands to heart center. Find your Drishdi or bring your focal point to the third eye or the heart. Sending gratitude out from your heart for all the blessings in your life.
Receive in all the blessings the Universe has in store for you.

*The practice of Drishti is a gazing technique that develops
concentration—and teaches you to see the world as it really is.

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Easter Bunny Salads from my Nana Banana

2012-04-09 03:40:37


This recipe was always a family favorite because the little bunny salads make the Easter table so cute and festive!
We always had a formal down dinner with full China, where we still had our church clothes on. My nana would meticulously create these for each guest on a China salad plate. I really love the formality mixed with the fun.
Now as my family and in laws grow we don’t have formal Easter meals but all still get together to eat, visit and laugh together.

For this recipe you will need;
4 cans of pear halves
Carrots, julienne sliced, about 1″ long
Mini marshmallows
Almonds, raw
Cloves, whole
Jello, large box lime green
Unsweetened coconut shavings (optional)


Make the jello using package quick set directions. Pour into a nonstick
Large baking sheet and refrigerate 30 minutes.
Dry pear halves with a paper towel an all pear halves Facing the same way in rows on the green Jello; wide side is the tail.
( if doing individual servings then serve jello first into each salad plate, otherwise leave on pan)

Assemble your bunnies:
Jello for the grass
Almonds for ears, point up, close together or they look like mice
Cloves for eyes- don’t eat!
Carrot noses
Mini marshmallow tails.
You can use red hots for the noses too.
We sprinkled coconut on some.

Present to your table. Enjoy!!


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Super Tangy Kiwi Cherry Green Smoothie

2012-03-20 15:48:38

Happy Spring!
To start this day off right I created this Über yummy green meal.


Start with:
1 mango (or frozen mango cubes)
3 kiwi, peeled
Cherries, dark, sweet; 1 large handful frozen or fresh pitted
2 kale leaves
3/4 C Greek yogurt, plain (optional) if vegan use 1-2 C almond milk and reduce juice
2 1/2 C Organic unfiltered apple juice

Then add:
1 scoop Juice Plus Complete Powder (or vegan protein) plus
4 capsules each, Juice Plus whole food Orchard, Garden and Vineyard blend- contents only, no caps


May add a cup of ice cubes. Blend in a high horsepower blender. (I use Living Well by Montel. )

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Green Tea Raspberry Irish Green Smoothie

2012-03-17 19:28:23

Happy St Patty’s Day! Here’s my newest super green recipe! Enjoy!


Add to high powered blender:
(all organic if possible, as I always recommend)
1 banana, fresh or frozen
1 3/4 C frozen raspberries, or 2 C fresh
3 C fresh spinach
2 T hemp seeds (hulled, you can buy it thus way)
1 C organic unfiltered apple juice
1 1/2 C Almond milk, unsweetened
Protein Powder, vegan, I chose Source of Life Mixed Berry for more flavor (
I regularly use Juice Plus Complete vanilla or Arbonne Vanilla)

Blend on 7 (out of 8 which gets very frothy) for 1 minute.


Then add Organic Coconut Oil to increase your intake of good fats. This also makes you satisfied and full.


Brew two cups of organic green tea, add ice to the cups to top off and add to blender.


Enjoy your Green Tea Smoothie with a friend or your kids!



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Looks like Chocolate... Tastes Amazing Green Smoothie Green

2012-03-17 19:16:00



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The Breath of Fire~ Kapalabhati

2012-03-12 03:55:11

The breath of fire, or skull shining breath is an awakening exercise for mind and body.

This is my Thermographic photo taken after 108 rounds of Kapalabhati Breath of Fire with focused intention.


Lisa's Thermo Pic after 108 Rounds of Kapalabhati Breath of Fire or Skull Shining Breath

I practice this breath regularly midday usually at the end of our my lunch hour Rock Your Abs Yoga class. It is a fun, fast abs core yoga blast then I lead everyone into final relaxation, or Savasana (pronounced Shuh-vaaa-sa-na).
Since this is a midday class I lead them through the Kapalabhati breath as an awakening breath after Savasana.
The practice if breath control or retention is called Pranayama (prah-nah-yam-ah). This technique very quickly and efficiently creates a lot of heat getting the energy life force,
Prana, invigorated. The heat is created by very quick repetitive exhalations through the nose, with passive inhales between. The sound is a fast tempo exhale-exhale-exhale-exhale. The breath is usually done in rounds of 108.

To begin:
Set an intention for your practice in the present moment.
Sit in easy seated pose, Sukasana.

For more intensity assume Goddess Pose:

Lisa in Goddess Pose photo by Yoga Bliss

Start with feet about twice hips distance apart, toes turned out, feeling all four corners of the feet grounded, Hasta Bandha. Turn heels in, toes out bend the knees at 90 degrees to start stacking above the ankles.
Inhale, reach up to the sun, straighten the legs, bringing the thumbs together.
Exhale and bend knees, drawing elbows to ribs, palms up, and continue to lengthen through the spine drawing the tailbone down toward the earth. You may do several rounds of vinyasa moving through this flow, called Chandrasana. This is a lunar breath. Then move into Breath of Fire on an exhale holding Goddess Pose.

From either posture:
Place one hand on your lower belly near the first chakra, the other hand on the upper belly right below the ribs, in the sacral chakra region.
Inhale to the top of the breath.

This is my photo before Breath of Fire.


Lisa's Thermo Pic before Kapalabhati Breath of Fire or Skull Shining Breath

On your next breath begin. Focus on the exhale, feeling the belly / naval moving forward and back pumping the air out, and let the air fill your lungs naturally after each exhale without thinking about it. It’s a very rapid succession. Do 4 rounds of 27 with one large inhale between cycles.

Here is my photo after 54 rounds of Kapalabhati.


Lisa's Thermo Pic after 54 Rounds (half) of Kapalabhati Breath of Fire or Skull Shining Breath

As a beginner class to breath work I teach it in 4 rounds of 27 with a big inhale to start and between rounds of the 27. From the 4 round cycle you can build up to 108 without stopping for an active inhale.

Simply focus on moving the energy in the abdomen feeling it rise up the spine and into the third eye to eventually the crown of the head.

After your breath work in easy seated pose, move right into seated meditation. Sit in stillness, with the Prana flowing.

After looking more closely notice on the top (final) photo and you can clearly see the connection from the heat in the second and third chakras to the heat in the brow chakra.

This is physical evidence of the intrucate connection of mind/ body / spirit.

These photos were taken at a Thermographic Camera in The Museum of Nature at Fair Park Dallas on a sleepover night at the museum. My hubby and I took our daughter and 3 friends for her birthday. We had many activities that night and one was a scavenger hunt. As the kids broke into groups to answer the scavenger hunt questions I saw this heat photography machine. Immediately I thought of yoga and this idea came to me to try Breath of Fire. While the kids all were running around at the exhibits I stopped and did my pranayama, taking these photos.

Even in the flow of life, the chaos of 50 kids in an activity, while wearing my fun mom and loving wife hat, Prana flows.


For the Wikipedia info on Thermographic Cameras:

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Cake Pops are for Wine-o's

2012-03-10 06:23:18


My daughter is turning having a birthday. With my super busy yoga career and studio, Dynamic Yoga 4 Love, I haven’t made a craft in forever. So when my friend showed me her iPhone photo of the cake pops she made I thought I’d step back into my crafty self and do this! I invited her over for a girls night of cake pops and wine! It’s a date!
Here’s the steps!









Cake pops for her 9th birthday. Please eat slow, people. These took 4 hours, a bottle of wine, 10 hands and a good friend who can use the word fondant in a sentence.
What is fondant, you say? Exactly. Now pass the wine.

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Gluten Free Basics

2012-03-07 04:31:40

These are some of my favorite recommendations of gluten free snacks and foods!


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Sneaky Spinach Strawberry 'Ice Cream'

2012-03-07 02:08:19

Sneaky Spinach Strawberry Kiwi Blackberry ‘Ice Cream’
Fill high horse powered blender with 1/3 ice
2 C Soy or Almond Milk
1 C Blackberries
2 Kiwi, peeled
(this will trick your kids into thinking it’s supposed to be green!)
8-9 Strawberries, tops cut off, organic if possible
2 good healthy squirts organic Agave
1 t good Vanilla
Set to medium high. Add tamper into lid. Blend 1 minute. Wait for kids to not look. Add two huge handfuls spinach. Tamp down. Blend 1 minute adding more milk substitute to blend until thick or adding :
1/2 C Half and Half, if you’re eating dairy.
Pour into bowls. May freeze to create ‘ice cream’. Or enjoy right away. It melts quickly.


This is what my kids THINK is I this frozen treat.


This is what is actually in it. Sneaky!


A few M&M’s and Voila!

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'In The Kitchen With Lisa Ware' Red Oak NOW magazine March 2012

2012-03-06 06:14:19
NOW magazine March 2012

‘In The Kitchen With Lisa Ware’ by Angel Morris.

In 2000, with a mother undergoing chemotherapy, Lisa Ware realized the importance
of healthy lifestyles. Motivated by her mom’s positive attitude, Lisa founded Yoga 4 Love
to bring health and wellness education to her community.
The Ovilla resident taught herself to cook using whole foods, avoiding additives and
artificial items. “I experiment on my family and encourage them to ‘eat the rainbow’ on
their plates,” Lisa said of providing various colored organic foods with each meal.
Published in NOW Magazine Red Oak March 2012
Story by Angel Morris

A Colorado native, Lisa, and her husband of 20 years, Richard, have two children.
They enjoy outdoor adventures and traveling. “For fun you can find me practicing Acro
partner yoga with my hubby and kids, or hanging out in the creek with our five dogs,”
Lisa said. “I also like to blog about recipes I’ve converted to be a bit healthier, full of
whole foods, nutrition and love!”

Ciabatta with Grilled Veggies
in Balsamic Marinade
1/4 cup canola oil
1/3 cup balsamic vinegar
2-4 tsp. organic honey
1/2 tsp. garlic powder
1/2 tsp. sea salt
1/2 tsp. crushed red pepper (optional)
3-4 Portabella mushrooms (use stems,
too; cut into 1 1/2-inch strips)
2 red bell peppers (cut into 1 1/2-inch
2 medium organic zucchinis (cut into
1/4-inch with a zig zag cutter if you
have one)
Ciabatta Organic bread loaf (cut in
half lengthwise, brushed lightly with
canola oil)
6-8 slices provolone cheese from deli
In The Kitchen With Lisa Ware
1. Mix oil, vinegar and spices; marinate veggies
in baggie in refrigerator for 1 hour.
2. Create disposable pan with non-stick HD
grill foil. Grill veggies on barbecue until soft,
but not soggy. Take off in intervals as done.
3. As veggies are grilling, brush ciabatta with
canola oil on inside; grill on top rack until
crispy. Place on fire for 1-2 minutes to create
grill marks on inside and toast.
4. Place cheese on top half of bread, veggies
on bottom and cut into diagonal sandwiches
3-inches wide.
Orzo Pasta Salad
Mustard Vinaigrette:
1 Tbsp. dijon
1 Tbsp. dried shallots
1/2 Tbsp. minced fresh garlic
In 2000, with a mother undergoing chemotherapy, Lisa Ware realized the importance
of healthy lifestyles. Motivated by her mom’s positive attitude, Lisa founded Yoga 4 Love
to bring health and wellness education to her community.
The Ovilla resident taught herself to cook using whole foods, avoiding additives and
artificial items. “I experiment on my family and encourage them to ‘eat the rainbow’ on
their plates,” Lisa said of providing various colored organic foods with each meal.
A Colorado native, Lisa, and her husband of 20 years, Richard, have two children.
They enjoy outdoor adventures and traveling. “For fun you can find me practicing Acro
partner yoga with my hubby and kids, or hanging out in the creek with our five dogs,”
Lisa said. “I also like to blog about recipes I’ve converted to be a bit healthier, full of
whole foods, nutrition and love!”
2 Tbsp. fresh parsley
2 Tbsp. red wine or raspberry vinegar
6 Tbsp. extra virgin olive oil
1/2 cup mustard vinaigrette
2/3 cup dry Orzo pasta (or 2 cups boiled
and drained)
1/4 cup pine nuts, toasted
6 green onions, thinly sliced
1/4 lb. Kalmata olives, pitted and
coarsely chopped
1 head butter lettuce, use leaves only,
roughly chopped
1. Whisk all mustard vinaigrette ingredients
until well-blended.
2. Mix with all salad ingredients except
3. Arrange in shallow bowl or platter atop
butter lettuce.
My BFF’s Black Bean Tacos
with Cilantro Mango Salsa
Black Bean Mix:
1/2 red onion (chopped)
2 Tbsp. olive oil
2 Tbsp. garlic
1/2 red bell pepper (or green)
1/2 tomato
2 cans organic black beans, rinsed
and drained
2/3 cup fresh cilantro (finely chopped,
reserve 1/8 cup for salsa)
1/2 tsp. Creole Spice Blend
3 cups wild Basmati rice medley, cooked
Whole wheat tortillas
Mango Salsa:
1 1/2 cups mango, seeded and peeled
2/3 banana or Poblano pepper, seeded
and finely chopped
2 Tbsp. water
3/4 Tbsp. organic honey
1 Tbsp. red wine vinegar
1/8 cup cilantro, finely chopped
1. For black bean mix: sauté onion in oil
until it begins to soften. Add garlic, then
pepper; cook 2-3 minutes.
2. Add tomato, beans, cilantro, spice and
rice. Simmer very low.
3. For mango salsa: puree all ingredients in
a blender.
4. Make each taco by combining bean
mixture, rice and topping with helping of
mango salsa.
— By Angel Morris

See page 28 for some of my fave fun recipes!

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Finding my way in the World~ Through a Dance with Cancer,Yoga + Reiki

2012-03-01 21:27:11

I feel that I am drawn to Prana Flow through vinyasa in my body. I have always done yoga since about age 19, and move through poses that I intuitively do, then later to find out that it was a ‘real’ pose.  I have began a path of study in the Prana Flow style from Shiva Rea with Adri Kyser, RYT 500 one of Shiva’s few (less than 10) master trainers in the world. I began this journey in 2011 after completing my 200 hour Registed Yoga Teacher in 07-09.  I taken several modules with her as one of Shiva Rea’s teacher trainers. I love vinyasa flow yoga. It makes me feel so alive and present. I share yoga with as many people as I am so fortunate become exposed to, and have facilitated many huge community yoga classes and Texas yoga events. I know that I am drawn to bring yoga teaching and ultimately Prana Flow on a global scale. I am honored to hold space for this teaching.

I continue my regular studying from the books of the masters and their students. I study the Yoga Sutras, the Bhagavad Gita, cable into Ayruveda, would like to learn Tantra, Prana, and deepen my knowledge of vinyasa with relation to the traditional style of yoga. I have studied Reiki in the lineage of Usai for over 12 years and regularly hold Reiki Healing sessions for private clients in our Spa. I also believe I am to hold space for women, Goddesses, to come into circle and meditation for transformation, and planetary change. We began a Goddess Reiki Angel Circle in fall of 2011 and meet regularly. I am called to share the attunements of the Reiki Energy passing this gift onto others, and teach the lineage to whomever in my path is drawn to this healing art.

I have practiced yoga off and on for around 20 years. For the past 5 years I have studied intently and with focus on teaching. My personal asana practice has totally transformed over the last few years, and I love the challenge of arm balances, inversions and long holds. My background before yoga was in the hair and fashion industry as a hair color educator / trainer and Cosmetologist. I love being of service to others, but the fashion industry was just not resonating with me after I had my first child in 1998. I began a path to organic eating and wellness. I immersed myself in information and was truly shocked and amazed at what I was learning, so began sharing my knowledge with everyone I knew.
Then, in 2000 my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer as a recurrence from a 16 year remission. She had stage 4 Cancer and was in the hospital with a chest tube for a long time. Then chemo and radiation was the normal path in medicine. She opted in. I was appalled to see what was happening to her body, but her spirit was AMAZINGLY POSITIVE. She is truly my inspiration. She and I decided to get attuned to Reiki Level 1 and 11 in 2001. She used the Reiki energy to relax and go deeper into her study of the bible. I utilized the Reiki energy to send her distance healing and love and light every night. I also utilized the gentle healing power Reiki after September 11, 2001 when I had a young hair client in New York who experienced Ground Zero. She was suffering from anxiety and insomnia. I helped her by sending Reiki into a ‘box’ for her to ‘open’ anytime she felt herself needing love and light.

I changed my schedule to be closer to my mom and came by as often as possible. After my second child in 2003, visiting became even more important. My father cared for my mom daily and she continued to improve. Then she would suffer another ‘dance with the big C’, it was metastatic, so always something new. My sister and I didn’t like her traditional doctor, and after visiting the Oncologoist’s office one day with my aunt and Nana, I was fed up. The Oncologist said to her, “Well, Lorene, at the end of the day sometimes we just run out of options. You have taken so many chemo and radiation treatments and, frankly there is nothing more I can do.”

I felt ANGER welling up, even now as I write I feel that trying to come back, after long ago working through this. I am now able to see that doctor for her limitations. At the time, my mom was so weakened by that statement that she BELIEVED it! And my Nana and Aunt too were nodding their heads in agreement! I felt like jumping over the table and shaking that doctor! What the Crap! No, no way. I was not going to let her or them believe that BS!

I called my sister immediately and she was like ‘HELL NO, Im not accepting that’. She began adamantly researching alternative treatment options; I did the same. My belief in ‘modern medicine’ was forever tainted.

We both found the same doctor through different avenues! Dr Dicke at Arlington Memorial. He is the most brilliant man I have ever met. He is a non traditional Oncologst, branching form MD Anderson, but using even more radical approaches. he has two nurses taking notes as he diagnoses a treatment plan for the patient. He and his innovative staff kept my mother alive and happy, living a fairly normal life, for an additional 5 years. We went to scrapbooking retreats, she came to the kids parties and events, soccer, which my hubby coached. She said she didn’t believe that old doctor and, ‘ I have too many more soccer games and dance recitals to see” and was not ready to go just yet!

She spoke to thousands at the Race for The Cure in Tarrant County and encouraged hundreds of people at American Airlines, where she worked for 12 years, to do the Race with us. She reached so many people, sharing her positive encouragement and her story. We raced from 1996- 2000, then again in 2004 pushing a stroller with my baby girl. That last race I clearly remember her speaking to a sea of pink host and shirts. She always had a flair for the dramatic (gee, wonder where I got that quality). That year in 04, she was the guest speaker after the Race. She was just recovering AGAIN from chemo and felt really good. As she went onstage she had her hand painted cane and her wig with her. During her speech the crowd was cheering and clapping with her enthusiasm for life and she THREW her wig and dropped her cane (she didn’t need it then) and the crowd wend wild. I was so proud of her and to be her daughter. Shortly thereafter she was invited to go to Washington, DC  with the Susan G Komen president to meet the President of the United States, George W Bush, and attend a gathering at the White House. I still have her autographed tee shirt and all her Race For the Cure Posters that she won for best corporate sponsor for four years.

In late 2007 I began my path to yoga teaching. I felt after all I had experienced, doing hair just didn’t make sense for my path, and began truly feeling called to healing, wellness and ultimately yoga. I researched many teacher training programs online and found a module based program that would fit into my busy schedule of soccer, dance and helping my husband in our family business, The Fish Physician, designing and maintaining aquariums. I enrolled in the 200 hour program and began Level 1. In early 2008, I enrolled for Level 2, and was booked to go to Austin. Just a fews week before I was to go to the training she fell and broke her hip. She had surgery and was in rehab at a nice facility in Arlington. I had created a Fish Physician route gaining clients around where she lived and had treatment so I could see her often.

I visited her one afternoon when she had a little party her friends threw her at the rehab center. She always maintained a very tight group of women around her circle. This is essential for us as Goddesses. She had a quilting bee and a group from American that regularly had lunch that that called the SISTERS. Sisterhood is a part of who we are as women. If you have not found a group of women, keep seeking. We need you. Every woman has love to contribute in a Beauty Way, and I learned this with my mom and my sister, and watching and participating in my mom’s groups. These sisters, these Goddesses, were the ones that stayed up all night praying, these women were the ones who drove her places when my dad could not, and they were the ones who brought her gifts and states with her and supported her in every hospitilization.

After the rehab center, she was scheduled for a routine port flush and she contracted bronchitis in the hospital, the details are all discombobulated. I remember that she was remitted again and she got a lung infection. She went to ICU and CCU again. She was recovering nicely after a huge scare and I came by to hang out with her in her hospital room Thursday before going to my teacher training, and we watched TV. She had a respiratory therapist going in regularly and she would give 110% every time she had to blow up that little bag to count her lung capacity. She couldn’t talk well due to her throat being raw from the tubes. We did some word search puzzles and I snuggled with her,  and we just spent quality time together.

I left for Austin for the Conference and yoga training level 2, staying with my BFF from high school was a lovely needed time for recovery. I learned about different learning styles, and got into my personal practice, doing Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutations) with my eyes closed, feeling the asana in my body. I had a chiropractic adjustment during my stay at the conference with a naturopath and he literally moved my organs back into place. Throughout all anxiety and long nights the lower (root an sacral chakra) organs had literally bunched up in my abdomen. I felt a huge release and was so grateful for the time I had been gifted for myself.

I came back Sunday and my family said we needed to go straight to the hospital! I was shocked, and we jumped in the car. I questioned why they didn’t call me, but they said she took a turn for the worse and I could not have done anything from Austin anyhow, they didn’t want to worry me. As soon as I walked into her room she locked eyes with me and would not look away. Everyone and everything in the room disappeared except for her blue eyes. She could not talk, could not sit up but was totally coherent at that moment. She TOLD me she was ready to go. I walked to her and held her and looked at her and asked, Mom are you telling me you are ready to go? She breathed Yesssssss. I had to look away. I wanted to be strong. I left the room eyes welling up and pulled my dad out of that space into the hall. I told him, “Dad, she told me she’s ready to go, she doesn’t want to fight anymore.” He said, “Aw, No, honey, she’s a fighter, she will pull through.” I said, “Not this time, Dad. She is ready. You need to let her know it’s ok. She’s waiting on us to let her go. She needs to know its ok. I already told her it is ok.”

My kids had no idea why Nana couldn’t talk, or what was truly happening, but I was glad that they could spend a little time with their Nana. We had to leave soon, to get them ready for school the next day.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008 she went into the light.

My life since then has done a complete 180 degree turn for the greater good. I now devote the majority of my energy to helping other people through yoga, Reiki, Meditation and healing therapies. I began teaching over 9 classes a week and developed a wonderful student base. I started my clients on a membership so they could go to any class that I taught at any of my locations that I rented space from. Spirit had a bigger plan. My family is totally supportive of my career. I have become involved with many local charitable organizations offering FREE yoga as an organizer, board member and emcee and host.

My local teaching schedule had become very busy, and I was teaching 4 weeknights and Saturday am, and three mornings in three different locations. One of the places I taught was a Zumba building and the owner had requested a meeting with me the before Thanksgiving of 2010. I met her at Starbucks. She was also in her other jog, a Chamber of Commerce President and had no time to run another business. She was ready to let her Zumba business go under unless I took it over. I don’t teach Zumba, and only had one class per week there, but I listened to my intuition. She was a newlywed, and her hubby was pressing her to give it up NOW. I had a week to decide before she stopped paying rent and closed shop.

I meditated on this, I had much peace about moving on with this dream of owning a studio because I felt like the timing was not right back in 09. As this opportunity was staring me in the face I felt so so happy. I knew this was the time, and talked to my husband long and hard about it. I listed the pros and cons. I decided  YES! YES! YES!

So I opened Yoga 4 Love with a pre grand opening Holiday Market Party in the beginning of December 2010. I knew that if there was any lapse of time in the space closing that the current clientele would not have any trust in the new ownership, so I just jumped in with both feet and did what I do best. I threw a HUGE party. We got all over the local media and had an awesome turnout. I invited many vendors and they all had booths for their products. We had demos and food and a great pre opening. We had a huge membership sale and sold a bunch of memberships all to begin 1/1/11 for our opening. Through this event we raised enough money to pay for our remodeling of the building from a warehouse to a beautiful new studio. Im May we added the flooring.

We have added a full time spa and massage room called Dragonfly Spa, held meditation circles and Reiki attuement ceremonies as well as HOT yoga, Chill yoga, Donation based yoga plus still offering Zumba dance fitness and Zumba Toning as well. I recently began working with an intuitive Lifecoach, Gary Quinn. I have learned so much about myself and the law of attraction. I have also begun offering lifecoaching for my clients via Skype.

I am very grateful for the opportunity to serve my community and my members. This all began with a dream, an inspiration and belief. Bringing higher intention and positivity into my daily life through meditation and connection to nature keeps me grounded. As I find myself flying so high, as I am naturally drawn to do, I balance myself with my meditating and personal chakra alignment in my Reiki practice.

I continue to desire to make a daily change in the world through my talents, my time and my offerings of service. Everyone has a voice and a place for making positive change, whether its in their own life, their kids, the local community or through globe activism.

Go… Find your voice!



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Ginger Pineapple Green Smoothie Goodness

2012-02-25 23:09:41

Ginger Pineapple Green Smoothie Goodness

So today as I’m on my lunar cycle I have had stomach day and this ginger pineapple smoothie I made two days in a row it’s amazing.
I had a few different ingredients yesterday but I’ll give you one I made for today.
I always add a scoop or two scoops of the Juice Plus Complete powder because I’m always needing extra vegan protein,so that is optional.

1/3 pineapple no husk
2″ piece ginger root lightly peel off dark areas
4-5 stalks organic celery root
3-4 kale leaves
1 1/2 C organic apple juice or 2 apples cored for a thicker smoothie
1 cup ice water
1-2 scoops Juice Plus Complete Whole Food Powder

Blend in hi horse powered blender on high for 1 to 2 minutes until frothy and yummy. Serve!


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Ginger Pineapple Green Smoothie Goodness

2012-02-25 23:09:41

Ginger Pineapple Green Smoothie Goodness


So today as I’m on my lunar cycle I have had stomach day and this ginger pineapple smoothie I made two days in a row it’s amazing.
I had a few different ingredients yesterday but I’ll give you one I made for today.
I always add a scoop or two scoops of the Juice Plus Complete powder because I’m always needing extra vegan protein,so that is optional.

1/3 pineapple no husk
2″ piece ginger root lightly peel off dark areas
4-5 stalks organic celery root
3-4 kale leaves
1 1/2 C organic apple juice or 2 apples cored for a thicker smoothie
1 cup ice water
1-2 scoops Juice Plus Complete Whole Food Powder

Blend in hi horse powered blender on high for 1 to 2 minutes until frothy and yummy. Serve!


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90 Day Detox Day 14 + Recipes!

2012-02-14 04:26:57

We are on week three and doing great! I have gained 2% muscle, dropped 3% body fat and have lost 6 pounds, which I did not mean to lose, I’m FREAKIN hungry all the time, though. Rich is losing weight and getting totally cut. Nice! I talked to my partner in this program, Doctor of Chiropractic, Bethany Barnes about this and she suggested getting more good fats. So, today I began adding organic coconut oil to my smoothies. It is really good.

Our daily regime looks something like this:
Take the two indoor dogs outside
Look at the sunrise
Go back to bed and
Read my affirmations
Cook breakfast
Get kids to school with Rich’s major help
Go to teach Hot Yoga (Rich will come to practice because he doesn’t teach as many yoga classes as I do)
Eat a snack usually a GF protein bar and detox tea
Work at my studio, Dynamic Yoga 4 Love
Eat a GF snack
Go home and hang with the kids
Eat another snack, like Hummus and GF crackers or nuts or a shake or green smoothie
Teach another Hot Yoga class
Eat dinner, some days it’s really well rounded on the nights I don’t teach.
Snuggle with kids in their bed
Time to blog or work online
Then its hanging with the hubby
Bedtime in our super comfy ahhh TempraPedic adjustable bed
Update calendar in my iPhone for tomorrow planning
Read affirmations most nights
(Today I had a lovely super long hot stone massage by Kristi, Dragonfly Spa therapist at the studio! I’m SORE and totally detoxed!)

Ok here’s two of the latest recipes:

Butternut Squash Soup~ in a high horsepowered blender, it actually cooks! After 8 minutes it’s steaming hot and delicious.


(we double this)
2C vegetable broth or stock
Or hot water with 3 Veggie bouillon cubes
1C baked, peeled Butternut Squash
1/8 small onion, peeled
1/2 medium apple
1/2t onion powder
1/4t nutmeg
1/4t Thyme, dried
1/4t Rosemary, dried
1/4t Marjoram, dried
1/8t White Pepper
1/2t Sea Salt

Place on Speed 1 for 1 min., move to speed 8 to 10 for 6-7 min until steam rises when cracked lid. Add 1/4C heavy cream (leave out if vegan and dairy free). Blend 20 seconds. Serve with GF bread, toasted.

To bake squash:
Preheat oven to 350
Cut in half lengthwise and remove seeds
Cost in coconut oil
Place faced down on pan
Check in 30 min, cut off cooked portions, perk, set aside
Return hard parts of squash to oven may add more coconut oil
Repeat until done (adapted from VitaMix Whole Foods Recipes Cookbook


Otherwise it’s a huge loaded green smoothie and a snack like tonight:

Here’s the latest from my kitchen to you:
Greener Than Green Smoothie


(All ingredients are always organic when possible)
2C Coconut Milk
2-3T Agave Nectar
2-3t Lecethin Granules
3 med Kale leaves
1 cored Granny Smith apple
2 Kiwi- peel if conventional
2 Scoops Juice Plus Complete Protein Powder
1-2T Coconut Oil
12oz glass of filtered ice water

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Goddess Ceremony and Reiki Attunement February 2012

2012-02-08 22:00:12


We had such a transformational weekend, so totally in the flow and the vibration was out into the astral plane for sure. I cant explain it. It was amazing.

We started Friday with a Goddess Cermonial Circle led by Lydia, and campout at the lovely creek at my home with the intention of bringing peace and answers. Rich joined us for the first half of the evening. We built a fire, sang, we danced, we played, prayed and connected until late into the night. I also shared a lovely time with him. By the river and around the fire Lydia led us with some prayer songs which we sang and sang in rounds, and they are still in my head and heart. Later, I was able to meditate and dance with my friend, Adri K as her Spirit Animal, which was the snake with a split tongue. Fun, free, beautiful and powerful. I just knew it was her.

Some of us stayed up into the early morning connecting, even did some inspired hair cutting. We ate raw food and enjoyed the moon and the fire together in circle.

Saturday two more of the women from the Ceremony decided to join our Reiki Level One Training Saturday. Adira Heartsong, a lovely talented musical artist, and one other Reiki Master, Beki, from the Goddess Ceremony, who came in to my life at the perfect time. She is gifted with seeing the Reiki Symbols and painting them as well.

The first time Reiki recepients were Sarah, Dawndy and her daughter, Laura, and her daughter and Beki’s daughter. Then Gretchen, who already received Reiki Level 1 last summer was present with her lovely gift of healing and vision.


The day began with a Chakra Vinyasa Master Class that I led. I was so intuitive, totally connected. I simply brought Prana Vinyasa from the heart and shared affrimations on each of the Chakras through the flow, it was so tranqiul almost as if I was just facilitating, but not thinking. After the Master Class, we went throught the manual I created from combining my manual with another Reiki Master’s favorite pages, Sandy, our Lifecoach; I also added in several pages from my Chakra Training which we covered on Sunday. We practiced self Reiki then teamed up and did partner reiki a full session for both partners.

Saturday night several ladies still had their tents up at our home, so came by to change and get ready to go to Ecstatic Moondance. I decided to go as well, and Aspen wanted to go too and bring her hula hoop. 5 us were there, and it was a huge family hoop, about 65 people. The ecstatic dance comunity is so loving and fun and free. Monica Blossom led the dance and Lydia had led an elemental journey dance, which we missed, but she created the DJ work for the moondance. Adira was invited to play acoustic guitar and sing with her angelic and funky raw style, then Aspen told Monica that she wanted to share her hoop routine with the ‘family’. While everyone was in a huge circle holding hands Monica invited Aspen to come in the center and hoop for us. She nailed all her tricks and looked so happy. She got cut a bit short by some applause for a trick, but did very well. Then we DANCED and DANCED! I was super blissed out and we decided to go before the end, so I could rest up. I grounded myself on the way home by talking to my sister.

We had such a divine experience Saturday. So we decided to bring our daughters Sunday. Aspen came to participate in the Reiki Share and 3 daughters wanted to get attunned to the energy with their moms on Sunday so we ended up with a group of 14! 4 Reiki Masters: Kristi, Our massage therapist, Sandy and Beki, with me facilitating. Beki helped me set Sacred space for each initiate and was working with attunning the kids, while I attunned the other 6. Then she helped me finish the ceremony, the other two assisted. We did group Reiki on eachother Sunday during the day and broke into groups of 7. All working on one at a time, and experienced some totally trancendental chakra work and energy healing. Lots of emotional healing, even connection between a mom and a pre teen daughter. It was amazing. Working as a Reiki Lightworker has been a journey into the Flow with the Divine. We had a few times where the practitioner was able to whisper or speak the Language of Spirit, and flow through vocally with total LOVE.
I am in awe.
We totally opened up a higher vibration and am still in complete bliss. The interconnectedness of the Reiki practitioners and Goddesses present was a lifetime connection.

Some of the women will definately join us for our Inner Goddess Retreat October 19- 21.
If this intetests you, I have created an event for it, so check it out on the events page and please save the date. Email me for more info.

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90 Detox Day 7

2012-02-08 02:01:28

So I’ve been on this 90 day detox with my husband Richard and at first it was super hard. I can only imagine how much more committed you will need to be if you’re not already a vegetarian or living a healthy lifestyle.
I’m feeling effects of clear sinuses my abs are getting ripped which is awesome riches feeling stronger and we’re both sleeping well.
We are officially gluten-free, dairy free, caffeine free, meat free and eating no refined sugar or vegetable oils (almost all are GMO). We’ve given up coffee and been drinking the heck out of herbal tea. This morning we decided to drink half caf blend coffee because it sounded good. We have a friend and yoga student, Claire, who created this ‘Beneficial Brew’ of coffee and healing spices that alleviate joint pain, like tamarind and cardamom and clove. After making the French press and debating over boiling water in the microwave vs stovetop we made our coffee. We added the coconut milk creamer. It smelled great! We drank a few swallows and didn’t even want it. Ended up pouring it out and making detox tea. It’s amazing how quickly the body responds to what is good for it.


We’ve been drinking green smoothies almost daily, as well as the diet.
Blueberry Raspberry Kale ~green smoothie recipe:
Two handfuls of frozen organic blueberries and raspberries
One frozen organic banana
Three kale leaves
Two scoops of vanilla Juice Plus complete powder
One cup of ice
One cup of organic apple juice

Blend all in a high horsepower blender. Add filtered water as needed to thin. Enjoy!
My sprouts are almost ready! I’ll post about that soon.

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What is Yoga?

2012-02-02 02:31:44 admin

Have you always wondered what yoga is? Do you find yourself sitting in a lotus position for hours? Yoga 4 Love exists to bring yoga to you! We are here to introduce yoga to people like you and me. Yoga is a form of connecting the mind…body…spirit with our breath through a series of poses called asanas.

At Yoga 4 Love we teach Vinyasa style yoga, which is a branch of Hatha yoga. Vinyasa Flow Yoga is where the class flows at a pace fluid with your breath. Yoga is like a moving meditation, creating awareness and focusing on conscious relaxation.

Just as people and experiences are vastly different, yoga is significant to everyone in a personal and unique way. To simply breathe, feel and let go for a moment, and learning to do so, …is the beauty of yoga.

No need to have tried Yoga before! Come as you are! Find Bliss through yoga instantly! Taking action no matter what level you’re at will give you countless benefits. Yoga 4 Love is for any BODY! Yoga Do’s and Dont’s

No previous yoga experience necessary!
All classes are instructor- customized for your body type and ability!

Yoga Guidelines, Terms and FAQ’s

These are terms that are listed most frequently used, and their basic meanings:

Asana- Poses, postures, positions used in the practice of Yoga

Hatha Yoga– This is an ancient practice of yoga and one of the most popular utilizing asana, pranayama , meditation and Savasana to achieve better health, wellness and instill an inner calm or focus.

Heated Yoga– Yoga practiced in a warm room, temperature 82 – 89 degrees, to get the muscles ready for movement.

Hot Yoga- Yoga practiced in a room body temperature up to 98 degrees to detox the body, focus the mind and clarify the cardiovascular system. Some practices add 50% humidity, we do not. (In Texas it is already very humid!) We usually start with heated yoga then let the temperature rise as our class builds in energy. Allow several classes to acclimate the body to the heat, drink plenty of water, and rest when needed.

Om- The supreme and most sacred syllable, consisting in Sanskrit of the three sounds (a), (u), and (m), representing various fundamental triads and believed to be the spoken essence of the universe. It is uttered as a mantra and in affirmations and blessings. [Sanskrit om, aum.] Source: Answers.com

Reiki- Rei: Universal/ Ki: energya healing therapy focusing on the body’s basic energies, guided by a certified and attuned Reiki Practitioner or Reiki Master. Reiki utilizes gentle hand positions and relaxation with guided imagery. The recipient is safe, protected and loved as blockages in their energy or physical body are released. At the end of a session most feel both energized and relaxed. Lisa has been practicing this healing art for over a decade.

Pranayama- breath work and breath awareness; connection of mind/ body.

Savasana- final relaxation

Thai Yoga Bodywork- Known as ‘the lazy man’s yoga’,as the practitioner moves the recipient in a full range motion. A type of massage in Thai style that involves stretching and deep massage. This form of bodywork is usually performed on the floor, and the client wears comfortable clothes that allow for movement. No oils are used in Thai massage. It is known in Thailand as “nuat phaen boran”. From Wikipedia

Vinyasa Flow- A branch of Hatha Yoga, breath awareness yoga. This yoga is Breath Synchronized Movement, where each inhale and exhale has an associated movement and the space between movements is focused.

Yoga Practice The art and science of moving through asanas and breathing techniques to achieve calmness of mind, balance of body and connectin to spirit. The styles and intensity is varied wide and far, we at Yoga 4 Love mainly practice Vinyasa Yoga.

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My 90 Day Detox Day 1 & 2~ where is my natural energy???

2012-01-31 20:42:29

I’ve been now working with 2-3 people on their Lifecoaching sessions and also have a group going called 90 Days To Feeling Fit at my studio where myself and a chiropractor created a plan using nutritionals and a meal plan. We meet every Sunday and have 11 people. Last week we took a field trip to the grocery store and taught them how to shop for whole foods and read labels. We had a blast.


This week I gave them homework on how to create affirmations and we made vision boards! Here’s a picture of the group and my good friend Allison with Eeva our little Feeling Fit Helper.


I’m doing the detox with my hubby Richard, and the group.
It entails:
(week 1, last week, but Rich and I started 100% Monday 1/30/12)
No caffeine
No refined sugar
No soy except soy isolate
No dairy
No gluten
Daily meals for us are all vegetation, sometines fish and eggs. I am not giving up fruit or soy, as I need to keep my caloric intake way up because I’m a yoga rock star, as you know. =-)

The plan allows for meat though, and so some may choose to eat organic chicken or organic grass fed beef or bison. Daily we drink a Detox Herbal Tea. I recommend Arbonne or Traditional Medicinals. We already eat mostly this way anyhow. But not the non dairy gluten free part. Also, we are increasing our vegan protein by utilizing protein shakes. I recommend Juice Plus or Arbonne. They both have chocolate and vanilla. It’s mixed into rice, almond or coconut milk or water. No fruit at first to reduce the sugars. Later we can make smoothies and such .
Then week 2 Richard joined me and I began to be really strict and adhere to it all the way. On week 2 we all begin to also add in a proprietary blend of herbs by Arbonne called the 7 Day Detox. It’s 7/ 2 oz bottles you mix daily into 32 oz of water.

Day 1
So I’m thinking ‘I got this, no problem’ yesterday and started off with little sleep since my daughter came into my bed and is a super heater.
I awoke, did my affirmations and meditation, at 7:40 am cooked the three of us (Aspen already got on the bus) all organic egg omlettes from our chickens with sautéed onions, black beans and organic salsa.
I had a totally booked day beginning with a meeting about our Reiki Training for this weekend, then taught my a class at 10. I finished with my clients and headed to Dallas for a meeting for The DFW Free Day of Yoga. I are some hummus and GF Mary’s Gone Crackers then had a meeting with an art gallery owner who FaceBooked me about yoga at her gallery. She’s from Israel and really lovely. I was super hungry and a bit dizzy. I had an appointment with Apple but cancelled and drove back. I stopped at Ann’s Health Food and totally stocked up on GF dairy free groceries. $150 later I rushed home to see my daughter practice her hula hoop routine with a friend who’s teaching her for the talent show. I unloaded the groceries and my hubby made me a spinach salad which I slammed with a org. PB rice cake the rushed to the studio. I co taught a fun Hot Vinyasa class then taught my Fluid Power class and came home starving. I finally finished my 32 oz Detox water at 8:15 pm. When i got home Richard surprised all of us with grilled Mahi Mahi, veggies, org baked potato with coconut butter. I finally was full but so so tired. Finished with a RawE O (dehydrated organic raw cookie, über cute and yummy, Rich said uh no thanks).
Checked some emails, put the kids to bed, drank a protein shake and crashed at midnight.

Day 2
I rested well, and started my day slow. Made our detox water, ate a GF bar had some decaf English Breakfast with coconut creamer and saw the family off.
In the Health Master I made a yummy smoothie~
1/2 block of firm tofu
Pineapple chunks
Org Raspberries
Arbonne vanilla protein
Coconut milk
Water to thin
3 handfuls org Spinach

My dad comes over Tuesday’s to help with our business, The Fish Physician. So after taking and doing some biz I rushed to the studio. The at&t guy was there and my Zumba instructor had everyone all settled into their mats, so nice. The phone guy installed our landline while I taught Hot Beginner Vinyasa 101.
After class I wanted to work on the computer but couldn’t get online. I went across the street to the daycare to see if they could get online and brought my laptop and some flyers. They let me use their Internet and also hand out a flyer to each of her families and booked a hot stone massage!
I then came home, ate GF toast with org scrambled eggs in coconut butter had done detox tea, sat with my daughter went outside and began to feel a but more energetic. My energy is still about 65% of normal.

In the afternoon I taught Twisted Yoga 101. Today was all about intention, focus and intensity. I gave them a long Savasana since they worked so hard, and then came home to hang with the kids and get some rest!


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Makar Sankranti 2012: 14 January; In the Flow~Maitri Karuna~ Love Deeply/ Metta~ Cultivating Loving Kindness Starting with ME!

2012-01-14 11:58:19

Love and Affection~ Buddha

11 – Deep Forest – Forest Hymn

Last weekend I had my first live and in person training with my master teacher and mentor, Shiva Rea.

She came to Austin. I have been studying her teachings and lineage for almost a year with my friend and mentor, Adri. Shiva studied in India with P. Jois and in the lineage of Krismacharya. She developed Prana Flow. This vinysas is part of my natural soul inspired movement. I simply KNOW it, and then as I learn it is is as if it was already there, just awakened. It is beautiful. My teaching has been enhanced so much for my students by this practice of Prana Flow. I truly believe I am IN THE FLOW, totally in the flow. As my friend Jamesey says, it is already perfectly created, we just show up. Today is Makar Sankranti 2012: 14 January. This is a new beginning. Acccording to Wikipedia ‘regarded as the beginning of an auspicious phase in Indian culture. It is said as the ‘holy phase of transition’. It marks the end of an inauspicious phase which according to the Hindu calendar begins around mid-December. It is believed that any auspicious and sacred ritual can be sanctified in any Hindu family, this day onwards. Scientifically, this day marks the beginning of warmer and longer days compared to the nights. In other words, Sankranti marks the termination of winter season and beginning of a new harvest or spring season.’

The most apparent display of this lack of Metta was a just over a month ago. I really began to feel the pull of placing my priorities back in proper order. Things can be out of whack for a period, during the creative process for only so long. Then it is time for DAMAGE CONTROL. I decided this Metta would begin with Lisa, me, Self Love. I teach this, but have I ten living it? Not so much.I have been studying and begun a processs of working on me. Practicing Metta, lovingkindness, for myself. This journey has sprung from a year of taking care of building my studio before sleeping, before eating. Someti=mes placing my priorities out of order to get to the bigger picture. My family has taken the brunt of this rearrangement of priorities, my relationship with my hubby has been placed on the back burner to sleep, to rest, to creating and being in the creative process. He is so patient. <3 Cultivations Self Love with me this cold day in December, I decided, must begin with an asana practice, at a class, with me being the student for once. So, on a whim, as usual, my decision was that I needed to go to yoga, to practice yoga at my studio. NOW, today. This was one day after a HUGE event that I held at my studio for the Holidays, just a few weeks before Christmas 11. I had been teaching but not practicing my yoga regularly. I feel I've always had a strong meditation practice, but it had also slipped off the daily TO DO radar, somehow. I had begun the day for weeks in a row jumping up and running full stream, no time to reflect, meditate, journal, look out the window at the birds. I'd just simply been getting up barely before the kids got up, no time for coffee with my hubby, and even getting up and going back to lay down, and attempt to rest. With two kids getting ready and a supportive hubby assisting the process I'd developed a very unloving habit rather quickly. So... i had been contemplating taking more time for ME ON THE MAT. I like me on the mat, I felt I needed a teacher to facilitate a kick start, and I chose to come to my studio and take a SUnday night class with Dan, he's a great teacher and teaches a challenging vinyasa. So, in the old Lisa's style, I literally zoomed out the door at the last second, dragging Aspen Rainne with me to the studio in 40 degree weather with a fuzzy coat and fuzzy boots. I arrived 1 minute after class started. I never do this, arrive late. Today, I really needed my yoga practice, so I rushed in. Took a few deep breaths while taking off my boots, set Aspen up with Netflix and went into class. I figured that they'd still be in Pranayama (breath work) and I'd slip in. To my surprise that we in the middle of a HOT vinysasa Sun salutation flow. I stepped into my space, getting my mind into the flow, my body followed very quickly. I began the flow I love so much: Tadasana (Mountain) Swan Dive to Uttanasana (Forward Fold) 1/2 Lift, Forward Fold/ Monkey Jump Back Float thru to Chattarangua (low push up) Urdva Mukha Svanasana (Upward Facing Dog) Ardha Mukha Svanasana (Downward Facing Dog) jump to Forward Fold/ Reverse Swan Dive Tadasana So, as I dd my first jump back float thru to low plank Chattarangua I was not warm at all. Only a few days later, I realized in my haste that I got the class start time wrong. (even thought I wrote the schedule!) It actually started 16 minutes before I got there, not 1 minute. They had already warmed up and were totally in their vinyasa flow. I broke my toe. Yep, I did. No Metta for Lisa

I knew something was up a little later in the class. I recalled hearing a little pop in my first jump back to Chattarangua, but as I was truly not being loving and kind to my body I tuned it out. My pain threshold is very high, as I birthed two kds with no drugs, so this was no big deal. I focused on my practice and my breath. Later in class we went into hand to big toe, a standing balance series. I grabbed by big toe and extended my right leg and stood up. Hmmm… Ok, cool. then I opened my leg to the side plane of my body. Not so nice. I couldn’t bend my toe around the two peace fingers. Note to self you might say? Nope. I just powered through my practice:

Running man



Raja Kapatosanana

No problem. Then I cooled down. I rested in Savasana. Beautiful.

I went to put my fuzzy boots on and I mentioned to Dan that I jacked up my toe in my first jump back. I didn’t ‘float’ at all I LANDED. I was literally still 40 degrees in a 95 degree practice. Yep is was broken. By the time I got home and checked it out is was all black and bleu. I texted my friend Kim, who’s a nurse. She told me I did a doozy, as she viewed my pic I texted her. Nothing I could do except ice and wrap it to the second toe. I borrowed her boot and wore it a few weeks.

My big toe has been rewrapped every day to my second toe for almost 6 weeks with lime green KT tape. My second toe finally rebelled and this week it told me that it was time to wrap it alone. Then yesterday was the first time I went without tape at yoga. Finally, I can be free again!

Now not only my toe has healed. I have used this experience to fully integrate METTA into my life. I studied an in-depth study Sunday 1/8/12 with Shiva Rea. The focus of the study has completely confirmed m practice of compassion, Self love and kindness is the proper priority. As I practice being kind to myself, resting, eating, just as I teach this; then I can bring this kindness to others, and practice random acts of kindness to strangers as well. Being kind on the mat cultivates compassion and peace.

On 1/1/12 we practiced a detox flow and then created vision boards for 2012. I cut up a bunch of magazines that resonated with my moving into this devotion.

One mantra that I cut out, and I didn’t know the meaning of, it just ‘felt’right, as things do when in the flow, was Maitra Karuna. I researched this tonight. Here are my favorite findings:

Thich Nhat Hanh speaks on true love. 2 of the 4 Brahma Viharas, Maitri & Karuna .

Pantajali Yoga Sutras

Chapter 1 Sloka 33

maitri karuna mudito pekshanam sukha duhkha punya apunya vishayanam bhavanatah chitta prasadanam ||33||

मैत्री करुणा मुदितोपेक्षाणांसुखदुःख पुण्यापुण्यविषयाणां भावनातः चित्तप्रसादनम् ॥३३॥

maitrī karuṇā mudito-pekṣāṇāṁ-sukha-duḥkha puṇya-apuṇya-viṣayāṇāṁ bhāvanātaḥ citta-prasādanam ||33||

All that is mutable in human beings (chitta) is harmonized through the cultivation of love (maitri), helpfulness (karuna), conviviality (mudita) and imperturbability (upeksha) in situations that are happy, painful, successful or unfortunate. ||33||

maitri (मैत्री, maitrī) = love; congeniality; friendliness
karuna (करुणा, karuṇā) = helpfulness; empathy; benevolence
mudito (मुदितो, mudito) = (from mudita (मुदिता, muditā)) conviviality; cheerfulness; exuberance
upekshana (उपेक्षन, upekṣana) = (from upeksh (उपेक्ष्, upekṣ)) imperturbability; indifference
sukha (सुख, sukha) = happiness; enjoyment
duhkha (दुःख, duḥkha) = painful; suffering
punya (पुण्य, puṇya) = successful; recompense
apunya (अपुण्य, apuṇya) = failure; sin
vishayanam (विषयानम्, viṣayānam) = (acc. vishayana (विषयान, viṣayāna)) situations
bhavanatah (भावनातः, bhāvanātaḥ) = (nom. bhavanata (भावनात, bhāvanāta)) cultivation; nurturing; development of deportments
chitta (चित्त, citta) = all that is mutable in human beings, including the mind, spirit, feelings, energy and the physical body.
prasadanam (प्रसादनम्, prasādanam) = (acc. from prasadana (प्रसादन, prasādana)) harmony; clarity; peace. From http://www.ashtangayoga.info

I believe today is a new day of awakening. A second chance, a New Year. Today, moving forward with Highest Truth, Highest Good, Totally in the Flow, in the NOW, creating space for Transformation, In Bliss, In Joy, In Peace.

In Love.


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9-3 | 6th Annual DFW Free Day of Yoga

2012-01-12 06:17:28 admin

Monday, September 3 | Dynamic Yoga 4 Love Studio
558 Bluebird Lane Red Oak, TX

This Labor Day, Dynamic Yoga 4 Love will join yoga studios throughout the Dallas / Fort Worth area to offer free classes as part of the 5th Annual Free Day of Yoga. From sunrise to sunset, studios across the Metroplex participate as a way to welcome people of every age and every fitness level to try yoga for the first time, experience a new style of yoga or share yoga with family and friends.

8:45 AM Hot Power Yoga
10:00 AM Outdoor Yoga at Heritage Park in Ovilla
5:45 PM HOT cOMmunity Yoga Nation
7:00 PM Gentle Heat Yoga 101 Fluid Power
8:15 PM Pilates Core + Zumba


Special Events

DFW Free Day of Yoga Kick-Off Festivities

Saturday, September 1, 2012
10:00 am-3:00 pm
Crow Collection of Asian Art
2010 Flora Street Dallas, TX 75201

Schedule of Events
10:00 am – 12:00 pm – Family Day at the Crow
11:00 – 11:50 am – Yogiños Yoga for Youth™ Family & Kids yoga class
12:00 – 12:25 pm – DJ Reid Robinson – Dance on your yoga mat!
12:15 – 12:25 pm – Welcome & Announcements

12:30 – 12:35 pm – Community Chant by Kristin and Randall Brooks
12:35 – 1:50 pm – Yoga Class with music by the Bhakti House Band
1:50 – 2:00 pm – Giveaways and Drawings with Luke’s Locker
2:00 – 2:55pm – Kirtan Concert by the Bhakti House Band

Join kirtan chant artists Randall and Kristin Brooks for an uplifting journey into yogic celebration, combining sacred sounds with a modern east-meets-west rhythmic groove, leading listeners to peace, unity, & joy.

3:00 pm – Closing

Fort Worth Free Day of Yoga Kick-Off Festivities

Sunday, September 2, 2012

5:30 pm-7:30 pm
Burnett Park
501 West 7th Street Fort Worth, TX 76102

Schedule of Events
5:30 pm – Welcome & Announcements
5:30 – 5:40 pm – Giveaways & Drawings
5:40 pm – 5:45 pm – Chant by Bhakti House Band
5:45 – 7:00 pm – Yoga Class with music by the Bhakti House Band
7:00 – 7:25 pm – Kirtan Concert by the Bhakti House Band

Join kirtan chant artists Randall and Kristin Brooks for an uplifting journey into yogic celebration, combining sacred sounds with a modern east-meets-west rhythmic groove, leading listeners to peace, unity, and joy.

7:25 – 7:30 pm – Grand Prize Drawing
7:30 pm – Closing
DFW Free Day of Yoga Founder Michelle Mock is dedicated to the ancient tradition of art, science and philosophy of yoga. She holds an Introductory Iyengar Yoga Certification and credits her teachers and students for their inspiration. In 2007 Michelle founded the DFW Free Day of Yoga as a way to share the profound path of yoga, a source of health, happiness and harmony and with hope to build a sense of community among her fellow yogis.

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9-13 | One Yoga USA Dallas Fest Pre-Conference Party featuring Yogarupa Rod Stryker and The Sound and The Meaning Band

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September 13, 2012
7:00PM – 9:00PM

Rod Stryker ~ Featured Guest Presenter
Class, Lecture + Meditation

Enjoy a featured lecture + Meditation with Rod Stryker, author of “The Four Desires: Creating a Life of Purpose, Happiness, Prosperity, and Freedom” and honored Yoga Teacher.

Enjoy a sharing a light practice with the BYC DFW Ambassadors:
Adri Kyser ~ Jenny Parum ~ Ricky Tran ~ Lisa Ware

Live music from The Sound and The Meaning ~ An incredibly talented Kirtan-style band
Free to the cOMmunity!

++MUST RSVP! No admission without at ticket! Space is limited.
RSVP with