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Being accountable to each other and to me as your coach is your ensured success. If you are ready to make a change and want some personalized support you have come to the right place. We are here to help you with your personal health goals as a community of people who are all inspiring healthy living around the world! Whether you in need a coach or a friend, or if someone who cares about you sent you here, we are all on this journey together.
The guidelines are simple, too. You will receive tons a of recipes for whole food eating, healthy snacks and our team’s fave shake recipes. I will be texting you every day for the 10 days, to help coach you and give you support.

Are you ready to find your Tribe? Looking for a group of like-minded people who can coach you and encourage you toward your goals? Join our FREE coaching group on facebook and/or text! Let us help you! All the coaching materials and accountability partnering are FREE, we only ask that you choose a plan (below) to be a catalyst to this healthy, clean eating lifestyle!

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We know beginning a lifestyle change can be overwhelming. That’s why we take it a day at a time.

  1. Start with a simple and free program: 7 day Motivation and Meal Plan Virtual Accountability Group.
  2. Move up to a reboot with the Shred 10.
  3. When you’re happy with the results simply continue on to the lifestyle.


We support you all the way as your mentor and coach. Even if you are not ready to do a program you can get 30 whole foods you need to bridge the gap from what we know we should be eating with simply adding Juice Plus capsules or chewables.


What is Shred 10?

Shred 10 is a detox, lifestyle and cleanse.

Shred 10 is not a fad, a diet or a weight loss program.

Many people accumulate build up of toxins in the body, this prevents us from being at our optimal health and from being at our ideal weight. Many people also try to diet and then experience rollercoaster weight loss and gain. This is not a weight loss program or a diet, it is a lifestyle that is sustainable and fun! We thrive in a community of other like-minded individuals that are all on a journey to being healthy! One simple change at a time! Shred 10 is simple, and after the 10 days you may choose to go to a health living lifestyle, eating your Juice Plus and drinking your shakes daily, or do the shred again after a short break.


One-on-one nutrition coaching and support materials for all three programs are completely FREE ($399 value). All you will need to purchase are groceries and a supply of Juice Plus+ whole food nutrition products to ensure your best possible results.


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Let’s start with a Free One Week Yoga, Meal Plan + Motivation! 

Are you ready to detox or cleanse? Then you are ready for Shred 10!

You  can do anything for 10 days!

3 Plans to Choose From!

  • Silver: $2/day
  • Platinum: $4.50/day
  • Gold: $6.50/day

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When you start you will receive many FREE DOWNLOADS:


  1. Shopping lists and meal guides- Don’t fuss over nutrition labels. Let us guide you on what to buy and how to shop.
  2. Recipes- You don’t have to eat tofu! Variety is the spice of life.
  3. Food journal- Have a bad day? The day is not over yet. Keep track to stay on track.
  4. Measurement Tracker- Stay sane.  Measure your progress and focus on positive change.
  5. Personalized Coaching- Text, call or email your coach whenever you need to. You will also receive access to expert audio classes and a private Facebook support group.
  6. Meal Planner- Tired of making the same recipes? Ready to cut back on fast or frozen foods? Start here!

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Our clients commonly achieve clinically proven results such as:


  • Fewer cravings for sugar
  • Less desire for fast, processed foods
  • More energy (yeah!)
  • Huge reductions of belly fat
  • More lean muscle tone
  • Healthier, glowing skin
  • Shiny hair and nails
  • Less systematic inflammation
  • Less sick days
  • An overall positive awareness of their health


Begin Your One Simple Change Today!

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Step One: Book your consultation to be assigned a personal health coach or contact the person/rep who sent you to this site! 

Step Two: Set up your first coaching meeting to talk/chat about personal health goals.

Step Three: Order your Juice Plus+ products. Choose from 3 plans to fit your budget, lifestyle and goals.

Step Four: Download the FREE lifestyle program. (Password is sent upon receiving your email and starting the program.)

Step Five: Join the secret accountability group on Facebook!




Success Stories: Before and After



Carolyn After 6 Weeks



Stephanie After 6 Weeks



Stephanie After 6 Months


Cyndrayia After 6 Months

Matthew before after in 9 months

Matthew before/after in 9 months

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