Frequently Asked Questions


OK this sounds awesome but HOW MUCH DOES IT COST?

The program has 3 plans to choose from based on your goals, your lifestyle and your budget ranging from just $2 to $6.50 per day. The only other cost you will have is your groceries!


I love this for myself, but what about my kids? I am concerned for their health, too!

This program is all whole food, so is totally safe and very beneficial for children. With the Children’s Health Study you will receive Juice Plus+ fruits and veggie chewables FREE. One child is FREE with every adult order of the Fruits and Veggies in a Capsule or chewable. They are eligible from the age 4 to an adult college learner, and it is free for 4 years!


I want to learn how to eat and live healthy. Where do I begin?

Start with watching the video about the #hlr Healthy Living Rules. Make a point to contact us to connect. We are here to help you with your new lifestyle. We act as an accountability partner to help you with tools along the way!


What about if I don’t want to do a program, I just want to get healthy?

This is a great question. Simply by eating Juice Plus+ every day you will be getting between 30 to 70 whole foods into your bloodstream every day! If you do not want to commit to 30 or 90 days or you do not have any specific health goals, then you can start just with an order of Juice Plus+ whole foods in a capsule or a chewable or just the Complete whole food drink mix shakes and/or bars. So simple.


I have tried so many diets. I really just want to feel better.

Remember: We all start somewhere. There is a perfect place to start with this Juice Plus+ lifestyle for everyone. We can all agree that most often daily we need something to bridge the gap between what we eat and what we would like to eat. Juice Plus+ does just that.


What if I do not like my products?

Juice Plus+ has an unconditional guarantee. All products are guaranteed for your satisfaction and if you ever want to return any unopened product you will receive a full refund.


What comes with a my Juice Plus+ shipment?

You get a personal rep! With your order you receive a 4 month supply of the Trio of Orchard, Garden and Vineyard Blend or Duo of Orchard and Garden Blend. With your order of Complete you get 4 pouches of Shakes or 4 boxes of Complete Bars.

This is a Lifestyle, not a Diet!


Watch our favorite nutrition video playlist to learn more about Juice Plus+ on YouTube!

(You may even see Lisa Ware in a few of the scenes!)