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Life coaching is a transformational journey and partnership. Start living your life to the fullest… Now. 

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A totally positive life changing experience for you and your staff!

Your results will be noticeable, whether subtle or dynamic, depending on how much effort put forth to being committed to this amazing program for mind, body, Spirit.

Lisa is there for you and your staff every step of the way on this journey to total health and wellness, inside and out.

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What is Life Coaching?

Are you looking for a partner to helping you in finding self-worth, establishing boundaries, learning to nurture your Self or finding a direction and purpose in life? These are only some of the key ingredients for a happy and healthy life.

Begin a new chapter with relaxation, nutrition and breathing techniques to help you to take charge of your life. The Law of Attraction is very real and works based on our thoughts. We desire to show you how subtle, yet powerful shifts of intention and energy, will begin your transformation. We will act as your guide, you will do the work, and we will have fun. If this resonates with you, then let’s work together to begin to move deeper into a journey of health, wellness, and healing. Through personal yoga practice, Meditation and Reiki I have learned to listen and be still.

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Let us help you with:

  • Emotional imbalances and clearing
  • Relief of Stress
  • Release of anything not serving your Highest Good
  • Connection to the Angelic Realm
  • Spirituality
  • Nutrition
  • Detox and Weight Loss
  • Goal Setting
  • Business Organization
  • Wellness Consulting


Goal Setting, Affirmation Creation and Vision Board Workshops

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Rates are based on length of workshop and location. Available via webinar video chat!

14-01 Lisa Vision Board

6/2014 Lisa’s Vision Board. Everything on this board has already manifested!


1/2011 Vision Board Workshop

 Let me help give you wings to fly!

~Lisa Ware

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Lisa Ware | Photo Credit Glenn Ladwig Photography

Lisa Ware | Photo Credit Glenn Ladwig Photography

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Those who trust in the Lord will find fresh strength. They spread their wings and soar high like eagles, They run and do not grow weary. They walk and not lag behind.

Isaiah 40:31



OK, so what is a lifecoach?

A coach helps a person find whatever it is that is already within them and utilize it to make them more successful at achieving their goals!

So do I really need a life coach?

The Fact Of The Matter Is We All Need Coaches!

Michael Jordan was the greatest basketball player to ever play the game.  He had a coach by the name of Phil Jackson, (among many others prior to his NBA days) that helped him become better every single day.

Even though he was at the top of his game he decided that he still needed the help of someone else; as do many athletes for that matter.

Athletes realize that regardless of how great their talent, ability or strength may be, it is their coaches who help them reach their potential by motivating them and bringing the best out of them.

What do Life Coaches do?

We help people to become better by doing two things:

  • They expose people to resources and information that they might not necessarily have had access to prior to the coaching.
  • They provide a source of motivation for helping people to stay on track.

In reality, just having the information is only part of the process. We all know that eating healthy and exercising 5 days a week will give us the body that we want.  Yet billions of people around the world spend billions of dollars each year looking for ways to lose weight. The reason for this is clear.  We have the information but what we are lacking is the motivation to actually put that information to use.  This is another reason why people can reach much higher levels of potential with coaches, and they can without them.

 How does this benefit me? Well the answer is simple.

First off, there will always be a need for lifecoaching because people almost always need information that they are lacking in some capacity! Even if they have the right information, people will always need to be motivated.

These people are the information seekers of the world. Their coaches are the information providers!


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