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Class of 2017


Yoga 4 Love Advanced Training Programs 200 Hour ONLINE Graduation Certification + Retreat

200 RYT


10% Paid in Full discount! $2250


Yoga 4 Love Advanced Training Programs 300 Hour + Internship ONLINE Graduation Certification + Retreat

500 RYT



10% Paid in Full discount! $2970



  • Pay In Full 10% off
    • or pay Deposit/ Registration of $608.00 (USD), non-refundable; the payment plan begins automatically. 
  • 200 hour Payment Plan~
    • Deposit $608
    • 6 monthly payments of $315, on auto pay.
  • 300 Hour Payment Plan~
    • Deposit $608, the Deposit is applied to the tuition balance.
    • 6 monthly payments of $315, on auto pay.
    • 7th and last payment~ $800 for the balance in full.
    • Other arrangements may be made for the balance of $800, in advance.
  • All payment plans are automatically set up upon submission of Deposit.
    • The next payment and subsequent payments will be on the 1st or the 15th, whichever is closer to 30 days out from the initial date of your deposit.

Deposit and Registrations must be signed up for online. 

Email Director requesting an interview and to go over your personal teacher training details:

Schedule Your Interview

Either before or after your registration is paid you may book your interview with Director.  An interview will be set up when you click the link and set your time: https://www.appointmentcore.com/app/freeslots/2XASxTK
You may start anytime after you pay Deposit and book/hold your initial entry interview with the Director!
All classes are self directed and highly interactive, you will be released the access to the program! The curriculum includes your syllabus for each module! Along with doing your with online classes you will be doing assignments online and turning in your hOMework log weekly online, completing your required reading, establishing a strong daily Sadhana, participating in trainee live chats, video streaming and even attending an optional yoga retreat!
  • Once deposit is paid, links for 4 e-signed docs will be sent via email.
    • The trainee is emailed and completes the online forms: Registration, Completed Tuition Agreement, Media Release and Y4L Covenant, all submitted online via a secure document signer.
    • These e-signed docs are required upon acceptance to the program.

 Trainee has 365 days to complete all required materials for graduation before course END DATE. Special circumstances to extend END DATE must be sent as a formal written request in an email. Director may or may not allow trainee to take a sabbatical and move the end date. Payments will continue per original agreement regardless of progress or end date changing.

  • Karma Yoga/SEVA program
    • Must complete 16 hours of assisting, demo and co-teaching
    • Must complete 8 classes of karma yoga for the community
    • Karma yoga starts only after module 3 is completed
    • SEVA and energy/work exchange is available for assistance in the Y4L Training Program, email Director with your list of services you are offering for the program.
  • Scholarships
    • Full and Partial May Be Available.
    • Email Director your request with letter of your journey. lisawareyoga4love@gmail.com


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Class of 2017


Yoga 4 Love Advanced Trainings Programs

 Graduation Details

As a Yoga 4 Love Teacher Graduate after Module 3 is completed you are asked to teach a series of 4-8 community charity or Karma classes (SEVA). These classes may begin anytime for a 300 Hour Trainee, and after at least 3 modules are completed for a 200 Hour Trainee. After this is completed the yoga teacher may choose to teach privately or in any studio they may choose, or choose not to teach in a formal class structure at all.

As a graduate you and the other trainees will receive your Yoga 4 Love Advanced Training Programs 200 Hour Graduation Certificate or One Yoga USA 300 Hour Graduation Certificate after completion of all modules. Modules 1-6, each take about 18 hours plus required asana practice. Must complete all make up hours and Required Reading, hOMework assignments, private sessions. Weekly logs and practice logs are a requirement to be turned in online and reviewed/graded by director. Comments are left for trainees review and discussion.

In addition, it is highly recommended (not required) to attend a 5 Day Student Intensive or a Yoga Retreat, which is a fun hands-on immersion, finalizing with your contact hours and a graduation ceremony. For your Yoga Alliance application trainees are required to do an additional 25 hour personal internship with the Director, or an approved Guest Faculty. These hours are scheduled with Faculty or Director and may include: demo-ing class, assistant teaching and co-teaching. This hours can be accumulated after you complete Module 5 online. Each 300 hour training includes an internship with Faculty or Director and is personalized. During your interview with the Director, you will determine the best course of action and program is customized for each trainee.

  • Asana Practice Requirements for Graduation and Certification:
    • Requirements for progressing with a passing grade on your Practice Log: Total Practice Log Hours after Module 6:
      • 120 Hours = A+
      • 100 Hours = B
      • 84 Hours = C
      • 72 Hours = D
      • Below 72 not passing


    • Each module is graded on a % of the total hours, based on completion of the previous module you will progress onto next if you meet these requirements:
      • Module 1 to 2 = A+ 20 Hours to D 12 Hours
      • Module 2 to 3 = A+ 40 Hours to D 24 Hours
      • Module 3 to 4 = A+ 60 Hours to D 36 Hours
      • Module 4 to 5 = A+ 80 Hours to D 48 Hours
      • Module 5 to 6 = A+ 100 Hours to D 60 Hours
      • Module 6 to Graduate = A+ 120 Hours to D 72 Hours


    • Progressing with a passing grade on your Reading Log, 100% of all Required and Resource Reading = A+

200 hour Online Yoga 4 Love

Requirements to finish a “module” to complete each Module 1-6 and pass to release next module and graduate:
  • Share log weekly
  • Participate in Trainee Hangouts Chat
  • Listening to all of the audio and marking on the log
  • Printing the Manual Chapters
  • Following along and reading the manual
  • Completing all assignments and marking on the log
  • Progressing with a passing grade on your Practice Log 120 Hours = A+ / below 60 total hours not passing.
  • Progressing with a passing grade on your Reading Log, 100% of all Required and Resource Reading = A+
  • Developing a strong Daily Sadhana Practice (this is different for each student and overseen by Director) = based on log progress.
  • Scheduling a Private Lesson with Director and/or a video chat meeting for each module: https://www.appointmentcore.com/app/freeslots/m6gTBM
  • Meeting/Lesson for Modules 1-6 = A+ both meeting and lesson scheduled; B = One meeting scheduled; D = No meetings scheduled.
    • Must hold at minimum 6 video meetings/private lessons to graduate.
    • No more than one private lesson per module, unless additional payment is received.
After Module 3 is completed~ Scheduling 8 Karma/SEVA classes and teaching them = A+
After Module 3 is completed~ OPTIONAL for Yoga Alliance submission only~ Scheduling time at an approved Y4L Studio doing class demo, assisting and internship. Additional 16 Hours minimum each: SEVA Karma Yoga, Demo/Assist, Internship.
*The Training Program must be completed within a 365 day window, and will expire 1 year from date enrollment and Tuition Agreement is signed. If more time is required a formal written email must be send with letter of request for sabbatical. Requests are determined upon an individual basis and not always approved. Any additional hours or Advanced Workshops attended over the required 200 will be credited toward the One Yoga USA 300 Hour program, for your 500 Hour certificate. These hours are applied if the trainee requests and enrolls in the One Yoga USA 300 Hour program within 12 months of graduation.





Pay via PayPal

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Full and Partial Scholarships May Be Available



Yoga Retreats + Graduation Ceremony




Yoga Alliance Registration

Submission with Yoga Alliance, optional

After these requirements are met then the trainees are allowed to submit your request to our school on the Yoga Alliance website for your RYT.

Training program graduates can choose to or not to submit their certificate to yoga alliance. If they do chose to go through Yoga Alliance they have to meet the above additional requirements of attending the Intensive Retreat and if doing the 300 Hour their internship.

You will receive a Yoga 4 Love Advanced Trainings  Graduation Certificate. You may then choose go online at Yoga Alliance Search for school: Yoga 4 Love Advanced Training Programs. Click on school to submit a request for registration with Yoga Alliance, if you desire to get your 200 RYT title. You must upload a picture of your Certificate.



Thank you for looking into our school. We look forward to sharing this journey with you!